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So today I just watched Before Ever After, the new Tangled mini-movie-eventual-series thingy.

And I gotta say, I have two issues:

I kind of hate Cassandra. No, actually I’m going to own this. I hate Cassandra. She’s really dismissive of Eugene which I think is bull because that’s her supposed best friend’s special someone. We have no idea of any reason for her hating him, she just does. And she’s mean to him. Sure, he gives her banter in return, but it’s more of just that - banter. He’s not nearly as nasty to her as she is to him. Plus most of what he says is said in his joking/sarcastic tone that he often uses.

Also, why doesn’t Rapunzel speak up to her father?? You’d think she could just go, “Hey, remember how I was trapped for the last eighteen years? Well I kinda want to take a walk sometimes because I don’t like being cooped up because of my traumatic past.” 

And then he could be like, “Oh of course, how silly of me. Let’s reach a compromise like two rational human beings.”

But no, it’s King Triton all over again. She can’t speak up, and he won’t listen and it’s supposed to be dramatic but it just kind of disappoints me because the original Tangled movie was so deep, and not really full of hammy cliches like that. It had a more mature feel than other Disney movies somehow.  You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard for him to grasp why his kidnapped-and-then-isolated child would want some freedom. 

Eugene gets it! They have a nice little talk about how she’s just not ready to settle down, and he takes it really well. Dang, I need me a man like Eugene. Why doesn’t Cassandra like him? He’s great!

Anyway, I’ll probably watch the next installments, and I’ll probably like it much more as time passes, but I did dislike those two things.

Day in Disney

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Requested by anon: I was wondering if you could do a buckyxreader where reader wants to go to idk, disney world or something, but Bucky doesn’t want to and somehow reader convinces Bucky and they have an amazing day and at the end Bucky thanks her and stuff  

A/N: special thanks to @avengersandchill, @justareader, @fanaticfangirl001, @fineartandfairytales (im trying so haRD to tag you but it wont let me :() and all my anons who helped me come up with disney ride, you guys are the best (◕‿◕✿) sorry if i didnt use your reasoning/ride, as i didnt go to in depth into the rides bc im not an expert and i didnt want to mess them up lol

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“So, Scottie,” You began, walking around the back of a table and ruffling your older brother’s hair before taking a seat next to Bucky, “Got any plans for us today?”

“Actually,” Scott smiled, throwing an arm around Hope’s shoulder, “We’ve got some Ant-Man and the Wasp training to do.”

“Seriously?” You asked, “I came all the way out here, and dragged Bucky along so he could meet you, and you can’t even hang out with us?”

“Sorry sis,” Scott shrugged, “Duty calls.”

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Another thing I hate about the new Spiderman reboot is the lack of support for Zendaya from MJ stans. 

We possibly have our first black Mary Jane who’s going to be a love interest (which is so important for black women and young black girls to see) and people are using her being on disney as a reason to question her acting skills.

Like, half of the big celebrities today have started off on some type of cheesy sitcom and have won fucking oscars and the fact that Zendaya is not giving a chance because of her disney background/fanbase is fucked up.

And can we also point out that race plays a factor in this too? Hollywood does not give roles to poc and ya’ll need to blame them for not giving young ladies like Zendaya opportunities to show her acting skills. Let’s not get started on how Tom Holland (a white boy) is already loved and supported more than his black co star simply because he’s done more serious stuff (and just being fucking white) as if his white male privilege did not help.

It’s so sad that; like always in the MCU fandom, we are going to have to make a defense squad protecting black characters/actors from the racist fandom

As an adult and especially as an adult who is not used to waking up at 6:30 am every morning, when you ARE up that early the air will sometimes smell exactly like it did when you were in elementary school and about to go on a field trip. And you want to cry for some reason because it feels like you’re getting to do something special. And maybe you’ll imagine being inside those big buses with the little gray tv’s and watching a Disney movie on your way to somewhere that isn’t school and it will be wonderful

SaveWOY Email Day 3: Why do you want to #SaveWOY?

(04/08) Day 3: Why do you want to SaveWOY?

So what is your reason for fighting to get WOY a third season? Is the cancelation not fair on the crew? Is there still more you want to see? Do you or do you know someone who really relies on the show? Do you feel that WOY still has a lot more potential? That it’s capable of getting bigger and better? Do you want to learn more about the characters?

We are going to email this particular topic to four people to try and make a stir today! 

So please email these people:

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I don’t think Moana suffers from “Rapunzel face” . I think she’s from the same studio which brings the same art style.

It’s the same reason why all of the old disney princesses had the same general features.

Sure Meg had pointy features, and Jasmine had a different shaped nose and darker skin, and Esmerelda had stronger less delicate features all around, but looking at all of them you could tell they came from the same studio. That’s what gave them that classic disney look that we all love.

This style for all of our new princesses is what the young girls today are all going to remember. To them the characters are all so different and they get to see a larger out poor of POC princesses then we ever did. And that honestly makes me incredibly happy for these children.