reasons to love the hartnell era

Reasons to love the Hartnell era.


No one knew that the Doctor would ever regenerate but when poor old William Hartnell grew tired and ill, they came up with this ingenious idea that the programme could go on if they had this mysterious alien able to change his face and personality whilst still being the same man.

It’s seems a bit of a sad reason because it means the end of the First Doctor but Doctor Who is all about change and his final episode marks what a great journey he’s been on. Really he isn’t the first Doctor, he’s THE doctor and he doesn’t die through injury or action, he just dies an old man who has had a long life, with Ben and Polly by his side trying to keep him warm from the cold. When this old man began he hated humans, now they were comforting him at death.

Sadly the BBC lost Hartnell’s last episode and only fragments remain of his regeneration but it still gives you chills and is an amazing moment in the history of Doctor Who when we see Hartnell’s face fade for the last time and Patrick Troughton’s appear. Onward!

DOCTOR: What did you say, my boy? “It’s all over.” “It’s all over.” That’s what you said. No… but it isn’t all over. It’s far from being all over.

First Doctor/era Guide.

We’ve recently been asked by a few people for recommendations and info on the One era and we realised we’d never written a guide of the basic information about the episodes and such so we’ll put a link on our page if anyone needs to know stuff. Obviously most of our followers probably won’t need this but who knows it might help someone who is new to Classic Who First Era.

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We have now finished our reasons to love the Hartnell era and feel quite sad about it. It was great having something to write about and as we have such a passion for it, it didn’t feel like hard work, though we did agonise over everything.

If anyone read them, thanks and same if you liked or re-blogged. We appreciate it because we just have this weird thing where we just hope that by writing these it may have made at least one person think ‘oh maybe I will watch Hartnell and not skip ahead.’ or 'I can appreciate it rather than judge it for how old it is.’

We still think it’s overlooked and needs more love. Daily we see people who slag it off on our tracked tags and that’s the reason we did this. We also constantly hear people recommend starting at three’s era because it’s in colour or at Two because he’s more 'friendly and like Matt Smith’, which is cool but why watch every other era and not the original? Deep down we know it doesn’t deserve to be ignored and we, as you know have many feelings on it.

And also…we’re a little relived that we’ve finished because we’ve been paranoid for a week about grammar, spelling, contradicting ourselves and getting the facts wrong. We’re not academics, we just get by because we love it a lot so it’s always a bit stressful putting things out there for people to read. Anyway thanks for reading…we’re going to relax now and we’re feeling rather emotional due to writing about One’s regeneration and pictures of William Russell at Gally.