reasons to come early

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

REASONS TO COME EARLY: Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band

On March 21, emo and indie fans alike will flock to 9:30 to witness Modern Baseball’s first-ever performance at the Club. But for soulful rocker Kevin Devine of the opening band, Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, this isn’t his first appearance, and it likely won’t be his last. Devine, a Brooklyn native, has ten full albums under his belt, two of which were recorded with the Goddamn Band. His sound ranges from indie rock to folk with thoughtful lyrics that often tread onto political ground. The slow acoustics feel similar to Neutral Milk Hotel, but the raw lyrics are as powerful as Brand New. This is no coincidence considering Jesse Lacey of Brand New is one of Devine’s close friends and producer of his 2013 album, Bubblegum. Devine has consistently made music for the past 15 years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Through his music, you can feel the honesty and sincerity as Devine critiques himself and the world around him.  Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band are sure to put on a great show and shouldn’t be missed. I promise you won’t regret showing up a little early to catch this great performance!

-Kaelin O’Donnell

Get tickets here for Modern Baseball with Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band, Sorority Noise, and The Obsessives at 9:30 Club on March 21. 

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I wish you would write a fic where Obi-Wan is the first person to know Padmé is pregnant. Literally the first, before even Padmé.

It’s funny because the reason Anakin found out kinda late in canon is because him and Obi-Wan have been out in the Outer Rim on various campaigns that keep rolling into one another so for this to work you’d have to fiddle with some other things first. Like, for instance, why Obi-Wan is apart from Anakin - so I guess I’d start that fic with some explanation for why they’re apart. Maybe its something that Palpatine did or maybe it’s something as simple as Obi-Wan being a few inches to the right at the wrong moment and having to go back to Coruscant for medical reasons.

So, in that case, he comes back to Coruscant early and stops by to see Padme, because he wants to check in, see how she’s doing, maybe update her on how Anakin’s doing, stuff like that. (And, yes, Anakin may have been very embarrassing convincing in getting him to make sure Padme was okay when he came back.)


So he’s just mentally like *angry face emoji*. And I feel like this might actually be something I’d write as a crack-taken-kinda-seriously fic. Obi-Wan would be like “I cannot possibly return back to the front lines, I have to…water my plants.” And the council is just like “omg, Kenobi wants to TAKE A BREAK?? Yes we are ALL OVER THIS PLAN, THIS IS A GREAT PLAN!!”

And then Obi-Wan is just like “oh, I’m going to just shadow Senator Amidala, for her safety since she’s so important to the war effort, and also coincidently gets free drinks from the Senate when she’s at her office.” And he’s still ike *angry face emoji* at the whole pregnant thing. Meanwhile, Padme is pleased that her friend is back home and able to visit with her so much, especially since Obi-Wan has so many stories about Ani and she is always there for embarrassing stories about Ani’s youth. *Happy face emoji*

And then he manages to get a comm call out to Anakin, through like seven different encrypted, secure lines and is immediately like YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, YOU ARE GROUNDED! I DON’T CARE THAT YOU’RE TWENTY-THREE AND NO I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHY YOU’RE GROUNDED, YOU JUST ARE! And Anakin is just *confused emoji face*

And then Padme figures out she’s pregnant and Obi-Wan is just like FINALLY, OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG TO FIGURE THAT OUT? And Padme is like I’M PREGNANT!!!?? A BABY WITH ANAKIN??!!! And then she’s like ANI’S STILL ON THE FRONT AND HE DOESN’T KNOW!! *dismayed face emoji*

And then the Chancellor gets kidnapped and Anakin comes back, saves the Chancellor, and comes back to the news that he’s going to be a daddy! And Obi-Wan is like SURELY THIS WILL BE WHEN I GET TO OFFICIALLY KNOW ABOUT THE AFFAIR!! THEY WILL TELL ME ABOUT THE AFFAIR NOW!!

And Padme is like “Obi-Wan has been so helpful since he’s been back and he’ll totally help us! We’re super good friends and he’s missed you so much!” And Anakin’s like I’VE MISSED HIM SO MUCH, I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, I WANT CUDDLES and this means I can tell Obi-Wan everything???

And then they surprise him by going “Obi-Wan, we’re married and expecting a baby!” And Obi-Wan is like WHAT?? I THOUGHT YOU WERE JUST HAVING AN AFFAIR

And Anakin is like *outraged face emoji* I WOULD NEVER HAVE SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR??




And Anakin is like O.O! And Padme is like FINISH THAT SENTENCE, I DARE YOU!!!

And that would be the fic.

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Hey I kno Kira is gone and stuff but can I request an alive Kira reacting to Yoriko coming home from school and shes sad cuz she was made fun of that day? Or some fluff similar to that? It would be so Wonderful™

hey this kinda got out of control but that’s what happens when you spend 2 hours folding the same shit over and over and over again

Yoriko returns home with barely a noise and her eyes downcast. That much was normal.

What’s not normal is her father’s eyes greeting hers when she bothers to lift them–she starts for a moment, realizing that she’s given the man pause on the way to the kitchen, before scrunching her brow together in confusion. He must have come home early, for some reason or another.

“Where’s mom,” she asks flatly, barely above a whisper.

“Kosaku” gives a similarly blunt response.

“Grocery shopping.”

“Oh,” comes the response, and Yoriko turns to start in a different direction altogether.

She was already a silent child–most days, she would’ve been left at that, and no one would’ve been surprised in the least. But today was filled with things that were not normal.

“Tell me about your day.”

Her eyes widen, and before she can utter her confusion, her father has already continued his way into the kitchen, back facing her. It’s obvious that he wants her to follow, and she steadfastly does so with as much seriousness as she does with anything. As she scoots her way onto one of the kitchen’s chairs, she catches the sight of her father putting the finishing tightening on a newly donned apron, and the faint scent of heated metal as the pan on the stove starts to warm.

She has no idea where to begin. She’s not used to speaking at length.

Her father merely prompts her with a “The morning comes first.”

Eventually, her mouth cranks open and words start to tumble out. She’s so involved with telling the story about her day that she doesn’t even notice the subtle way her father has been leading her conversation, directing it with calm, short affirmations towards the topic he had been wanting to hear to begin with.

“So…they called me a ‘browless freak’.”

Even though the words were silly, even to her, the pain in her voice was evident. To her surprise–and mild frustration–”Kosaku” merely chuckles darkly, turning to meet her indignant (and teary eyed) glare.

“It’s not funny,” she says sternly, like a woman thrice her age, but with the moodiness of a child.

Her father cuts her off with another sharp, controlled laugh.

“What’s the use of such a weak insult?” he mused, as if to himself. “Anyone can see your lack of eyebrows. It didn’t bother you before; you never covered that. So why would mentioning it now bother you?”

“It’s not that,” Yoriko says, strained, and casts her eyes downward once more. “I just wish they’d leave me alone. I don’t want to be talked to. I don’t want to be bothered. I just…I just….want…”

“A quiet life,” her father finishes.

Yoriko only nods her head in response. In turn, her father finishes the meal while humming, eventually sliding the finished plate–to her joyful surprise, her favorite meal–in front of her, and disappearing again to pour himself coffee.

Unsurprisingly, it was hard to stay angry after the moment had passed.


Facetime //

Adjusting your eyes to the light reflecting off of your phone screen, you noticed Justin’s name under the caller ID, causing you to furrow your eyebrows, confused and tired. He was supposed to be at a club, which you declined going to, with his friends and you expected him to be there until early hours in the morning. No reason would quite come to mind on why he’d be calling. Especially at this time of night.

“Hi babe” You groaned, but held a smile whilst fluttering your eyelashes, still trying to adapt to the light. Seeing Justin in which looked like the back of a car, you figured he was on his way home or going to Za’s place. “Why are you calling?”

“I just wanted to say hEYY!” He squealed dragging out the ‘hey’ before bursting out with giggles like a little boy. “Wait what?” He continued giggling as he looked over to his right as if he was speaking to somebody else. “Ohh and Za wanted to say hey!”

“Alright” You let out a laugh as you pulled the thick sheets over your body for warmth “How many drinks have you had?” You asked, struggling to keep any more laughter inside. He was acting like a complete dork and you couldn’t help but smile at the silly comments he’d keep making.

“I don’t know. None?” Justin replied sarcastically, before moving the camera closer and closer to his face every second, sticking his tongue out and acting as if he was five.

See this is one of the many reasons why you turned down tonight, not that there was anything wrong with Justin’s drunk and dorky side, intact you loved it and it pushed to you a point of laughter where you couldn’t even breathe. But god, if you were ever with Justin in public, he’d do pretty much anything and everything out of his way to make you laugh, not only embarrassing himself, but you and all his friends. Overexcited would be an understatement.

“Whatever you say, but boy you’re drunk” You stated, joining in and making stupid faces, causing Justin to burst out with even more laughter than you thought was possible; Honestly, the faces you made weren’t that funny.

“oKAY! But you look REALLY hot right now” He whined, struggling to even say a sentence without stuttering. “And cute” He added smiling, causing you to roll your eyes and laugh over the fact that he probably didnt even know half of the things that were coming out of his mouth right now.

And with that, your whole night was basically just listening to even more of Justin’s dorky but cute comments and watching as he acted like a child, which you didn’t mind one bit.

the signs + arriving to things early or late
  • Aries: intentionally late just to be a rebel
  • Taurus: who even'll be lucky if you actually get to them to agree to come
  • Gemini: actually plans on coming early but ends up late for some reason
  • Cancer: accidentally early; they forgot the time, thought they were late, rushed to meet up and ended up there before anyone else
  • Leo: intentionally late so they can come in and make a scene
  • Virgo: usually on time but if they come late its probably because they actually didn't want to go
  • Libra: late but only because they were too busy deciding if they actually wanted to go or not
  • Scorpio: comes on time just to spy on how things are going and then leaves early
  • Sagittarius: late because they didn't even remember ???
  • Capricorn: *supposed to come at 4:00* *intentionally walks in at 4:02 just so it doesn't look like they had nothing better to do*
  • Aquarius: comes early, leaves late
  • Pisces: always late.. by usually an hour or five who even knows if they'll come tbh


                                 ❝ toriko … ?
           it’s curious,  spoken through the curled fingers of a tattooed hand.  the child had wandered away,  not too far,  oh no,  he would never stray completely from his beastly friend.  but said companion had looked so comfortable,  he hadn’t wished to bother them !

                      in fact,  the reason he’d come back so early was because he’d found a barrel.  alas,  it was on a ledge that was too high for him to get to on his own,  which meant he required the help of the very beast he was trying to surprise.  so much for that.

                                 ❝ are you hungry ?

JDox Headcanons Masterpost

So, Carolina @mogaimermaid​ and I have been slowly but surely destroying each other with our JDox headcanons and I decided to compile them into one soul-crushing, earth-shattering, angst-inducing, tear-producing, heart-palpitating masterpost. Read at your own risk.

Note: this will be updated as we continue to scream at each other.

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Shower thoughts

So, I was in the shower just now and I thought about shaving legs. Not in the sense that I should really shave my legs (although I’m sure some people would think I kinda should…, that’s beside the point), but in the philosophical sense. Why do people shave their legs? Hell, why do I shave my legs?

I came to the conclusion that I shave my legs for one reason: my boyfriend.

Now before all the feminazis jump up and come to early conclusions, shouting ‘That’s oppressive!’ Hold your horses, shut up and read on.

It’s not oppressive at all, and I’ll tell you why. I shave my legs for my boyfriend, but I don’t do it because he asks me to or because he expects me to. He doesn’t. Whenever I shave my legs (which really isn’t very regularly, to be fair) I do it because I choose to do it for him. I make that decision and I do believe he likes it, but he will never ask it of me or expect it of me.

I think that is what feminism is, what freedom is: that choice. The choice to do something that may please someone, but only because you want to do that. If I choose to shave my legs every week, that’s fine. If I choose to do it only once every few months, or hell once a year, that’s fine too. 


There are so many words that could describe The Antlers’ ethereal sound, but the one that always comes to find for me is “dreamy.” Listening to the band’s lo-fi, folky tunes is like being transported to another world. The three-piece from Brooklyn mixes synths, strings, piano and more to create a completely unique, dream-like sound.

Started as a solo project by vocalist Peter Silberman, The Antlers’ first album, Uprooted, was self-released in 2006. After releasing one more solo album, In the Attic of the Universe, in 2007, Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci joined to make The Antlers the group we know today. Since 2007, the band has released three more incredible albums, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and had their songs featured in many TV shows and movies. You may have heard their song “Kettering” in Chuck, “Rolled Together” in Suits, or “Drift Dive” in the movie The Age of Adaline.

The Antlers, while creating music that is an escape, also write lyrics that are as relatable as they are beautiful. Praised for their incredible narrative on all their albums, The Antlers find a way to create poetry on every track. So, mark your calendars for Hozier on June 20th at Merriweather Post and be sure to get there early. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer night than listening to The Antlers under the stars.

-Janice Freeman

Get tickets to see The Antlers with Hozier at Merriweather on June 20!

Photo of The Antlers at 9:30 Club by Travis Bozeman.


Admittedly, Cherry Glazerr isn’t the first female-fronted band with an attitude, so in that sense, they aren’t a novelty. But with Cherry Glazerr, it feels less contrived and more genuine. Straight out of California, they quickly rose to prominence with their second release, Haxel Princess, and they seem to be everywhere from soundtracking high-fashion runways to horror movie trailers. Haxel Princess tackles some of the usual suspect topics of youth like young love, pop culture, vices, and being a teenager, but with lead singer Clementine Creevy’s retrospective, jaded confidence bleeding through groovy punk guitar chords. “Milkshakes and cat eyes / Lipstick and French fries / Internalize so much but so little / Don’t’ make us feel belittled, world,” she croons on “Teenage Girls,” sneering at people who condescend to young girls.  You get the sense Creevy isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind even if she’s just talking about the most sensational, melt-in-your-mouth bread and cheese sandwich ever made like on the track “Grilled Cheese.” But don’t be fooled by the light-hearted side of this band - if you look closely, there’s another edge and it’s sharp. The members of Cherry Glazerr aren’t nonconformists by choice; they’re just effortlessly cool being themselves, making music for themselves, and if that captivates you, get in line and join the rest of us.

-Hope Willis

Catch Cherry Glazerr with Best Coast & Wavves at 9:30 Club on February 16!

Pam was just full of surprises lately and she loved it. Ryan was actually a hard guy to fool, but he trusted her so that’s probably why he didn’t see through her with stuff like this. Which was actually really sweet. Which was why she was surprising him by coming home early. The reason why they had set it to a week was because with kids, you never knew how long it would take. And everyone had the option to stay in Boston until the week was up, but she wanted to go home back to her boys. She missed home. But mainly Ryan.

Not telling him was hard, especially seeing as she wasn’t going to be able to respond for seven hours. He was going to go crazy, she knew it. He was the type to get worried if she didn’t respond within the hour and she didn’t blame him at all. Also she didn’t get to hear his sweet remarks about how she would be okay and safe and all that stuff that he didn’t believe because he was terrified of flying. But he did it for her.

The flight was long, and she hated her life. But she felt a weight lifted when they landed in LA, following everybody else out of the plane and for the gates. She quickly sent Ryan a text, asking him if he was on the way to get her bags or not. It was 8:20. And she was waiting by the front doors, waiting for his cute self to walk in. She couldn’t wait. She was so excited to see him.



There’s a special kind of subtlety to Small Black’s music. Beginning as spacey vibe-outs seemingly without focus, each song evolves to beat-driven, revelation inspiring climaxes sure to make you tingle down to your toes. And Small Black has only gotten better with time, as shown by new tracks like ‘No Stranger’ from the band’s most recent album, Limits of Desire. In their new work, the vocals take on new clarity and poignance of message while the quality of the production remains stunningly spare, yet unabashedly dancey. Small Black is a band you want to catch on their way up, because if their evolution thus far is anything to go by, they’re going to be huge.

Come take a peek at Small Black’s potential when the group opens up for Starfucker on September 4th

-Spencer Swan 

Pig Wk 11 Thursday

My first tempo run outside this training cycle! I got off work early, so I had time and decent weather to do my marathon pace run in a nearby neighborhood before the sun went down.

I’m shooting for 6:18/mi or better on these to equate to a 2:45 marathon. Having used the treadmill so much, I wasn’t sure my legs could handle running this fast on flat ground, but I’m super happy to average 6:16/mi without feeling like I killed myself:

There’s not much use in hiding it, but the reason I was able to come home early is that my company decided to shut down operations. They announced it on Tuesday, so I’m just hanging around for a few weeks to keep things running while they unwind the business.

I was there almost 11 years, so it’s a bummer to not see things continue to thrive considering how much time and effort I put into it. I’ve got severance and several prospects lined up already, so I’m not worried. This gives me opportunity to find something really awesome. Not sure what my work/life balance will look like for the next couple months. Hopefully something conducive to training as I’ve become accustomed.



If you want to radiate summer vibes everywhere and dance your face off, look no further than Holychild. This pop duo is just the epitome of fun. I mean the album art for Holychild’s debut EP Mindspeak is a chocolate glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles for god sake. The band did an exclusive set at the Museum of Modern Art in April and there was cotton candy of course. Aside from an obvious love of all things sweet in terms of food, Holychild also knows how to compose and perform pretty delectable music too. Mindspeak, released on Glassnote Records,contains four tracks filled with enormous potential and beats that make totally letting loose the only option. Even though “Every Time I Fall” and “Happy With Me” are not the most uplifting lyrically, they are so energetic that listening is empowering, not tear-jerking. For a taste of Holychild’s endearing charm, check out the video trilogy that they paired with Mindspeak.

-Emily Hirsch

Holychild will open for The Knocks and ASTR at 9:30 Club on Monday, June 16


REASONS TO COME EARLY: The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers have come a long way from their start as frequent performers on various NYC subway platforms. Since 2006, this Americana group of five has released nine studio albums and ventured far beyond the stage of the public transportation system. They have toured with high profile acts including Old Crow Medicine Show and the Dave Matthews Band, as well as making appearances at Bonnaroo and Newport Folk Festival.

Be prepared for accordions, fiddles, and gritty vocals that will make you wish that you got to witness some of their early days in the 42nd Street station. The Felice Brothers’ approach is unbridled and definitely invites a fair amount of foot stomping. Check out ‘Penn Station’ as an introduction to their New York roots and alt country style. These men who hail from the Catskill Mountains sure know how to put on a show, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to see them open for Josh Ritter & and the Royal City band TONIGHT and tomorrow!

-Emily Hirsch


REASONS TO COME EARLY: Kopecky Family Band

Kopecky Family Band, a group of folksy indie rock mavens hailing from Nashville, is exactly what you need right now, you might just not know it yet. Front woman Kelsey Kopecky leads the pack, but the vocal and instrumental harmonies coming from her male counterparts are vital in the band’s captivating sound. They have this charisma about them, especially with tracks like “Heartbeat” and “Are You Listening,” that draws you in almost immediately. In a very Edward Sharpe-esque manner, Kopecky Family Band’s live shows often involve audience participation, including lots of collective snaps, whistles, and tambourines.

With relentless touring, independently and supporting high profile acts (Givers, Gomez and The Lumineers, to name a few), their debut Kids Raising Kids is gaining momentum. Paste, NPR, and The New York Times have all raved about this group. NPR chose the band to participate in the Tiny Desk Concert series, stressing that “the Kopeckys’ sweet, swollen songs kept blooming into something we couldn’t resist.” The New York Times article even compared Kopecky Family Band to Fleetwood Mac. 

Fingers crossed that Kopecky Family Band keeps garnering more well deserved acclaim and praise. In the meantime, you should do everything in your power to catch them live if you get the chance. One of those opportunities is November 24th, when they open for Lissie!

-Emily Hirsch