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SHIP REQUEST: I'm Peyton! I'm about 5'4"! I love to read and I love psychology. I also REALLY like mints for some reason... i also love documentaries and historical things! i'm almost always wearing a cardigan. i enjoy the outdoors but only if i'm reading. i like the beach but i also love hiking, museums, and art galleries. coffee is a necessity for me. thanks!! and congrats on 1k!

Thank you!  And you sound so cute my goodness!

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My gosh you and this dork would do all the fun nerdy things together, watch documentaries, he would teach you to play chess, you’d share clothes and swap cardigans at work to mess with the team omg.  And he would love taking you to the museum and ramble on and on about the things you’d see and you’d ask him questions because you love to just hear his voice and you just admire his knowledge, man I ship this hard #speyton yes please.

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Spencer made his way into the break room where you were pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

“Peyton,” he said casually as if you didn’t live together.

“Spencer,” you replied, trying to hide your smirk.  You saw he was headed to the coffee pot himself, filling his mug.  Your trap was set.  Slowly, you walked over and kissed his cheek with a smile.

“I love you,” you mumbled, sipping your own mug.  He chuckled as he poured sugar into his mug, or what he thought was sugar.

“Love you too,” he replied, taking a sip.  His face scrunched up when the bitter taste past his lips.  “What the heck?”

“I put salt in the sugar shaker,” you said, continuing to sip your coffee as you walked out of the break room with a smirk of success.

“I’m so going to get you back, Peyton!” he called after you as he dumped out his wasted cup of coffee.

Celebration ships!!

The reason why I love Forks Over Knives as a documentary to discuss plant based diets
Is because of the absolute reverence and respect of diversity in the human experience
Instead of talking about health by pathologizing people of color
They are critical of western health standards
And cognizant that the issues with people of color being over weight is about the accessibility of foods
Not just a lack of desire to be healthy
It really is an amazing film
And i watch it over and over
As a resource to help me articulate why I live the way I live