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Saiii-chan... What do you think if Kacchan and Todoroki have a relationship(romance or friendship)? And how do you describe it??? :3 Love u, mom of 1-A class!

(okay so i must apologize b/c this is more a meta about Bakugou and Todoroki’s relationship overall instead of what you asked, even tho you said you were fine with that earlier. sorry about that!!!)

i can’t see it as a romantic relationship, personally

i think Bakugou is still angry at Todoroki for giving up during their fight at the sports festival. at the very least, he still holds a bit of a grudge over it. Bakugou doesn’t take anyone implying that he’s weak lightly, and Todoroki refusing to use his fire powers during their fight, after he used them against IZUKU, implies a lot for Bakugou:

1. that Bakugou is less impressive than Izuku. this is a very big sore spot for Bakugou, beccause he has a lot of personal issues that stem from his fear of Izuku actually having the potential to surpass him, and it’s the reason he began bullying Izuku in the first place.


2. That Todoroki doesn’t see Bakugou as worthy to use his flames against. which, again, is a sore spot. this implies that Bakugou isn’t strong enough or is too weak to have the honor to fight against Todoroki’s fire.

“Am I not strong enough for ya?”

3. Todoroki wasn’t even trying in their fight because he didn’t see Bakugou as worth fighting.

of course, the reason why Todoroki didn’t use his fire was because he was going through a lot of emotional issues, and Bakugou was at least somewhat aware of this. 

he did overhear Izuku and Todoroki’s discussion about Endeavor and what he did to Todoroki and his mom.

the bottom panels show up immediately after Todoroki’s.

how long Bakugou was listening in and how much he actually heard is up for debate, but we do know that he did overhear about Todorki’s home life and his declaration against Endeavor and his resolve not to use his flames.

however, Bakugou has a massive inferiority complex, particularly in reference to Izuku, and the fact that Todoroki was able to use his fire against Izuku is what really bothers Bakugou. Todoroki isn’t even trying to win during their fight. 

he isn’t even bothering.

look at how upset Bakugou is here. he looks like he’s about to break down in tears.

that’s how important this was to Bakugou. he’s literally about to cry because of this. and one of the reasons this fight was so important for Bakugou comes from early on in the series.

(the second image is a pic i took from my phone of the official translation)


immediately after Bakugou lost to Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exam, after Momo explained exactly how Bakugou fucked up for the entire class to hear, Todoroki comes and finishes the exam within minutes.

he barely had to do anything and he fucking won without breaking a sweat. in other words: he completely showed up Bakugou after Bakugou lost control, got angry and totally fucked up.

it was the first time Bakugou realized that there are people out there that are stronger than him. that there are people that he might not be able to beat. it was the first time Bakugou realized that he might not be the best, and he was faced with the fact that he might not be able to hold a candle to Todoroki.

so for Bakugou, their fight at the sports festival was very, very personal for him. 


hell, even for a moment, Bakugou actually agreed with Izuku when he cheered Todoroki on to fight his all against Bakugou.

but Todoroki was distracted; with his home life, with Endeavor, and worse (in Bakugou’s point of view), with Izuku.

it’s just moments before their fight, and Todoroki doesn’t even acknowledge Bakugou when he accidentally barges into the wrong room. 

no, instead of acknowledging Bakugou, Todoroki immediately starts talking about Izuku.

Izuku, Izuku, Izuku, Izuku.

of course this pisses Bakugou off. this is HIS FIGHT and Deku is already fucking with it and he’s NOT EVEN THERE

i do think that Bakugou was trying to help Todoroki in his own way. he was trying to get Todoroki to understand that his fire is just a biological function of his body. it’s his own power, no one else’s.

there’s a reason why Horikoshi specifically had Bakugou say these lines, especially during Izuku and Todoroki’s fight.

however, i think the reason why Bakugou did this was mostly to get Todoroki to overcome his hesitance because he wanted to fight Todoroki at his full power. think of it as Bakugou saying “Get the fuck over yourself and fight me at your full potential so I can prove myself.” 

(tho a bit of it may be because Bakugou does care, just a bit. the stricken expression he has after Todoroki explains his personal history is very telling, and it tells the audience that it did affect Bakugou somewhat. 

“And since I don’t give a shit, feel free to use that fucking flame side on me…!”

he very specifically denies caring about Todoroki’s personal history, tho he may have just done so to rile Todoroki up to get him in the mood for a fight. but also because he really just wants to fight against Todoroki’s flames)

he knows why Todoroki doesn’t use his fire. but he still used his fire against Izuku. and Bakugou wants part of that, he wants to fight Todoroki on equal ground and prove that he’s the best.

Bakugou wants so badly to test himself against Todoroki because of what happened during and after the Heroes vs. Villains exam. he wants to prove himself against Todoroki, to prove that he can beat this kid that he once thought he couldn’t. he wants to have a fair fight against Todoroki and fucking WIN without any of Deku’s bullshit getting in the way, and yet it’s already interfering before the fight even starts.

that’s why Bakugou was so angry that Todoroki wasn’t taking this fight seriously. that’s why he was about to fucking cry at the end of it, when he won. because he didn’t win due to his own strength, he didn’t prove himself in any way, he only won because his opponent refused to go all out against him, and that’s a huge slap in the face for Bakugou.

there isn’t any point in winning a fight where your opponent doesn’t even try to fight against you. and Bakugou hates being underestimated and taken lightly.

and again, this was a huge personal insult against Bakugou in particular. he wanted to prove something to himself but Todoroki just wasn’t in the right headspace to fight back at full power. 

of course, none of this is Todoroki’s fault. he had a lot on his mind.

but for Bakugou, this is all extremely difficult for him. he continues to hold this grudge against Todoroki prior to the second exam, where he threatens/challenges both Izuku and Todoroki.

hell, he even says Todoroki’s name here, which shows how serious he is. Bakugou never says anyone’s name, unless he respects them or they got his attention. i’m fairly certain that, during this moment, it’s not out of respect; Todoroki just royally pissed Bakugou off and part of that manifested as Bakugou using Todoroki’s name to show just how angry and determined he was at this moment

tho Bakugou does seem to calm down a bit after the second exam, after he was forced to work with Izuku.

even afterwards tho, where they’re paired up during the trial of courage, Bakugou is trying to get a different partner, any other partner besides Todoroki, because he’s still pissed about what happened.

(lmao i’m fairly certain Ojirou doesn’t wanna pair with Todoroki because he got his ass royally kicked by him in the first exam)

i think that Todoroki is trying to make up for what he did to Bakugou in his own way, but doesn’t really know how. he realized that he did Bakugou a disservice during their fight, and feels bad about it. 

i believe this is why he tried so hard to rescue Bakugou when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains/AFO.

out of all the kids, he was one of the few who was 100% set on rescuing Bakugou from the start. absolutely nothing would stop him from going and rescuing Bakugou. 

now, the reason why he was so dead set on this is up for speculation. 

personally, i think part of it was Todoroki trying to make up for what he did to Bakugou during the Sports Festival by helping to rescue him. 

part of it may be because Bakugou was kidnapped from right in front of him and he couldn’t do a thing to stop it, and he feels responsible for it.

another part may be because it’s part of his ideal of what a hero should be, which is rescuing people when you know you have the ability to, regardless of the consequences (which may be a call back to the Stain incident with Iida. if he and Izuku hadn’t shown up, Iida very well could’ve died)

anyway, the point i’m trying to make here is that Todoroki holds no ill will towards Bakugou. rather, he feels bad for letting Bakugou down, and tried his damnedest to rescue him, even after Bakugou made it clear that he doesn’t like Todoroki. 

in fact, they seem to have a fairly….. amiable relationship, at least for Bakugou’s standards.

it’s mostly just…. Bakugou getting angry and shouting, and Todoroki just not really reacting to him. i’m sure Bakugou is still fairly angry about everything in regards to Todoroki, but it doesn’t seem quiet as….volitile or personal as before.

and again, Todoroki holds no ill will towards Bakugou. there are only two moments where Todoroki seems truly angry or frustrated at Bakugou, and one of them is when Bakugou brings up his home life (which. yeah), and the second is just because he’s frustrated that Bakugou wants to use his explosions in the forest in order to fight the villain, which would only cause them more problems.

i think Bakugou is slowly letting go of his grudge. very, very slowly. it was a very personal issue for him and it’s hard for him to just let that go. but after seeing All Might retire and feeling like the cause of it, and feeling all that guilt… not to mention, he now knows the story behind Izuku, All Might, and One for All, and is actually supporting Izuku (someone he hated for so long). 

his feelings are becoming somewhat healthier now that most of those issues have been discussed. not quite resolved, because stuff like that doesn’t happen over night, but it’s getting there.

now tho, he might be more willing to try and let some of those angry feelings towards Todoroki go. i doubt it’ll be anytime soon, however. Bakugou is someone who holds long grudges about this kind of stuff. but i think he is slowly letting them go.

it helps that Todoroki doesn’t really react to Bakugou’s anger at all, haha.

related meta:



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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 7

Here it is, Part 7. I honestly don’t know when this will finish but I’d like it come to an end soon (but not soon) just because I have a Yoongi story ready. As always, thanks for reading guys! ❤️❤️

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You were woken the next morning to Jungkook’s poking on your cheek and intense stare. Furrowing your eyebrows, you slapped his hand away and buried your head under his covers. You had almost managed to fall back into a peaceful sleep until the covers suddenly disappeared from on top of you and Jungkook grabbed your legs, dragging you out of bed.

“Rise and shine, loser. We’ve got stuff to do.”

Not appreciating the incredibly rude awakening, you kicked him with as much power as you could, striking him dead centre on his stomach. Although his stomach was relatively hard, he still fell to the floor in pain whilst you clutched your foot in agony.

“Why the hell is your stomach like a brick wall?!” He let out a cocky smile through the pain and flexed one arm.

“I work out, I wasn’t just born with these.” Bulging arm muscles was what you were greeted with. You supposed this was his attempt to impress you and demonstrate how much he had grew in the past few years.

It didn’t have that much of an effect. Or so you told yourself.

“You could at least compliment me, you know.” Standing from your seated position you began to make your way downstairs but not before sending him a mock dirty look.

“And boost your ego more than it already is? I’ll pass. What happened to the shy and awkward Jungkook I knew?”

“He’s still here. Just shy and awkward around certain people.” His smooth voice followed you downstairs and you entered his kitchen looking for something breakfast worthy.

“Jungkook, where’s your parents anyway?” Emerging from behind you, he hopped on top of the counter and grabbed an orange.

“They’re always on business trips lately. I practically live by myself.” Not seeming to be all too bothered about the topic of discussion, he peeled the orange and began eating the pieces.

“But don’t you get lonely?” Smirking, he peered into your face, making you take a step back.

“Aw, is little Y/N worried? Don’t worry I have you and hyungs to keep me company.”

Opening your mouth to reply resulted in Jungkook stuffing a piece of orange into your mouth, chuckling at your shocked expression. Slowly chewing the orange, you took one of the cereal boxes stored in the cabinet and began searching for a bowl.

“And you have your many girls.” Sliding off the counter, Jungkook pulled a bowl out of his dishwasher, handing it to you.

“You’re the only girl that matters.” Shuddering at his cliché sentence, you directed a glare at him. “That was so cringeworthy, please don’t say that again.”

“Okay, you’re the only girl that isn’t friends with me because of my status.”

That sounded way more sadder than it should have.

“What about Areum?” He shrugged his shoulders, throwing away the orange peels he had left on he counter.

“I guess Areum too. But then that takes away the importance of your role in my life!”

Flushing, you pushed the butterflies down to the pits of your stomach.

“We’re not in an RPG game, Jungkook.”

He placed a hand on your shoulder and stared at you with a seriousness you had never seen him use with you.

“Or are we?”

“You’re asking to be hit.”


When you had eaten and had changed into your now clean clothes from the dryer, Jungkook forced you to sit down and wait for him to have a shower, insisting in taking a walk with you.

Slowly but surely, Jungkook was taking up all your time and he seemed to love every moment of it.

Jungkooks soothing voice travelled through the bathroom door and you immediately recognised the lyrics to Tori Kelly’s song paper hearts. The raw emotion that was evident in his singing made goosebumps rise in your arms and you pulled your phone out, recording the beautiful singing as best as you could.

He was definitely going to be a singer one day with a voice like that. He was much more confident in himself and his abilities, had it been 7 years ago he wouldn’t have been able to look anyone in the eye whilst singing.

The sound of the shower turning off grabbed your attention and you stopped recording, patiently waiting for him to get dressed.

When he stepped out, you grabbed your bag and once again, headed downstairs. Slipping your shoes on, you watched him grab a pair of Timberland boots and begin untying the laces.

Some things never change.


You had ended up taking the long route home, Jungkook walking you all the way. He declined your invitation to come in, claiming he had to meet up with someone and bid you a farewell, shooting a wink in the process.

For the remainder of the day, you didn’t do much except from compete unfinished work and chat with Areum. When the evening arrived, you made sure to go to bed early to save yourself from distraction the next day.

Upon waking up the next morning, the faint sound of your younger sisters obnoxious singing drew you out of bed. Taking a shower, you quickly dressed into your schools uniform and headed to the kitchen. Greeting your younger sister and mother, you sat opposite S/N and checked your phone for messages.

“Your father is on another business trip for the week, Y/N.” Raising your head, you glanced at your mothers back before returning your attention to you phone screen.

“That’s not anything new.”

One message from Areum and another from Jungkook.

‘Hey Y/N don’t forget to bring your homework.’

What would you do without Areum’s concern over your school performance? She was the reason you avoided getting detentions every week.

'Y/N, come to school early. I need to be entertained.’

Rolling your eyes at Jungkook’s bluntness, you quickly typed out your reply.

'Am I a circus performer? Get Hye Mi to entertain you or something.’

“She’s smiling at her phone so she’s messaging Jungkook.” Whipping your head up to glare at S/N, you tucked your phone into your pocket and took a sip of water. “Why do you assume it’s Jungkook? I have other friends.”

An innocent smile spread on S/N’s face and she shoved a spoon of cereal into her mouth. “You have friends? That’s a surprise.”

You’d have thought that being fifteen years old would have made her somewhat mature. You thought wrong.

“The next time you want something from me, you can ask your imaginary friends. I don’t deserve this kind of disrespect from a little girl.”

She scoffed and narrowed her eyes at you, a slow smirk taking place of her smile.

“Little girl? You need t-”

She caught herself when she noticed the deathly glare your mother was sending both of you.

“You two have the mentality of 5 year olds. Can’t you just get along?”

You were thinking of a witty reply to come up with when you took notice of the time on your watch. You shot out of your seat and bounded to your front door, shoving your feet into your shoes.

“Gotta go! Bye mum, bye sis! Have a good day!”

S/N merely grinned whilst your mother shook her head, a smile present on her face.

“She’s in a hurry.”


Arriving at school, you were greeted with an empty classroom, which was weird considering the fact Jungkook had, oh so kindly, asked you to come in early. A sudden vibration from your jacket pocket alerted you that you had received a new message from Areum.


Now, Areum very rarely used capital letters in her messages and when she did she was either fangirling or scared. She definitely wasn’t fangirling.

You grew stiff with worry and dropped your bag, speed walking to the schools entrance. Upon reaching the front doors, you noticed a small crowd had gathered around and you pushed your way through. In the middle was Areum, Hye Mi and one of her lackeys.

Trying to get closer proved to be futile as you were barged back by another student. You knew it was only a matter of seconds before something kicked off and Areum would definitely not be able to stand-up for herself. It wasn’t in her nature.

“I can’t stand to look at you. You’re so pathetic that you can’t even apologise for dropping my shit! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Areum was noticeably cowering, not used to having someone insult her. She looked up at Hye Mi, tears gathering in her eyes and her lips quivered as she tried to reply.

“S-sorry…” The whisper was barely audible and Hye Mi snarled at Areum.

“I don’t speak fucking whale, speak the fuck up.” Hye Mi proceeded to shove Areum causing her to stumble back. It seemed that within the next few moments Areum gave up as she turned on her heel and made a move to leave. She was immediately stopped, however, as Hye Mi’s hand shot out, taking a fistful of hair.

At the action, your face heated with anger and you dove through the masses of gasping students who stood in your way.

“Leave Areum the fuck alone!”  Everyone’s eyes were suddenly on you and a relieved look spread on Areum’s face for about a millisecond before she winced at the harsh jerk inflicted onto her hair.

“Look who decided to show up. You must think you’re a fucking hero, Y/N.” Clenching your fists, you felt your temper grow. Hye Mi’s friend took that as her cue to take a step forward and crossed her arms, standing in your way.

“I’m going to flip if you don’t let go of Areum in the next few seconds, Hye Mi.” Her reply was a snicker, proving to you she didn’t take your words seriously.

“Really? I’d love to see that. What do you think Areum?” Contrary to popular belief, the next few seconds did not go in slow motion. They were over before you could even blink but that didn’t stop you from taking in every action that occurred.

Hye Mi had all but swung Areum by the hair with a force you didn’t think was possible and it didn’t help that she didn’t let go all the while. She just dragged her back and forth with enough power for Areum to fly around like a ragdoll before she landed on the floor, scraping her legs off the concrete.

A chorus of 'oohs’ were heard from the useless, gossiping students who stood around you like vultures and your eyes widened at the few tears that slid down Areum’s hidden face, dotting the floor.

You didn’t see red.

All you saw was Hye Mi smirking and that’s was the last straw. With near inhumane strength, you flung Hye Mi’s companion to the side, ignoring the loud shriek that escaped her. Within a few moments your fist had collided with Hye Mi’s face, something she clearly was not expecting.

You were not one to fight with slaps and now she knew.

You were no 'one punch man’ or Jungkook for a matter of fact so she wasn’t instantly knocked out, much to your displeasure. She did tumble onto the floor though, so that pretty much was a form of victory. Hye Mi sat in shock, hand holding her cheek and suddenly a teacher broke through the crowd, seemingly out of nowhere.

“What is happen- Y/N?! What- Hye Mi!? Both of you come with me right now!” It was that moment when she noticed Areum’s fragile form, still on the floor and she crouched down to help her up.

“All of you get to class! The shows over!” The crowd muttered in disappointment and soon dispersed, leaving the four of you alone. Even Hye Mi’s, so called ally had left her behind at the sight of a teacher.

Serves her right.

Minutes later you found yourself staring at your feet, listening to a lecture you never thought you’d have to hear. By the end of it, you and Hye Mi had both landed yourselves in detention for a week.

You supposed that’s what you get for fighting but you didn’t regret it one bit. As soon as she laid her hands on innocent Areum, her fate, as well as yours, was sealed. Now you just had to try and cope with her for the rest of the week.


The day passed by deathly slow, Jungkook and the boys nowhere to be seen. You were irritated to say the least. He was the one who called you to school early in the morning. Fair enough, Areum ended up being in trouble but the fact he was MIA only made your bad mood worse.

Shuffling into your classroom for your first day of detention, you noticed Hye Mi avoided looking in your direction. If anything she seemed to stiffen up at your presence.

Obviously she had underestimated you.

Sighing as you sat as far as possible from her, you trained your attention onto the window beside you. Now all that was left was to try your best to zone out for the next hour or so. The door to the classroom slid open and in stepped your Physical Ed teacher.

“These lot were caught skipping school and spray painting highly inappropriate phrases onto the side of the school building so now they’re all yours for the next week.” His words were directed at the teacher supervising your detention and she simply sighed in exasperation. Motioning for the students to come in, they entered with their heads held high and you would have been completely confused if it hadn’t turned out to be Jungkook and the boys.

When their eyes set on you, they one by one dragged themselves in your direction, sitting themselves all around you. You furrowed your eyebrows in bewilderment but were greeted with grins, well from most of them.

What the hell are they doing?

Paranormal Activity

Summary: Tony wants to watch Paranormal Activity. What could possibly go wrong?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

A/N: My wifi is still wacky, plus my daughter is sick today, so I’ve mostly just been taking care of her.

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

When Steve brought Bucky to the tower for the first time since the events of the Sokovia Accords, everything was a little awkward for a while. Everyone on Team Iron Man was a little on edge around him, after all, it was kinda his fault everything fell apart. Not intentionally of course, no one ASKS to be used as an assassin for some crazy world domination group. He was unfortunate enough to be that person, however. I am new around here, Tony heard about me after he found Peter and since he was down several members of the avengers, he hunted me down. I agreed, and slowly but surely, the original members of the Avengers have made their way back home. With a few handshakes, pats on the back and some apologies, everything seems to be going smooth. When Bucky shows up, everyone tenses up. It’s like they tread softly around him, afraid he’ll revert back into the winter soldier, I assume. I don’t want to be that way though, so I’ve done my damndest to NOT be that person.


It’s early morning, around 5AM. I’m never up this early, but for some reason, sleep just didn’t come to me easy last night, so I figured might as well get up. Padding into the kitchen, I see Cap, Birdman, and…Bucky…I don’t have a nickname for him yet. He can’t be Tinman, no because that’s Tony! They’re all in their running attire. Steve in that grey under armor shirt, and running shorts. Sam in a black long sleeve shirt and shorts. Bucky..he’s in a black tank top, showcasing his arm. I’m sure he only does that in the early morning, when no one else is around, along with black sweats.

Me? I’m in my night shirt that goes to my knees, and some shorts. I haven’t even brushed my hair yet. Sam starts laughing, like hands on his knees because he can’t support himself standing anymore.

“Oh man, (Y/N)! You look like hell!” I glare at him, flipping him the bird, no pun intended.

“Fuck off, Wilson.” Steve chokes on his water, then wipes his chin.

“Language, (L/N).” I glare at Steve now.

“Fuck off, Rogers.” Bucky chuckles, I don’t know if it’s from my attitude, or Steve’s reaction.

“What? Not gonna tell Barnes to fuck off too?” Sam pokes my side, like he’s trying to get a rise outta me.

“No, why would I? He hasn’t said anything to piss me off yet.” Sam rolls his eyes.

“How? His entire presence pisses me off.” He side smirks at Barnes. He’s just playing, kinda, but it’ll get to Bucky either way.

“Fuck off, Wilson.” Bucky has quite the mouth on him too. I could get used to hi dirty talking ways. I turn on my heel to look at Steve. He’s leaning against the counter with his head in his hands.

“What? Not gonna tell Barnes to watch his language too?” He looks up at me out of the corner of his eye, then shakes his head. Bucky comes to stand next to me, I can feel the cold from his metal arm radiating off of him.

“No, he know’s I’d kick his ass if he tried.” I laugh, the first laugh of the day, and it didn’t even sound forced.

“Whatever, jerk. Are you guys coming or not? I’ve ran by myself in the morning, I can do it again” Steve is out the door with Sam, leaving Buck behind. Bucky turns to look at me before going out the door.

“You gonna be joining us, doll?” He speaks to me while walking backwards. Is it bad I find myself wishing he’d run into something?

“Are you kidding? There’s no way, I’m still in my pajamas.” He chuckles, walking out the door. That was my first actual conversation with the ex Winter Soldier.


Ever since then I think Bucky came to the conclusion that I’m not afraid of him, and kinda follows me around like a puppy, but I’m not complaining.

It’s movie night at the Tower, we hold these every week or so, depending on missions. I usually wear my pajamas these gatherings, so I’m trying to decide if I should go long sleeves or short.

“Hey Buck, should I go short sleeve or long sleeve?” I peak my head out of my bathroom, trying to get his attention. He’s sprawled out across my bed, reading some book or something.

He sits up, running his metal hand through his hair. God this man is beautiful. I can’t help but want him so much, in every way possible.

“I don’t care doll, it’s not like we’re going anywhere, just be comfortable.” I nod, putting on my long sleeved, open back grey pajama set with black shorts, and throwing my hair into a high ponytail. When I leave the bathroom, Buck is standing by the door.

“Ready, doll?” I smile, running up to him.

“Yup! Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know what movie is playing do you?”

“Yeah, Paranormal Activity.” I freeze. Oh no. I hate paranormal movies.

He raises his eyebrow, turning around to look at me, still frozen in place.

“Why? What’s wrong with it?” I sigh.

“I don’t know, I hate movies about ghosts…I hate them.” He chuckles.

“A couple weeks ago we watched Friday the 13th and you had no problems there.” He walks up to stand next to me, wrapping his metal arm around my waist, pulling me towards the theatre room.

“I know, I have no problem watching movies where there’s a physical threat, I don’t however like watching movies where you can’t see your attacker, you can’t defend yourself against it, there’s no way to protect yourself against a demon. I hate movies like that…” He chuckles, his arm still around my waist.

“Don’t worry doll, I’ll keep you safe.” I roll my eyes, thinking about saying something snarky, but I really do want him to stay by my side. What? Everyone has an irrational fear, this one just happens to be mind, don’t make fun of me!

Halfway through the movie, and I’m already a terrified mess. Knees up to my chest in the chair, face buried in the pillow perched on my knees. Bucky seems to be more interested in me, having a panic attack, than the movie.

“You alright, doll?” I jump, accidently kicking Nat’s chair, in front of me. She turns around, rubbing the back of her head.

“Didn’t realize (Y/N) was such a scaredy cat.” The blush that heats up my face, must have been a sight, so I kick the back of her seat again.

“Fuck off, Romanoff.” She laughs and rolls her eyes.

“Bucky! Tell her to fuck off in Russian for me!” He looks towards Nat, smirking,

“Отъебись.” I laugh, sticking my tongue out at her. She rolls her eyes, turning her attention back to the movie. For the next 30 minutes or so, I have the pillow up and over my eyes, peeking every once in awhile.

At the end of the movie, when the main character runs towards the camera with demon teeth happens, I shout and practically jump into Bucky’s arms. He laughs, putting his arms around me. Everyone laughs, seems I’m the only one here that doesn’t like paranormal movies.

“So, I vote to watch more ghost movies in the future.” Tony stands up, smirking in my direction.

“Shut up, Tony. I don’t think so.” He laughs, grabbing his phone and leaving the theatre room. Bucky stands up, taking me with him in his arms.

“Don’t worry doll, I’ll protect you from the demons.” I roll my eyes as he carries me to my room.


Sitting on my bed, I find myself looking around every corner. It’s 2:30 in the morning and I have all my lights on. Even the slightest sound freaks me out. Deciding I don’t want to be alone I text the only person I know for sure will be awake at this time.

“Buck? Are you awake?” He responds almost immediately.

“Yeah doll. Can’t sleep? Dreams of demons getting to you?” I roll my eyes in annoyance.

“Отъебись, Barnes. I went all the way to google translate to figure out how to say that.”

I can almost hear the laugh I know erupted from his throat.

“Mmm, alright ya got me. What can I do for you, doll?”

“I don’t want to be alone….can you come up to my room? And please don’t try to scare me…I don’t think my heart could take it.” It takes him a few minutes to respond, maybe getting dressed.

“On my way, doll.” Bucky is only down the hall, so it shouldn’t take him a couple seconds to get here. I stand up when I hear the door open, running out to greet him. When I see him, he’s in sweats and a black long sleeve shirt. He smiles at me, he looks just as tired as I’m sure I do.

“Why weren’t you asleep, Bucky?” He chuckles, coming up to me, putting his flesh arm around my waist.

“I knew you’d probably text me…I wanted to be awake when you did.” My face heats up.

“Y-You were waiting for me?” He smiles, his bloodshot eyes are soft, and gentle.

“ that weird?” I smile, running to him and jumping into his arms, pressing my lips to his. Wrapping my arms around his neck, and he puts his hands on my waist as he kisses me back, running his fingers along my waist. When I pull away, his eyes are blown wide, and he licks his lips.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time…” I find myself admitting to him.

“I-I’m glad you did. But, I’m so tired..” I guide him to my bed, helping him under the covers.

“As long as we can cuddle..” He chuckles, resting his head on my breast, before sleep takes him. I too follow soon, all fear of nightmares plaguing me, gone.

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Baltimore band Snail Mail is rockin’. I mean literally – the band’s one EP from 2016, Habit, holds six wonderfully lo-fi indie rock tracks that fit the likes of other current bands, such as Japanese Breakfast, Frankie Cosmos, and beyond. Lindsey Jordan, the writer and lead singer, has such a crisp and intriguing voice, and has surprisingly very insightful lyrics despite being seventeen. Stereogum stated, “At SXSW 2017, Everyone’s Talking About Snail Mail,” and I fully believe it. With their catchy music and mellow but relatable lyrics, it makes complete sense that this band is the up-and-coming thing. For starters, definitely check out “Thinning” and “Static Buzz,” two different songs that still overall showcase Snail Mail’s sound. I first heard them from their Audiotree performance and would definitely recommend getting acquainted with them through that live session as well. It’s going to be the best of both worlds seeing Beach Fossils, Snail Mail, and Raener at the Club on October 24!

-Maddie Budreau

Water Under the Bridge

Summary: Bucky has been distancing himself from you, but you don’t know why. Requested by anon, based on the song “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele.

Bucky x reader. ANGST, HURT/COMFORT, SOME FLUFF. Word count: 2,003.

TW: brief language, mild smut.

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I didn’t want to post something I didn’t think I put my best effort into. I hope you like it!

Your name: submit What is this?

“G’morning, Buck. I made some coffee. Cream, no sugar—just how you like it,” you said as Bucky came out of your bedroom, showered and dressed but still visibly exhausted.

“Thanks, but I’m late. See you after work,” said Bucky, racing past you as he reached for his jacket. He quickly threw it on and grabbed the door handle before you stopped him.

“Umm, babe? Forgetting something?” you asked, waiting for your goodbye kiss like you got every morning.

“Right. Keys,” said Bucky, pulling his keys out of the dish by the door and leaving without another word.

“He didn’t even say goodbye,” you murmured on your way to the shower. Even on days when he was running late Bucky would always kiss you on the forehead and tell you he loved you before running out the door.

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#ThankYouBones week: day 12:  1 bones cast final thank you

Well I was here thinking and this was supposed to be a text where I emotionally crack and say I’ll never get over the fact that Bones is over and never coming back to my tv screen but even though that’s how I feel it’s not only anger and sadness that describe my feelings right now. Happiness, gratitude, growth as a person and nostalgia can also show what I’m feeling right now, I know I know, happiness? Are you feeling happy your favorite show is over? No. Of course I’m not, I’ll probably stay in bed for a week before I can go to school and pretend my life is the same as before, but I’m happy that this show HAPPENED, that this show got in my life and teached me so many things. It was the only constant in my life for nearly 6 years. I was only 12 when I started watching it, and since that day I’ve never felt lonely or without a purpose in life. I mean, I have other purposes at 17, but at 12?  I had a reason to come home everyday, to live every single day, waking up early, go to school and working hard, I wanted to be like one of those characters I saw because they are my standarts, my idols, they showed me that I can be whatever I want and not feel judged by that. I’m not only grateful for the show itself, I’m greatful for everything that came with it. The friends I made. The people I know almost all over the world, I’m a better person because I know all of those people, because they understand me and teach me everyday so many things.It’s so hard for me at 17 to feel lost, but I’m a teenager so probably I’m supposed to feel like this everyday, but I know that Bones gave me a purpose for life. To live my life fully, and never settle for second best. To work hard everyday for what I want, and that there’s truly more than one kind of family. I do believe in fate, and I think mine was supposed to find this show and be obsessed by it, but also to learn how to say goodbye to the best things in life, and to know that sometimes, the best things are not lasting, but that’s the reason why they are the best. So Bones, thank you, for changing my life in the weirdest, funniest, happiest and best way possible. I really can’t wait to have children and make them watch this wonderful show, so they can grow up knowing that they can be whoever they want and never feel bad about it the way I did. Thank you to the Bones creators, the Bones writers, the Bones CAST, all the guest stars, all the crew that helped developing this amazing show, and thank you Kathy Reichs for being a true inspiration to all the young girls out there. It was truly an honour to be a part of such a great fandom and to be able to share this experience with you guys. I will never forget my Bones family and I just hope one day we get to have this huge family reunion. Goodbye Bones.

Masked - Part 7

Word Count: 1717

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language, panic attack, angst, don’t worry there is some fluff 

A/N: Soooo hey guys… I know it’s been awhile since I posted masked. I’m sorry! Finals are this week and then I’m out for the summer! So i should be able to post more often! Anyway enjoy and sorry for the wait again. 


Masked Masterlist

Part 6

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

After the team caught you and Peter in the middle of a makeout session, they wouldn’t let it go for months. On a daily basis, the both of you were teased endlessly because clearly, they had nothing better to do. For a while, you and Peter took it slow, not wanting to put labels on anything just yet. However, with the team’s constant pestering about you two should be “Facebook official” at this point, you proudly decided to call him your boyfriend. You also hoped that meant they would stop teasing you but you soon found out you two had a lot more to deal with.

First off, Clint always made kissy faces at the two of you, Tony would be way overprotective, and to make matters worse, Sam would go as far as suggesting that Peter should carry some protection in his pocket from now on. And yes, the Spiderling was mortified as well as you were. Natasha did kick his ass but that didn’t stop her and Wanda from asking for all the juicy gossip. In simpler terms; the team had issues with personal space but at this point, they weren’t changing.

Other than that, life was great with the Avengers. Especially now since Tony and Bruce were able to figure out a solution to help with the side effect you were having with your powers. If the team wasn’t protective before, they were now more than ever once they saw what could really happen if you overuse your powers. Long story short, you fainted on one of your first missions in the middle of the battle. You definitely got an earful that night. But with the power of science, you soon found an answer to your problems.

Weeks of testing led to a discovery of an imbalance the alien DNA caused in your immune system that resulted in random nosebleeds and feelings of lightheadedness. Finally, you were able to live a bit normally for someone whose DNA is mixed with an alien’s. All you had to do was get a shot four times a year from Bruce to keep everything stable.

Which led you to today, sitting in the lab as Bruce gave you your second shot of the year. And of course, your boyfriend was standing next to you holding your hand. You barely felt the shot but he was dead set on making sure you felt safe.

“And that should do it,” Bruce said putting away his supplies. “Tell me if you start feeling lightheaded or-”

“Greenie I know, you told me this before,” You joked as he rolled his eyes. “You and Tony gave me this whole speech on what I should look out for.”

Saying a quick goodbye, you followed Peter out into the living room before flopping down onto the couch. Laying your head in his lap you, sighed with content once he started playing with your hair.

“Wanna have a movie marathon?” Peter asked wiggling his eyebrows as you giggled. “And don’t tell me you have school work because I know you finished everything.”

“Pete I would love too but I have a paper due in two weeks-”

“Exactly two weeks,” He added as you slightly pouted. “Aw is my little glowstick gonna pout because they’re an overachiever. “

You sat up hitting your boyfriend’s arm playfully. “Excuse you Spiderling, but being an overachiever is the reason why I graduated early! Besides you never know when a mission comes up and-”

“Babe,” he interrupted brushing a few pieces of your hair out of your eyes that fell in your rambling.  You face turned a slight shade of pink as he continued talking. “I’m only giving you a hard time. Trust me I know how important school is for you but sometimes it’s good to take a break once in awhile.”

“Can we watch The Princess Bride?” You sheepishly mumbled giving in.

“Sure, and let me guess you want ice cream as well?”

Nodding excitedly, Peter laughed as he made his way to the kitchen. Just as you were about to press play on the movie, your boyfriend returned with bowls of ice cream. Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, you plopped down on the couch and started the movie.

The movie wasn’t on for long before you finished your ice cream and one of your favorite scenes from the movie was just about to appear. Giggling to yourself, you hopped out of your seat and turned to face your boyfriend.

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die,” You said pointing your spoon at Peter.

“Why am I not surprised,” He laughed as he stood up from his seat with a slight smirk. “You’re going down glowstick.”

“We’ll see about that spoody.”

Lunging forward you quickly hit his spoon before letting out another giggle. As the movie continued on in the background, the two of you chased each other around the room trying to get the upper hand. It wasn’t until Peter jumped over the couch when you realized you needed to use one of the moves Natasha taught you. As he landed in front of you, you swiftly knocked his feet from under him. Tackling your boyfriend to the ground, you laughed loudly.

“I win,” You said hovering over him.

“Oh, whatever will I do!” He dramatically yelled.

“Hmm,” You began leaning closer to Peter’s face. “A kiss should-”

Cutting you off, Peter closed the gap between the two of you and smashed his lips onto yours. Giggling a bit, you deepen the kiss, as things started to get a bit more heated. Letting him sit up, you wrapped your legs around his waist while running your fingers through his hair. As Peter’s hands slowly started sinking pass your hips, you heard someone clearing their throat.

“Parker, you better watch where you put your hands bud,” Tony said in a low voice.

Peter was off of you in a matter of seconds, muttering a slur of apologies as you sighed into your hands. Tony always knew when to come in and ruin a perfect moment.

“Tonyyyyyy,” You grumbled.


“What do you want,” Peter said as his face matched the color of his suit. “It better be important.”

“Well I mean I have some new suit updates for the both of you but you want to go back to sinning then by all means.”

“Says the man that use to bring home total strangers because he was-”

“So do you want to see the new updates or not?” Tony said clearly wanting to change the subject.  

“Fine,” The two of you said following Tony to the elevators. Sure you hated them but you were in no mood fighting about whether or not to take the stairs.

Stepping inside and watching the doors shut, you instantly got a bad feeling when the elevator shook. Trying to tell yourself it was just you being paranoid, you played with the hem of your shirt. Sensing that you were on edge, Peter stood next to you.

“Hey are you-” He said before the elevator came to a screeching stop.

Not good.

“FRIDAY, what’s happening?” Tony sighed as the A.I responded with only static. “We made in in here for a while.”

“Oh,” You responded feeling a lump grow in your throat.

This was not good at all.

“Hey, Pete can you hold this for me while I see what’s happening.”

“Yeah, sure thing.”

While they were both distracted, the walls started slowly closing in around you. Sinking to the floor, you found it harder and harder to breathe. All you could think about was that place. A place where you never wanted be again but here you were, reliving your horrible memories. You pushed back those thoughts for so long that it physically hurt just remembering them.

“Wait I think I got-”

Before Tony could finish his sentence, the elevator screeched once more as it fell down a floor. Letting out a loud gasp like everyone else, you buried your head in your knees.

“(Y/N)?” Peter asked once he saw the state you were in. “Babe.”

You didn’t respond. Instead, all you saw was your mom calling out to your younger self among the people running in terror as you gazed up at the sky watching large pieces of rubble falling towards you. You boyfriend’s voice was beginning to be drowned out by the images flashing by. You could now only hear people screaming and then, you did too.

Tony was in his own world until he heard a scream. Nearly having a heart attack he turned in your direction, only to see you shaking in the corner. It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together before he realized you were having a panic attack. He had so many himself that it was almost second nature to him.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong talk to me.” Peter panicked. “Babe, say something!”

“No… No… No… ,” You sobbed.

“Kid!” Tony shouted trying to get Peter’s attention. “Peter, get your ass over here and watch the tablet. The elevator is almost fixed just make sure FRIDAY gets rebooted. I got (Y/N), come over here.”

Peter nodded, still looking at you with a worried expression. Handing him the tablet, Tony watched as you remained in a fear-ridden state. Reaching out to touch your arm, you roiled and screamed once more. Whatever you were reliving was clearly something you pushed back for years. Tony knew exactly how you were feeling right now. Things always bubbled over at some point and today was that day.

“(Y/N), I just want you to know I’m here ok? You’re ok, and we’re going to get you out of here,” Tony said slowly reaching his hand out. Grabbing your hand, he felt you grip it tightly as you whispered under your breath. “Just hold my hand kid, we’ll be out of here soon.”

“Mom,” you whimpered. “Don’t leave me… ”

“You’re ok kid, you’re ok,” Tony whispered as his heart broke at the sight of you. He knew you were all getting out of this elevator but what he didn’t know was how much of his words were actually true.

And that was a thought that scared him.

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Those Magic Changes

(Read on AO3)

He blames Ford for this.

Well not just Ford. Ford, combined with his inability to say no to people especially when it comes to fixing things.

It started at the end of sophomore year when Ford was shadowing Lardo to learn the ins and outs of managing the Samwell Men’s Hockey team. She was with the team in the cafeteria one morning when her phone goes off. No one paid it any attention until she was slamming her head on the table.

“Please don’t tell me we broke her already…” Nursey murmured to Chowder as they watched the petite woman look like she was about to break the table with her forehead.

Bitty slid closer to her and patted her back tentatively before she sat up and found everyone staring at her.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just that we’re two weeks from opening and it feels like everything is going wrong. We had one main drop due to what he says in laryngitis, but is probably an STI, the first proof of the playbill had the name of the play misspelled, and now I just saw in our chat that a piece of the set broke…again!”

“What broke?” Dex asked out of sheer habit.

“One of the dual sceneries. It has a bunch of rotating pieces so depending on the scene we can just turn something and it’ll be something different.”

“Oh. Well that’s easy enough to fix. I’m sure you have someone who can take care of that no problem,” he shrugs and goes back to eating, not expecting Ford to bound over the table and grab him by his collar.

“Seriously? Our prop manager is the one who got the main sick so no one is talking to him right now. Could you fix it? Please, I’ll owe you,” she smiled, and Dex knew he was stuck.

This is how Dex became the emergency fix-it guy for the Samwell theatre department, because somehow having to be handy on a budget caused him to exceed the skills of the theatre kids. That spring, between practices and class, he was constantly called to the auditorium to handle anything from a loose washer to erecting scaffolding. He should have found it annoying, but honestly it was nice to be fixing something that wasn’t the same house problem for the millionth time. Plus, he enjoyed the confidence boost he got from being ogled at by a bunch of actors and actresses, since hockey equaled hockey butt.

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First, a flashback to October 31, 2014 – a costumed 9:30 Club crowd awaits Smallpools’ arrival to the stage. I, in my gold digger costume (I wore a gold, lamé skirt and a headlamp – get it?), was enjoying my third ever night at the Club. My friends and I catch the attention of a middle-aged woman who ends up being the mom of Sean Scanlon, the lead singer of Smallpools, and she pulls us to the front of the room. Smallpools takes the stage in their best Halloween attire and gives the crowd a preview of their upcoming debut album, Lovetap!. Only a year or so old at the time, Smallpools already knew how to headline a show and work a crowd with songs that can turn all of us into dancing machines.

Almost exactly three years later, Smallpools is back again to support NYC pop band Misterwives. Their set is sure to feature new tracks from their latest release, an EP entitled THE SCIENCE OF LETTING GO, featuring more songs that are sure to get your feet moving. We already know Smallpools knows how to make us dance (need I remind you that their first single, “Dreaming,” was EVERYWHERE and was even remixed by The Chainsmokers?). What I really want to know is whether Sean’s mom will be there when they sing their new song, “Mother.” Guess we’ll have to wait until October to find out.

-Alison Dundore 

Get tickets here to see Misterwives with Smallpools and Vinyl Theatre at 9:30 Club on October 28.

fluff friday (saturday) “stardust/enemies” {falling star} [gaasaku]


Sakura steps forward, taking her bundle of waivers and nondisclosures with her. She glances down at the seated attendant, nervously pressing the papers into his hands. He begins to flip through them and Sakura glances around, filled with nervous energy.

This is the first time she has been to Suna since becoming a ninja. She remembers, vaguely, that she came here with her parents on a business trip when she was quite young, maybe four or five. The memories are hazy, but the way the sun beats down upon her is as familiar as it is abrasive.

“Everything seems to be in order here,” the chunin says, stamping the packet. “Take this pass; it’ll be keyed to your chakra. You’ll be staying in the Konohagakure suite. The exams begin in three days’ time.”

“Thank you,” Sakura says, taking the card from him.

He eyes her before smirking. “You might want to purchase a cloak of some sort. You’re bound to be sunburned like this.”

Sakura flushes but nods in thanks before stepping away. She weaves her way through the crush of people, taking her time to examine the tough materials used to build the buildings around her. Most are made in curving angles, smoothed by the harsh weather. It is alien to her, the unforgiving sunlight, the earthy buildings, and the stinging sand, but it is not necessarily unwelcomed.

In some ways, it feels like a cleaning, a scourging of her soul.

(Secretly, Sakura is glad of it.)

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george washington and hercules mulligan poly relationship with s/o:

  • so the relationship is initially only hercules and gwash and george is very great friends with you and has been for awhile
    • but as time progresses, george notices that he is starting to get feelings for you although he still loves hercules very much so he tells him this and it makes hercules so happy when he sees george’s eyes light up when someone mentions you or when he talks about you because he hercules can confirm that george does talk a lot about you
    • and hercules is very willing to let you into the relationship because if everything george is saying about you is true, you are the most amazing person to ever grace this earth so of course you can join their relationship
    • and george is very very nervous when it comes to asking you out because yes, he has fought in wars, yes he has been in the same room as hamilton and jefferson for multiple hours but all of that is small in comparison to asking if you would like to be his partner
  • and so now that you and george are dating as well, hercules spends more time with you so he can be with george as well and he starts smiling softly whenever you two spend time together individually when george is at work and you swing by their apartment and you and hercules just end up watching a movie together and george just comes home to find you resting your head on hercules’ shoulder and you’re both asleep
    • he kisses both of his partners foreheads, careful not to wake them before falling asleep himself
    • and from then on you and hercules are just connecting as well and george notices it and he gets so excited and encourages both of you to tell each other your feelings
    • george looks so happy the days following after you confess your feelings like he is so happy at work now so jefferson and hamilton are scared of him during this time period and they kinda notice how his desk is quickly taken up by picture frames 
  • in the mornings, george is always the first to wake up and he (regrettably) leaves yours and hercules’ side and he always tries his best to make pancakes in the shape of hearts or some other breakfast food after he gets ready and showers- by this time you and hercules are already slowly rising however if you guys aren’t, he just wakes you guys up gently by kissing both of you and reminding you guys that it’s time to wake up
  • george is usually home late (if you ask him to come home early though, for any reason, he will)  from work and is usually super exhausted when he does get home so he usually passes out immediately but not before making sure you and hercules ate and that you both had good days 
    • you and hercules have to make sure that he takes care of himself as well because he thinks it’s his job to take care of you guys and he often forgets to eat dinner or eat at all some days



One of the principle reasons I don’t think anything can come from Rey Skywalker is because of the narrative law of raising questions in the first act. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a grounding one. For instance, Anakin Skywalker was a known entity in ANH. Even though the writers didn’t know the exact details of his past, Luke knew that Vader had killed his father, and all the elements for the later reveal were already in place. In the first POTC, we know Will’s father is Bootstrap Bill, and his complicated feelings about being from a pirate family are already in play when he meets his father again in the second film. In both these cases, the heroes don’t know their fathers and KNOW they don’t know them. They hunger for information, even if it’s information they don’t end up liking.

Rey knows her parents. They are not a mystery to her, only to the audience. The only thing she needs to know is where they went and POSSIBLY if they were doing anything she didn’t know about (Harry and the Baudelaires: our parents were involved in some freaky scary shit! But they were definitely our parents). It’s purely the audience pulling out hidden messages about the identity of Rey’s parents, but if that were the question, we’d have raised it in the first movie. By the way, Rey, says Unkar, those people you’re waiting for were just some traveling slavers! They told me they just found you alone! Or Han says, wow, you look just like these pilots I knew in the Rebellion! Hell, you look just like my brother-in-law!

The reason this stuff needs to come up early on is because it makes for the perfect Refusal/Response to the Call motivation. Rey has a real family somewhere? Do tell! In fact, I’m so curious that I’ll leave Jakku! My parents are trying to find me? My parents were Force users? I’m a Skywalker? I don’t want to be a part of this myth, I want to keep looking for my family! see ya! (Runs off to the woods)

Writers don’t leave out the incitement for a character to ask more questions because it makes for more drama. None of the questions Rey has in the first movie lead her to suspect anything about her parentage. It would have been soooo easy to drop in a suspicion, but we get nothing.

I’m typing this on a phone but I can elaborate later. I just…

Rollercoaster of Emotion : A Keyakizaka Story

The “Republic of Keyakizaka” concert took place the week end of 22-23 July, in FujiQ conifer forest. With a schedule matching mine, i had the privilege to attend the two days full of keyakizaness, from unique scenery inside the park to the sharp performance of the girls. I will attempt to bring as much anecdote from the inside as i can, and yes there’s a lot of things to say!

The concert took place near the popular attraction park FujiQ Highland.

Getting tickets as a foreigner might be an hassle. I had to create a Rakuten account, an EMTG account, have a credit card that works, a japanese phone number and address. You can get the last two by submitting to tenso, a japanese service specialized in shipping Japanese goods. After that, it was first come first served so web servers were saturated from fans multiple connections, disabling the service for those who have poor internet. Fortunately the venue capacity was big (12 000 seats) and some gave up because the venue was too far from tokyo (2 hours from bus/3 from train). 6 hours after the start of the selling, i managed to buy 2 tickets (i didn’t choose seats). Something hard, was also to book a bus ( most japanese fans rushed to this service as well) and all hotel were book. I got lucky to find a very affordable airbnb (guesthouse online service) and managed to secure a super early Bus from tokyo to the venue. Vacations were finally starting!

A sneak peek of the queuing line for Keyakizaka goods. There’s three of them.

There’s a reason i wanted to come early: exclusive goods! I wasn’t satisfied with the towel available on the official online store, but the one sold at the venue was a real “coup de coeur”. Hirate Yurina being a very popular member, i didn’t wanted to face a sold-out situation. I arrived at 10AM and the show started at 5PM(afternoon). But there was already a massive line worth 1.5 hours! Easy to tell that Goods are really popular items of collection. I thought i was going to wait in hellfire, but weather was cloudy and the forest around were kind of absorbing the heat. Also we were waiting below the fujiyama rollercoaster so it was fun to see people getting scared 60m above our line. What surprised me was how disciplined fans were : patiently waiting their turn, and quickly purchasing their goods. What looked really long actually moved quite fast. Aki-p was also prepared : there was a huge amount of package behind the selling staff to fulfill everyone’s otaku needs. Thumbs up for japanese neat organization!

Exclusive goods were affordable and high quality.

i was positively surprised at the goods prices. 3000Y 100% cotton T shirts, 3000Y lighsticks and 2000Y the god of items, the oshi towel. Aside from the oshi towel, the biggest value for me was the exclusive fanclub keyakizaka bandana (the one on my bag) with the unbeatable price of 300Y. There was also this 4500Y exclusive T shirt with handmade blazer “humility, kindness, bond” but i skipped due to budget reasons. The highlight was also keyakizaka photoset : for 1000Y, they give you a set of 5 random pictures, either from special silent majority (kohaku version) to futari season (gold uniform). I had a good pull with yuipon, moriya, shida manaka. When i got out, there were hundreds of fans trading like crazy to complete their sets! Some had 30 000 Y worth of photos, just to get a chance to have their oshimen sets complete. As you can expect, a lot of fans keep popular members set for their own collection, and to trade them is very rare. The trading was a raging battle and with my poor 5 pictures, i didn’t tried to join the fray. Even though i could probably catch  Yurina… let’s hope for another chance in the summer tour!

There was so many keyakizaka fans that the park could have been renamed Keyakizaka land.

Keyakizaka performing in Conifere forest was undoubtly a big collaboration with FujiQ Highland. Sony management get a big venue and promotion from FujiQ, while FujiQ ultra boost its attendance rate with all the wota coming to have a good time in the park. I won’t be surprised if they do it again. The scenery was unreal : almost 70% of the park customers were wearing their oshi towel and keyaki T-shirts. After all, the 1500Y admission pass was free for those who had concert tickets (but you have to pay the biggest rollercoasters). It was a great opportunity for group of friends to attend both fujiQ and keyakizaka GIG, but also couples and families. There was members panel scattered over the whole park and fans had to search for their oshi (see above). You could see who were popular according to the lane of fans waiting to get the perfect shot. Zuumin, Monarisa, Neru always had a lane. Techi was very well hidden (at the near edge between 2 rollercoaster) and had like 100 members queuing for her! It took me 1h to find the panel and take a picture, but the hide and seek game was fun.

About the sociology : after a lot of observation, i would say the ratio is 75-25 boys/girls, and most of them were very young 15-20 years old. They probably didn’t lived the Acchan era, and that explain why AKB is declining : AKB didn’t managed to appeal to this new fandom; Nogizaka and Keyaki did. I haven’t seen goods related to other idol group, even from Nogizaka. It was really all about Keyaki. I’ll be honest, it was hard to connect with fans. Langage barrier, also they were already hanging in groups of friend/Focus on trading. I chatted a bit with fans when i was queueing in Fujiyama rollercoaster, and they were surprised i came from France, but that’s about it. On a side note, Fujiyama has nice attractions like Eee janai ka (see videos on youtube) so please check it out for one day (you don’t need more, and go on weekdays) if you have the opportunity to do so!

The actual venue, with a big stage looking like a castle with flags ornaments.

The actual venue was very convenient. There were a lot of staff guiding fans and you just had to cross the bridge to be at the concert. Lot of policemen, security was strict, checking bags and ID. Impossible to resell ticket thanks to this, even with accompany status (the concert didn’t sold out anyway). How it was organized : seats were spread through blocks. For example, if you get A block, you’re very close to the stage, and if you get the number 7-9, you are in the center of the venue. Kami seats were not A1(on the edge, but still good), but A7 (sooo close). Since i bought ticket late, i had F2, which is quite bad, but i was already glad to be there. I had the big left screen to follow the concert (picture above). You were given a balloon to use it during Sekai ni wa ai shikanai. Saturday i would say was filled at 95%, and Sunday was 90%. Mission accomplished.

The girls appeared in brand new horsemen-inspired costume, holding (*cough* confederate *cough*) flags.

The show was finally starting! Big new instrumental intro to lift the atmosphere, again with the army style. People wavering their greenlighstick, all standing up. Techi was standing in the middle with her badass stare like the leader of the army. After this intro, they played Overture and followed by the 3 first singles. First thing i wanted to confirm : No zuumin (imaizumi Yui) also Yonetani nanami chose to focus on her studies in the meantime. Anyway choregraphy went smoothly and the crowd was cheering and doing the mix (wota chant). It’s our way to tell the girls we’re enjoying our time and mutually motivating ourselves. It’s our way to communicate! Overall members had good expressions, like Moriya, Yuuka and Neru, but also Satoh shiori and uemura rina that were dancing on my side. Others like Berika and Techi were kind of warming up, trying to avoid making mistakes.

There were a lot of interactions between fans and the group. Shida Manaka particulary enjoyed shooting on fans but also members.

Aozora and Bokutachi no sensou were pretty original : they put the crowd into work sending big floating air balls that we were bumping around the venue, and girls had waterstream to shower the first lanes. Other members had waterguns. It was really festive and even though bokutachi no sensou is not my favourite song, people were having fun. Aozora to marry is a fan favourite, as the calls were very strong.

Techi entering the scene the coolest way possible

Techi was singing live, with a playback running behind. A double edged sword as if her pitch was off, it could be distinguishly heard, so she focused a lot on her singing. Her voice is more girly than the studio version, which was cute. However, because she wanted to do good, she was restraining herself and her moves lacked expressions. She didn’t interacted much with the crowd, making her cold. As if she was aware of her mistake, she did significantly better Sunday and she felt much more natural. Hearsaying on my way home, a lot were satisfied with her performance, as her aura is “yabai” (so impressive)

Yurina’s performance was followed by Hiragana keyaki 2 songs, “hiragana keyaki” and “boku wa tsukiatteru”. I was pleasantly surprised at how genki, smiling and fluffy the girls were, lifting up the crowd even more. They were so much more expressive than Kanji singles it kind of woke up everyone. The song in studio is standard orthodox idol, but it is a killer during live performance because the lyrics are easy to remember and moves easy to mimic. Very good surprise, i saw myself tagging along, leaving behind all regrets to look ridicule. At the end, Sasaki kumi took charge of the MC. I can see she is comfortable with talking, but topics to talk about could be improved. Other girls were short to comment.

Waterworks  were giving density to the rare performed “Otona wa shinjite kurenai”

Kanji are back with the great “otona wa shinjite kurenai” and the very anticipated “eccentric”. Very solid performance, very sharp and powerful. The girls are in their element and Techi is finally unleashing the darkness within her. We don’t have mix in this song, but people were amazed and couldn’t speak much. It gaves a stronger feeling than Silent majority. Less mainstream, much deeper. I really liked it. Great follow up with Eccentric, people argued the choregraphy was a hit or miss, but i would say definitevely a hit! If felt like the girls were having erratic spasm, but did synchronized move as well. Very technical. The song itself is good, and i saw myself doing the wakame dance (waving my arms), shuffling my towel (while they use their shoes) and shaking my chest. (that was weird).

Something i noticed too in Hohoemi Ga kanashii and Wareta Smartphone. Because Techi is a little bit cranky and mechanical, the chemistry with Neru is not perfect. Techi shines in dark songs, but on her path to become a great idol, she needs to express herself more in normal situation. It feels like Neru is assisting her rather than being a balanced pairing. On the other song, Berika is reminding me of Paruru, doing the barely minimum during performance. I know it’s funny to put someone awkward in a sexy song, but i don’t think it’s helping her to grow. The contrast with the sexyness of Moriya is making her look bad. She looks more comfortable in songs like Aozora ga chigau. In the meantime, Mona risa are fooling around while Yuuka try to focus on the choregraphy. I personally like Wareta smartphone.

Sometimes the wota culture can be misunderstood. 

We reached a climax with the 3 last songs, “Kataru nara mirai wo”, “Takaku tobe” and “Te wo tsunaide Kaerou ka”? Kataru Nara is an absolute jewel of choregraphy and the mix were really strong. Before that we had a Hiragana and Kanji dance medley very similar to what happened in Ariake. Some moves were recycled, but i don’t mind as the girl had little time to practice. Special shoutout to Suzumoto Miyu who is by far the best dancer of the groupe. Saito Kyoko dance battled with her and she was very decent too. As people were hyping, they send Takaku tobe which once again blowed me away at how popular of a song it was. Perhaps the instrumental got changed to sound more upbeat, but everyone was tagging along with the moves and quirky mimics. Hiragana songs are really popular! To answer to that, Kanji Keyaki used Te wo tsunaide, another popular song that worship the yuukanen pairing. People were warming up at Yuukanen chasing each other, in a very cute way. The cheering was pretty even with Takaku tobe.

The Encore escalated quickly, with loud screams and fireworks.

To me the big highlight was the encore, Fukyouwaon. People knew it was the last powerful song so we kind of put everything to it. The girls exploded and the pyrotechnics made it look like a warfield. It was so funny i shouted “boku wa yada” with Techi similar to if i was in hellfest, surprising people next to me (i thought it was part of the mix , sorry). Anyway, people did their best mix and you couldn’t hear the rollercoaster next to us. Fukyouwaon went from the “weakest” A-side to “best A-side on stage” haaands down. It was truly marvelous and you could see the girls were enjoying the crowd hype as their moves were growing in power (Techi was smiling from enjoyment).

Finally we finished with our anthem kanji/hiragana together, Keyakizaka no Uta. We kind of let loose after the final rush and enjoyed the last bit of time together. We had fireworks and it almost felt the girls weren’t aware. Since we were around 7PM, it was night and you could completely see the fireworks. People were having a blast. I heard “sugeee” “yabaaai” “majiiii de” from everywhere when it started to lighten up the sky.

Aki-p used credit card platinum. It was very effective.

In conclusion, it was a great experience to live as a fan. You could either skip Saturday or Sunday as it was the same setlist. Unfortunately, Yonetani and Zumiko absence were quite heavy, leaving their fans bittersweet. Also there was only eccentric as new song, making fans craving for more. That’s why it can’t beat Ariake coliseum yet. But fear not! Because Keyaki summer schedule is very busy; they still have to perform the summer tour, handshakes, summer sonic, fuji rock and Tokyo idol festival. I think Zuumin will come back avoiding the hectic schedule, just in time for their biggest stop, Makuhari Messe. Keyaki story is not over yet!

I was impressed once again by japanese crowd control. They brought special train for people to come back safely to tokyo. The guideline was perfect, and they regulate trains so people don’t overcrowd it. Also it was free, so i only paid 500 yen to come back from Fujisan to Chiba! They really do the maximum for the fans and i’m really grateful.

It’s not all the time you see a town full of wota, wearing their oshi towel like it’s pretty standard; to see fans helping each other to take turns of 2shots, praising their respective oshimen quality; a young daughter refusing his also-fan dad to accompany her in handshake to not be embarassed in front of her oshimen… Now i realized what the true meaning of “republic of keyakizaka” is : people bonding, having fun together, enjoying life around the positive energy that brings the group.

- Gocchisama

En route toward new keyaki adventures! Thanks for reading.

Future Kids 3: 01

pairing: hoseokxreader
length: 993 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids. 
comments: it’s a day late, but happy birthday hoseok! 

hoseok | yoongi | seokjin | namjoon | jimin | jungkook | taehyung

Originally posted by jengkook

“Eomma, I want to sing happy birthday to appa when he calls.” Your daughter smiles brightly coming into the room. She pulls herself up onto the bed sitting next to her little brother, her 2-year-old brother who was soundly asleep next to you. Every now and then you would run your fingers through his soft hair just to make sure he was still there.

“But baby I don’t think appa will be calling until later. You’ll be tired and grumpy in the morning.” You really didn’t want your daughter to be staying up late, it was almost already 9 in the evening. All fan meetings and concerts were unpredictable about time, Hoseok could be calling you 5 minutes from now or 5 hours from now.

“Appa said I could before he left.” Your daughter pouted at you reminding you of Hoseok’s face that went into a shape of ‘ㅅ when he was angry. She was just like him, you couldn’t help but smile at her as she pulled that face to get her own way.

“Okay, you can sing happy birthday to him.”

Two hours had gone by and you were still waiting for Hoseok’s call, well you weren’t on the laptop just for that reason. You had also been doing work and looking through news articles anything to keep your mind busy. “Eomma… when is appa coming?” You looked down to your droopy eyed daughter, she was already rubbing her eyes. She was ready to sleep.

“I don’t know baby… eomma already told you this.” You whisper, you spoke to her in a gentle and soothing voice because there wasn’t any point in trying to tell her off. She just missed her father, it was understandable. Hoseok was here for everything he could possibly be involved in, she was just upset when he had to leave for long periods of time. “Go to sleep and I’ll wake you up when he calls.” Her small pink lips turned into a frown, but she didn’t disobey because she was already falling into dream land.

You were too falling asleep when it came to waiting up for Hoseok, but the loud noise of your laptop startled you. Accepting the call, you tapped your daughter. “I kept you up… I’m sorry. I should have called from the stadium so you didn’t have to stay up.” Hoseok sighs a little. If had called from the stadium though he wouldn’t of gotten to speak to you for long or alone. You smiled softly at him, “How are the kids?”

Your daughter opened her eyes then sitting up slowly, “They’re okay. D/N wanted to sing happy birthday to you, but she fell asleep. Well she’s awake now.” You look to her pulling her to the computer screen so she could see Hoseok. Her face lit up without a hesitation when she saw him.

“Appa!” Her sleepy self whispered.

“Have you been waiting long for me?” Hoseok asks, “I heard that you wanted to sing happy birthday to me, shall we sing it together.” Your daughter nodded her head rubbing her eyes, on the count of three all 3 of you started to sing happy birthday to Hoseok.

“Come back soon.” Your daughter whispers before she fell back to sleep on your arm, you smiled at her knowing that she was missing her father; you missed him as well. 

“Sleep well.” Hoseok mutters to you daughter, a smile falling onto his face hoping that he would be able to come home to celebrate his actual birthday. It just depended on flights now and whether he could get one, of course this would be a surprise to all of you. “You need to rest too.” Hoseok whispers.

“I know.” You smile back at him, his caring words always made you feel easy. “She’s right, come back soon. I love you.” You tell him, he knew very well that you loved him. He loved you too, he was glad he had asked you to marry him. If it wasn’t for Yoongi setting him up on a blind date with you, who knows where he would be right now.

“I love you too, sleep well.” Hoseok ended the video call on you dozing off on the webcam, he was happy that he was able to speak to you before he got onto the plane. It meant you wouldn’t be worrying about his whereabouts because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

As you woke up in the morning, you expected your son to be jumping on top of you. Telling you to wake up so he could watch tv before he had breakfast, but strangely he wasn’t. Turning over, what startled you was Hoseok right there, his arm resting on your waist. You weren’t dreaming right? He wasn’t supposed to be home until the weekend.

“You’re awake.” He whispers.

“You aren’t meant to be here until the weekend.” You reply but all the more glad he was here in front of you, he pulled you into his arms. Kissing you on the head before he told you the reason he had come home early.

“I’m a surprise, my birthday gift to you.” Hoseok smiles. The surprise was more than you expected, how could your news top his surprise.  

“This isn’t fair, my gift isn’t equally as good as yours.” You sat up in bed so you turn to face him pouting a little, Hoseok returns with a chuckle and sat up also.

“I’m sure it isn’t. What is it?”  

“We’re pregnant.” It was a surprise to you too, but it happened. You were going to become a family of five, Hoseok wrapped his arms around you. He was crying tears of happiness and he couldn’t be any more thankful because this was a birthday gift he had always wanted to receive and you had given it to him. But to him also, his family was the best birthday gift he could ever receive.

Messy shirt (solo Phil smut)

Basically a fic where Phil jerks off because Phil is so hot and just the thought makes me nut.
Warning: smut
P.s @phanny-fics Inspired this account and i hope i can continue the legacy i guess i dunno??
(Also i suck at ending smuts so yeah… sorry??)
Phil found it hard to get anytime to himself anymore what with conventions coming round every corner, meetings and dinners with friends almost every night not that he was complaining about it he loved his life he just wished there was more time for him to just relax, maybe read a book or just watch a whole tv series in one day but the thing found least time for was the thing he wanted most and that was a good wank.

The only time he really had could was at night and when he finally did get his hands in his pants he had either fallen asleep or got disturbed for whatever reason. He decided he wanted a break so he told dan that he wanted a chill day which dan happily agreed with but couldn’t join him as he’d had plenty of those days recently so he still went to the youtube space for a meeting about advertiser friendly content which Phil obviously didn’t have to attend anyways so that left Phil home alone for 3 hours to do whatever he pleased.

He went through to his bedroom, slowly closed the door and locked it just in case dan did come back early for some unknown reason. Phil laid on his bed in his star wars pyjama bottoms and his nasa shirt with no underwear on in preparation for this moment; it had been so long he wasn’t sure how to start.

He decided to start by looking through porn hub for a video he would get off to without cringing he decided to go with a homemade porn possibly by a couple he didn’t really care he just wanted to get off. He shimmied his pyjama bottoms down his leg just enough to let his cock free, before he started he opened his night stand and pulled out some lube and squirting a load onto his dominant hand he pressed play with the other. His hand trailed down his stomach making sure to tease himself and make it last, he let his hand cup his balls and massage them as he let out quiet grunts whenever he rubbed them right, he then moved up to his shaft and teasingly wrapped his hands around his cock Phil slowly shut his eyes and let his head fall back as he leisurely started to stroke his now fully erect cock he avoided the head for awhile trying to prolong the sensations he was feeling right now. His hips started jerking up involuntary and sweat was starting to form on his head as he started to jerk himself faster his mouth fell open in pleasure, he let out a moan then swallowed deeply before finally stroking up to his tip letting his thumb swipe over the slit collecting all the pre-cum that had built up and dragging it back down adding to the lubrication that was already over his cock he was so close to his climax it was unbearable.

“Fuck, oh god” his shaky voice dragged out as he started to fuck his hand harder than he ever had before he let out a final moan as he came all over his reasonably new nasa shirt but in that moment he didn’t care he continued to pump himself through his orgasm until it subsided.

He didn’t realise how messy his shirt was until he opened his eyes again he sighed and removed his shirt and continued the rest of his day without one on because it was his one day off and he was gonna do whatever he wanted.

Kept Under Wraps / Cheryl Blossom

Words: 1414

Watching the girl you loved from afar was one of the hardest things you had ever done.

You wanted nothing more than to stalk over to where she was standing and show everyone in this town that she was was yours and that you loved her more than anyone else. 

It was Cheryl’s request to keep the two of you a secret, at first you thought it was a good idea. But now you wanted to approach her, ask her if she was finally ready to announce to everyone that you were dating-but then July 4th came along and in the weeks that followed you knew it was never the right time to bring it up.

So you waited, like you had grown used to doing over the past few months.

Then her father’s involvement in her brother’s death was revealed and his suicide shook the town, the topic of outing your relationship never once came up in conversation after that. 

You understood why Cheryl was so hesitant in wanting to share your relationship-you really did, just like you understood that there was no right time to question her about it.

You didn’t want to overstep, to push the boundaries-your girlfriend was vulnerable and you didn’t want her to push you away.

“You okay?”

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Hey buradaolsan! Thanks for being so adorable and leaving us such a sweet note. I MEAN HONESTLY WE’RE LIKE

And here are a shit-ton of fics for you! :)

loving me is as easy as pie by trilliastra

(1,150 I General I Complete I Deputy!Stiles)

“Dude, I’m a cop.” A voice Derek never heard says. “I can deal with creepy neighbors who steal people’s shit.” He barks out a laugh. “The only thing that worries me is all the noise his dog makes. God, that’s annoying.”

Derek snorts. The only reason Donatello might have barked is because he heard Jackson’s voice. Like owner, like dog, Laura usually says. “You know what else is annoying?” Derek says, trying not to trip over yet another box. “All the boxes blocking the hall.”

Never Accept Gifts From An Arsonist by KuriKuri

(2,537 I Mature I Complete)

“I mean, dude, the fire alarm’s going off and you stroll out of the building reading – what is that? Balto?” Hot Neighbor Guy continues, flailing a little as he gestures to the book in Derek’s hand. “This is not a middle school fire drill!”

“You’re new here,” is Derek’s highly intelligent answer.

This is a Cat-tastrophe by reptilianraven

(4,227 i General I Complete)

“Honestly, I don’t see the problem here.” Kira says as Igloo crawls up onto her shoulder. She idly feeds him a small piece of parsley. “You’re into him, he’s pretty into you. You both bond over it through cat care tips. A hot guy plus cats? That’s a jackpot. There’s no downside here.”

“Yeah, everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t actually own any cats!” Stiles yells, bordering on manic.


The one where Stiles thinks that Derek only talks to him because he thinks Stiles owns a cat. The problem is that Stiles doesn’t own a cat at all. Instead, he has a judgmental iguana and a crush on the guy living on the 4th floor. Everything is terrible. Sort of.

Mismatched Socks by literaryoblivion

(6,163 I Teen I Complete)

“I don’t get here that early! And no, it’s not for a promotion, although that’d be nice. It’s…” Stiles pauses. He can’t say the real reason he gets there early, so he tries to come up with another plausible excuse. “The bus routes changed, and I have to take the earlier one. My old one would get here too late.” Stiles hopes Scott will buy the lie.

“Gotcha. That sucks, man.”

It does suck. Because the truth is, he gets up early and gets to work an hour before he needs to just so he can spend five minutes in the elevator with his next door neighbor Derek.

Of Neighbors and Miguel by neko_fish

(7,904 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles has mixed feelings about his new apartment building. On the one hand, his flatmate’s gone MIA, the amount of junk mail he gets is ridiculous, and his neighbours are maybe-possibly-probably killers.

But on the other hand, there’s Miguel—perfect, beautiful Miguel.

Rainy Days Never Prepared Him For This by CiaraWrites

(8,236 I Teen I Complete)

When Stiles left Beacon Hills for college he totally didn’t sign up for getting drenched every day when making his journeys from his apartment to the bus to campus and back again as soon as he moved out of the dorms. And yet, that’s his life and has been for the past four years.

But there is one upside.

Angry Umbrella Guy.

Peculiar/Interesting by standinginanicedress

(14,400 I Explicit I Complete)

“Don’t you think he’s strange?”

The boys watch as Stiles drops his half eaten donut on the ground, flails for a second before glancing all around as if checking to make sure no one’s watching – and then scoops the glazed treat right back up and takes another bite, albeit with a guilty expression on his face.

“Strange?” Scott repeats, furrowing his brow.

“Yeah. Like – you know. Peculiar.”

Welcome to the Neighborhood by  CiaraWrites

(14,484 I Teen I Complete I Deputy!Stiles and Florist!Derek)

Stiles has a deal with his neighbours. He mows their lawns and gets the leaves out of their gutters and does all the manual work they can’t handle any more and in return all the old ladies fatten him up with cookies and cakes and homemade lemonade – or hot chocolate on a winter’s day.

As far as he’s concerned, it’s a pretty sweet deal he’s got going on. That is, at least, until some asshole starts taking all his business.

Expensive holes to bury things by ElisAttack

(14,828 I Mature I Complete I Writer!Derek, Model!Stiles)

Some days Derek thinks his life would be infinitely less complicated if he hadn’t bought the condo simply because he got a deal when the previous owner murdered his wife.

Or the one where Derek is a jaded author of thriller novels, fascinated with the mysterious boy next door.

Hot Mess by standinginanicedress

(20,458 I Explicit I Complete)

“I really -” Stiles rips his hand free of Derek’s and clears his throat, taking stock of all the other things that were in his basket, how strewn all over the floor of the grocery store they are. “…I’m a normal, functioning human being, I swear I am.”

“Right,” Derek says, and his mouth starts quirking up even more. Like he’s amused, and like he absolutely positively does not believe for a second that Stiles is normal.

or the one where Stiles is a literal human disaster that ruins everything, and Derek finds it incredibly attractive

There’s a Light on the Porch Here for Someone by freeyourheart

(60,814 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: Panic Attacks I Deputy!Derek and Teacher!Stiles)

Derek Hale moved to Beacon Hills to be alone.
He had finally found a place where he fit - a place that fit him.

But that was all too good to be true…



11 September 2017

Ravenclaw tower, 

first year girls dorm

Hi Lily,

What do I think? I think that you should stop saying that you are not enough reason for your dad to come home early and I think he needs to man up. Before a divorcee and single sad sucker he’s your father and he ought to remember that. It’s not your job to keep the flat cozy and clean, it’s his.

I get that he doesn’t feel very happy right now but neither do you. I heard from Albus that your mother is coming home soon, so then you can discuss all of this with her. I’m sure she knows better how to deal with it then I do.

Talking about Albus, he had the brilliant idea to ask Neville what photosynthesizing means about two hours ago. He still hasn’t come back, so I guess he became the victim of one of Neville’s famous over enthusiastic lectures. R.I.P.

And I had to call my brother an “it” otherwise you would have guessed it right away, but though I love you very much I am not switching. Hugo is mine! Or at the very least James is yours, though right now he doesn’t look like he wants to be anyone’s. That howler kind of made him look like an ass in front of his friends, and when you add the detention to it you can see why he’s been sulking for the past few days.

Molly is planning to break him out of detention tonight though so don’t feel too bad for him. Oh and I must tell you, the stories James has been telling us about Molly are definitely true. She might be named after our grandmother and have our most boring uncle as dad but she is more mischievous then uncle Fred and uncle George put together.

Only yesterday she blew up the toilets in the sixth year Ravenclaw dorms because one of the guys who sleeps there was rude to her best friend, and somehow she managed to blame it on the guy himself. He’s gotten two months worth of detention and a lifetime ban from the potion supply room. Our common room did smell like shit for over an hour but his face was totally worth it. She’s awesome.

And you know who is awesome too? You are, for writing so regularly and keeping me in touch with the home front. It helps with my homesickness and also I miss you terribly, but the letters make me miss you a little bit less. In a positive sense. I think I need to go to bed, it’s been nearly two hours since midnight. I was reading the name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss and got carried away.

Anyway I hope you have a nice day and say hi to your mom and Luna for me! (or should I say moms now? This divorce thing is making shit stuff complicated.

With love and yawns (more yawns then love by this point),

Rose Granger-Weasley

Ps. You NEED to get a dog. If not to cheer your dad up then at least to get you outside more often. Otherwise you might start looking like a Malfoy.

Pps. I’m well on my way to victory! Next weekend I’m up against the second year Hufflepuffs. Wish me luck