reasons to love the batman

Me: LEGO BATMAN IS SO GOOD! And the way it handles the whole BatJokes thing is wonderful. They’re so gay and happy to hate each other and they CALLED it a relationship which is important because this film is all about unusual family dynamics. So you get the surrogate father rather than the birth father, the adopted son rather than the birth son and the not-really-a-love-interest instead of a sibling. AND THEN you get the villain who completes you instead of the silver screen romance. It all works and everyone is happy and learns to accept their feelings for each other and that the feelings they have for these people are real and valid. It’s a really lovely film about unconventional family building that places the relationship between two men in the slot reserved for the love story, and a declaration of hate where there should be a declaration of love. The reason that there isn’t a moment where Batman and The Joker are declared ‘boyfriends’ is because this film isn’t going about things in a by the book matter, but that doesn’t stop them being each other’s romantic partner in the context of the film. 

Discourse Me: But The Joker is one of the most obvious examples of queer coded villains in all of comics and associating queerness with evil like that is hella homophobic. You can’t deny that The Joker was more into Batman than Batman was into The Joker for most of Lego Batman and indeed, has made several passes at him in the comics and you can’t argue that this film does much to deconstruct that. The best you can say is that when Batman does admit his feelings for The Joker he doesn’t become a depraved villain and so queerness isn’t directly tied to evil, but it’s still kinda…there. Oh yeah and the filmmakers didn’t actually have the balls to say that they were in love and plenty of people are going to view how BatJokes are portrayed by Lego as a joke rather than a serious relationship and you are grasping at straws rather than appreciating genuine representation.  

Me: Shut the fuck up and have some fun jesus christ. 

Reasons Why I Loved the Lego Batman Movie

I’ve just seen the lego batman movie for the second time and to be honest it’s the best DC film to come out since the dark knight. 

Firstly In this film, no one needs a backstory, we don’t have to watch the Waynes die all over again! We are just here to have fun with batman , because that’s what comics should be about.  That’s what i loved about the 60′s Bats, he didn’t take himself to seriously, the writers knew super heroes were a little ridiculous and they just ran with it. 

The comic book references made the whole film feel nostalgic to long time fans as well as being accessible for newer audiences. I loved the 60′s references, I adored the egghead appearance ( What classic horror fan doesn’t love a bit of Vincent Price <3) and i also liked the fact that the Harley in this film had a comic accurate weapon, which is way ahead of suicide squad. 

I think the lego movies are charming, and when i watch them all i can imagine is that the film is written by a kid. A kid who has many lego sets they want to connect so that their favourite characters can interact. Maybe that’s why the sound effects are all voiced? 

The message of this film is important for people of all ages. We all feel under appreciated, we all need help sometimes, even superheroes, and that’s ok. 


Reasons to love this spread:

-A miniature batman voodoo doll hanging from Jonathan’s scythe
-An outfit adorned with skulls, inspired by black magic and witchcraft.
-The quote about getting high off his own toxin

-All comics posted are scanned in 300dpi or higher by myself


Confirmed: Derek Hale waxed his chest because he didn’t want everyone to know that he is actually Batman. 

Derek Hale: The hero Beacon Hills deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

I feel like toxic masculinity is one of the reasons people love to make fun of Batman v Superman because men love to treat Batman as a power fantasy can’t bear to believe that he would be triggered by the mention of his mother’s name. They make fun of women and minorities for getting ‘triggered’ but suddenly that happens to their precious Batman and they can’t stand it so they just make those ridiculous ‘Martha’ jokes.