reasons i love my younger sister

@despairinglyboring ok so this is a long ass story so get ready. 

so in middle school i was friends with this girl i’ll call her snake cause she’s a fucking snake. so snake had a younger sister who thought i was super cool for some ungodly reason i’m gonna call this kid max’s #1 fan. max’s #1 fan was like 9 or 10 at the time i forget. so anyways this all started i think during the summer before 8th grade. snake invited me and my best friend at the time, uhh yaoifangirl666 (i love her so much but g o d this is the perfect description of her) to go see a drive in movie with her! we went to see the goonies and et. snakes parents took us so max’s #1 fan came too and she…brought a friend…..let’s call the friend, a stalker in the making or just stalker for short. so this was the first time i met stalker ok and basically what happened was dduring the goonies us older ppl had the chairs bc there were only 5 so the younger ones had to sit on the ground so being the kind person i offered the both of them to sit on my lap during the movie! but only stalker said yes to that. ok here’s where everything starts going downhill and once again let me reiterate, this is the first fucking time i’ve met this fucking kid ok. ok so during the movie while stalker is sitting on my lap she fucking starts??? licking??? my face????? just fucking licking it?? and so i laughed it off at first and told her to stop bbut she would. keep doing it throughout the movie so at some point i couldn’t take it anymore andd i got off the chair (bc to be fair, it was her chair) andd layer down on the ground…so then after the goonies was over there was a short break before et started so we all went up to the dinner to get something to eat and drink andd i was walking slowly so to make sure the younger kids didn’t trip or get lost cause it was dark andd stalker comes right up next to me and i’m fuvcking deadass this 8 or 9 year old girl says to me “did you know that you’re tasty?” and i was like “haha what” then she gets even fucking closer to me and fucking whispers “in both ways” LIKE WHAT??????? BOTH WAYS????? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?????? SO I JUST BOLTED THE FUCK INTO DINNER CAUSE I WASNT GONNA TRY AND DEAL WITH THAT SHIT ANYMORE 

so that was the last of what she did that night but oh it was only the beginning…so after THAT experiences, max’s #1 fan started hanging out with stalker more…i swear those two were specifically put on this earth for my torture…so there were lots of little things that she did to me like hanging onto my arm and not letting go unless i pushed her off hard enough, saying that she wished she’d grow up and be a lesbian then look directly at me and smiling, copying everything i did, licking me more, and of course begging snake to invite me over whenever she was there. but theres one other incident that stands out above others 

so my friend sky (they can vouch for me on all of this btw we’re still friends) and i had slept over snakes house and max’s #1 fan was bothering us so to get her to go away, sky just opened up their jacket and flaunted their bod (dw they just came back from play rehearsal so they were just wearing skin colored clothes under their jacket) and max’s #1 fan ran away and didnt bother us for the rest of the night! so the next weekend i slept over snakes house again, this time with yaoifan666. before yaoifan666 got there, max’s #1 fan and stalker were bothering us. they were trying to get in snakes room but we were blocking the door but they were being annoying and banging on it so i told them “if you guys come in here then im just gonna take my shirt off in front of you” since that seemed to work when sky did it…unfortunately…the reaction i got wasn’t what i wanted. i mean, max’s #1 fan still said “EWW” and ran away bbut stalker jjust said…”oh yes” ssso apparently i made the most terrified face ever andd i was basically on the verge of tears because of this child…

luckily im not friends with snake anymore and by the time i graduate stalker will be in like 7th or 8th grade so the likelihood of me ever having to see her again and her remembering me is VERY low so thank god because still to this day i can see her cold, black (well they were dark brown but im partially color blind so they looked black to me) eyes staring into me with as much lust as a 8 or 9 year old can have and god even to this day i can hear her whispering “in both ways” to me 

sorry this was so long i just feel like summing it up quickly doesnt do it justice 

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A-Age : 33

B-Biggest Fear : public speaking embarrassment

C- Current time : 1:30pm

D-Drink you last had : water

E-Everyday starts with : waking up and not wanting to get out of comfy bed

F-Favorite song : If you could only see (Tonic)

G: Ghosts, are they real : Almost certainly not

I- In love with : Alex Danvers

K-Killed someone : no lolwut

L-Last time you cried : A few tears a few weeks ago I think

M-Middle name : Anne Sarah

N-Number of siblings : one younger sister

O-One wish : find soulmate and actually get to be with her

P-Person you last texted : dad

Q-Questions you are always asked : Are you coming for dinner

R-Reason to Smile : cute animals

S-Song last sang : One week by Barenaked Ladies

T-Time you woke up : about 7am to claim my Pokemon Go gyms lol

U-Underwear : yes?

V-Vacation destination : Puget Sound to see wild orcas

W-Worst habit : skin picking (ugh, I know, gross)

X-X-rays you’ve had : dental xrays, chest xray, hand xray

Y-Your favorite food : dark chocolate, whipped cream and meringue with strawberries, bananas, steamed broccoli

Z-Zodiac sign : scorpio

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A - age: 19

B - biggest fear: no idea

C - current time: 2:17

D - drink you last had: can’t remember

E - every day starts with: waking up and checking tumblr

F - favorite song: Too many to list

G - ghosts, are they real: I see no reason why they don’t

H - hometown: Missouri (idk which town lmao)

I - in love with: top secret

J - jealous of: couples tbh

K - killed someone: nope

L - last time you cried: It’s been like 4 years lmao

M - middle name: Luke

N - number of siblings: An older sister and two younger brothers

O - one wish: Idunno; be in Texas where my best friend (and a couple of other close friends) lives?

P - person you last called/texted: My best friend, I think

Q - question you’re always asked: Idunno

R - reasons to smile: Many

S - song last sang: Can’t remember

T - time you woke up: 9ish

U - underwear color: Blue? I think

V - vacation destination: Where my friends live, and Norway

W - worst habit: procrastination

X - x-rays you’ve had: orthodontist

Y - your favorite food: chicken

Z - zodiac sign: Taurus, though I don’t believe in that non-sense

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Biggest fear: Disappointing the people I love
Current time: 10:31 p.m. .
Drink you last had: Water.
Every day starts with: Going to class 
Favourite song: In My Mind by Amanda Palmer
Ghosts, are they real?: Nope!
Home town: Rome, Georgia
In love with: Video games! 
Jealous of: People who’re capable of being productive 
Killed someone: Nope
Last time you cried: Maybe a month ago?
Middle name: Alexander
Number of siblings: One younger sister (who is awesome)
One wish: For the people I care about to be happy
Person you called/texted last: My dad
Question you’re always asked: “Is that really your name?!?” 
Reasons to smile: Awesome things and awesome people exist
Song I last sang: Evelyn, Evelyn on the album Evelyn, Evelyn by the group Evelyn, Evelyn
Time you woke up today: 11:30! I sleep waaaaay later than I should
Underwear colour: PINK MOTHER FUCKERS
Vacation destination: I generally prefer to stay at home!
Worst habit: Putting things off
X-rays you’ve had: Dunno exactly. Between breaking an arm and a wrist and some occasional dentist stuff, more than most people, I’d guess =P
Your favourite food: Pizza!
Zodiac sign: Leo

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AN: I have so many OC’s I started to make fact cards about them but never posted them, you guys loved Hidden Hybrid so much I decided to post my TVD OC’s <3

Also My Little Hybrid Spoilers!!!

Bonniebird OC - (Y/N) Jenna Gilbert:


(Y/N) Gilbert is the youngest Gilbert sibling and being Elena’s biological sister. Despite finding out she was only Jeremy’s cousin she remains close to him and they often find themselves in trouble. Her best friend, Matt Donovan’s younger half-sister Rosie, has been the voice of reason since she moved to Mystic Falls.

(Y/N) was turned by her sister, Elena, shortly before her first Cheer Squad try-outs. Being the only person to remind Elena of her humanity the sisters stayed close despite Elena switching her humanity off, a final factor in Elena’s plans to turn (Y/N).

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A - Age: 22
B - Biggest fear: probably being hated by my friends or something along those lines
C - Current time: 3:07pm
D - Drink you last had: Milk
E - Every day starts with: Checking my phone and getting the free daily stuff on like 6 apps
F - Favourite song: It changes every now and then but I really do love No Reason Boner by NSP
G - Ghosts are they real: Yes 10/10 will run away from them
I - In love with: the bae~! but also fam & friends & fictional characters
M - Middle name: Amarisa
N - Number of siblings: 3
O - One wish: I wish to understand other languages besides English please
P - Person you last called/texted: my younger sister
Q - Questions you are always asked: “So, what kind of film are you going to make?” “Why are you like this?” “What did you do today?”
R - Reasons to smile: do it for friends
S - Song last sang: Pretty sure the last song I ‘sang’ was How To Save A Life by The Fray
T - Time you woke up: around 10:30am ish???
U - Underwear colour: beige
V - Vacation destination: Take me to Europe or Japan
W - Worst habit: When speaking to others I sort of move around??? Hands are doing something, legs are twitchy, things like that. Can’t look people in the eye either rip
X - X-Rays you’ve had: do dental ones count because thats probably the only ones I’ve ever got
Y - Your favourite food: destroy me with Japanese curry or tonkatsu
Z- Zodiac sign: Aries

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  • Age:15
  • Biggest fear: being useless and death
  • Current time: it’s 16.57h
  • Drink I last had: lemonade
  • Everyday starts with: a headace
  • Favourite song: currently it’s Tout les mêmes by Stromae but my all time favourite is Mommae by Jay Park
  • Ghosts, are they real: sheesh, I hope not
  • Hometown: Somewhere in South Holland
  • In love with: the internet probably
  • Jealous of: people with an acceptable time table, mine is fuuuuuucked
  • Killed someone: if yes, I don’t remeber
  • Last time I cried: last week, school fucked me up
  • Middle name: … I got none
  • Number of siblings: one annoying little shit aka a younger sister
  • One wish: infinite luck
  • Last person I called/texted: my friend chat, it’s called MemeSquadTM
  • Question I’m always asked: Are you a girl, or a boy?
  • Reasons to smile: Bangtan boys
  • Song I last sang: Old Time Religion by Parker Millsap
  • Time I woke up: at about nine this morning
  • Underwear colour: like my soul, black
  • Vacation destination: I wanna go to Seoul
  • Worst habbit: procastinating
  • X-rays I’ve had: many, mainly when I has some issues with my menstruation
  • Your favourite food: pasta
  • Zodiac sign: leo

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Describe yourself with three fictional characters

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(Well actually it got quite long so I’m attaching the thumbnail art first so that you can TL;DR it xD;;)

1. Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
I see myself in her for many reasons.
First of all, she likes tea and desserts (I’m all about those if you know me), and likes to have people over and treat them with a good tea time, like I love to.
She is also the ‘dependable elder sister’ position in PMMM. Though I was born an only child, I’ve had many friends and younger girls seek advise in me, asking for my opinion for their worries and troubles. Mami also has a calm personality, which is what you will see when you’ve just met me. (What happens if you’ve been around me long enough is a whole different story. xD)
Then she is lonely. I think loneliness is one of her keywords: a trait I share deeply with her. I was sick as a kid, so I didn’t have many friends. Ever since I moved to the States, it’s been a different kind of loneliness. (Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of good people with me, but those who feel me would understand that it’s not something that really goes away.) I think she seeks comfort in having the ‘elder sister’ position, and I think I do so too sometimes. Also, she is without a family and I have a rather complicated relationship with my family, so.

2. Lissa from Fire Emblem Awakening
She was the first one that came to my mind, and apparently also the one lots of people see the resemblance with me!
I guess I thought of her because we both have a bright personality yet are not without our shadows. On top of everything she has to go through in the game *coughsEMMERYNcoughs*, Lissa is self-conscious about her not being princess-like, especially not having a visible brand. When she sees Owain, she is relieved that he has a brand because she always doubted how legitimate her lineage was, afraid of not fitting into the royal family.
I can totally relate to that feeling of self-doubt (also the pressure of family), and even to how she hides it so well. Lissa and I both have been through so much, but instead of letting it get to us and ruining our good traits, we remained bright and kind. (I…I hope at least. xD;;)
Lissa is also honest with herself and cares for others, which is also something I relate to. She might seem weak if you judge her based only on her initial reaction to things, but she always overcomes it and grows from it. This is what I really appreciate about her, that she is not this perfect person who’s always strong, but rather is a human being who does get hurt but never truly gives up on hoping and believing. I think I am very much like that as well.

3. Maya Fey / Mayoi Ayasato from Ace Attorney
This might be surprising, but I do think we’re alike. xDD I think Maya might be the mischievous side of me. *coughs*
She’s spontaneous, quirky and imaginative. You don’t know what she’s gonna come up with next. She is also playful, but her pranks are usually harmless because she means good. She comes up with the most random ideas, and when people tell her those won’t work, she doesn’t get too discouraged and keeps on coming up with more.
When her mind is fixed on something, she’s REALLY fixed on it, like how I am. (Let’s start with food cravings) When I’m into/resolved to do something, I simply have to take care of that first. and no one can stop me RAWR~!
Maya is also rather naive, and I used to be so (still somewhat am). Though she may talk about her contributions, it is only in a playful manner and she is actually quite humble. Also, when she came back for the newest AA game, we saw that she got mature but is still the same playful person inside, which is similar to how I’m aging, and how I’d like to age in the future. Does this mean I’m like a child even though I’m 27 years old? Yes. Yes I am.

That’s enough “about me” talk to torture you guys for the day.
Thanks for reading this painfully long post! xDD;; You all deserve a hug. *hugs* *is rejected* *cries*

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Dear the girl who smiled,

It’s been about 6 years now since you smiled at me. I was walking through campus late at night by myself because I had a tendency to do that back then. But that night, it was different. I had just had a huge fight with my roommates and my ex-boyfriend who was constantly trying to get with one of my roommates. So instead of wandering around aimlessly as usual, I was headed some place that night.

I had other problems you see. I was sexual assaulted when I was younger. My sister had been placed in a mental institution for a short while. I was secretly seeing this guy who I was head over heels for, who unfortunately was dating someone else, someone he loved. I couldn’t keep my grades up as I tried to balance school and a team of girls that wouldn’t stop sending me mean messages. Plus my friend had just blamed me for not loving him back for the reason that he attempted suicide. So when I ran into you that night, I was going to the roof of the science building. I was going to jump, you see.

and then you smiled.

I have no idea who you are or if I ever saw you again on campus. But you were the reminder that not everyone in this world was out to get me. That some things go the way you want them to. So as I stood up on that roof, I stepped back thinking of your smile and I went home. I am writing to thank you for that.

I have this wonderful life. I got married, I ran a half marathon, I’ve traveled the world with more trips planned, I started painting again, I just got this awesome job and I met so many amazing people that I’m so lucky to have in my life and they truly appreciate me being in theirs.

I mean yes, there have been sad moments too. You never really get over some of them, like losing people you care about.  But, I can’t imagine how different my little pocket of the world would be if you hadn’t smiled that night as I passed you with tears in my eyes.

So thank you. Thank you for that and so much more.

Please everyone, smile. You don’t know how much a difference it can make.

a girl smiling back.

“Nothing. It’s fine. I hope you two are happy together.”

Those are the last words I said to him almost two years ago. My birthday is July 3rd. I found out he slept with my sorority sister on July 5th, two days after he took my downtown for my 21st birthday. He told me the reason we couldn’t be in a real relationship was because I was too young for him, being four years younger than him, and because I was one of his closest friends. But he still took my virginity, he was my first kiss, my first love. She wasn’t the first girl he slept with while we were together, but she was the last. I cried the entire month of July, but I didn’t send that text until the start of September.

I spoke to him again months later, after I started dating my new boyfriend. He wanted to get together to “talk,” but we both knew no talking would actually happen. He is still dating my sorority sister. They live together now.

He still sends me a happy birthday text every year. I don’t respond.

Just a random thought too. I want people to stop thinking that Dean was forced, manipulated, or unfairly had to take care of Sam. Dean’s a big brother. It’s naturally in him to want to care for his brother. He’s not doing it because John was careless.

Reason for thinking of this? I’m sitting in Barnes&Noble reading and I look up. This little baby girl was crying in her baby seat and her sister, probably 3 or younger reaches and pets her. Mom is sitting right there too. She’s not a bad mom, her daughter just wants to console your crying sister. I keep glancing over and the sister is eating her cookie and every so often just reaching out and petting her sister, crying or not.

It’s all just sibling love. I am the same way with my siblings. Defending them against my parents when they argue. My parents aren’t bad, they’re great and my best friends. I just think it’s natural for a sibling to be protective.

Coming Out (Maybe)???

I’m considering coming out to my younger sister and telling her that I’m bi. I’ve never been super close to her, but I’d like to be. 

The main reason we aren’t close is because she can be very immature at times. Recently, she’s been improving, but I’m not entirely sure she’d keep it a secret. I’m mostly worried that she wouldn’t keep it from my dad.

I’d love to become closer to her though, and to be able to talk more openly with her. I’ll be spending a lot of time with her over these next few weeks, so maybe I’ll be able to do that.