reasons to love mexico

Reasons I love Laredo TX

- white minority
- the heart of import/export
- 10 minutes from Mexico
- authentic Mexican food
- tons of history (established in 1755)
- quinceañeras are fun as fuck
- being a quinceañera
- we have our own Texas A&M branch
- weak ass white people don’t come here bc/ were so close to Mexico
- no police brutality
- average only 2 murders each year
- all of the beautiful people, I swear

Reasons to love Teen Wolf S4

The awesome premiere in Mexico
Glowstick nunchucks
Scott being a bad-ass Alpha
Liam Dunbar
Newly human Malia
Stalia was so alive
Mason Hewitt
Brett “My hair is a paintbrush” Talbot
Scott’s new son
Derek Hale smiling
Draeden slaying my life
Baby Wolf Dunbar
A freaking DJ Assassin
Allison Argent references up the wazoo
Fetus Wolf
Peter Hale getting his ass handed to him
Scira being cute
Liam “I’m an angry infant” Dunbar
It’s a fun season!

100 reasons to love Mexico - #32

Por Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. “En este amoroso tormento / que en mi corazón se ve, / sé que lo siento, y no sé / la causa por que lo siento. // Siento una grave agonía / por lograr un devaneo / que empieza como deseo / y para en melancolía”.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. “Silly, you men-so very adept / at wrongly faulting womankind, / not seeing you’re alone to blame / for faults you plant in woman’s mind (…)”


100 reasons to love Mexico (in images) - #69

The village of Real de Catorce. This ‘ghost-town’ in the high and dry expanses of northern San Luis Potosí state was once a thriving silver mining settlement, has long been a pilgrimage site for both local Catholics and Huichol shamanists, and is now being discovered by international tourists drawn by the desert ambience and reputed spiritual energy.


100 reasons to love Mexico (in images) - #56


(plus Lucero, another great reason to love Mexico, although not included in the list)