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Sorry if this is a bit of a weird question, but I think I read somewhere on your blog (when you were answering questions about your profession) you meditate? Could I ask how you do that? Meditate, I mean? Thanks, hope you have a great day!

Yes, I do. I’ve been doing that randomly whenever I have felt a need for it since I was 19, but recently I decided to start meditate daily for at least 15 minutes.

Meditating is super easy! Basically it just means calming down and shutting the whirling mass of thoughts for at least 15 minutes. It gets easier the longer you do it, like any other hobby or activity, so there’s really no need to feel like a failure or similar if you can’t stay calm for 15 minutes at the beginning.

Here’s easy way to do it.

1) Sit or lay down in a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all notifications from mobile devices ect. so your meditation won’t get disturbed by any extra noise (trust me; if you are startled from a deep meditation, it physically HURTS.)

2) You can be in a silence or concentrate on listening something; ambient sounds, ASRM music, zen music, special meditative and relaxation music ect. Youtube is full of awesome tracks you can listen to. Concentrate on really listening what you are hearing. 

3) Make yourself comfortable. I like to lay down as it relaxes the best. Remember to take calm, deep breaths at first. Deep breathing relaxes: for example one reason why smoking calms people down is that they take deep breaths in and breathe long breaths out while smoking. 

4) Enjoy yourself! Your body might get numb or tingling; that’s normal. You might have sudden emotional outbursts or feelings; that’s normal, too (means you are relaxing, letting go of resistance and it opens up emotional valves). 

5) Stop as soon as you start to feel exhausted or tired. Try some other time again. Meditation is supposed to be calm and relaxing. 

6) Meditate either at the beginning of the day or before going to bed. You can meditate as often during a day as you want to. 

7) Meditate 15 minutes daily at least for 2 weeks to see the effects in you the best. You can meditate more than that, if you want and if the meditation flows nicely. Sometimes I think 15 minutes has passed just to see it’s been 60 minutes! Time really flies when you get in the meditative zone.

Other things:

If you fall asleep during meditation, that’s completely fine!

It’s completely normal that some days you stay easily in meditation and some days it’s harder. Just like you have days when your hobbies or activities just flow and turn out nice, and then you have days when it just doesn’t work. 

If you mind wanders, don’t worry; correct it back to listening again. In meditation focusing is the work you do. 

If your imagination starts to put you into a nice place, like on a Caribbean sea shore or into your dream house’s bedroom, let it do so. You can imagine yourself freely to any relaxing place. When I meditate I often end up in my imagination to the place from the ambient sounds I’m listening (in a car during a rain, in pirate captain’s cozy cabin, into a garden, into a small creek with clear water ect.) - or to some other place like into my dream house’s living room! 

If you feel like you can’t do meditation alone, search for guided meditation audios from Youtube. Sometimes it’s A LOT easier to relax and let go when you have to concentrate on listening someone’s instructions.

Honestly I think the FreeLife campaign stuff is sort of cute, especially when we have higher rates of tobacco use and alcohol dependency within the LGBT community than they do outside of it. Like all anti smoking campaigns sometimes their stuff is petty corny but it’s for a good reason. Idk why people hate those ads so much unless you smoke and they remind you of smoking or something.

You asked me once why majority of the things I write about are so full of spite, and anger, frustration, and sadness. Didn’t you know? Writing to some people is therapeutic. There’s a reason why smokers smoke, and why musicians often compose the songs that they do. That’s why some writers write. They start off just trying to release themselves off the negatives. Sometimes to release stress, blow off steam, let go of the things they can’t necessarily keep inside for too long. Why the greatest love songs out there are often written from heartbreak. 

Writing to me is my form of letting go. Once I write everything out, the memory and the experience itself doesn’t seem so traumatic and frustrating anymore. Like a burden’s been lifted somehow. I guess that’s why it may sound so horribly sad. These awful words are the things I don’t want lingering in my system anymore.