This! This right here is something I’ve wanted for YEARS! And I finally found one that’s not only in good condition, but wasn’t outrageously priced. This was quite reasonably priced…even though a cheaper one showed up a week later…anyway!

The Cardcaptor Sakura Collectible Gameboy is, well, a gameboy, specifically the Gameboy Color. It is pink and white, decorated with a Sakura front and that’s really about it. There’s nothing more to say about it, other than I usually see these mint go for over $300-500, but this one was in the $100′s so yay for me. Now I have an appropriate system to play my Cardcaptor Sakura Gameboy Color games on, if only they weren’t all the way across the country.

Recommendation: I was never willing to go way out of my way for this piece. It’s a gameboy. It’s not really good for just displaying, you have to want to play with it I think. I’m just not a fan of themed systems. It’s why i always buy the default color 3DS system rather than the Pokemon or Zelda or whatever. It’s worth it for the novelty or if you get it for the right price. But as I said they go for over $300 mint so I really don’t think it’s a “must have”. But like everything else, it’s certainly nice to have it ^^

Extra note, I’m selling another one of these, in not so pretty condition (the front decal is damaged and the box is faded. You can find the auction here.

And if you want to get your own, here’s the really cheap one I mentioned that just popped up…you’re welcome >.>

Halloween Rave Outfit, Skeleton 

I really love these. If you have been following me at all you know I just eat up outfits that you can wear with friends for a matchy-not-matchy situation. I wish these were more reasonably priced though….cuz this is literally what I would be wearing to Day of the Dead.

Tie Dye Skeleton Bodysuit: Etsy Shop Dadybones, $185, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


I’m actually loving a lot of the new BeForever outfits. These are all both period-accurate (to the best of my knowledge) and really cute. I’m kinda PO’d that the Samantha one is part of a $70 set rather than sold as just the outfit for a reasonable price, though- I don’t really collect many accessories and that’s a lot for just an outfit.

Other notes:

- Not any furniture changes, as far as I can tell, which was quite the opposite of what I expected.

- Cecile and Marie Grace’s crinoline/chemise and lacy parasol have been moved to Addy and Samantha’s collections, respectively.

- There seem to be a lot of hats in the new outfit and accessory sets. This excites me, because I definitely appreciate hats.

- All meet accessories except Josefina’s are now just purse, headcovering, jewelry item- the coin and handkerchief are completely gone.

just a short long post about fashion!

i get asked CONSTANTLY, in life and on internet, where i get my clothing. so, i thought i’d make a quick, short master list of where i shop. (…the fact that it’s really short is unfortunate - designers don’t make clothing readily available for people my size.) fat babes - if you have places/tips, feel free to comment! also - i know that i won’t list a lot places that many other fats like because of things like my location or style preference.

just because the fashion industry doesn’t like to include us doesn’t mean that we can’t be rad as fuck.

ASOS.COM - an online company based out of the UK. free international (quick!) shipping and returns always. sales/coupon codes all the time. i primarily shop in the ‘curve’ line (plus size) but for tops, i have always had luck buying cropped/oversized tops from the straight size area. asos curve is where i buy 60% of my clothing - especially dresses/skirts/jeans/bottoms. plus size range goes from asos 14-28, though they are notorious for running large, thus including more of the population.

FOREVER21+ - an extension of forever21, sparingly in stores and usually condensed options. i primarily shop online from them. super reasonably priced, though tend to run small. i would never attempt to order anything below a 2X and i have never been able to fit into their jeans, even though they say they go up to like a 20. i tend to stick with dresses/skirts/tops with them. also - BIKINIS AND SWIMSUITS. they have awesome, really affordable swimwear that fits great and is surprisingly great quality. my favorite swimsuits have come from here.

TARGET/OLD NAVY - every once in a blue moon, i’ll find a dress/skirt/top from there. each of these stores have pathetic plus size sections, btw. i find their things to be too frequently either to boring/too designed (i tend to hate graphic printed things)/too overpriced. though, i pop in to look every once in a while.

AMERICAN APPAREL - i fucking hate this company, though i can’t lie. their tshirts are amazing. i easily/comfortably fit into a large/xl in their unisex tshirts and being someone who likes solid colors/light prints with no graphic design, american apparel has been a favorite for a long time. also, they offer extended sizes for their tshirts on their website up to about a 3X.

WELOVECOLORS.COM - tights, tights, tights! an online only company specializing in hosiery. i buy a lot of my opaque tights from here and they have a HUGE color and design range. reasonably priced. i wear size D for reference and i believe they go up to EE.

SOCKDREAMS.COM - i buy all of my knee socks and thigh-high socks from here. they are very body-positive friendly and even go so far as to explain which cuts/colors would fit best for different sized calves. gigantic selection of socks for every taste and type!

CHUBBYCARTWHEELS.COM - fat fashion for fat babes by a fat babe! shawna is an incredible designer and an awesome human being. i own two body suits by her and both fit and hug my body like a dream. she has skirts, leggings, body suits, and much more!

LANE BRYANT - literally the worst ever. though, i get two things from here - underthings (which are actually pretty great) and opaque tights. if you can, though, i would suggest welovecolors way higher than lane bryant for quality and price.

THRIFT STORES/FAT SWAPS - i cannot stress enough to fat people that 'fat hacking’ clothes that they find/already have is a huge key to making things that work for you at little to no cost. all of my denim shorts are ones that i’ve cut from jeans that i loved the fit of the rise/butt/waist but that had chub rub wear or a fit of the leg that i didn’t like. many pairs of my skinny pants are pants that used to have boot-cut/too wide skinny ankles but my lovely mom skinnied them for me. shorten dresses if they’re too long. cut up your old tshirts to make patches/crops/wide neck tops. don’t disregard an item if it happens to have one little thing you don’t like. you can probably fat hack it!

thanks for reading…if you did. lol


Heyo, folks! I’m dipping my toe into the public commission scene here on tumblr with my absolute fave speedy art method–painty, digitally colored sketches! Hopefully I can raise some needed money for school and give y'all something cool and reasonably priced in exchange.

Though I’m largely offering them as busts (to keep things fun and cheap), I’d also be happy to do fullbodies or more finished pieces upon individual inquiry. And I’m not gonna lie–if you give me a horrible and/or monstrous character to draw, I’m more than a little likely to go overboard on your piece. You’re free to contact me through tumblr about these, but for added insurance, please send commission details to I don’t want anyone to accidentally get lost in the spotty tumblr message system! My paypal is under the same email.

If you’re just a poor student like me but still wanna lend a hand, then I’d really appreciate a reblog or two! Every bit of exposure is a huge help.