reasons andy should watch firefly

So basically, the reason I cannot with this torture scene:

is because it reminds me of this torture scene:

The chuckle was as dry as ash as Belsen turned back to tweak his captive jovially on the nose. “But Herr Corner reads his books, I see! He knows my hobby is pain.” He addressed the students again. “My first lesson I vill teach here for all uff you. Pain is a fascinating thing, no? Wery complex. Ze Crucio, for exwample, is wery effectif in small amount, but zen ze subject looses zeir mind, and it is no goot. Ozer kinds uff torture make too much damage. Ze subject vill die, and zat is no goot eizer. So I bring my own little inwention to demonstrate for you vit Herr Corner’s help how I solve zis problem.”

He opened the briefcase, kneeling stiffly to withdraw what looked at first like nothing more than a gleaming silver dinner plate. As he lifted it, however, it began to unfold like some form of demonic flower, long, shining tentacles with viciously sharp ends extending from the center as little spikes appeared at the edges and something else – something whirring too fast to quite make out – rose up amid the writhing cords. Belsen smiled proudly, and Michael began to scream.

His screams went on for an hour before Terry stood, tears streaming down his face, and raised his wand to direct a flash of green light directly into his best friend’s chest.

Then there was only silence.