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Okay, Quentin trying to give Penny a nickname and calling him “Penn” once before shaking his head and being like “No, reminds me too much of Penn Jillette.” Followed by Penny trying to figure out who the fuck Penn Jillette is.

This is not witchcraft related, but,

13 Reasons Why is a terrible show. The protagonist is an insufferable brat, and  the show glorifies her horrible behaviour, including suicide.

It is an absolute worship and romanticism of suicide. 

When you die, you do not get to see the effects of your death on others.

People who are actually suicidal do not kill themselves as some petty revenge tactic to get back at people and enjoy their suffering on their behalf. The whole show is sick, evil, and ridiculous.


so i’ve had these jasper asks in my inbox for a while… and it’s about time i address them. i’ll be combining these asks, focusing especially on that last one and the idea of “deserving” redemption, + some of my own general thoughts to talk about the su narrative, jasper, her relationship with peridot, trauma, steven, and where we go from here. 

it’s time for another long post about jasper under the cut. 

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So I tweeted this out during the charity stream, and for some unholy reason, I feel the need to show MORE people my terrible art. 

I also posted it on my RedBubble, because I post everything on RedBubble, because I’m silly. 

Basically, I know I’m bad, but I’m trying to be brave and accept that failure just means growth. So I’m trying to share things, even things I think I did poorly on, so I can grow and learn. That’s why I’ve been posting more art in general lately.

Anyway, rambling aside, I really appreciate Darkiplier.

@markiplier you said that you are excited to fail, because it means you learn. I’m doing my best to have that attitude. So take this.

So Eliza was in Purgatory for weeks, WEEKS, before 2x01. She had a separate room from Dolls, but she was with him a lot. They were working together to figure out what they are, what Black Badge made them. She said Dolls told her about Wynonna.

Think about that. Think about those conversations. Dolls complaing about his “new hot-headed Deputy” and “Earp is a force of nature - a valuable asset when you can point her in the right direction, but deadly when you can’t control her.” How his complaining devolves into thinly veiled compliments, until Eliza gets him drunk and he’s calling her gorgeous, telling her about the time she finally took him down in sparring and he let her gloat because he was too turned on to discipline her.

Eliza finally meets Wynonna, and suddenly she understands why Dolls was so smitten. Wynonna’s a wildcard; she’s unpredictable. She’s not as disciplined as a BBD Agent, but she’s got raw talent and potential. But she’s also not so by-the-book, and it reminds her of Dolls before BBD corrupted them both.

I never grew up watching Lazytown. I knew nothing about it until last November.

Stefan Karl is the reason I have found this show and this community (albeit for terrible cancer-related reasons) and I can never thank him enough for that. I’ve never been so involved in a fandom before. I remember watching the Lazytown plays with 10 other people, giggling about memes and silly jokes and just… having a wonderful time.

Watching the ‘We Are Number One’ live stream was one of the best experiences ever.

I’ve met awesome people because of Stefan. I’ve had such joy watching Lazytown and seeing his selfies and giggling at #plantdad. For the first time EVER, I have actually been able to write fanfiction for something I love. And holy cow. It has been AWESOME.

You’re an amazing, wonderful person, Stefan. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to be a part of this.

Thank you Plant Dad <3

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But what about what Jasper did to Amethyst? I think that's also why people are saying she's can't be redeemed because of that.

(This ask continues from the original Jasper redemption ask, and the “save everyone” follow-up (now with additional meta))

I’ve said before that Jasper trying to shatter Amethyst’s gemstone in Crack the Whip was unacceptable. That wasn’t self-defense, and it wasn’t fighting a hostile foe. Amethyst was helpless. Jasper had no good reason to shatter her, but she wanted to anyway. I’m not going to defend that, obviously.

But I am going to defend Jasper. Because we’ve seen where she got that toxic world view. She’s not out there casually murdering people for fun. She has deeply held beliefs about the importance of serving the diamonds, of doing what you were made for, of not being defective. And we know why she thinks that.

As we know, quartz gems form immediate and strong bonds with one another (see: Amethyst in That Will Be All). Jasper had an entire kindergarten full of “defective” Quartz sisters to bond with. But then they all died, and Jasper was left to pick up the pieces.

And Jasper believes, deeply, that the world is a just and orderly place. That things happen for a reason. That we all get what we deserve. That means her sisters must have deserved to die, because the alternative is that the world is cruel and indifferent and slaughters the innocent to no purpose.

Jasper doesn’t want to believe that, and she can’t bring herself to blame the Diamonds, so she has to blame Rose, and her sisters, and all defective gems like them. It must be their fault that they weren’t made right. Killing them is the natural order of things, it’s what must be done.

(That’s not a surprising conclusion—plenty of people think that way in the real world.)

But that’s all the more reason to show Jasper rejecting that toxic mindset. If she was meant to be some irredeemable cartoon villain, she would just be evil for no reason. But she’s not. We know the how and why behind her thinking, and they wouldn’t show that to us if it wasn’t crucial to her narrative. A narrative that will, hopefully, show her adopting a healthy world view, one that embraces defects in others, and in herself.

Because children need to see that Jasper’s current mindset is wrong, and should be dispensed with. It’s no coincidence that Amethyst was her target. People, like Amethyst herself, are not actually defective. We don’t exist for a purpose, we’re not here to be a certain way or do certain things. Our lives are enough. And when bad things happen to us, that’s not our fault. We don’t deserve abuse. We don’t deserve to die.

And neither does Jasper. She is not a good person. She’s hurt others, and been hurt herself. Which is all the more reason to show children that even people who have suffered greatly and done terrible things can change, can grow, can learn to forgive and be forgiven.

No one “deserves” redemption. But everyone deserves the chance to earn it.

Even Jasper

If Supernatural were to get a spin-off consisting of female characters, would it be as successful?

Earlier today @hopespringseternal wondered if a Supernatural show of women would’ve been as popular as the one with men in it. My answer: No. Here is my reasoning why I think that.

In October of 2016 the new Doctor Who spin-off Class premiered. There were many problems with the airing of the show. First of all, it was aired online, meaning that if you wanted to watch it it had to be actively sought out. Not only that but airing it online eliminated any chance of stumbling upon the show on cable. Second of all, it wasn’t advertised at all. Hardly anyone knew that the show actually existed. Thirdly, when aired on BBC One, two episodes where aired every Monday night at 10:45 which meant that the show would finish airing at midnight. What a shitty time slot, right? 

The reason why I am pointing out these factors is because I wanted it to be known that there were many problems when it came to airing the show. All of that contributed to some pretty low ratings. I’m not surprised. 

Here was another reason why the show got terrible ratings and this contributes to the argument I want to make. Even if you aren’t a fan of Doctor Who, you have at least heard of it. You know that the fanbase is large, powerful, and has LOADS of content. A spin-off would be good right? You would probably make the assumption that a new spin-off would be popular as well. I made that assumption, which made me surprised when I watched the show and found out that there was an EXTREMELY small fanbase. Not only was the show treated poorly by BBC Three and BBC overall, the show was treated unkindly by DW fans as well. 

Before Class, the most recent and most popular spin off was Torchwood. I loved Torchwood when I first watched it and I can understand why people would want that show to come back, but I guess the cast was unable to get together again and the show never got a fifth season. When BBC announced the new spin-off Class, a large amount of people were furious and most of that was because Torchwood was not coming back. The show hadn’t even aired but it quickly earned a ‘not Torchwood’ label on it and many people didn’t even bother watching the show because it wasn’t the show they wanted. This attitude eliminated a rather large chunk of the fanbase from watching.

Now I want to discuss a different spectrum of this argument. The non-Whovians. Class is an extremely diverse show, it’s one of the most diverse shows I have every watched. The show consisted of six characters. Two of these characters were gay, and in fact a relationship was established in the first episode between those two characters. The relationship was casual and it was normalized. It is worth mentioning that one of the characters in this relationship was a Polish immigrant. These characters were not side-lined, they were mains. The show also had two POC characters. One of them is a 14 year old black girl named Tanya Adeola. She is so smart that she moved up three grades in school and is now in a class with 17 year olds. The other is Ram Singh, whose religious background is Sikh. They actually discuss his religion in the show! The other two characters are female. All three of these female characters are badass, intelligent, and beautiful. The reason why I am pointing out the diversity in the show is because I thought this blue website would’ve exploded upon hearing about it. It didn’t have a single straight white male in the main group (I say main group because one of these character’s dad is white and presumably straight but he only makes an appearance in eps 4 & 5), it seemed to be everything that this website wanted, and yet hardly anyone watched it. 

Why was that? There is still the fact that hardly anyone has heard of the show but there is also the fact that many non-whovians won’t watch it because it is connected to Doctor Who. It didn’t matter that it was completely separate from DW, it was still a descendent from the show. I am not placing blame on anyone. What I am stating is that a chunk of the DW fanbase would not watch it because it wasn’t Torchwood, which meant that we couldn’t count on the viewers of the parent show to bring in ratings. Then there are people who wouldn’t watch because of it’s parent show. This eliminated the chance of it getting many non-Doctor Who viewers, despite the fact that it had loads of diversity and a well written plot. 

There is a reason why I am pointing out these two sides. If a Supernatural like show, or a spin-off of Supernatural were to happen consisting of mainly women, I don’t believe it would be successful. The Supernatural fanbase really loves those three male characters and their actors, if a show were to be made and they weren’t apart of it, you could definitely count on having a large chunk of the fanbase not watch it. I am basing this guess on the fact that many female characters of spn are treated poorly by the fanbase, not by just the writers. If the show had three females as their main and did not have Sam, Dean, and Castiel, you could not count on the fanbase of it’s parent show helping out with the ratings. A chunk of the Supernatural viewers would most likely not watch it. If the show were to be diverse and have female characters, I don’t believe many non-Supernatural viewers would end up watching it because SPN was it’s parent show. 

I am not comparing fanbases or shows. I am purely going off of what I have seen and heard from different people. Class is not perfect show. Like all shows, it has some flaws. Some people did give it a chance and it just wasn’t meant for them. That happens with every show. But my point is that Class was mistreated by many DW fans and it just wasn’t given a chance with non-whovian fans. If a new Supernatural show was made that had well written female characters, the same thing would happen. It would earn a ‘not supernatural’ label and you wouldn’t be able to count on the Supernatural fanbase for good ratings and you wouldn’t be able to count on non-supernatural viewers to join in. I am not trying judging anyone who does not like Doctor Who or Supernatural, but it is a fact that some people won’t watch it because of it’s parent show. 

I love the idea of having a Supernatural spin-off that has women as the main characters and is more diverse as well, but I don’t trust CW with that idea, and I definitely don’t believe that it would be as popular as Supernatural. This is my opinion and thoughts on the idea, please respect it. 

i’m still shook about last night’s episode of shadowhunters, it was one of the greatest episode ever and yet the plot was terrible and sebastian was not in it

I call this ditty “13 Reasons Why you’re being a terrible parent if you blame a TV show for your kid wanting to fuckin die and waste energy trying to get the show banned instead of helping your kid”

Thats a bit wordy so you can also call it “Actually Pay Attention To Your Childs Problems, Dipshit”

Okay, okay, but let’s just get something straight here. Newt Scamander has very little faith in humans. He literally called them “the most vicious creatures on the planet.” In all likelihood he probably has very little interest in associating with other people beyond a select few, unless they somehow further his goals or prove themselves to not be terrible and self-serving

So. Enter Percival Graves

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Helpful Hand (or Hook) ~ [Open]

“Here! Let me help you with that!” Maui called with a smile as he saw someone struggling and sprang to the stranger’s side.

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My problem with the fiction affects reality argument is that no one uses it rightly and it just comes off as a half-assed morality Crusade to police fandom. 13 reasons why is a terrible show for glorifying a sensitive subject matter (let's put aside the fact that most people shouldn't be watching this show after reading the synopsis since it aired on tv) *thumbs up*. Killing stalking is gross and all the people who read it are probably psychos *major thumbs down*

I agree, it appears those who want to police fandoms have no real grasp of how fiction affects reality, nor do they appear to want to actually understand the true affects fiction does have. 

I also think their “criticism” is just a poor excuse to bully and shame.