reasons to bring back primeval

My Reason to Revive Primeval

Primeval as a concept for a series was something totally unique to anything that has ever appeared on television in my lifetime. For many British viewers, Dr Who was the big show on the block. For Americans, it was the X-Files. Unfortunately, the good Doctor, Mulder and Scully were all eaten by Future Predators in my eyes when Primeval arrived on the screen. 

It is the first show I’ve ever seen that was such a brilliant mix of scientific fact and research along with drama and character development. Arguably the best bit about this show isn’t just the brilliant special effects brought to us by the people behind the Walking With series but the down to Earth and realistic take to the series. The creatures are seen as animals that have lost their way through time rather than antagonistic monsters. Naturally, most of them are predators and are dangerous but the strong sentiments of the principal characters help the audience to care for the creatures as much as for the characters. 

Primeval, much like the Jurassic Park films, was also educational. Most of the creatures that appear are animals that have existed at some point in the Earth’s history and rather cleverly, they avoided having too many dinosaurs. As impressive and as captivating a T-Rex skeleton can be, seeing one come alive on screen will always capture the imagination of children and adults alike. 

Not only does the show educate people on the existence of these creatures but also the many varied time periods that they lived in, providing the viewer with a greater appreciation of our world as it was, as it is and as it will be. 

The icing on the cake is the idea of future creatures. For me, as a zoology student, the question of what wildlife could evolve in the future just sends my imagination rocketing off. 

For all of this to be convincing, it also requires the talents of some of the best actors in the British film industry and Primeval has been fortunate to have many of these great actors. 

The concept is one thing but the writing is another. The stories have to be interesting and emotionally appealing, something that the combination of writing and acting achieves brilliantly. 

Primeval is a show unlike any other I’ve ever seen or probably ever will see. I could tell a great deal of thought, time and effort was put into it and for us to lose it when we were about to discover the answers to so many questions just doesn’t seem fair. 

You can have as many crime-dramas as you want on TV but until one of the detectives is eaten by a Gorgonopsid I won’t be interested in watching it. 
Not only is Primeval something totally different, it is a fantastic example of the professional level of the British film and television industry. Something that should be taken pride in instead of cancelled because too many people would rather watch Coronation Street. A street that I’d personally love to introduce a Smilodon to. 

My last reason to revive Primeval is to simply allow it to finish. Let the writers plan out and execute the story they originally intended to tell. Allow the show to reach its conclusion before you decide to leave it in the past; extinct. The past has a habit of coming back these days ;)