A fan asked if yixing’s personal studio was hiring and he smiled shyly ;u;

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cr + vid: @兴爷家梦梦_ on weibo

“Everyone called him Boss Zhang and he couldn’t help but smiled he was in such a good mood little pride jiayou jiayou”

“After crossing the security check he even turned around and wave bye bye”

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(err the vid is not what’s mentioned in the fan account tho)


“is it privilege/benefit time?”

//recevies letter “ah thank you”

“Sit down everybody let’s sit down, there’d be photo taking session later”

“Sit down let’s sit down, don’t fall down you know”

“Be good be good” 

“Not allowed to curse, heheh”

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cr + vid: @嫖灿孽c on weibo (op says not to gif/reupload her vid)

A fan told yixing he was handsome, he smiled and said thank you and gave her a signature,

cr + pict: @Cammcm on weibo

“zhang yixing is so warm he told us to sit down and not fall, and gave out lots of signatures, he has such good skin man.”

cr + pict: @嫖灿孽c on weibo

A fan told yixing he was very handsome and he replied you’re very pretty

cr: @2B_Jing on weibo

A fan called yixing “Boss Zhang” he smiled and also accepted her letters and gifts (’promise’ bottle + banner)

cr + pict: @努力为你成为更好的自己 on weibo

trans: qtyxng // YIXING IS AN ANGEL 


1/ reasons to love Teen Top:

Let’s talk about Ricky’s dedication. Teen Top held their comeback stage for “Supa Luv” on January 13, 2011. The choreography featured Ricky’s difficult back-bending move called the “Matrix move.” On February 27, after over a month of performing the dance, Ricky injured his back while practicing the Matrix move. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to show it to us, his fans, anymore. However, that day he performed it for us regardless of the pain. You can see him pause for a moment as he bent back, but he continued to dance on for the rest of the performance as if nothing was wrong. I believe that speaks volumes about Ricky’s stamina and dedication to being a performer.

I’m sorry if I didn’t feel the same way, and I’m sorry if I broke your heart; but please do understand that I would rather live with the fact that I broke it with honesty, rather than having to string you along and have you hoping for something that might not even come.
—  everythingvoid / to break one’s heart