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so Dan’s name in TUE was also Dark Phantom right? so then like what if he and Pariah got married for some ungodly reason (one forcing the other in subjugation, for power to rule over the GZ, or hell maybe even some frivolous and whirlwind romance no one saw coming, whatever). would that mean Dan would like- officially be….. would that make him…. would his name be….

Dark Dark?

The lie, again and again, is that the police had no choice. On that street in Chicago, in that Walmart, on that Cleveland playground—over and over, rather than creating the time and space to assess a potentially dangerous situation, the police were the ones making sure it was dangerous. They eliminated all other possibilities, rushing in to deliver lethal force as fast as they could. The police in these videos are clearly trained and prepared to kill first and to justify the killing later.
Bts reaction to you playing classical music

Jin:He’d be a little upset you didn’t tell him sooner seeing how he wanted to support his girlfriend. He’d try to make arrangements to see your every concert you made.

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 Suga: He wouldn’t of thought you played classical music since you were usually really loud around him but he’d walk in on you practicing and be really amazed.

“Yoongi what are you doing?”

“Why didn’t you tell me this jaygia?”

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J-hope: You’d be very stressed out for your concert coming up, he saw you getting stressed out but you wouldn’t tell him the reason. When he finally forced it out of you he’d whine.

“Why didn’t you tell me? ish, can I come?”

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Rapmon: He knew you had a secret from him but never thought much about it. When you decided to tell him because your nerves were eating you alive he be upset you never told him.

“Y/N you got no jams.”

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Jimin: When you told him he already knew a few weeks previous, as he went through your e-mails, seeing a reminder for a concert. He’d constantly tell you to play him something.

“Please, Y/N just this once?”

V: He wouldn’t believe you until you played him something. He’d gawk at you then have you learn a song so he can sing to it while you play.

“How about this one Jagyia?”

Jungkook: He’d be amazed at the amount of work you put into the instrument you play. He’d probably want to learn it and make you teach him it.

“Oh man, teach me jagyia!”

Y'all be writing novels tryna justify your disgusting anti blackness and fetishizing Asian men and I’m just like….. sis….. u sound ridiculous

also if he is so sure and his lawyer suggests him to take the test before paying why doesn’t he simply take it? it’s one more confirmation it’s his like he says, he takes the test, gives TMZ the results to publish so they get money from publicity as well, everyone can go home and accept it and this shit ends once for all he wants to stay in the closet and be the next Simon Cowell? fine it’s his life, his choice, he is super straight always have always will and willingly decided to have this baby and sleeping with other 35 girls in the span of 2 months he was clubbing every night with Oli and Calvin? good for him congrats, he is dating harry styles for 5 years now and they don’t want to come out ever for some reason either forced or not? great, they don’t owe us anything and again their choice, the plan is to deny it with a test their lawyer insists him to take? SUPER GOOD we are all happy and can’t wait but PLEASE end this in one way or another just END IT 

what if us finding out rey’s last name plays out like this;

Rey: I’m Rey.

Luke: [gently] just Rey?

Rey: [nods]

time passes… maybe the last scene of ep viii

Luke: Rey? How do you feel about the name Skywalker?

Luke: I mean i think it’ll suit you just fine-

Rey: [shocked] You’re giving me your name?

Luke: Well I- yeah?

Rey: [grinning like sunshine] I’m Rey Skywalker… 

[and the whole rebel base falls to pieces cause of her smile]

New measures to protect Home owners against Burglars

The Government has already changed the law, enabling Home Owners to protect their property against burglars,  in an attempt to ensure that those acting in a “reasonable” way when confronting burglars are not prosecuted.

Today In his first Tory Party conference speech as Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling will address theConservative Party conference in favour of the change, and has been quoted saying  he wants to change the law “at the first opportunity” to give stronger legal safeguards to those who use force to protect their family or property.. .