reasons to hate taylor swift

remember those brief two months when the internet realized that everyone hated taylor swift for no reason then loved her because shes a genuinely good person… then went back to hating her again for no reason? i miss those months of unanimous love for my lord and savior taylor alison swift

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anonymous asked:

So Taylor Swift gets dragged for the way she uses her past relationships, and non-denials about who songs are about, to promote her music. Meanwhile, that same non-denial gets praised by Larries when Harry does it (and despite their claims, no he did not deny it was about her). And the lyrics are clearly meant to make people think of Taylor. It's just another example of their utter misogyny. Imagine what would be said about Taylor if she used sexual lyrics like he did? Larries = vile hypocrites.

That’s not just on Larries. A lot of Harries hate Taylor Swift for really petty reasons. It’s just misogyny in general I think. Like no one tells Ed Sheeran that he shouldn’t be famous bc all he does is use his ex-girlfriends for fame, you know? 

7 things

Reasons I hate Taylor Swift: 

1. Ronan makes me cry 100% of the time I hear it

2. Never grow up makes me cry 99% of the time

3. Dear John makes me cry 98% of the time

4. Her squad photos kill me inside

5. Tayvin is a level of relationship goals I did not know was achievable

6. I died at least 7 times at the 1989 tour 

7. She makes me love her

There are very few things I’m willing to say I’m “absolutely positively sure about” if I don’t know the parties involved directly, but Karlie Kloss not having a mean bone in her body is one of them. She was, I’m sure, contractually obligated to make that Yeezy post. So if you’re dragging her, please come fight me because if you think for one second she’d condone what Kanye said about Taylor (or any other woman) personally, I will snatch your weave so fast it’ll give you whiplash..

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she's thinking: it's 2016 why do people still hate Taylor swift for no reason why do they sit their petty little asses behind a screen and pretend like they didn't illegally download 1989 and call it the best pop album to exist why

anonymous asked:

You do realize that most of the people who are calling out Taylor on Twitter etc. are the ones who are speaking up about real world issues. Taylor represents a very narrow white feminism catered to conventionally attractive white girls. It's ironic how you speak of bettering the world but Taylor has never spoke out against modern day social issues such as blm or police brutality. She only cries foul and blames misogyny whenever she gets called out or receives backlash, further playing the victim

the people calling taylor out on twitter are not the people speaking up about real world issues let’s be real here you’re talking about the kardashians, demi lovato, katy perry, and an entire slew of dumbass people here… 

taylor represents someone who has been belittled about every aspect of her life since she was 16 years old. she is a feminist, and it’s criticized. she stands up for the lgbtq+ community, and it’s ignored. she’s expected to be this huge social activist, when in reality if she ever spoke up about black lives matter she would get attacked for not staying in her own lane.

she doesn’t cry wolf about misogyny, she has quite literally been slut shamed for 10 years of her life for dating and frankly if you think that’s okay you’re the problem

is taylor swift perfect? no. she is human, she has her flaws. but nothing that you just mentioned is one of them. i’m getting tired of everyone expecting her to be the perfect person at all times, and then torn down when she makes a mistake. if this situation had happened to any other celebrity, their side would be listened to instead of just thrown out the window because for some reason the world feels the need to unnecessarily hate taylor swift. 

tbh better than revenge isn’t even an anti-feminist song and the only reason people hate on it is because it’s taylor swift and if a girl that’s targeted her for years aiding the break up of 2 of her exes by jumping into brief meaningless relationships with them literally the minute they’ve dumped her just to spite her had happened to anybody else then people would support the artist instead of trashing them it’s 2015 for goodness’ sake just leave taylor alone now good god rant over

listen taylor clearly fucked up but it doesn’t warrant the huge deal that everyone is making about this and honestly, this is only blowing up on the internet because the kardashians like to start shit and everyone is always trying to find a reason to hate taylor swift