reason why i watched this show tbh

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: why can’t i stop watching dance academy!?  the characters are annoying, the plot is overdramatic, and the dancing is mediocre at best but for some reason i keep binge watching it and i’ve seen the whole thing like 5 times and why does sammy have to die like that’s just cruel and unnecessary and WHY do i even CARE like it doesn’t matter it’s just a dumb show and tbh not even very realistic but !?!?!?!? 

so, Y’ALL

it happened a while ago but i forgot to say thanks for all the follows?? i surpassed 13k which is just craaazyyy i still don’t believe i got this far but it happened??

it’s not so much the number that excites me but the communication?? like so many of y’all spread b99 ish around which means that b99 gets notes which means b99 gets noted which means that more ppl tune in which is how it should be in the world tbh. and i love talking to you guys, there’s always a handful of ppl who care about what i say for some reason. so every time i watch a new show i love logging into this blog to write about why it’s dope bc i know at least a few will share that opinion w/ me so i’m just like:

i guess what i’m tryna say is that i not only use this blog to provide y’all with b99 content to spread around to ur pals, but also it makes my day a little bit more fun so thank u so much for that

  1. INCLUSIVE AF ethnicity wise - the main cast includes 5 people, only 2 of whom are white.
  2. INCLUSIVE ALSO SEXUALITY-WISE - the protagonist is bisexual, the secondary character has been hinted at being bisexual, the protagonist’s best friend is pansexual (actually refers to herself as pan like i’m living u guys) n is dating another woman in one of the most beautiful f/f stories i’ve ever seen on screen tbh.
  3. Joshua Sasse.
  4. It’s SO funny, and really quite clever for being a CW show.
  5. It speaks of sex and sexuality as something freeing and doesn’t shame people who enjoy it.
  6. body diversity ftw
  7. Honestly?? it looks hella fucking dumb but it’s FUN and quirky?? 
  8. and it’s ORIGINAL not the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a show that was successful once briefly in 1992.
  9. did i mention it’s fun? bc it’s fun.
  10. Joshua Sasse.

Back to Free! I miss the show and I can’t wait to watch “High speed” (GIVE ME THE SUBS PLS, I NEED THAT MOVIE LIKE I NEED OXYGEN-)

Tbh my SUPREME otp is MakoHaru (the ones who knows me knows how much I was obsessed with them.. Well ok, still obsessed *looks at her screensaver*) BUT Nagisa and Rei are so cute, so pure, SO MARRIED I had to draw something with them //even bc I’ve never drawn them, shame on me//

This is the reason why we now have a cute selfie~ ✩

★ Commission Chart  ★

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Literally the only reason Cody is on TW is due to the fact that he's pretty. Not because he's a good actor - which he isn't. He's just a pretty face and a hot body and he's only being used as eye candy to reel more teenage girls into watching the show. His character is literally pointless.

i really don’t know why you wasted your time sending me this lmao but while we’re on the subject: he’s not just a pretty face. tbh, in the beginning, i’m sure his physical appearance did benefit him when he got the job for teen wolf. but he’s so much more than just a pretty face. but besides that, you clearly don’t know anything about him. literally everyone i’ve talked to that knows him personally, and everyone that i’ve seen talking about him, refers to him in the highest regard. i’m sure you could ask anyone that has worked with him, and they’ll tell you that he’s wonderful to work with, he’s dedicated, he takes his job seriously, he’s professional, he works himself to the bone. it’s a shame that he works so fucking hard and puts everything into his character, yet y’all still insist upon saying he’s bad at what he does. you don’t have to like him, but don’t sit on your ugly ass and say he doesn’t do his job right. if you don’t like him that much, maybe you should just ignore him????? that’s what i do with celebrities i dislike - i don’t pay any attention to them. why you would even bother sending this shit to me, a person that clearly loves cody and enjoys his acting, is beyond me. 

Jess is with Sam, Cece is about to marry and the gang is going to play a game of “True American”…reminding you of anything? Hm?



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Why do people think that if Regina doesn't have a male LI that's some sort of fucked up karmic retribution and wrong? I'd say it's more like a blessing tbh. We'd at least have one character on this show that doesn't need a man to be happy.

Because that was literally the exact spoken reason given to the audience as to why Regina lost Robin?

I’m sorry, I don’t find it “a blessing” to watch a character I love constantly losing those they do just because they’re a man.


MAKE ME CHOOSE MEME > Scott Mccall or Stiles Stilinski (asked by paquindaene)

It all started that night, the night I got bitten. Do you remember the way it was before that? You and me, we were… we were… we were nothing. We weren’t popular. We weren’t good at lacrosse. We weren’t important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all…

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ahh I want to watch riverdale (read the archie comics when I was younger), but the show seems painfully caucasian. Also, there was a whole thing with queerbaiting w/ becky/veronica. They even said straight up it's not happening but are still profiting off that bc lots of ppl want becky/veronica. Any thoughts on either issue? Thanks!

yeah the queerbating of betty & veronica was a reason why i wanted to stay away and them whitewashing kj apa… so i just imagine that archie is ADOPTED, my son of colour :’) as for the qbaiting, i’ve only watched the first episode but i don’t think it improves tbh, beronica still look gay as hell in the gifs i’ve seen… the show isn’t THE whitest, but there’s 4/9 poc in the main cast but since archie is white it’s 3/9 :// the recurring cast have a few more poc but i haven’t rly seen them yet since i’ve watched one ep, but when i do i’ll keep you updated! i gave in because i’m weak and netflix was right there tbh….

So I was tagged by @canahdude to do this so…
Nickname: Char
Height: IDK but I’m short and bitter about it
Time right now: I’d rather not say.
Last movie I watched: … bee movie. It was on Netflix and I decided why not
Last tv show watched: I’m in the middle of watching Star Vs The Forces Of Evil right now.
Hogwarts house: tbh I just took a quiz before answering this one and they said I’m a gryffindor so…
Pokemon team: Mystic. Not for any particular reason I just like blue and articuno
Favorite color: Pink!
Lucky number: 8
Favorite character: TBH even after I took a month long hiatus from danganronpa I still love Hajime Hinata with every fiber of my being
People I tag: @cosmicfalls
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Where you bit bothered when Connie bought up Lapis nearly drowning her, and she just brushed it off? I wasn't accepting her to remember it(heck I didn't) but was accepting a "sorry about that" instead of "I nearly drowned a lot of people :/"

I haven’t been keeping up with Steven Universe. Lately the episodes have felt incomplete to me and it’s irritated me. Like, it feels like the writers forgot to write a climax for the episodes. They lead up to something that never happens. TBH I think the 11 minute format is the reason for this. If they had longer episodes, I feel like they can shove in all the stuff they want and actually have a conclusion. That’s why I liked Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem so much. The story felt complete. Those two episodes were both 11 minutes, so if the crew had 22 minutes per episode, I think their stories would feel complete and I’d actually watch the show and not feel disappointed.

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Nicknames: uh gaby? my friends call me gabs now but i don’t like it that much…… i want a cute nickname u-u

Star Sign: aries

Height: short :(

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8:50 pm

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that i enjoyed? sing street. it’s cute

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 please like me. go watch it!!

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oh my in like 2012 (i think) tbh, maybe 2011

Why did I choose my URL?: a picture of aph england with rainbow eyebrows was my icon for too long

Hogwarts house: slytherin o:

Pokemon team: never had one……

Favorite color: all kinds of blue!

Lucky number: one digit even numbers i guess. i hate odd numbers for some reason 

Favorite character: all of the characters

Number of blankets I sleep with: 100000000000

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guys……GUYS……….i know i’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but seriously, today’s AA episode (“The Panther’s Rage”) was SO GOOD

I mean, just a few highlights:

    • None of them are like “in your face” but instead they’re just subtle enough to reiterate how seamlessly Steve and Tony work as a team and just how familiar and comfortable they are with each other
      • E.g. we get two (2) more hold-and-fly’s… of which is Tony saving Steve’s life. Again.
    • And I’ll definitely be liveblogging these moments later this week but here’s another example: When they’re flying on the ship to chase after Ulysses Klaue, T’Challa implies that his tech is better than Tony’s, and Steve literally has the BIGGEST GRIN ON HIS FACE as Tony splutters indignantly….and then finally Steve goes “it’s fine Tony, go check on the others” WHILE STILL FUCKING SMIRKING and Tony (whipped as he is) walks away grumbling
      • like jfc could you BE more married
  • T’Challa was incredible. like tbh I was a little worried at first because it seemed like the show was going to paint him as an antagonist, but there’s a completely legitimate reason as to why he seems cold and distant at first…..and then by the end of the episode the Avengers invite him to join their team and he’s joking and laughing with them and god I love him so much
    • And on that note, Thor was written SO WELL in this episode too….like, as the Prince of Asgard, he respects and empathizes with T’Challa’s position as a ruler and spends the whole episode essentially defending his actions/demeanor and explaining it to the other Avengers
    • (like @MCU get on AA’s level, Thor deserves better)
  • We also get to meet T’Challa’s all-female bodyguard squad (aka the Dora Milaje) and THEY’RE SO BADASS. MY HEROES.
    • Shoutout specifically to Aneka because at one point she goes “I don’t know why strong men always boast so, but it makes it much more satisfying when they fall” and i’m like SAME GIRL. SA M E.

So yeah, all in all fantastic episode, go do yourself a favor and watch it!! I can’t wait to share it with you guys later this week 😊

Reasons why u should watch the b99 golden globes win video if ur feelin’ down (or just whenever tbh):

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal its amazing

- Seth Meyers looks like he’s having The Time Of His Life

- (like everything he’s ever done has led up to This Moment)

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like?? two WHOLE octaves higher than normal I’m s o

- Joanna Newsom is so beautiful man u should watch it just to gasp at her beauty

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal???

- Melissa Fumero is literally bouncing up and down in her seat she’s so excited for her pal I die

- Sambs’s voice is tw O o ctaves higher tha N nor m Al

- Seth Meyers’ little “this is the best night ever” before he announces the winner

- there are several voice cracks in that thank you speech oh gosh

- Melissa Fumero is also V beautiful u can gasp over her too

- Andy Samberg is so genuinely surprised and shocked that his voice is literally /two octaves/ higher than usual and I’m not sure if its absolutely hilarious or lowkey adorable

- both tbh

- both

may I just start off by asking WHY THE HELL DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???

So I watched the season trailer and tbh… Stiles’ “some of us are human” speech is something I’ve wanted on this show for a really long time??

Just… Yes?! This is the exact reason why I don’t wanna give up on this show yet. Because every now and then it’ll give us moments and lines that have only existed on our fan fics, but I now get to see played out in canon.

Like Stiles wanting to keep the pack together when going to college.

Like Stiles having serious trust issues.

Like Stiles reminding someone that he’s only human.

And I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the back of my mind I’m still convinced that Derek is still back up in his loft, and Isaac is still running around wearing ridiculous scarves. Chris and Allison are still in Beacon Hills.

I pick and choose what’s canon for me, and I love being able to do that.