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age: 15
biggest fear: death, not accomplishing my dreams
current time: 4:15 pm
drink you last had: coffee
every day starts with: checking my phone
favorite song: atm it’s probably congratulations from the hamilton mixtape as well as both versions of helpless & also power by little mix
ghosts, are they real? probably Not
hometown: a town in virginia close to dc
in love with: charladay
jealous of: anyone my age who’s a better writer than me yikes
killed someone? don’t think so
last time you cried: yesterday
movies or books: both but books
number of siblings: only child bitchhhh
one wish: to get out of this Awful mood ive been in lol
person you last called: umm well my boss called me this morning but the last person i called was my friend last night
question you’re always asked: “where is your off switch” and “do you have a mute button” and stuff like that 
reason to smile: im quitting my job in a week so i’ll be able to breathe again soon and also the holidays are coming up and i luv christmas so much
song you last sang: idk
time you woke up: like 8:30 maybe i don’t remember
ultimate best concert you’ve seen: sleigh bells in 7th grade
vacation destination: nyc definitely i love it so much but my ultimate Dream vacation has been the atlantis resort in the bahamas since i was literally like 7
worst habit: spending too much money on books and starbucks
x-rays you’ve had: teeth, spine
your favorite food: pasta
zodiac sign: taurus

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this is minho’s (my precious) week so i had to change my icon

and this is random but I HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK the year is about to end soon is the last month!!! christmas is soon, summer/winter is so close, please smile a lot and enjoy every little thing this week, i really hope everyone have a lot of reasons to smile this week :) last week was awful for a lot of people so this week needs to be better !!!! 

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Hi, dear Jaden! I was away from Tumblr for a couple days due to schoolwork, but then I came back, went right to your blog, proceeded to laugh my ass off at like everything you've posted since Friday, reblogged ALL the things, and basically you made my day :) <3 Keep being you! You're a spectacular man and I'm lucky to have you as my best friend <3

Ahhh. My dearest friend. I’m sorry you’ve been busy but hey, keep up the good work! It’s going to benefit you very soon. I am SO HAPPY that I gave you a reason to smile/laugh. I’m so happy to have you as my best friend and wouldn’t trade you for the world ♡

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A- Age: 17
B- Biggest fear: dying in my sleep
C- Current time: 5:01 pm
D- Drink you last had: tropical lemonade ice water
E- Every day starts with: checking social medias
F- Favorite song: dream catcher - set it off
G- Ghosts, are they real: of course
H- Hometown: chicago heights
I- In love with: harry :)
J- Jealous of: ppl with $$$
K- Killed someone: .
L- Last time you cried: friday in psych class
M- Middle name: louise
N- Number of siblings: one brother
O- One wish: to just relax and not have to worry all the time
P- Person you last called/texted: my mom
Q- Question you’re always asked: how do you not drink water
R- Reason to smile: my cat
S- Song last sang: three cheers for five years - mayday parade
T- Time you woke up: 12:11 pm
U- Underwear colour: black
V- Vacation destination: venice italy
W- Worst habit: procrastinating
X- X-rays you’ve had: none
Y- Your favourite food: breadsticks
Z- Zodiac sign: sagittarius


Since everyone’s sharing their favorite vines I thought I’d contribute.  I think about this at least twice a week.

The world is getting better all the time.

We’re living longer than ever.

Global GDP has surged.

Extreme poverty is in free fall.

Deaths from wars are at historical lows…

…As are deaths from HIV/AIDS…

…And many other major diseases.

The spread of democracy has made the world freer and safer.

More people than ever before have enough to eat.

Fewer mothers are dying in childbirth.

More children than ever are seeing their fifth birthday.

And more kids than ever are going to school.

People have never lived longer, better, safer, or richer lives than they do now. In fact, we’re living through what is, by objective metrics, the best time in human history. Learn more here.


S10 Countdown: 46 days - or
The one scene that cuts me into tiny pieces with pain and beauty - SN 01X12

ok i’m seeing a lot of people still do this so i want to clear up a misconception:

both frisk and chara are non-binary and use “they” pronouns. neither of them are intended to be avatars of the player and neither of them you’re ultimately intended to project your own gender on

the game wants you to think this - it wants you to assume frisk is the character you named at the beginning of the game, and it wants you to project on frisk and then later on chara when it’s revealed chara is the human you named  - but it’s to mess with you. neither of these are true.

frisk’s entire character is about how they aren’t you - they’re their own independent person, who maintained their own independent personality in spite of their hardships and who ultimately lives on as their own person. that’s why the narration in the mirror says “it’s still you” and “still just you, frisk.” it’s kind of like raiden in mgs2, when him throwing the dog togs with your name on them away at the game’s ending was meant to show how he wasn’t under your control anymore

chara’s character is the same way. without getting too deep into the more complicated chara meta, you’re tricked into inputting the name you usually do in rpgs - which is probably your own name - because the entire game is about the relationship between the player and the characters you control in rpgs. chara’s behavior, for good or ill, is reflective of your actions - that is why, in no mercy, they refer to “your guidance” as being what drives them.

but chara is not you either, in any route. in no mercy, they become more powerful than you, and if you give them your soul they take control of the timeline - if they’re you, that makes no sense. in the pacifist route, they are clearly and consistently shown to be their own character with their own history and personality that’s not your own, just like frisk. and, just like frisk, characters such as asriel and the monsters refer to chara consistently with they pronouns.

in short: stop misgendering frisk and chara. it’s really not hard to refer to them with the correct pronouns, the same way as the game does, and if you’ve beaten the game i really don’t think you have an excuse to keep doing this

What happens now..?

Now that half of our Clexa is gone, what happens to the fandom on tumblr? Is my dashboard going to go dry? There won’t be new gifsets or jokes about candles or the Lexa measurement or her dramatic sword twirling or “I did it for my people”… Is everyone just going to stop…?

Because it will just break me even more… I need this and if this fades away into nothingness and Lexa is forgotten, I will have nothing…