me on the internet

it’s like, me on the internet is like a toddler with a spoon, right? like so i’m a toddler with this spoon, and then somehow more spoons show up. and i’m just surrounded by these spoons and some of them i play with more than others but mostly it’s this toddler with a spoon. alright so i decide to build like a tower like a fucking castle with these spoons, right? and then i get too rowdy and uncontrolled and i accidentally knock the tower over and all the spoons fall and break, just fucking break, and i’m surrounded by broken spoons which are fucking useless. unless one happens to be sharp and you can like, shank someone with it. then i guess it’s kinda useful. 

so basically i’m a toddler with a spoon shank. 

doodle of my character from my webcomic i hope i will start posting later this year ♥

it was weird for some reasong they were having a skating competition to see who could get the cupcake frosting a perfect tone of orange first while skating and then skate to komaeda but nanami hurt her knee and so hinata picked her up and the screen turned a hue of pink (i was dreaming i was watching a new dr ep) and i remember distinctly i thought “if they kiss im going to throw my computer away” then they kissed