reasons i love philly

Happy 30th Birthday Phil! To celebrate him being 30, I’m going to do 30 reasons why I love Philly here

1. His hair
2. His smile
3. The way he covers his mouth with his hands when he laughs
4. His love for the phandom and the fans
5. His selfies
6. His innocents of the words such as thicc
7. His whisker skills
8. His liveshows
9. His interaction with fans
10. His care for Dan
11. His face when Dan realises Phil has eaten some of the cooking ingredients
12. His jokes
13. His kitchen exercises
14. His bubbly personality in videos
15. His chilled personality in liveshows
16. The way he tilts his head when he’s waiting
17. His arm movements when he’s explaining
18. The fact he takes time to look at the creations that his fans have made
19. The effort he puts in to make good content
20. His confused face
21. His obsession with house plants
22. His double chin pose
23. His shocked face profile picture
24. His videos in general
25. His punk look (in punk edits in real life)
26. His unintentional innuendos
27. The fact he refused to answer a question because it was judgemental
28. His passion for YouTube and videos
29. His chemistry with Dan in videos (in a platonic best friend way)
30. His PINOFs!

These are just some of the many things I love about him and I hope that he continues to make videos and make us happy