reasons to admire silent hill


Endless List of Reasons To Admire Silent Hill:

#3: Protagonists

  • Travis Grady: the Tormented
  • Harry Mason: the Father
  • James Sunderland: the Husband
  • Heather Mason: the Daughter
  • Henry Townsend: the Receiver
  • Alex Shepherd: the Son
  • Murphy Pendleton: the Prisoner

You don’t have to like them all, but they did each deliver a story worth experiencing. And while each fan holds one closer to his/her heart than the others, they’re all perfect in their own right and are worth the mention.


Endless List of Reasons To Admire Silent Hill:

#6: Fog

“I hear that it’s almost never sunny in Silent Hill. And people say that when the fog comes out, strange things happen.”

Henry Townshend said it well. O.K., it was the only thing he ever said other than “what the hell,” so he was due. But no other game or movie or medium has latched onto one aspect of nature and used it endlessly as a long-standing metaphor for the unknown, a source of suffocating fear, a stylistic addiction to the cryptic town, and a welcomed sight of joy for any fan. 

Silent Hill is our favorite foggy little town, and the fog draws us in every single time.