Reasons I Smiled Today

I’ve decided that I’m going to make this a daily post of mine because it’s important for me as a person to stay positive, since it’s something I continuously struggle with. I invite all of y'all to do this as well, I’d enjoy reading about your smiles so tag me in it if you do it!

I got Chipotle with the first friend I ever made here in California, so that’s always fun!

I got a suuuuper cute shirt from Urban Outfitters for $8, holla at that steal.

We got to sing like ding dongs to one of our coaches since it’s his birthday today. The best part was that it was from across a busy street so we got lots of looks.

The whole recovery run today was spent singing along to the different theme songs from our childhoods, i.e: Drake & Josh, Spongebob, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, etc. As well as just obsessively talking about every show that came to mind.

Our pace was faster than I’m used to (7:59) but it felt comfortable, a sure sign of improvement.

Now imma bout to devour some IHOP, possibly see my boy, and just relax.

About me

Because foreeverfangirl loves me she tags me

What’s your name?
Nia Cephra Gudalupe Marian Joi Alvarez-Mapp

Ni, Nini,Meow-Meow cat,Sunflower ,Nina, CJ, Barbra Jordan, and little Oprah

Where are you from?
New York,NY,USA

What’s your favorite color?
Navy Blue

Write something in all caps:

Favorite Artist/Band: That like picking a favorite child

Reasons to smile: good books, my homies out on tumblr,music,netflix,and the sun

Tag 10 people you want to know better:
begitalarcos littlecofiegirl hutchj theoneinshambles theoneandonlydesi saintguillotine garnetquyen ayomxmuzix rezvyshin-anatoliyjae5 hiddlesgoddesses

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know, you and your gang of pups have gotten me through a lot of stuff. I'm going through change, joining the Air Force and growing up, and seeing those happy pups and the occasional toe beans eases my worries like no other. Seeing all you've been through with your fur balls, the good and the bad, is motivating me to one day bring a pup into my life, and giving me something to strive for. You've been giving me a reason to smile for over a year now, thank you for that ☺️

oh man you are so very sweet and these message mean so much to me. Growing up is a painful experience, trying to do it myself too and its not always fun. I wish you luck with joining the air force! Got lots of veteran and active duty buddies here in tampa and many of them really enjoy their service and we really enjoy working with them too as a therapy team, by far my favorite group!! I hope the pack will continue to make you smile :) 

Have a beer on Noodle and again congrats on the air force :D The pups are proud of you and so am I!!

Admin ramblings, yo.

It makes me kind of sad to see just how many people in this community are confessing that they’re dealing with depression/anxiety/suicide/etc. But at the same time it makes me happy that they’ve found a reason to smile and forget about their problems, and that reason is Jack and/or Mark. 

I was thinking about tagging Jack/Mark in some of those posts, but I realized it’s not my place to do so. But if you feel like reblogging any of my posts and tagging them, please feel free to do that. I think it’s important that they know just how much of an impact they have on our individual lives. 

Also, even though this blog wasn’t originally meant for that, please feel free to message me if any of you are ever feeling down or upset. I’ll try my best to give you advice, or at the very least, just listen to what you have to say. (Although, I ask of you to make it clear in these types of messages that they’re not a confession.)

Stay positive and high fives all around! <3

Who says you can’t kill with kindness? A smile is actually one way of giving a very lethal revenge. It kills them in a way they’d lose time to sleep trying to figure out the reason behind that smile.
—  Kill them with Kindness || s.s.n.

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I know this is old news but when I first saw the hunhan ship I thought that sehun maybe has a crush on luhan? I know he acts the same to his hyungs but I was really suspicious for other reasons like when sehun would smile when the mentioned luhan.

LOL Really? Back when I was shipping hunhan, I thought it was a cute match because they seemed to like each other but than XIUHAN came and it was over lol. They just seemed closer.

okay blev tagget af spejlvendtverden til det her
what’s your name?: mit navn er markus saaby jørgensen
nicknames?: ved sgu ik?? min far kalder mig mistemand eller farsdreng men sgu ik så tit
where are you from?: er fandme fra dk
what’s your favorite color?: grå eller sådan noget?? ved ik om det er en farve men hva fanden
write something in all caps: gider sgu ik det er fandme for underligt
favorite artist/band?: ka lide meget forskelligt man quasimoto, swim deep, bones og alt sådsn noget pjat ;ii meget blandet
reasons to smile: ved ik ka godt lide mig selv??
tagger ingen
vil stadigvæk gerne lære jer at kende tho

I’ve been tagged by melodicmarzipan​! 

  1. Name: Salvador 
  2. Birthday: May 18th 
  3. Age: 22 
  4. Star sign: Taurus
  5. Sexual orientation: Bisexual 
  6. Height: 5′10″ 
  7. Gender: Dudebro
  8. Nickname: Apples, Salsa
  9. Where are you from: Anaheim, CA 
  10. What’s your favorite color: Red 
  11. Write something in all caps: APPLES APPLES APPLES 
  12. Favorite artists and bands: We Are Scientists, Paramore, and Halestorm, I guess. 
  13. Celebrity crush: Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Pratt. Tough choice. 
  14. Favorite number: 7 
  15. Reasons to smile: Friends. 
  16. Favorite drink: Cherry Dr. Pepper 
  17. What time is it right now: 12:48AM (as this was typed) 
  18. Favorite famous person: I dunno. JFK, I guess? 
  19. Favorite book: what’s a book
  20. Last movie you saw: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  21. Dream trip: American road trip. 
  22. Dream job: Probably a concept artist of sorts.
  23. Something that pisses you off: Being ignored 
  24. The meaning of your URL: APPLES APPLES APPLES 
  25. Favorite movie soundtrack: Star Wars 
  26. What are you wearing right now: Jeans and my hoodie. 

I’ll tag espeonna, username-required, and sykobelle.


i was tagged by: wonua og dumbdane
what’s your name?: Annesofie
nicknames?: Ole,Anne,galaxen
where are you from?: denmark
what’s your favorite color?: blå men elsker alle farver
write something in all caps: ÆRTER ER GUD
favorite artist/band: øhm har mange
reasons to smile: fordi det er sommer
tag ten people you want to know better: pillepelle florrolfflor euforiserende musvaage advarsel spejlvendtverden drageaande junkieunge juliuseat doe-ung

Thanks to 20dollarnosebleedx​ for tagging me :D

1. Name: Caroline
2. Birthday: August 8 1991
3. Age: 23
4. Star sign: Leo
5. Sexual orientation: Straight
6. Height: I think I’m about 1.66 m (5′5″). Not sure.
7. Gender: Female
8. Nickname: Caro, Carpie, Carp, Carpiet, Carpet, Car, Carrie, Carriewarrie
9. Where are you from: The Netherlands (somewhere in the middle)
10. What’s your favorite color: Red
11. Write something in all caps: ONE DIRECTION RUINED MY LIFE
12. Favorite Artists and Bands: One Direction (doh…), Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Terra Naomi, Lissie, Ed Sheeran.
14. Favorite Number: 8
15. Reasons to smile: I went for dinner and a movie (Pitch Perfect 2) with a friend.
16. Favorite drink: Ice tea lemon
17. What time is it right now: 12:05 am
18. Average hours of sleep: 5/6 if I have work early the next day, 8/10+ on an off day.
19. Last thing you googled: “1.67 m in feet” (I had to see what my hight was in feet/inches and I decided that no way Louis Tomlinson is 5;9″)
20. Happy place: My bed
21. Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 and a fleece blanket in the winter
22. Favorite fictional character: Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
18. Favorite famous person: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Derek Hough
19. Favorite book: All the Annika Bengtzon books written by Liza Marklund.
20. Last movie you saw: I went to watch Pitch perfect 2 with my friend today.
21. Dream Trip: A trip to London/The UK, a trip to New York.
22. Dream job: Speech therapist and if i had the talent, something in the musc industry.
23. Something that pisses you off: People who lie 
24. The meaning of your URL: It came from a phrase at the end of the rules on a Dutch message board/profile website I was on (Eline, you will know what I mean xD). And I think ti said Mind Your Attitude or smt. And then I changed it cause that name was taken on Youtube i think. And it stuck, it very much represents my online atttiude.
25. Favorite movie soundtrack: Pirates of the Caribbean theme, Skyfall by Adele..
26. What are you wearing right now: Green jeans, a white polo shirt with anchors and an anchor necklace.

I tag: sunday-storm, harrystylesisonesmartcookie, katiestylinson, sunshineforlou, 50-shades-of-grohl, crinklyeyedlou and anyone else who wants to participate!

so ieffwitpinktoes tagged me for this!!

1. Name: faith
2. Birthday: june 7
3. Age: 17
4. Star sign: gemini
5. Sexual orientation: men and women
6. Height: 5′5
7. Gender: female
8. Nickname: faithy (poo)
9. Where are you from: sa tx
10. What’s your favorite color: green
11. Write something in all caps: FREE GUCCI
12. Favorite artists and bands: kendrick lamar, dj screw, mgmt
13. Celebrity crush: emmy rossum
14. Favorite number: 7, 12
15. Reasons to smile: there’s weed
16. Favorite drink: apple juice
17. What time is it right now: 9:36 pm
18. Favorite famous person: juicy j
19. Favorite book: maybe tweak by nic sheff
20. Last movie you saw: half baked
21. Dream trip: canada
22. Dream job: not there yet
23. Something that pisses you off: flaky people
24. The meaning of your URL: tammy came up with it 
25. Favorite movie soundtrack: can’t remember 
26. What are you wearing right now: a 2 chainz shirt n skimpy pj shorts

im tagging youthfuneralheroinsunsets, fnordgaylord, oxypool

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What’s your name?: Alyssa

Nicknames?: Nerdy, Lyss, Boo, Stink

Where are you from?
: New York, USA

What’s your favorite color?: Green

Write something in all caps: WHY HAVE I ONLY HAD TWO DRINKS TONIGHT?

Favorite Artist/Band: Incubus, Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Corrine Bailey Rae, DMB, Muse

Reasons to smile: my daughter, my mom, my kitties, my friends, Jane Austen

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Ummm about me

i was tagged by mayasia12 because of reasons

What is your name?

I dont know

Where are you from?
Waukegan, IL

What is your favorite color?
Black for my soul

Write something in all caps:

Favorite Artist/Band:
Chopin and Da Vinci

Reasons to smile:
Existential crises, dinosaurs, unavoidable death, Parks and Rec, Captain America’s booty, that’s about it

Umm i’ll tag 5 people i guess because ten is too many: professor-zee-chamberlain just kidding i only know one person wait freddyshadzbear ok