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hands up if you agree that being in a rut is the worst feeling ever. it just sucks to be in a rut, wanting to do things but just cannot get yourself to do them. but don’t you worry friend; I got you.

step one : acceptance

first thing you got to do is accept that you’re in rut. you’re in a rut but you want to change that, right? let’s begin!

step two : figure out why you are in that rut

here are some general reasons and solutions for you being in a rut :

1/ you have had a couple of rough days because of some issues say relationship and family issues -
solution : call up on a close friend and take a day off with him/her. you might also want to talk it out with that person because talking helps; i promise.

2/ you are stressed about upcoming deadlines be it exams or assignments -
solution : study for the exam or work on that assignment now, yes now. after you’re done, take a day off to do your favorite thing, whether it is shopping, or going out with friends, do it; you deserve it so much.

3/ you’re burned out, stressed and/or tired -
solution : take few days off. you won’t be able to focus at all, and taking rest will do wonders. you might also want to de-stress (by yours truly) and do some self care (by @stuydies)

4/ you are dreading a event in the near future -
solution : yo fam, stop worrying now. you have no control on that event whatsoever and it won’t help stressing about it. what will come, will come and when it comes all i want you to do is embrace it.

step three : getting back to reality

now that you’re done resting, its time to get back in track with your work and something you want to do when you’re in a rut is to go baby steps.

here’s some things you can do to get into that ‘get-shit-done’’ mood -

  • ‌clean your room; vacuum it, dust those curtains and fluff up those pillows.
  • ‌go for a long walk or a run to get your blood pumping
  • ‌dance to some music with fast beats
  • ‌write down the things you got to do
  • ‌break all those above tasks into really really tiny tasks (say, a - write down the topic, b - find the first point to write about and so on)
  • ‌then just say “she believed she could and so she did” and just dive right in, you got this!

step four : those laid back days

these are so essential, I swear. this is especially important when its just been days with you getting out of a rut.

you can, for example, work for one day and you take the next day off. after a few days of this, you can change it a bit say, you work for two days then take the third day off and so on. most importantly, don’t hurry yourself. go slow and be patient, you’re going to do great things lovely.

and that’s it, it’s a wrap! if you’re in a rut - trust me, you’ll get out of it soon enough. I hope this helped you in some way, remember to stay wonderful love! :’) x

if you have any questions regarding anything I said up there, feel free to send in a message!

go check out my other masterposts here and you can always sent in a request for a masterpost as my ask box is always open!!

much love, Taylor  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

The Zodiac Signs When Disappointed

Tries to reason with the situation: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Puppy dog eyes all the time: Cancer, Pisces

Complains to everyone but doesn’t try to solve the problem: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius

You are the one I need to stay alive.
—  Poets Love Her
The Final Proof

*A lot of people have come up with this theory, but it’s so perfect I had to write it down.

They say you learn the most from your mistakes. Mine came as I was watching “Murder Most Foul” and Charming said this:

I hadn’t really been paying enough attention to realize that he was talking about the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen had placed on him and Snow, so my mind immediately went to: What other curse needs to be broken? Luckily for me there is another curse that needs to be broken. Many of you know this, but it’s the curse that is keeping everyone in Storybrooke.

What we don’t realize is which part of the curse is still active. It’s not the dark aspects of the Dark Curse - that was broken by Emma as was prophesied/dictated by Rumpelstiltskin. No, it’s the other part that the pesky imp created that is trapping everyone here still.

The Savior curse. Think about it. The only reason Emma Swan is the Savior is because Rumplestiltskin made it so. In theory, Emma was no longer supposed to be the Savior after she broke the Dark Curse. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were from, but that didn’t happen. Which means what? That portion of the curse, that tiny little drop, is a curse all in itself, and it too needs to be broken. When it is, Emma’s fate as the Savior will be broken; she will live.

Now you ask: But Emma was given the Shears of Destiny or whatever to cut herself from her fate and no longer be the Savior and she didn’t take it!

Well, we know how Rumple’s curse works right? A pair of pretty scissors wouldn’t break this curse because only one person has that power: Emma herself.

We’ve come full circle. Once upon a time Adam and Eddy pitched the idea that the curse would take seven years to fully break. Now we’ve reached that point. Once Emma breaks the Savior curse, Rumple’s spell that he placed on her life will break. Her Hero’s Journey will be complete, and she will return to her life in the real world, where no one needs her to protect them.

(I’ll come back to this in a minute)

So we know what needs to happen. Here I take it a step further and answer:


It turns out that we have that answer too:

Ah yes. True Love. Here’s where I know I’ll lose half of you because “Once Upon a Time is obsessed with Captain Swan. Why can’t you see that, you’re blinding yourself, stop perpetuating nonsense, wake up blah blah blah blah.”

Well, I’m going to counter that with: Why is Emma still the Savior then? If Once Upon a Captain Swan is genuinely the entire point of this show, why is Emma still fated to die?

Answer: You can’t break a curse where you’re the Savior of the fairytale characters with one of the said fairytale characters.

Here you respond again with: “Well, Smartypants, you call yourself a Swan Queen shipper, but you’ve just contradicted yourself. You think the Evil Queen can break the curse with Emma? She’s a fairytale character too!”

Well, reader, you are very clever indeed. But shall I provide you with my next exhibit:

While it was super fun to watch, Split Queen was not just done for the optics. It was a setup for endgame. The Evil Queen may be a fairytale character, but Mayor Regina Mills (like Emma and Henry) is a completely original creation of our world. Which means, like Emma, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, she can live a completely normal life outside of the Enchanted Forest.

I was trying to figure out the purpose behind bringing Wish Robin Hood back, and this line really explains it:

The writers are priming us for a much bigger version of this concept. Robin is the first test of the portal system. Will it allow someone who isn’t supposed to be “real” stay in the “real world”? We know Storybrooke, by our standards, isn’t a real place, it’s a refuge for fairytale characters from many realms, so it makes sense that he passes the test in this case, but what about Regina? Will she, a person who isn’t supposed to be real, be allowed to live somewhere like Boston or New York if Storybrooke doesn’t exist. This first trial proves that yes, she will be able to because something about her is connected to our world (that thing is literally the writers themselves). They have Regina grapple with this issue- Why was wish Robin able to come here?- because she’s next, and she needs to know that she’ll be okay when she tries to stay in this world.

If Regina remains unconnected to the Evil Queen, she should be able to help Emma break the curse and remain in this reality. Will it really be True Love’s Kiss that frees Emma from the Savior Curse and sends everyone to where they belong?

I would hope.

I also hope that I’ll find $2000 on the street tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

But it’s certainly the most reasonable solution since literally every curse is broken with True Love’s Kiss…

Have you ever wondered why there’s never been a True Love’s Kiss with Emma & her parents or Emma with Hook? Perhaps part of that is because True Love’s Kiss can only work with people who are from the same reality. Since Regina had True Love’s Kiss with Henry, that means she’s a part of his reality. Part of her belongs in our world. Emma has never shared True Love’s Kiss with Hook because he isn’t a part of her reality. He’s still a fairytale character. They can get married, she can choose that life, but that means she will remain tied to her fate as the Savior. She will always be connected to the Fairytale world. She will eventually die for them.

But if somehow, Regina Mills is Emma’s true True Love; if two “real people” who were created in this world- Emma Swan the bail bonds person, and Regina Mills the Mayor- shared True Love’s Kiss (not saying they’ll make it gay like they should) then the entire curse could be broken.

I just don’t see any other way they could go with this. The show has always foreshadowed that Storybrooke isn’t supposed to last.

We know there’s going to be a “reset” for the show…

And we know that Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen. Everything is setting up for the fairytale characters to return to their world.

But what happens next?

A good story always comes full circle, but the hero returns home with more knowledge and is in a better place. Odysseus goes on a crazy journey with a bunch of messed up shit but eventually makes it back home. Dorothy wishes she could experience life over the rainbow, but when she does, she learns that there’s no place like home. Harry Potter steps onto Platform 9 ¾ for the first time alone, and in the last book he steps on with a family. So if in the Pilot we see Emma in her lonely Boston apartment, wishing on a star to no longer be alone, it only makes sense that the last time we see her, she’s in her Boston apartment but she isn’t alone- she has a family.

We know Henry will be a part of that family, but it’s safe to assume that Regina will be there too, because of this promise:

Unfortunately all magic comes with a price, and my prediction is that price will be that everyone forgets that any of this ever happened.

I’m grounding this theory in the fact that the last time there was a reset, that happened to half of the parties involved: Emma and Henry 

In that scenario, the Dark Curse was destroyed. The Dark Curse’s purpose was to create Storybrooke, so once it was gone, Emma and Henry forgot that Storybrooke ever existed… But everyone in the Enchanted Forest still remembered Emma and Henry because the Savior Curse still existed- they all remembered the Savior. They were able to go back and get her and recreate the bridge between our worlds because Emma was still the Savior. Once the Savior Curse is gone, everything will be wiped out. Everyone will forget that the Savior existed, and why she existed. All the fairytale characters will return to their world where their stories will play out, and all the characters from our world will begin to lead a normal life.

That life for Emma and Regina could very well be together. It’s not guaranteed, but it would certainly explain why the writers have made an effort to keep Emma and Regina apart in Storybrooke while maintaining a certain amount of tension between them- because their story isn’t meant to play out in Storybrooke. It would also explain why it’s not a topic of conversation for any of the writers or actors- it’s a major plot point,  and talking about it would be a spoiler. Lastly, Adam Horowitz said himself that they weren’t queerbaiting:

If they’re planning on having Regina be a part of Emma’s new life free from the Savior curse, then technically this isn’t a lie.

But could they make it so that Emma and Regina’s relationship is merely as platonic co-parents in the real world? Of course. But at the end of the day we would still be right: Swan Queen would still technically be endgame, and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Captain Swan.

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The problem arises when you think that happiness can only come from others, that it’s something that you cannot control. In this situation it’s something that can also be taken from you. Therefore whenever you do feel happy you will also feel anxiety because of the fear that you will lose it. 
The only reasonable solution is to not rely on others for your happiness, but to give it to yourself.

Andromeda - Make it Gayer

I thought about it and here’s some reasonable solutions to the Scott Ryder romance situation:

- Gil Brodie: Add more content, more dates, shed more light on his relationship with Jill, or re-write it if needed. Add to the sex scene so it’s not fade to black (It’s not 1994 anymore come on)

- Reyes: More romantic animations for Scott, more content, fix the fact that Scott is referred to as Reyes’ Queen by Vetra. Right now it’s clear that Scott/Reyes was an afterthought to Sarah/Reyes

- Squadmate: A mlm squadmate. Either a new squadmate or maybe Liam (Jaal’s romance is clearly written for Sarah, and they can’t really change that now). It would be nice to have a romance designed with mlm in mind for once.

- Also:  More gay and bi male NPCs would be nice (ones where it doesn’t end in tragedy or were they’re a laughing stock)

Report to Leliana

It seems Dorian Pavus has recently adopted a pet. Or rather, the fox has adopted him- Dorian claims it was his ‘animal magnetism’ that drew the fox from the wilderness and he hasn’t been able to shake the little scoundrel. The creature seems to come and go as it pleases- though where it vanishes to eludes even the Inquisition Guard, raising concerns that there may be an unknown passage out of Skyhold. A seventh attempt to follow the small fox will be made. Regardless, Dorian seems very fond of his new friend and has frequently been spotted with the small fox curled up his shoulder in the tower library. 

On an unrelated subject, Inquisitor Lavellan been increasingly difficult to locate of late. Several servants have claimed to have seen him turn down corridors only to find them empty moments later.

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Tbh, one thing that always puzzled me was why Barry didn't bother to conceal his identity when fake-helping Lewis and Len rob that place in 2x03. I get that Star Labs probably had some contingencies in place or something, but it felt really risky considering Barry could be easily recognized and arrested/go to jail like Len if things had gone south.

I think, to understand Barry’s crazy decisions sometimes, we have to think of it like… Barry runs at one speed: fast. 

Stopping to think things through is not something he normally does. It’s more effortful for him to slow down and (re)consider, and it’s not something he excels at. Which can be great when he has to think on the fly and just do it because shit gets done, but it also leads him to making some absolutely ridiculous decisions and missing obvious or more reasoned solutions.

(in his defense, he didn’t have much time, since they left for the diamond heist like 5 mins after he showed up…)

So i was talking abt this with @elricmemes but have y'all ever considered dyslexic jeremy?

- so we all kno jere is an anxious mess but imagine that a lot of this time his attacks stemmed frm his dyslexia

- this boy is so paranoid that no1s gonna think hes smart enough or dedicated enough that he NEVER tells anyone about it

- until the end of his first year at uni where his mentor/tutor is like “i noticed that u struggled a lot with deadlines this year, is there any reason or solutions u have for next year?”

- and jeremy struggled so bad,, havin attack almost everyday on the weeks leading up to tests and deadlines

- and when his tutor asks he just,, breaks?? and talks about how the letters get jumbled up and how even tho he can speak perfectly fine, why cant he write with the same ease???

- and his tutor just comforts him and writes down the email of the learning support dep. and tells jeremy to arrange an appointment and he does!!!

- a week later hes walking out of the university grounds with a smile on his face bcos hes normal!!! none of the things he was paranoid about were true!!! hes not stupid!!! he just suffers visual stress, it has a name! and jeremy accepts tht hes dyslexic with pride

- he has another appointment a week later, a longer one this time, where they talk about special glasses and coloured page overlays and reading rulers and tinted writing pads and hes so overwhelmed by all the options

- but later that night he orders a set of page overlays and when they arrive he carries them everywhere with him even tho its only the blue and yellow ones that /really/ work

- half way thru his second year, after forgetting his sheets one too many times he decides to purchase tinted glasses and finds the cheapest pair from a really sketchy website

- they work just fine tho and jeremy reasons that he cant spend a lot of money bcos hes saving up for his younger siblings’ college funds

- he keeps these glasses till his fifth year

- it begins with him being so distracted with looking after jean that he forgets to bring his glasses with him to anywhere other than class

- so when jerejean, laila and alvarez are out for meals or just general group outings, Jeremy is always bugging jean to read things for him because it gives jere such bad migranes if he tries for too long without his overlays or glasses now

- jean claims sarcastically that he should buy Jeremy a pair with a chain so if he ever forgets where they r, theyll b dangling round his neck

- and jeremy just laughs and rubs at his neck saying that his are so beat up that a new pair would b welcome, even if it made him look like a grandad

- jean considers it for a while nd its always kind of a lingering thought, along with ‘how can i repay these guys’

- then when jeremys bday comes along a few weeks b4 jean just drags him to an optometrist/opticians, he takes a bunch of different tests and then jeans just like pick a pair of frames tht u like

- jeremy tries to look at prices but jean doesnt let him so he ends up picking these rly nice silver wireframes and jean is in heaven bcos jere looks so??? good???

- on jeremys bday jean just hands him a glasses case and when jere opens it up, attached to his new glasses is a looped chain so they can hang around his neck

- and Jeremy is so amazed bcos jean spent all this money on him??? jean cares enough abt him to go thru all of tht?? bUT ALSO jean has a sense of humour!!?

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Lukas and Ava being Team Mom going "Alm nO" and bonding about it

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

You watched with a knowing smile on your lips as Lukas trudged towards you, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. The composed lieutenant had no trouble expressing displeasure when a certain green-haired commander was involved.

“He’s gone and done it again, hasn’t he?”

“It would seem he’s run off to chase another band of brigands. I don’t know how many times I said ‘Alm, no’ to him, today.”

“I’ll bet it wasn’t half as much as me.” You mused, patting his shoulder in comfort. Lukas sighed, clearly frustrated with the boy’s enthusiastic desire to chase down any and every bad guy. Admirable as it was, you both knew it was a trend that couldn’t continue.

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I think it's a shame that you only answer flattery questions, and ignore the good criticism. Hiding behind the "this game costs a lot" excuse won't make your game better. Listening to advice will. You are letting your pride come before judgment, and even if the people who think the game could improve a lot (especially in the writing side) are a minority, as a developer, you should listen to them and consider their opinions, not pack them into the "they're complaining about the AU again" pile.

I think the basic concept here is failure to understand criticism and headcanon complaints. For example, if you feel as if a voice is voiced wrong, or a custom story element/writing aspect you feel does not match UNDERTALE, is more along the lines of headcanon/personal taste complaints, and while you may feel that it’s criticism, it does not help me if it’s provided without actual context.

While they’re totally fine, turning something like that around and saying that I do not listen to criticism or feedback is completely not OK, see HERE for a post explaining this act. I’m aware of the difference. If you honest-to-God feel like there’s something you’re upset about, simply stating “I don’t like how you wrote so-and-so,” is absolutely not helpful in any form. If you were to go into detail, provide your viewpoints and some pointers, it would let me see how YOU see the characters. But, once again, telling me that something is not written in a way you like it, or a design is not they way you like it, is not helpful in any form without detailed context.

Pride does not come before judgement in this case, regardless of what you think, I do listen to all criticisms and a lot of aspects of the game have been changed because of it. I’m not sorry that I unfortunately care about my game. There’s plenty of proof on the update logs on various areas that have been altered because someone pointed something out or provided a detailed example of something WITHOUT simply saying “I don’t like that design! Change it!” Recently, one of the larger concerns has been to add a downloadable version, which will be available on the next update.

Lastly, “the game costing too much” is absolutely an impedement. I hate to say it, but there’s no loans or a constant flow of cash coming in to help me develop this game. When a script is written, it’s reviewed by me and the voice actors to ensure it flows correctly. When a design is created, it’s looked over by the team and posted publicly for feedback. When music is created, it’s posted on YouTube for feedback and criticism. This all costs money, and to alter it at the last second or request an alteration costs money, too.

Furthermore, believe it or not, I don’t get many questions regarding it. I answer just about any ask that isn’t off-topic that comes into my inbox. Most questions people ask are in our Discord, anyway. Any sort of questions about the writing mostly stem from “How come Sans is helping Frisk? How come he didn’t kill them!” which is not the direction I’m taking the story and certainly something I’m not revealing because of spoilers.

Do understand that extreme amount of work and hardships that actually /come/ with developing a full-scale game. My team and I work as hard as we can to ensure that UNDERFELL is developed at a pace that’s satisfying yet how WE and YOU, want it to be developed. If this game were developed completely by the community and with absolutely no leadership, it’d come out as a mish-mash of personal headcanons with no story base other than “kill human.” Unfortunately, developers have to deal with people accusing them of not listening, when they in fact, do.

Criticism and feedback are absolutely, without-a-doubt, welcomed. This is something that most, if not all, know about who follow this blog. However, like I stated, it needs to be something with context that the team can understand. A good way to approach me with criticism or feedback is, “Hey, I was thinking that when Papyrus says <dialog>, he maybe should say <dialog> because <reason> and perhaps because <reason>, here’s the <solution>.”

This was a very passive-aggressive question that lead to something that I could actually explain in-depth to people. I’m not sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, anon. With my ending statement, I’m not Toby Fox and UNDERFELL is NOT UNDERTALE. Things will be different, much different. If you do not like this, there are plenty of other games that heavily follow UNDERTALE’s lore.

For example, you can check out Team Spritedgy’s rendition of the UF AU, here:

It’s more vanilla than what I’m aiming for.

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Ok so what if MC used to work for C&R International and Jumin before showing up into the RFA, and Jumin didn't recognize/realize it at first? How would he react when he finds out? I live for flustered Jumin, honestly.

So like…this blew way out of proportion? Like I really planned on keeping this a short and sweet scenario but when can I ever keep myself short, am I right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic!


Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: General 
Warnings: A little cursing, but that’s all
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Jumin
Word count: 3800

“You’re resigning”, Jumin asked her, hands folded on the table in front of him. Jaehee nodded. “Yes, I am. I think it is time for me to leave. I’ve gathered valuable experiences over the past two and a half years, but I think I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve learned enough. I want to start my own business. Nothing big, just a little cafe.” Jumin eyes her, expression stoic and untelling as it usually is. Still, Jaehee likes to think that after spending so much time working by this strange mans side she finally understands him a little bit and somehow that thought makes her proud. She knows that you are the only person that truly unravelled him, but at least she’d cracked him. “I see”, he eventually said, effectively stopping Jaehee’s train of thoughts. “I will have to make the announcement in the following meeting and find a replacement as soon as possible.”

Jaehee felt like a heavy weight was lifted off her chest. This job had been one of the most infuriating, frustrating and draining jobs she’d ever done and yet it would have pained her to know that Jumin didn’t give her the blessing to leave the company and start a new chapter in her life. In fact, she could have sworn that there was just the faintest of smirks curling around his lips and for one Jumin Han that was a big step into the right direction. “You mustn’t worry about that, Mr. Han. I took it upon myself to look through possible candidates within the company, as I see them to be most suitable. They already know how C&R International works and have experience. According to the Chief of another, smaller department there is a Chief Assistant he would highly recommend. Apparently she hasn’t missed a day of work for as long as she’s worked here until a couple of weeks ago where she took less than a handful of sick days. And even then she handed in all the work she had to do.”

Jumin listened to what Jaehee said, thinking everything over. He wasn’t particularly fond on hiring another female Chief Assistant. Even though his father had calmed down after everything that had happened with Glam and Sarah it wasn’t to say that he wouldn’t go after his next assistant. Not to mention that he was not very fond about the idea of having to explain to her – like he had to Jaehee – why she had to cut her hair, wear formal clothes at all times and fake glasses as well. It was tiring and taking away time he could spend more productively. Still, if Chief Assistant Kang believed that mans word and the girl was really that good at her job, he should probably give it a try. At least he wouldn’t have to read through a thousand and one applications and resumes. “Alright. Tell him to send me her resume. I don’t need anything but that. If I like what I read I’ll tell him as much so he can introduce her to me at the next meeting. Thank you for going through the trouble of finding a replacement for yourself. I would have found it bothersome.”

Jaehee nodded and retreated, leaving Jumin alone in his office. It was nice to have been praised and thanked for once, but she sincerely hoped that she’d actually done the right thing. Frankly Jaehee had no idea who that mystery Chief Assistant was. After she’d mentioned that she was leaving C&R international to a couple of colleagues Chief Yie had approached her. He’d started to talk about that amazing Chief Assistant he had that absolutely deserved a promotion after she’d basically doubled the revenue of her department. Jaehee was quite sure that the only reason Chief Yie had suggested the girl was because he feared she’d otherwise get his position and he’d face either demotion or being fired. Of course she hadn’t mentioned as much. After all, it was a win-win situation for both him and her. The sooner Mr. Han found a replacement the sooner she could focus on planning her little café. Chief Yie kept his position, Mr. Han had a replacement and she was free.

The next day Mr. Han called all the Chiefs into a big meeting. He planned to announce Jaehee official resignment as well as see for himself whether that girl he’d been recommended was any good. Jumin read through her resume and work performance and had to admit that he was quite impressed. Apparently she’d started at C&R at the age of sixteen as an intern. Even then, despite still attending school, she’d performed so good that she’d gotten hired by the time she turned seventeen. She worked while attending university and got her first promotion after obtaining her degree. Over the next years she’d gone on to earn one promotion after the other until she’d become the Chief Assistant of the fashion department. Her resume also stated that while fashion wasn’t her primary goal nor passion she’d learned quickly, adapted and never once complained about it. She hadn’t even attempted to change the department despite being offered a different position due to loyalty to Chief Yie.

Apparently the only reason she was considering it now was because he’d told her to and Jumin admired such loyalty and obedience. She’d make a mighty fine Chief Assistant, maybe even as good if not better than Assistant Kang. The only thing that Jumin found confusing was that he’d never even heard of that young woman. The resume was strictly work related so he neither had a name nor a picture – he rarely looked at the ‘personal’ files when looking for candidates – but this one got him curious. He’d been sure that he knew all his employees at least by name but looking at her file he was proven wrong. Despite her performance being meticulous he could not say he’d ever even seen that woman, which probably made her only the more desirable as a possibly assistant. Discrete, invisible and hard working were the perfect traits. When Assistant Kang had told him that she was resigning he’d been worried but all of a sudden he found himself feeling excited.

Everyone had gathered in the conference room, quiet rumble filling the room. It died down the second Jumin entered the room, closely followed by Assistant Kang. Silence fell as he stepped to the front of the room, everyone including his father, looking at him with anticipation. At first the meeting started like any other would. All the heads of their respective departments discussed increase or decrease in revenue, possibly reasons and solutions. Nothing overly exciting happened. Especially now that Jumin and Chairman Han had finally gotten out of the press and everything had returned to normal. That was until Jumin announced that Jaehee was leaving C&R International. There was an audible gasp amongst the others, although Jaehee knew better than to think she would be missed by any of them. She hadn’t had the time to form any meaningful bonds within the firm and frankly, she didn’t mind. It was their shock speaking. To think that anyone would ever so much as consider leaving such a lucrative job was beyond their comprehension.

That was when Chief Yie decided to stand up, announcing that he would go and get his Assistant now. Jumin have him a short nod and the older man practically shot off to go and get her. A mere minute later footsteps and quiet walking could be heard. No one could really make out the most of what was being said, but it sounded a lot like the woman was begging Yie not to do this while he was hissing at her not to be ridiculous. Jumin frowned, confused at what was going on until Yie stepped back into the room, hand wrapped around the woman’s wrist he was practically dragging along. Her long, brown hair was falling openly over her shoulders, fringe covering a lot of her face as she was vehemently looking down. She was wearing trim clothing that was both formal as well as very appealing as it showed off her perfect, slender figure and just enough of her long legs to make it interesting. Mainly because Jumin very much recognized both the body and the legs. 

Yie let go of your wrist, instead gripping your shoulders and pushing you in front of the entire room so everyone could see. It felt embarrassing, being paraded and shown off like that. Especially considering that your fiancé and soon to be husband was standing in front of you with your best friend by his side, and you didn’t even have to look up to know that they were staring at you with wide eyes and shock written all over their face. You swallowed, entire face heating up with shame as you stood in front of the entire board room of C&R International – including your soon to be father in law – with your boss swooning over how great of a worker you are and how you deserved the position. No one knew that you were that mysterious fiancée Jumin Han apparently had. Nor did said fiancé know hat you’s forked for his cooperation for even more years than his very own Chief Assistant. You really couldn’t think of a way to make this situation any more uncomfortable.

Your boss did, though. Yie had always been an idiot and poor worked. The only reason the fashion department hadn’t gone down years ago had been because of you. You didn’t even care about fashion that much, but it had been a steady job and paycheck and tuition was very expensive these days. So when he suggested for you to present the logistics of that month to the board room it wasn’t because he was proud of your hard work, but because he himself didn’t know shit about what was going on in his own department. He knew that you did, though, so now he made it your time to shine. Just a couple of months ago you would have preened and happily done so. You would have died to stand in front of the board room and present your hard work and yourself. Now though there really was no place you’d like to be less than this particular room in that particular situation. “Mr. Yie, Sir, I don’t think this is a good idea”, you whispered desperately. “Don’t be silly, girl. Just do as you are told.” Strike.

You could practically feel the anger coming off of Jumin, even from the other end of the room. He was fuming and you knew that if Yie continued to treat you the way he usually did he’d find himself without a job rather soon. “Sir, I’m begging you, please don’t ask this of me.” The man snorted, glaring at you. “Don’t be ridiculous and do your job”, he hissed at you loudly. With that he stormed off to return to his seat, leaving you standing alone in front of the presentation that had been opened up behind you. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. If he wanted a presentation, he would get a presentation. Your straightened your back, held your head high and proceeded to look into everyones eyes before locking with Jumin’s. You gave him a short smile before all emotion was replaced by perfect professionalism as you began the presentation. You could feel Jumin’s eyes on you the entire time, filled with wonder and fascination about that new side of you he’d never seen before.

You were quick, precise and well informed. Everything about you radiated energy and strength to the point where even the most disrespectful and misogynist of the men in the room were silenced. No one dared to interrupt you, dares to speak or so much as breathe too loudly as your presence filled the room. Jumin had never found a woman more attractive in his life than he did you in that exact moment. He loved your innocent, gentle and caring side to bits and pieces. It was that side that had drawn him in. That side that had gotten him through the darkest of moments. However, this new side, the strong almost dangerous one was bordering on arousing. He could feel his heart beat faster as he listened to your every word without hearing anything at the same time. You were like a tiger and the dangerous jungle had been claimed by you and you only. 

“Thank you for your attention. I would like to use this gracious opportunity to thank my boss, Mr. Yien, for recommending me. It will be my outmost pleasure to accept the new job offer and finally get out of that pathetically taken care of department I am currently working for”, you spat, glaring daggers at Yien. Jumin gasped, surprised by such harsh words. Then his demeanour changed, melting into pure satisfaction as he leaned back in his chair, legs crossed, to watch you tear your boss apart for disrespecting you the way he did. “I’ve been working for the fashion department for many years now and never have I ever encountered a man that incompetent and lazy. He asked me to do the representation today as he himself has no idea what it is about. I researched and composed it all by myself as I have been doing for years. His workload is thrown off onto me and the other assistants whom he disrespects and sexually harasses on a daily basis.”

“You little bitch, how dare you spread lies about me like that. Have her removed”, he shouted at the security men, obviously aggravated. You merely smiled, folding your arms behind your back. His head was bright red, sweat gathering on his forehead. When the men didn’t move your smirk grew, almost devilish, as he grew angrier and angrier. “I said have her removed! Why the fuck aren’t you taking her away.” Jumin snorted out a chuckle, covering his mouth to muffle the sound. “I think, Mr. Yien Sir, the reason for that would be that they do not dare to touch the company heir’s future wife”, you explained, calmly. You knew you had the upper hand and you were enjoying every last moment. His face fell as realization dawned on him but Jumin felt no empathy at all. He’d been eager to chew him out himself, but watching you do it yourself was much, much, much more satisfying.

“When I’d asked you politely, begged you in fact, not to do this you didn’t listen. I tried to protect you, you see, as I felt sorry for your pathetic being. Now, however, you’ve lost all my compassion. I did some digging and found out that beside not working properly you also quite frequently seemed to use company money for private businesses as well as evade certain taxes, which is why you were satisfied by staying in a smaller department, as no one ever digs deep into those. Well, I did. So, I hereby declare, for everyone to hear, that in the name of C&R International I am suing you for sexual harassment at the workplace, heavy tax evasion as well as fraud. I’m not familiar with the legal system, but I am quite sure that you are facing a couple of years of prison. Now please, gentlemen, would you do me the honour and remove that scumbag from this meeting room? I would prefer not to have such useless people working for my husband-to-be.”

This time the security men didn’t hesitate. They walked over to Yien and dragged him out of the room, ignoring his cursing and screaming. The second the door closed behind them you sighed, shoulders sagging. You hadn’t planned on any of this and while you didn’t mind holding presentations those were usually prepared and practiced on your part. Improvisation had never really been your thing. The sound of a chair moving was what ripped you out of your thought and you looked up to see Jumin standing up. You swallowed, shyly looking at your fiancé who once more had one of those unreadable expressions. “Would everyone please leave the meeting room. I would like to talk to my fiancée in private, please. The meeting is over. Thank you for your participation.” It didn’t take more than that for everyone to get up, gatherer there things and hurry out, leaving you alone with Jaehee, Jumin and his father.

When you started to apologize Jumin instantly cut you off, shaking his head. When your eyes met, he was smiling at you. Actually, grinning would be the better word, bright and excited like a little school boy. You’d never quite seen him like that. “You were magnificent! The presentation was perfect and the way you took down Yien was…I dare say sexy”, he said, chuckling in a way that made the hairs in the back of your neck stand up in the best way possible. “God, I cannot believe I never noticed you before. To think that I could have had you all these years, that you were in my reach all this time. It’s infuriating. Only the more reason to be grateful that I got the opportunity to see you in your prime like this.” You blushed, smiling shyly. “I tried…to tell everyone. I really did, but I didn’t know how to bring it up.”

Jumin walked around the table and towards you, pulling you into a warm, tight hug. Hands resting on his chest you melted against him, burying your face in his chest as well. “Is that why you were so desperate to leave when you stayed at my place? Because you were worried about work?” You nodded against his chest, so relieved he wasn’t mad you felt like crying. “I wanted to tell you but…I didn’t want you to think that I was with you to ride some sort of coattail. When Yie mentioned a promotion into Jaehee position I instantly said no, but he basically forced me. I wanted to work my way to the top by myself but now -”, you spoke quietly before Jumin interrupted. “And now you’ve made it. You didn’t ride any coattails and yet coming next week you’ll be by new Chief Assistant.” You looked up then, eyes wide and questioning. You couldn’t believe it. You’d been working towards that goal for years and yet…it didn’t feel right at all. 

“But…I’m the one who encouraged Jaehee to quit. I would feel bad for taking her position.” That is when Jaehee cleared her throat, getting both of your attention. “You have nothing to worry about, MC. When you told me to quit you didn’t do so to get my position but with my best interest in mind. I know that for a fact. You told me to follow my dreams and thanks to you I am finally brave enough to do just that so you should too. I didn’t enjoy working here for the most part but you seem to really like the job and we all know that you love Jumin dearly. I think the two of you working together could work out better than any other assistant. He’ll listen to you and respect you while you’ll be able to support and help him. So please, MC accept my position. I could have not wished for anyone better to take over for me”, she said, smiling happily at the both of you.

“You heard her. Please accept the offer, my love. That way we can be together every second of the day and I’ll never have to worry about you anymore. You’ll be safe and provided if you stay by my side and even when I have to go on business trips I can take you along without feeling guilty”, he pleaded, cupping your face and caressing the tender skin with his thumbs. Your eyes locked and there wasn’t a fiber in your body that was capable of denying this man anything. Let alone when he looked at you the way he did in that moment; like you were his entire world. So you smiled and nodded, reaching out to return the tender kiss. “If it is alright with your father I’ll be happy to be your new Chief Assistant.” Of course Chairman Han didn’t mind at all. If anything he’d be delighted to get to know his future daughter in law. Everyone’s problems seemed to be solved.

Jaehee resigned officially a couple of days later and opened up her new café. You and Yoosung helped out as much as you could in your free time. You also talked Jumin into invested, not for profit but to help a good friend. The rest of the RFA had been rather shocked at the announcement but it quickly died down. No one was really surprised that you and Jumin couldn’t be apart even for a couple of hours. Admittedly Zen was fuming for another week and even showed up at C&R International just to check on you. He found you and Jumin talking over coffee you’d gotten at Jahee’s, relaxed and beaming at one another. He left without you even noticing, finally realizing that his worry was not necessary at all. Mr. Chairman quickly learned to adore you. Not only did you make his son happy, but you were also a highly competent and good worker. A real profit for the company.

The happiest, however, was Jumin. He’d never even considered asking you to be his assistant but now he couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect. He never had to fear his father making any advances. He never had to fear betrayal or having to replace you. He got to protect you while simultaneously allowing you to keep your job like you’d asked him to. You were a great worker and reduced his stress by not only cutting his workload in half, but making him relax and smile throughout the entire day. Really, he’d never been happier to go to work then when he did so with you right by his side. “Say, now that I am your assistant, should I call you Mr. Han and Sir as well”, you’d asked one day, grinning cheekily. Jumin had chuckled in reply, husky and warm in ways that caused butterflies in your stomach. “No, my love. You only have to call me that in the bedroom.” He’d winked at you before returning to his work, seemingly unaffected while your face felt like it was burning up. Oh my, working with Jumin sure would turn out interesting…and you were looking forward to every single part of it.

My Beliefs.

I am infuriated. My rights have been violated, and what I deserve left unaccounted for. Because I am a man, and only because I am a man, I am entitled to certain things. I am to be considered above females. I deserve sexual satisfaction. I deserve beautiful people to admire. Recently, I have been admiring Emma Watson. Yet even more recently, I have been informed that she is a feminist. Feminism encompasses a cancerous set of beliefs that directly attack and oppress men. Our rights to sexual satisfaction, patriarchy, the submission of and superiority over women, the power to silence women, and being sole holders of public office are disregarded, and even directly opposed. Like any self-respecting man, I am appalled at the mere notion of such a concept, and can no longer tolerate Ms. (No wonder it’s not Mrs.) Watson, let alone consider her sexually pleasing. Feminism is a problem that is destroying our society, and hijacking our right to teach our own daughters and wives how to live. As a man, I am qualified to find the most reasonable solution for this problem. Holy American Emperor Trump must instate a policy wherein any woman found guilty of the crime of feminism should be publicly shamed by the following standards: Required to be completely naked for half of her current age, required to shave all her hair after every meal at the local courthouse for half of her current age (the lack of hair will allow her to be differentiated from especially submissive women who live naked out of respect for men), Be required to get a good assfucking (to help with the butthurt) after every meal at the courthouse for half of her current age, Be required, each month, to be asked about her views of herself and men (She will be required to administer a blowjob for each incorrect answer).

Bill Of Men’s Rights

  1. Sexual satisfaction
  2. Patriarchy
  3. The submission of and superiority over women
  4. The power to silence women
  5. Being sole holders of public office
  6. Possessing or having access to beautiful people to admire
  7. Possession of women
  8. To teach our own daughters and wives how to live and conduct themselves

This is what I believe. If you disagree, you’re NO DOUBT a fucking dipshit liberal.


The Vampire Chronicles: the Vampire Armand, his companions and some parallels with A Song of Ice and Fire.

M y   s k i n   h a s   t u r n e d

t o   p o r c e l a i n,
Marius de Romanus, a child of Millenia, his maker
“He is ever quick of wit and tongue and eager for reasonable solutions, possessed of infinite patience and unquenchable curiosity and a refusal to give up on the fate of himself, or of us, or of the world. No knowledge can defeat him; tempered by fire and time, he is too strong for the horrors of technology or the spells of science. Neither microscopes nor computers shake his faith in the infinite, though his once solemn charge - Those Who Must Be Kept, who held such promise of redemptive meaning - have long been toppled from their archaic thrones.”

t o   i v o r y, Santino and Alessandra, the coven Master and the coven Mistress, his teachers
“Night after night I did hunt in silence with my new companions, my new loved ones, my new Master and my new Mistress, and than I was ready to begin my new apprenticeship in earnest, and Santino, my teacher, with Alessandra to help him now and then, made me his own pupil, a great honor in the coven, or so the others were quick to tell me when they had the chance.”

t o   s t e e l, Daniel Molloy, the reporter boy, his lover
“The tall thin boyish young man with the violet eyes and the ashen hair whom Lestat had so aptly called “the Devil’s Minion.” It was Daniel who had interviewed the vampire who was Louis de Pointe du Lac, thereby giving birth unwittingly and innocently enough decades ago to the collection of books known as the Vampire Chronicles. It was Daniel who’d captured the damaged heart of the Vampire Armand and been brought over by him into Darkness.”

G o d   h e a r d   m y   p r a y e r.