Reasons why you ship Starco.

They got each others backs.

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Because it’s cute.

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They care for each other.

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They are just simply… amazing.

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YOU want them to be happy.

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Why I Love the Signs

For being bold, charismatic, and never backing down from the chance to do something new

For being stable even when others aren’t, knowing what they want, having simple yet powerful tastes, and their love of the physical world

Glib of the tongue and will talk about anything under the sun; these types are certain to brighten up your day if they’re a friend and will keep you mentally entertained for hours

For being such a powerful motherly type; family comes first with this bunch and they truly care, even if they’re sometimes overbearing about it

For being animalistic, passionate, creative beings who are loyal to those who they love or to whom they are indebted

For being on top of things, mentally organized, and willing to see the simple beauties in the world around them

For trying to keep the peace and maintaining a fun atmosphere while doing so; Libra natives can make a compromise by even the most heated of adversaries. Artistic almost to a fault

For being so passionate, investigative, wanting to know everything about the being they call their lover and willing to do anything (even kill) for them

For genuine innocent curiosity about the world around them and a desire to experience everything there is in the world and figure out how it works

For being responsible and (reasonably) kind people in hard circumstances and always being willing to work hard for what they want

Pure logical imagination, for seeing the world as one interconnected being that can always be improved upon with open mindedness

For being truly compassionate towards every individual being and wishing the best for all those around them and daring to imagine things others can’t or won’t