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listen I don’t really care I’m just gonna say if you make a post and exclude someone purposefully and they see it, it’s not unreasonable for them to be confused and slightly hurt regardless of rather or not you were close

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a new commission post because the old one was outdated!!

(all prices are in USD)

additional info:

  • visual references preferred but i can work with a detailed description!
  • for ocs: a brief description of their personality would help a lot!
  • i will send regular progress updates including 2-3 sketched pose options to choose from at the beginning!! please try not to make any major changes after you’ve chosen a pose, but i’ll try my best to accommodate changes within reason ^^ 
  • if you need a certain resolution / completed by a certain date / want separate sketch, line and colour versions, please let me know upfront!!
  • you may edit or use it however you want but don’t claim you drew it (or resell for over the original price, if you resell it for whatever reason)
  • there are some ships i’m not comfortable drawing (mainly those with a large age difference) but most ships are 100% ok!!
  • i may refuse to draw something i’m not comfortable or confident with, but that probably won’t happen as long as you stick to the yes/no list above ^^
  • payment should be ½ upfront and ½ after completion. i will start after the first payment, and send the full resolution finished image after the second.
  • please read this!
  • more examples can be found in my art tag
  • don’t be afraid to ask if you have any other questions!!


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im not reblogging the post that prompted this but - I would rather 2000 wannabe nerds fake their diagnosis exclusively for social kudos rather than see even a single hateful post ranting about Fakers.

“If you trick your psychologist and fake your diagnosis you’re human garbage” brings a hell of a lot more suffering into this world than people getting what they need however they can. Gatekeeping does more harm to ND and disabled people than any number of self diagnoses or fakers ever could.

Ableist people are still gonna hate us if all the fakers disappear. They are going to provide too few benefits, they are going to talk about addicts and slackers, they are going to be judgmental motherfuckers even if every single ND/disabled person carries around a certificate signed by 3 specialist saying that they have us under constant surveillance and we really do have what we said we have.

Gatekeeping fucks up every single person in the community. I’ve never spoken to a single ND or disabled person who has not felt that they were “not really” or “not enough.” It stops people from getting accommodations and support, it makes them unsafe in their communities.

More gatekeeping by the community is not going to mean less gatekeeping from abled people. It’s just going to mean more gatekeeping.

I love their squishy faces so I animated Chi smacking some sense into Yuu. Adding sound was a pain because I had to search for Yuu noises that would work and it honestly sounds kinda bad but oh well.

Here’s a gif verison too.

I’ve gotten a lot of asks about genderbents,, like a lot. I am really not a fan of genderbending in general, but I drew my boys for it! Haha… I just, really don’t change anything for it, sorry. OTL 

And their names would be Daria and Garitha bc why not. 

Them: Why are you so obsessed with Kpop?

Me: Because it’s good music

What I want to say: Not to sound dramatic, but this goes far beyond music. I’m invested in not only the artistry but the people behind it. I’m not just learning their names and a little about their culture; I’m learning about what they sacrificed to be where they are today. I feel like by supporting them I’m helping them to be where they are today. I’m gaining more and learning more about myself by just being a fan and seeing their hard work. I don’t expect you to understand but I do.

Them: But you don’t even know what they are saying…

Remember this guy?

Who is probably also this guy?

Well, apparently he’s back in chapter 162…

And I uh….. have my concerns…..

Happy 101th Birthday, Bucky Barnes! For your special day I give you, one cupcake (forgive me for not drawing 100 more candles, this one is extra flamey tho) and one very fluffy and very warm husbae. Enjoy.

I’m not sure what he loves more ^^

you know what i’ve noticed? people on tumblr are amazing at condemning rapists and abusers in the abstract. ‘all rapists are awful! abusers deserve no mercy! etc’ but the minute, the minute, someone comes out with an allegation of harassment, abuse, or assault of any kind (often well documented, often corroborated, and often with no reason to lie) they are unable to practice what they preach. the principles of the abstract are abandoned once reality comes, and it’s all ‘maybe he/she’s doing it for attention! we don’t know all the facts! wait for his/her side of the story!’ and it’s disgusting. you don’t care about survivors, you don’t care about their wellbeing, you don’t care about actually helping victims of abuse and assault. you just care about making sure you look like you’re a decent person. you care about cultivating an image more than you care about actual people. 

and it makes me sick

EDIT: the best thing about this post to date is someone saying i’m a terf for writing it becaus i’m clearly a radical feminist, forgetting that the t and e stand for something that is neither here nor there in relation to this post. but again, if your response to a post that says ‘hey people on the internet tend to drop their ideals on defending victims as soon as one of their faves is accused’ is to get mad and offended, that speaks more to your assholery than mine.


Compelling a wish from the Angel can only happen once. If the Clave ever found out what we did, they’d lock you in the Gard for the rest of your life.
No one can know, Clary.



So, you met Madani, huh?