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Unpopular pairing: Junkrat x D.Va Headcanons


  1. If you dislike male x female pairings, please ignore this post.
  2. If you only plan to respond to this post with “but my ship is better than your ship because xyz” please ignore this post.
  3. This post is not meant to disprove other ships or to compare this ship with other ships. All ships are valid.

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anonymous asked:

Hey could you list some specific things "feminists" say/do that you think don't relate to the roots of feminism? Your last answer was just really vague and I would like to know because I also feel that you are ridiculed for criticizing the movement even if you are part of it. Thanks!

(English is not my first/second language, I’m sorry for all the mistakes)

Uff, these are the first things that pop up in my mind: 

  • Spreading misinformation to prove/support their movement… this is a big fucking no and it is sooo present on tumblr, it’s actually scary 
  • some people on here act like you can only empower girls and women while putting down men/boys… like don’t get it wrong, I get those quirky “boys are bad for u, go get your education gurl” posts and stuff like that but there are so many times when people shit on the opposite gender just for the whole reason to… shit on the opposite gender 
  • ignoring boys/men issues… they are just not talked about enough and this is a really big problem and when someone mentions them… somehow people find a way to turn this into a joke? I remember that one post about body positivity for boys that just got turned into a big fucking joke and it had sooo many notes like… it was just nasty, really 
  • ..and when they are mentioned they are somehow turned into girl issues at the end of it? idk 
  • people nowadays search for things to be offended or sometimes turn something really small into a big feminist issues, everyone is sexist in some way… I remember that one bath bomb meme that feminists thought was sexist? sometimes it’s really not that deep 
  • for some reason when you are critical of feminism, they automatically think it’s because “you lack self respect” or “want to be seen as cool by boys” which is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard but anyway
  • there are many, many, many girls and women out there who are nasty and evil and vile and that needs to be just acknowledged sometimes 
  • it’s not always just the girls.. I see so many posts about “not being able to go outside because you’re a girl and will be raped and killed” I’m sorry, but this has nothing to do with you being a girl. Going outside at night is just ALWAYS dangerous for EVERYONE, a man/boy outside at night can be just as raped/killed, the thing is that for some reason people just assume that males can protect themselves better or whatever, like I don’t know about you, but I would not want neither my daughter nor my son to be outside at late hours… I just think it’s scary 
  • people talk about first world problems WAY more often than about third world problems.. unno… the really fucked up ones? And I get it, it’s easier to relate and emphatize to something that is happening to you or in your country but people reALLY need to talk about girl/women problems in other countries more often because, if you like to admit it or nah, their problems are a far worse than ours 
  • there are literally blogs here on tumblr who have “misandry” in their username and they are serious like… no, eww, wyd 
  • and so on…. there are many more…

these are just my thoughts, like I’m not trying to say all feminists do this, because that’s not true either, it’s just what I see and notice often 

also, believe it or not, but I used to be SUPER anti feminism, like holy, I would say some really fucked up shit, but then again, I was like 14, it was my first year on tumblr and I was really uneducated back then, but because of the same reasons I used to hate feminism in it’s own and yah.. it was pretty bad 

I’m rewatching TFA for the 2187th time and every time I wonder about that “Don’t be afraid, I feel it too”. I haven’t read much about it from the fandom, but I guess it’s been discussed over and over in the first months after the movie release.

I’ll start by saying that, in my country, this line has been translated with something that in English would be “you’re afraid, I feel this too” aka “I feel your fear”. Which, for me, is a completely wrong translation (and one of the reasons I’m scared of what the dubbing might fuck up in TLJ).

In the original, I think the words refer to what is happening between them in that moment. My theory is that, given they had visions of each other and all of that, Kylo kind of expects to feel something ‘special’ when searching through her mind. It’s probably because he knows how the Force works better than Rey, so he expects a certain kind of feeling, while Rey is completely clueless. So when they start feeling this ‘connection’, we have a confused Rey and a ‘knowing’ Kylo (I don’t know how to describe it, but his expression when saying those words is almost a ‘I knew it’ expression. Not satisfied, but close to it? His lips even crook into something that looks like the beginning of a smirk, while a moment before he was dead serious).

I also got the feeling, watching the scene, that he’s comforting both her and himself when saying those words. Think about it: he had visions of her, he has this strange feeling that their destinies are intertwined and it’s all very confusing to him, but when confronting Rey, he realizes she’s as confused as he is. They’re both in that situation, he finally found another person who might understand him. So that “don’t be afraid, I feel it too” sounds like “you’re not alone, we’re in this together”.

What Kylo doesn’t expect, of course, is that Rey is strong enough to read into his mind as well. He probably thought that an untrained Force-sensitive person wouldn’t be able to do that, hence the shock when Rey reveals his deepest fear. Plus, I’m sure no one knows about the Force-bond, given that it’s a topic that hasn’t been really explored before (yes, we have that glimpse of a Force bond between Luke and Leia in the OT, but they never really go further into explanations), so he doesn’t really get what is happening.

I’m not sure how to finish this, except by saying that I’m very excited to find out how they’re gonna explore the Force-bond topic in the next movies!

ID #87477

Name: Esra
Age: 21
Country: Turkey

Hello! i’m esra.i’m from Turkey.and huge part of my life is medicine.currenty i am 4th year medstudent.and i’m a science enthusiasist.i like almost everything about languages.i’ve never been in anywhere abroad so it would be awesome if i can talk with someone outside of my home interests in a nutshell are technology,movies,art and diy projects.the main reason why i want to have penfriend is to improve my english because some time in my life i want to study or work in a foreign country and try my best to be a better doctor.and also i want to build a bridge between my county and yours.i can’t wait to meet you guys!!

Preferences: I prefer someone who is older than 18 yrs old,female and someone who has same interests as me.i prefer writing through e-mail.

Family Reunion

Summary: Classic DeanxReader fake boyfriend routine at a family reunion

Word Count: 2619

Warnings: None

Family Reunion Series Masterlist –  Spanish Masterlist

“Yeah, sure. Love you too.” You hung up your phone and stared at it in disbelief. Your mom hadn’t been that good at convincing you to do things when you’d lived at home, had she?

Dean walked into the library and took once glance at you—sitting on the table with your feet in the chair—and grinned. “Talked to your mom recently?”

“Shut up, Winchester.” Dean always teased you that you only sat on the table when you talked to your mom just because you hadn’t been allowed to at home. He was wrong, of course. Your parents had been artists and were a bit eccentric. You could remember all three of you making a tent by putting blankets over your table and eating on the floor. You constantly walked home from school to see your father standing on top of the table, trying to pin something to the ceiling. No, sitting on a table was pretty normal for your family.

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On November the first, Autistic Speaking day, I decided to write an actually rather long Q&A with things I and other autistic people get asked most often. If you’d like other people to know these things or just agree with me, feel free to reblog!

Q: Autistic person, or person with autism?
A: I prefer “autistic person”, because I don’t feel like autism is something separate from me, my brain and my identity. It’s not an ink splotch on a picture, it’s more like a color filter that covers the entire picture and changes the way it is. Autism is not what I have, it’s who I am. More than that, there is no reason to put the person first since nothing about autism negates being a real person. Which is why most people in the community also prefer “autistic person”.

Q: Is autism a mental illness?
A: No, it’s a developmental disorder. The main difference between those two things is that mental illnesses typically have a start and sometimes a finish - they can be caused by something, and they can be treated and sometimes even cured with therapy and/or medication. Autism doesn’t have a start because people are born autistic and they die autistic. And it can’t be cured or treated, only accommodated.

Another reason why we separate them is because in my opinion mental illnesses cause distress and suffering just by being present, while with autism the distress and suffering mostly come from lack of accommodations, bullying, abuse and neglect. Which is why we are now trying to move away from this classification and call autism a “neurotype” - not a malfunction, just a different type of nervous system.

Q: Is autism a disability?
A: Yes, in the social model of disability. Meaning that the neurotype itself isn’t disabling, but the society and the world is. Autistic people make up about 1-2% of the population, so the vast majority of people in the world are allistic (not autistic). So the world wasn’t built for us. However with enough accommodations, help, understanding and acceptance we can change the world, and then autistic people won’t be disabled anymore.

Q: Should we search for a cure for autism?
A: No, mostly because of scientific reasons. Research shows that autism is more likely to be an anatomical brain difference rather than a biochemical one, meaning that it can’t be fixed or altered after birth or a certain step in prenatal brain development. So the only “cure” we can develop is a prenatal screening test that will allow us to detect it and give parents an option to abort. I stand with the pro choice movement and the right to abortion, however I do thing that we can come up with a better use of money than stopping autistic people from being born in the first place.

And the second reason is that the majority of autistic people don’t want a cure! As I’ve said, autism is an integral part of our neurology and curing us would be akin to killing us and creating a brand new person. Autism comes with problems and challenges but it also has many traits that I love and wouldn’t want to lose. And even for people who do want a cure, a more manageable and realistic goal would be to invest in support and accommodation that would help them with their problems.

Q: What about therapies for autistic people?
A: Sure. There are several reasons why autistic people might require therapy. A lot of us have comorbid anxiety disorders, often due to mistreatment, bullying and abuse, so therapy for anxiety could help some of us. Sensory integration therapy might benefit autistic people by helping them better understand their sensory perception and learning how to deal with negative aspects of sensory processing disorder. Some autistic people choose to attend social skills classes although we have to understand that being a social butterfly isn’t a requirement to be respected and accepted, so no one should be forced to take them. And of course autistic people can have mental illnesses that they might want to get therapy for. However don’t view autism as something that needs to be cured and fixed. So autism isn’t something you need therapy for by default.

Q: What about ABA, applied behavioral analyses?
A: ABA is to autism is what conversion therapy is to being non-straight or non-cisgender. It doesn’t help the autistic person, it just forces them into seeming more neurotypical which on the surface looks like they got better. It is often abusive, it leaves children and adults with higher rates of mental illness including PTSD, and it comes from a basic premise that autistic people are not whole, real people with thoughts, feelings and consciousness. Read more of my thoughts on ABA here:

Q: What kind of autism do you have?
A: Autism! It’s true that we used to have different diagnosis for autism, such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Kanner’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, childhood autism, atypical autism and so on. However further research and investigation lead the psychiatric field to realize that this separation was unnecessary because the diagnostic criteria for these disorders weren’t different enough. For example the only thing that separated Asperger’s and Kanner’s in DSM-4 was the time of developing verbal speech which said nothing about persons needs and abilities later in life. As a result we now recognize that autism is a spectrum with vastly varying combinations of traits, needs, talents, abilities and problems, but of the same nature. So there’s just one diagnosis (in the DSM-5) - autism spectrum disorder.

Q: Are you high-functioning or low-functioning?
A: I’m a real person with a complex combination of abilities and needs that can’t be put into one of two rigid categories. Depending on how you describe me, I can be labeled as both. If you say that I’m an adult who can’t live on their own, can’t do most basic housework, can’t even speak on the phone, struggles with severe executive dysfunction and anxiety and needs daily assistance, then I sound “low-functioning”. If you say that I’m a student at a university studying their special interest, fully verbal and eloquent speaker, had no developmental delays, can pass as neurotypical most of the time and is considered smart, then I sound “high-functioning”. In reality I’m neither.

Functioning labels don’t really serve their purpose as a descriptor of needs and abilities, rather they simplify them and lead to more discrimination. High-functioning means your needs are neglected and your problems are denied. Low-functioning means your talents and abilities are ignored and you are denied respect and autonomy. Both are really detrimental to us, so most of us really dislike functioning labels. Some other descriptors that might work are “verbal/nonverbal”, “living independently/requires some level of assistance”, “has an intellectual disability/learning disability/a mental illness” and so on. You’ll have to speak about each person individually cause we are all very different.

Q: Should I support Autism Speaks and Light it up blue?
A: No, by all means no. Autism Speaks is a terrible organization that cares more about money than autistic people. They call is a tragedy, a burden, a disease, the reason for divorces, worse than cancer and AIDS combined, a fate worse than death and so on. They use autism as a fear-mongering tactic to earn more money that goes to staff salaries and advertising (with less than 5% going to autistic people and their families!). They support ABA and abusive fake treatments of autism. They refuse to listen to us and basically they speak for us and over us. Boycott Autism Speaks and Light It Up Blue. More info here:

Q: Which autism organization I can support?
A: ASAN - autistic self-advocacy network, and the Autistic Women Network, are the two good organizations I know.

Q: Is the puzzle piece symbol a good symbol for autism?
A: Personally I dislike it because of the association with Autism Speaks. It can be interpreted as “autistic people are missing pieces” which I think is rather dehumanizing. I prefer the neurodiversity symbol, which is the infinity symbol in rainbow colors. If other autistic people wish to use the puzzle piece for themselves, I’m okay with that, but I don’t like it being pushed on others, especially by allistic people.

Q: Are you professionally diagnosed with autism?
A: I am, but no one needs a paper diagnosis to know they are autistic. You can figure it out with research and help from various resources. There are many reasons why someone wouldn’t be able to get a professional diagnosis. Money and accessibility are the biggest barrier, however systematic oppression also plays a role. Autism is under-diagnosed in girls/women and people of color, and many people are denied a diagnosis because they don’t fit the stereotype of an autistic person. Typically an autism specialist is required to give a paper diagnosis and they aren’t always available - and non-specialists make a lot of mistakes.

Also a paper diagnosis might put the person in risk, depending on where they live. In my home country, Russia, a professional psychiatric diagnosis on your official record will mean denial of education, employment, adoption and even a driver’s license, which is why my family had to pay for the diagnosis out of pocket in a private clinic. All these are reasons why I, as well as most good autism organizations, support well-informed autism self-diagnosis.

Q: Where can I learn more about autism?
A: From other autistic people! No-one can be a better expert in autism than an actually autistic person. If you need answers, ask us. Some good resources to start are: YouTube channel “Neurowonderful”, ASAN official site, , and other autistic people on tumblr. Don’t speak over us, listen to us and accept us.

Nothing about us without us.

whynotmyblog  asked:

Sorry this was so long!! I am so so impressed with your work and I saw you were really nice when answering to people so I just had to! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!!

Hi Love! Sorry for making you wait ten days for this reply. I have no straight answer for your question, but I will do my best to explain my situation. Unlike you, I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a concept artist. When I was a kid I didn’t even know this sort of job existed, you know? I went to a school that didn’t even have a proper art class, pretty much all I was good for was decorating bulletin boards and heading the props team and placing in the odd art competition. 

I feel like I wasted most of my teen years trying to perfect my “personal” manga style. Not anime style, manga style. That’s where it all started. I started working for a local publisher when I was 16 and I actually worked on pages while in class with the teacher droning on in the background, I was so bored. Needless to say the pay was shit but I didn’t care, I was one step closer to becoming a world-famous manga-ka, ha! In case you’re curious:

At one point I even teamed up with a friend to create a serial webcomic, with OCs that I loved dearly. Ah, this stuff is so old I feel like I’m not even really within range to feel the embarrassment anymore…

Soul Dice, co-written with Tako (pre-slash, totally safe, got discontinued before it had the chance to become anything else)

Tokimeki Encore, discontinued original written by E

Okay… So after high school I went to another country to study animation. For some reason anime / manga-style was sort of looked down upon at my school. Whatever, while I was there I was exposed to a plethora of other styles. Most of them I rejected at first, but now I can now honestly say that I’m able to appreciate almost any art style whether it’s traditional or commercial, from manga to Picasso to Gobelins animation and so on and so forth. 

Here are some of the stuff I did during my college years:

So, college really opened my eyes, like there are so many different angles to every single piece of thing ever and I did a lot of growing up with regards to that and it all happened cos I chose to go to school instead of straight to work as a full-time manga artist like I wanted, I was so impatient.

Technical skills on the other hand, I think I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I’d skipped college and gone straight to a concept art training center instead. The specialized training course I applied to lasted for three months, and the lessons were condensed and to the point, covering almost every aspect of 2D game design. Our weekly assignments also formed a nice portfolio and with each piece more or less having been quality-controlled by the teacher who is an industry professional I was easily able to find a job at a small outsource studio.

Here are some of the more decent pieces I did while there. My coloring was even weaker back then so most of these are linework. They are a few years old but it might give you an idea about some of the stuff I do for work. (It’s not the same as the stuff I post on Tumblr…)

  • Anatomy 01 
  • Creature 01
  • Lineart to Values (World of Warcraft; angel) 01 
  • Chara design entry-level 01 | 02 | 03 
  • Chara design high-level 01
  • Character action pose (Tera; dark elf) 01 
  • Map 01

There are also some stuff I made for games that have already been released at my current dA account

At this point I don’t want to become a world-famous anything anymore. I mean let’s be real, that’s pretty much impossible. (I’d rather be a rich ghost drawer working for game development companies in exchange for silver and gold.) Anyway, ha, I sort of forgot where I was going with this… Just. Listen, listen to grandma, and try to imagine… I got my first tablet when I was 13. It was an Intuos 2 and 12" x 12" cos the salesperson said the bigger, the better. 

So back then, even crudely-made photomanipulations garnered oohs and aahs. Nobody knew how they were made, much less actual digital paintings. But eventually more and more people started doing digital art, and at some point I started wanting to do stuff beyond just manga lineart and cell-shading. I wanted to be able to do semi-realistic and atmospheric color illustrations, but I realized I’d reached a road block and couldn’t improve further – not without the honest-to-god basics that I skipped over cos I was going to draw manga, I don’t need to know that stuff! – so then I had to circle back and relearn all that shit. 

Anatomy (I mean real anatomy, muscles, bones and all). Perspective. Hue / saturation / lightness. Composition, mood lighting, the list is never-ending and even now I’m still learning by increments. But honestly all the backtracking and unlearning wrong drawing habits cost me years, also back then the style was completely new to me, it was a bit discouraging cos after all the hard work I dedicated to developing my manga-style it felt like I was starting from scratch. Those were rough times, but ultimately it put me on the right track to get to where I am now. You see it wasn’t a straight line, but here I am anyway.

So yeah. Don’t be afraid, don’t… don’t think about all of it too closely, just take it one step at a time. You’re still so young and there’s so much quality learning material available on the internet now and just as many masterful artists to look up to. And I don’t just mean on Tumblr or dA – I mean ArtStation. In my country the people they hire get younger and more talented each year it’s kind of scary to think about for us older guys with only slightly above average skill, but it makes sense since you guys have been surrounded by rockstar-quality work for most of your lives. You see, this is a good thing. If you persevere I have every reason to believe that you will be much better than I am now when you reach my age. 

Also please remember that internet fame isn’t proportional to talent and skill. I mean… ofc, ofc it means so very much to me that people like and reblog the fanart I post here, but it’s different, it’s for the fandom. But by industry standards, I’m nothing special. Like, at all. I realize I sound pretty cynical but really I’m not, these are all just facts. This is also why I draw a clear line between professional work (where my fate is in the hands of clients) and fandom (where I feel safe), and why I do not take fandom commissions.

So, in conclusion. Tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials for you. Internalize that shit. You have to be open and observe and analyze and just… sift through existing concept art and slowly learn how to tell what designs work depending on the look and feel of the project and why. Try to decipher and understand the inspirations behind each successful design, keep doing this until you have built a reservoir inside your brain that you can draw from, until good design becomes second nature. 

Don’t rely too heavily on brushes in the beginning. Once in a while you might be able create something amazing completely owing to the effect of a certain brush, but what about the rest of the time? You don’t want to be a one-trick pony, also why would you want to limit yourself? A textured brush is still just a tool, it’s like a magic wand, you can’t wield it properly without mastering the incantation first. Once you have most of the basics down and your style stabilizes, the use of special brushes will come naturally. They’ll offer you the final push that gets you there. But first you have to know your stuff, this is the most important thing. 

Anyway I hope my babbling has helped you in some way or other, like I really hope so seeing as it took me all morning to type this, oh my god. (Not your fault, I’m just so bad with words likeugh.) And thank you so much for liking my art here! Just be patient and train and your time will come, bb, it will. *huggles* <333

@thestarbirdfromtheashes: Dude. Your English is better than most native speakers.

@sleepykalena: I dunno what your spoken English is like, but you type English way better than a lot of native speakers. But if it helps, I also have the same rule about traveling (only go if you can speak the language enough to get you by). I practically shat my pants in Korea LOL

@moonprincess92nz: Guess i broke the rule then, bc i totally went to countries where they didnt speak a word of english lol (but then again its diff bc eveyone speaks at least some english & i am useless and can only speak 1 language) but do!!! Go travel!!!!!!!

@crazy-fruit Go and take me with you. And your written English is better than mine…and I studied that damn language for one and a half year.

@jenniferjuni-per: Your english is perfectly fine! Go and see the world!!

Awww, thank you for your confidence in me. But (just like so many of the gentlemen whose history and fighting merits I analyze these days) while I read and write in English everyday (more than in German actually), I rarely speak English. Very rarely. And it shows (or sounds). So the understanding and writing might be halfway decent, but speaking. Urgh. I have no idea how it must sound for the native speaker ears, but my confidence in my pronounciation and actually finding the words I’m looking for while speaking…. Not so much. Kinda wasted the oppurtunity to study at least a bit anglistics/English studies too.

So, I’ll have to see if I find the confidence sometime.

moonlightmountain  asked:

Hey, Maggie, I just wanted to say that, as a Bulgarian, I spent 20 minutes screaming and making unhuman noises when I found out Kavinsky is Bulgarian, too. The lyrics of the song he played Ronan when he was teaching him to steal from his dreams made me make even more unhuman noises. Thank you for this, I'm sure you have your reasons, but Bulgaria is honestly honored and touched. You're amazing. Also, my friends are 100% obsessed with TRC. As you say, "this is my fault". Stay wonderful! <3

Dear halinorhale,

Inhuman noises are never inappropriate when Joseph Kavinsky is involved; I am grateful for yours.

Back when Shiver came out, in the old days of 2009, I was invited to tour in Bulgaria. I was not there long, but the country left an indelible imprint upon me. I still have the Bulgarian bagpipes they made me haul back through customs, though I’m no better at playing them now than I was then. 

So, Bulgaria: stay wonderful.



I’m all about science

I created my blog because I’m all about the science. I make sure to point out in scientific terms why veganism is wrong. I’ll express you some of the greatest scientific points that I hear verbatim from the leading scientific tumblr community:


-My food shits on your food

-You can’t be vegan because you swallow cum

-You can’t be vegan because you’ve drank breast milk

-Plants don’t have protein

-I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat spinach

-Since I live my life the same way a lion lives, would you be mad at a lion for not eating a cow?

-It’s too expensive to eat beans, lentils, pasta, grains, canned fruits and vegetables

-If we didn’t eat cows, then they would die

-Vegans kill plants

-We’d run out of plants if everybody went vegan

-farm animals don’t eat plants…they live on sunshine and magic

-Humans need the lactating secretions of a cow

-cows are the only source of calcium

-the fact that the countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis are purely coincidental

-it takes less work and is cheaper to grow crops to feed animals and then feed the animals to the people instead of just feeding crops to people.

-omnivore means obligate carnivore

-I’m used to it

-If you were on a deserted island would you eat a cow that for some reason is on a deserted island

-what if I put a gun to your head

-I eat big macs because I’m worried about my b12 levels

-no FUCK YOU….you’re not better than me

-I once went vegan for 8 hours and I nearly died.

-eating meat is good for the environment

-I can still love animals and eat them, even though I don’t have to

-Look at my sharp teeth that can eat through a chicken mcnugget

-Hitler was a vegetarian

-If it was wrong, then people just wouldn’t do it.

-I eat steak, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, fried chicken, fried eggs, butter, and ice cream purely for the health reasons out of necessity.

-no….seriously….. FUCK YOU….you’re not better than me

This is the scientific proof I have garnered from all my time being on tumblr. I hope this is enough so that we can finally move on and go get some barbecue, because if there is one thing that I can’t stand, it’s a group of people who are just bratty, and are not scientifically inclined at all.

Protip for when you get too pissed with your relatives to continue calm political discourse: go on a walk and call your state reps/senators, etc while you do. 

One thing that *can* potentially separate us from the ignorant people who have blithely ablated this country is that we can proactively give a shit.  I don’t have to be like my fucking uncle who spouts ill-informed garbage from the couch. Like, yeah, I’ll try and reason with him, but I’ll also be better than him. By being engaged. By giving a fuck. 

Last night I paced my grandparents’ Orwellian gated community, fuming, calling Amnesty International, the Army Corp of Engineers, ND Governor Jack Dalrymple, and the National Guard about Standing Rock. If shit pops off again today, I’m going to call my Reps & Senators again about Trump’s more fucked cabinet appointments. When I get home, I’m writing hand-written letters pleading for my reps & senators to defend the ACA, abortion rights, LGBT rights, and the freedoms of Muslims. 

My grandpa will just keep saying dumb shit on the couch and doing nothing else. People who couldn’t be bothered to research their vote won’t be bothered to do any additional shit to keep the world from collapsing. But those of us who have shit to lose, and who care, can do better. And that is a hopeful note, believe it or not.

I know few people will read this but I need to say it.

I am deeply sorry. I am sorry for what the American people have decided. Yes, this was not my choice but by majority’s standards and the Democratic process Donald Trump is now my president too. I know this doesn’t only affect Americans, this affects everyone across the world. The “United” States of America is a super power and our politics affect everyone else’s.

So here is my heartfelt apology:

To Muslims, I’m sorry about the hate this will bring you. I’m sorry about the way you will be typecast in everything you do in relationship to the US. And to Muslim-Americans, I’m sorry for how you will be treated in your work and school environments under this hateful dictator. Your faith and heritage makes you strong. I will fight with you.

To the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m sorry that after waiting for so long to have someone endorse and fight for your rights on a political stage that you are now forced to relive what you’ve fought so valiantly for your entire lives. It isn’t right, you should be able to be as open and positive as any straight person is when they talk about their orientation. You’re brave and strong and I will fight with you.

To every transgender or gender non conforming American, I’m so sorry that people who think you beneath them are in charge of our government. They are afraid of what they can not fathom and fear of the unknown is the most dangerous spark. You’re strong and resilient and I will fight with you.

To every undocumented immigrant or child of immigrants (that’s me), I’m sorry. America is a community of immigrants and it is deplorable that we can not remember that. We are not the rightful heirs of this land and using that knowledge to scapegoat others is despicable. Immigrants come in all nationalities, hues, religions and languages and you are just trying to make a better life for yourself and your children and the generations that follow. I will fight with you.

To every First Nations citizen. I’m so deeply sorry. The DAPL is terrible enough but the fact that you now must face a racist who only cares about economic gain makes my heart cry for you. You’re the reason this land exists, the reason our forefathers fell in love with it and century after century the “American” people have taken advantage of that. You’re brave, kind souls and I’m constantly in awe of your acceptance. I will fight with you.

To Black-Americans. I’m so sorry this country can’t understand that it needs to accept you. Your lives matter tenfold and it is appalling that after everything this country has gone through, we are still not able to make it right for you. You deserve better and you deserve to feel safe and loved and respected in the place you call home. There is no reason why you should feel not wanted when you’re a bigger part of American history than the majority of the people who claim to shape this country. Your resilience inspires me and I will fight with you.

To my fellow women: I’m sorry. We live in a society that would rather elect an unqualified fascist than a woman who has spent her entire career trying to achieve the same respect as any man she has faced. She was vilified because of her public life and the errors made by those around her. She was far from being a perfect candidate, but she represented change and that should not be overlooked. I will continue to fight with you.

To those who can’t vote because of age or a minor misdemeanour that makes you ineligible, I’m sorry. America has let you down and I just hope that you can rise above this and continue to let your voice be heard. I will fight for you until you can fight alongside us.

I will continue to fight to make sure that everyone, despite the colour of their skin; religion; sexual orientation; and gender identity has the same respect and basic human rights as every other person. Hate may have won the battle, but love will win this war.

arguably-an-alien  asked:

what happens right after Liz gets exhaunorated? she knows ressler saved her from that bullet... she doesnt wanna go home alone and so on. :)

Hello hello everyone! Here’s an amazing KEENLER prompt that I attempted to do some justice for! All mistakes are my own and please let me know what you think:) Love always xx (and extra kudos to the real star of this oneshot @askhudsondog)

Of course Reddington was here waiting for me, I don’t even know why I was questioning it.

Their was something different about that hug though, almost as if we had crossed an unspoken boundary when it happened. We’re connected in this unique way now, and while I’m not sure how… The reasoning is less important to me than it once was.

All that matters is that he’s there, and I know that there’s nothing in the world that can change that.

Yet somehow as I get into his car, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something … or someone.

“Now Lizzie, I don’t see you staying on your own tonight as an option,” Red said tellingly.

As much as I want to argue and as much as I’d love to be alone, I know that Reddington won’t let it go in a hurry. I accept defeat in the form of a tired nod.

“Where was Ressler?” I ask suddenly, remembering how the bullet seem to wiz past his head in slow motion.

“He took off after Hitchen’s press release, must of had somewhere to be,’’ Reddington said with an evasive smile.

Closing my eyes, I finally wasn’t afraid what was going to happen when I opened them. I no longer felt like I was being chased, but strangely I felt a sense of loss.

“They’re not even my co-workers anymore.. they’re just…” I said trailed off with my eyes closed.

“They’re your friends Lizzie, and if you ever had any doubts about it, they all went to great lengths to ensure your exoneration.”

The car came to a stop and I curiously looked out the window, only to find myself in a familiar apartment complex.

“But wh…” I looked at Reddington confused.

“Because the only other person who has gone through as much as you have on an emotional level in the past year is Agent Ressler,” Reddington said, continuing, “Whatever you decide to do now Lizzie is completely your choice.”

I thanked Red and got out of the car.

As I made my way up to his apartment I couldn’t help but laugh because I felt almost as though he was going to arrest me when he saw me.

The pitt in my stomach grew as I knocked on the door for the first time, and even more so as I did the second and third time.

Maybe he’s out? I thought, before seeing on my watch that it was almost midnight, Or asleep… or out and asleep?

I shook the thought away, ignoring the odd feeling it gave me.

When I turned around I jumped in shock.

There stood a Ressler, observing me intently.

“Hi,” I said awkwardly.

“Hi,” he responded with an annoyingly flirtatious smile.

Thats new.

To make matters worse he was in casual clothes.. He looks hot I thought observing that it was the first time I’d seen him in normal clothes. His dark quantico hoodie and deep blue jeans with black converses suited him very nicely.

Realising he was still smiling and we were both still standing in the same position I said the first thing that came to mind, “So what’re you doing here?”

He readjusted the grocery bag in his arms, laughing out loud, “I live here…”

I felt my cheeks redden as I comprehended my own words, “Right! What am I doing here?”

Shaking his head with a smile, Ressler walked past me, going to unlock the door. And for the first time I noticed barking on the other side.

“You got a dog?” I asked, surprised and nostalgic.

Ressler turned around and smiled cheekily, it was nice to see him smile again, “I’d call it more temporary foster care.”

As he opened the door, a small bundle of brown joy came hurdling through the door. At first it ran to Ressler, jumping excitedly but then it saw me and.. and I saw him.

“Hudson..” I breathed, dropping to my knees and picking him up.

Hudson was the only remnant of my old life, and I’d thought, like the rest of it, he was lost too. I could feel the tears in my eyes threatening to fall.

And as Hudsons tail wagged with happiness and he trotted into the apartment as if trying to show me, I saw Ressler still quitely observing again.

“You should probably come in, some crazy person who missed the news might try to citizen arrest you,” he said, only half jokingly.

“You took my dog..” I said, my heart heavier than it’d been in a long time.

“Little man saved my life,” he replied walking into the apartment.

The tone of his voice was jovial, yet something in it made me stop in mu tracks. A short bark bought me back to reality.

“Alright, alright, geez,” Ressler was saying, bending down to fill Hudson’s bowl with food.

Before Ressler could stand again, Hudson jumped up and licked his face.

“Ugh, stop!” Ressler said, wiping his cheek but grinning at the dog.

They were an odd pair.. But still strangely endearing. 

Ressler stood up and looked at me, “So how does it feel- being free?”

Clearing my throat I thought about my answer, “It feels… it feels like it did when I was on the run. Only then I used being a wanted fugitive as an excuse for being alone, now I know that I just have nobody.”

Okay, that sounded pathetic even to my own ears, I thought to myself.

Ressler seemed like he was prepared for it though, he said carefully, “I’m not sure “nobody” is the right word to use. I mean Raymond Reddington picked you up from the court house and then you came straight here to me… and Hudson,” he added as the little hero hurdled towards me and with renewed energy jumped on the couch beside me.

“Reddington doesn’t count,” I said immediately, absentmindedly patting Hudson’s head.

“And what about Hudson and I? Do we not count either?” Ressler asked.

I tried to stop it, I did… But too much had happened in the last 78 hours. The tears started falling on their own accord. I turned away from Ressler, chastising myself when I felt a hand on my arm.

Ressler was bent down again so he was just below eye level with me. Somewhere near me I could hear Hudson whimpering.

“Liz” Ressler said, trying to get my attention.

But I’d been here before, I’d been weak like this before. I’d clung onto Ressler before, I’d clung on to Tom before… I’d clung onto Reddington before. I needed to be stronger than that.

“Hey!” Ressler said, placing his hand on my chin and gently making me look at him.

I took a deep breath and firmly looked him directly in the eye.

I’d expected him to say something, to tell me that it was okay, that I was safe. But he just looked at me, searching again.

“You think crying makes you weak,” Ressler said.

I didn’t reply, after all it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. It was then that I remembered Reddintons words, “the only other person who has gone through as much as you have on an emotional level in the past year is Agent Ressler.”

“Liz, you can cry, you can sob on live television in front the world… but no one who knows what you’ve been through could ever accuse you of being weak,” Ressler said.

“Then why do I feel so weak?” I whispered, feeling my mask slipping once again.

Ressler reached out and placed a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“I came here because I needed to see you, to know that we could still be friends.. a-and I saw Hudson and I-I” I stopped because I couldn’t say anything else.

“You’re not going to push me away,” Ressler said firmly, “Not anymore, no matter what happens, coming to me doesn’t make you weak Liz, wanting someone to care and caring in return doesn’t make you weak. That’s Reddington talking, not my partner.”

“But I’m not your partner anymore,” I said, actually letting out a soft sob.

And there it was.. the real reason why I was so upset. No matter how much had happened how much had changed, I was no better off than a wanted criminal. I was working for the FBI from the outside. I wasn’t with my team, with my people.

Ressler’s warm hand cupped my cheek and I was drawn to the brightness of his eyes, captivated by their story.

“Thats odd, because it feels like you are. Because I may have been the boy scout for country and flag… but since I met you… There’s no Donald Ressler without Elizabeth Keen.”

I drew in a breath of air and for the first time in a long time, I felt as if it was enough.

I pulled Ressler by the arm and sat him down beside me before leaning against him and letting him comfort me by putting an arm around my shoulder and resting his cheek on my head.

“Why were you shopping at midnight?” I asked suddenly.

I felt the chuckle rather than heard it, “Theres no people at midnight, I hate having to wait and manoeuvre around angry mothers and bratty kids.”

I laughed aloud at the disdain in his voice, it felt good to laugh.

“Staying the night?” He asked almost too casually.

“No I wouldn’t want to intrude…” I said immediately.

He grinned down at me, “Yeah because Hudson and I were planning to have a nice romantic night in,” he said sarcastically.

Upon seeing my hesitation he added, “You can take the couch, besides you just got back… Hudson would miss you.”

I laughed again, reaching out to my doggy once again as Ressler stood up to get a blanket and pillows.

As he walked past me he looked a Hudson whose head was between his paws and looking up at Ressler at the same time, “Oh so now you decide to be quiet,” Ressler addressed the dog, ruffling its head, he added, “buck up mate, she’s here to stay this time.”

I felt the smile grow on my face but I tried, unsuccessfully, to not read too much into the words. 

Once he got back we both started setting up the bedding and it was difficult to ignore how effortlessly we seemed to work together and get a rhythm going.

“Okay, all done, I- um… I got you some sweats.. you’re welcome to have a shower if you want…” He rambled.

“I’m actually pretty tired.. I might just hit the sack if thats alright.” I said, going to the bathroom to change.

As expected the clothes were much too large for me.. the shirt came to mid-thigh at least.. but the pants just refused to stay up.

Oh what the hell I thought to myself, pulling the shirt down and venturing back into the living room.

“So the air conditioner remote is right he-“ Ressler started to explain but stopped upon seeing my attire.. or rather, lack thereof.

I felt my cheeks warm up when his eyes swept over my form stopping at my bare legs and when he swallowed I felt the urge to explain, “The pants were too big and they kept falling down…”

“No no,” he said immediately, “Its fine, I mean you look much better without the pants.. I mean with my t-shirt, the t-shirt.. I mean.. wait what?” He finished looking confused.  

I giggled at his expression and he looked at me with surprise.

“Come on! Get over here,” He gestured at the couch, “Wouldn’t want Hudson getting any ideas.”

As I sat on the couch carefully, he threw the comforter over me with a playful smile which I returned. And then I felt it fade.

Suddenly the room seemed to be so much bigger than me.. and I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to be alone yet.

“Hey, theres this movie I’ve been wanting to watch on Netflix but I haven’t had time.. Any interest??” Ressler asked smoothly.

I looked gratefully at him and nodded.

He quickly set it up and came to sit beside me. When I told him to move over, he looked at me, confused.. But ever the gentlemen.. he did what he was told without question.

I placed a pillow on his lap and lay my head on it in one motion.

“Why do I feel like this is only comfortable for one of us?” Ressler asked before answering, “Oh right, thats because it is only comfortable for one of us.”

“You just answered you’re own rhetorical question Ress. Lame.” I laughed.

Other than a small chuckle, Ressler fell silent and I started to think that maybe he was uncomfortable.

Just when I was about to move, he gently laid his hand on my head and began to stroke my hair with such tenderness that I felt tears come to my eyes once again. 

My eyes automatically closed and the last thought I had before drifting off into a peaceful sleep was that, even though this was the first time Ressler and I done this, I had somehow missed it.  

Vegans Hate Science And Logical Thought

I created my blog because I’m all about the science. I make sure to point out in scientific terms why veganism is wrong. I’ll express to you some of the greatest scientific points that I hear verbatim from the leading scientific tumblr community:


-My food shits on your food

-You can’t be vegan because you swallow cum

-You can’t be vegan because you’ve drank your mother’s breast milk

-Plants don’t have protein

-I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat spinach

-Since I live my life the same way a lion lives, would you be mad at a lion for eating a cow?

-It’s too expensive to eat beans, lentils, pasta, grains, canned fruits and vegetables

-If we didn’t eat cows, then they would die

-Vegans kill plants

-We’d run out of plants if everybody went vegan

-farm animals don’t eat plants…they live on sunshine and magic

-Humans need the lactating secretions of a cow

-cows are the only source of calcium in the world

-the fact that the countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis are purely coincidental

-it takes less work and is cheaper to grow crops to feed animals and then feed the animals to the people instead of just feeding crops to people.

-omnivore means obligate carnivore

-I’m used to it

-If you were on a deserted island would you eat a cow that for some reason was on a deserted island

-what if I put a gun to your head

-I eat big macs because I’m worried about my b12 levels

-no FUCK YOU….you’re not better than me

-I once went vegan for 8 hours and I nearly died.

-eating meat is good for the environment

-I can still love animals and eat them, even though I don’t have to

-Look at my sharp teeth that can eat through a chicken mcnugget

-Hitler was a vegetarian

-If it was wrong, then people just wouldn’t do it.

-I eat steak, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, fried chicken, fried eggs, butter, and ice cream purely for the health reasons, out of necessity, because I am a rugged survivalist.

-no….seriously….. FUCK YOU….you’re not better than me

This is the scientific proof I have garnered from all my time being on tumblr. I hope this is enough so that we can finally move on and go get some barbecue, because if there is one thing that I can’t stand, it’s a group of people who are just bratty and tempermental, and have no scientific and logical inclinations at all.

Why Are You Always Looking At Your Phone?

“Why are you always looking at your phone?”

I’ve heard this a lot.

Why don’t you talk to the people you’re with? Why aren’t you present? Who are you talking to?

As we become more dependent on our phones and social media as methods of communication, more and more people ask these questions.

People moan about “how we’ve changed.”

Hey, people who talk like this: Maybe it’s your fault.

When I’m in a good conversation, my phone stays in my pocket. When I’m engaged, I stay engaged. Maybe it’s you?

And what’s wrong with wanting to talk to people that are far away? What is it about your proximity to me that makes you take precedent? Why are you more important just because you happen to be here?

We aren’t trapped with the people we’re trapped with anymore. We can talk to whomever we want to, anytime we want to. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the people around us need to do a better job of being the people we want to be around.

Imagine if we could teleport and instantly be around the people we wanted to talk to, to be around, to feel. I bet we’d pop in and out of countries faster than we pop in and out of chat windows.

This is progress.

If you take out your phone when I’m talking to you I’m going to make it my goal to do a better job of being interesting, and if I can’t get you out of your screen then maybe it’s better that you’re talking to someone else, because clearly I’m not living up to my expectations in this relationship.

“Why are you always looking at your phone?”

Because you’re not giving me a reason not to.

emily7miller-blog  asked:

Is there any way to become long-term motivated for something? Like when I want to do something but it doesn't happen cause other things get in the way! How do you make things happen in your life that take a while? How do you stay motivated?

Do you need to motivate yourself to brush your teeth every day? Perhaps when you are tired and lying in bed after getting home late, you may need to convince yourself to get up. But otherwise you just do it. 

Only where there is resistance does motivation become necessary. Therefore I prefer focusing on the various forms of resistance and dissolving them by whatever means that makes sense. Then there is no unnecessary struggle. 

Taking the ego out of your approach not only makes it more lasting but it also keeps you engaged in the present rather than hung up on the future. 

For example, I just started running again pretty much for the first time since my cross country days in high school. There are many reasons someone might take up running: lose weight, gain muscle, cardio health, core strength, endurance, whatever. All proven and useful results of running. 

They also require consistency. Running once or twice a week isn’t enough, although it’s obviously better than not at all. 

However, if you’re running for a reason and miss some days, you may feel rather disconcerted. What if you don’t get the results you want and you’re just wasting all this time? Then once you get started thinking negatively, it seems like an uphill struggle to think positively. But if you just shut up, put on your running shoes, and go outside, then no further thinking is necessary. 

That’s egoless. You cease to make it about your expectations and preferences and instead just surrender to the original decision you made to take up running. 

This is pretty much exactly the same process as starting up a meditation practice.

You can’t afford to wait until you feel like doing it. Real motivation isn’t about what you feel like doing. It’s not an “I want this” or “Okay, let’s do this!” Being motivated means seeing that it’s possible and then just doing it. It’s like jumping into a cold swimming pool. Dancing around the edge and vacillating between talking yourself into and out of it does nothing much. Of course you can talk yourself into it much harder and have that win out, but that still doesn’t jump into the pool for you. Sooner or later action must take the place of thought.

Now that I’ve decided to start running again, I know I’m going to continue it. Maybe I’ll miss a day, a week, or a month, but regardless of how much time lapses, I’ll just start again. I know this because of the confidence I have found in my meditation practice. Spiritual benefits aside, my meditation practice showed me how with the right attitude I can incorporate anything into my daily life. 

A few quick tips:

1. Align your desire. Recognize what you really want. Use your intelligence for this. Not cold rationality and not capricious emotion but the true intelligence born of sincere contemplation. Once you’ve thoroughly made that decision, surrender to it. Sacrifice any lesser desires that stand in your way.

2. Let go of expectation. Discover how you can appreciate the day to day effect and meaning of your decision.

3. Don’t cling. If you miss some days, don’t scold yourself. That’s leftover conditioning from childhood and is best not indulged, lest you pass it on to others. Just recognize what happened and why, even if it was just several days of “I don’t feel like it,” and forgive it. Then start anew. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste :)

anonymous asked:

"It has instead given us debt" oh stfu. The reason that you're in debt is because your parents didn't save for your education. Don't blame capitalism or the US.


My parents came to the United States illegally from Mexico before I was born to look for a better life than the one they had in Mexico. Having a better life, to them, meant higher chances for a fair wage, and more opportunities for their children. They came to the United States with false hope because this country doesn’t really care for it’s “tired, poor, or those yearning to be free.” (part of a poem engraved on our oh-so-precious statue of liberty). They earned minimum and below minimum wage for a very long time and already had children to take care of. My parents had 8 children, so you know they had trouble saving for this many tuition costs. 

Now based on your uneducated anon message, I will now assume that you would make the argument that they should have stayed in their own country and deal with their situation. Perhaps you have not heard of Emiliano Zapata and article 27? In short, Emiliano Zapata was the leader of a revolution which ended the hacienda system which enslaved native people into a life of work. This was Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution. These lands were to stay public and not me privatized. NAFTA came along and removed Article 27 and allowed companies to come along and build factories, eliminated programs helping local farmers, kept wages low, etc.

Now that you know about NAFTA and Article 27, you may think to yourself “what does this have to do with anything?” Well young chap, this means that Mexican people did not want to leave their friends, families, lives, etc. to come to the U.S., instead THEY WERE FORCED TO! Think about it. Think about simply leaving to another country. Nobody really wants to leave their lives in order to start from the bottom somewhere else. Believe me, this was their last resort. 

Not only that, but working as much as possible here in the U.S. while still encouraging their children to focus on their education instead of seeking work right after high school is extremely honorable. My parents have kept their heads up in a country that hates them, in a country that hates their children, and in a country that does not want to see them succeed. So don’t give me that shit.

So when you try to blame my parents for their salaries and not being able to help me pay for my education, you might want to do some research. My parents work too hard to have somebody try to bring them down when they can’t pay for my or my siblings’ education. If you had your education paid for, lucky you. You are extremely privileged and have thrived from a system that exploits others to help you out.  

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda wishing my suicide attempt earlier this year was successful after what happened election night, and knowing things will get worse and not better. I don't think I want to be alive to see the horror show that's coming. Why should I stay alive

If you disagree with the state of your country right now, it is all the more reason to stay alive and voice your concern over the issues that matter. However, fighting for what you believe in should be done with a stable mental state. In chaotic political times, it is important now more than ever to reach out to your family and friends, and to mental health facilities if you feel the need to.

anonymous asked:

The why aren't you for banning Cars? They kill kids. Why aren't you for banning abortions? This guy owned you in an op-ed .. "Your child isn’t more important than my gun. My gun is the reason America has never been invaded and your child can grow up in a free country. My gun is the reason you have the freedom to insinuate than anyone who likes a gun is a lunatic.You’re welcome."

I’m pretty sure you’re the guy who wrote that op-ed, as you’ve sent me the link to how brilliant you are on every social media platform I have an account on. I HAVE NOTICED YOU. Does that make you feel better? Go jack off to a copy of Guns & Ammo and your violent fantasies of me being shot by a home intruder.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sending you hate mail but instead something that if you want you can share and I send this anonymously in an attempt to avoid any potential harassment I could receive (I've had 6 messages this week calling me "cis-scum" and a "misogynist rapist pig) This also may take more than one message so here it goes. I am a brony, a female brony, but a brony none the less and I'm proud of it. I've been on and off reading your blog and appreciate all you do to try and remove all the misconceptions

The reason why I became a brony is because during my lowest point in life where I felt I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and my own family was telling me no one loved me and I was better off leaving the country and never being heard from again the Brony community was there for me. There were 3 bronies in general that helped me get through that patch and showed me the show; they got me hooked and showed what a welcoming fandom and community the bronies have. I owe a lot to them and I can say with certainty (not pride though) that if they hadn’t been there I wouldn’t be writing this to you tonight. Not all bronies are bad and out of all the ones I’ve met I’ve never met a single “rapist, pedophile, misogynist, or fedora wearing neckbeard” and I’ve met A LOT of bronies. I’ve asked those 3 bronies who helped me get through the hardest point in my life why they did and their response was that they knew I was a brony, in the closet about it but that I was one and how if they learned anything from the show or the community is that no matter what you go through your friends should be there for you and accept you. I asked how they knew I was a Brony when I hadn’t said anything about it and they mentioned having seen me working on costume designs for a Princess Luna and even drafting plush patterns.

I’ve met a lot of SJW’s and all of them have been down right rude to me, telling me I deserved everything that has ever happened to me; the fact that almost 2 years ago I was raped while intoxicated was fair game because “I’m a shit Brony and they deserve that to happen to them” (exact quote from a former friend), this didn’t happen at a Brony party or convention, it happened at a friends house during a regular party. When I told that to a brony friend they told me it wasn’t my fault and that no one deserves that to happen no matter what their interests. At this point in my life I’m now 2 years away from a Master’s Degree, engaged to a wonderful man who is also a Brony, and welcomed into a community that actually cares enough to accept me as I am. I know people who may see this if it is posted would likely call that I lied about being raped (which mind you I mentioned it to show you can survive it and not let it define who you are) and may even jab at my appearance when they don’t know me. Keep doing what you’re doing I appreciate all your blog has to offer.


This is exactly the brony community I’ve grown to love.  They help people, they look out for one another.  Even if they don’t KNOW the person they do all they can to help

I know there are shit bronies out there and it sucks that they exist, but this story is a story I’ve heard very often.  And this is why I keep defending them.

A story like this will get… about… 20 notes MAX… and that’s what kinda sucks about tumblr.  If it’s not some negative story it only gets a few notes.  Maybe if I add “fedora” to the tag it’ll get more, idk.

Anyways, glad things are going better for you.  Sorry you had to go through so much crap.  But you pushed through and you’re a better person now and that’s what’s so important.   I hope things continue to improve for you and always remember, your real friends will stand by you and help you when you need it ^_^

(BTW for those wanting to send these kind of stories, there’s always the submissions page which has a much more lenient character limit.)