reason why i watched this show tbh

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: why can’t i stop watching dance academy!?  the characters are annoying, the plot is overdramatic, and the dancing is mediocre at best but for some reason i keep binge watching it and i’ve seen the whole thing like 5 times and why does sammy have to die like that’s just cruel and unnecessary and WHY do i even CARE like it doesn’t matter it’s just a dumb show and tbh not even very realistic but !?!?!?!? 

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This is kinda an unpopular opinion; I did find Allura's vlog to be adorable, and such. However, it felt like they weren't really reaching to what her full potential could have been in that moment when she could have talked about everything that happened. || Aside from this, late happy birthday to you!

i liked her vlog too. i feel like these vlogs arent supposed to be “character development”. they’re on youtube for a reason ya know. these are basically supposed to be for the people who havent watched the show yet i think. (thats why some people get them as ads). because you’re SUPPOSED to get the character development from the show. (im not saying they’re good at doing it in the show but i just feel like thats the purpose) like keiths wasnt really character development meant… we knew he had fuckin issues tbh.


MAKE ME CHOOSE MEME > Scott Mccall or Stiles Stilinski (asked by paquindaene)

It all started that night, the night I got bitten. Do you remember the way it was before that? You and me, we were… we were… we were nothing. We weren’t popular. We weren’t good at lacrosse. We weren’t important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all…

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I dont want magnus to lose his magic :( its who he is, if he does im seriously going to cry

Losing his magic is definitely one of my theories why he’s going to be pissed with Valentine. With Magnus’ spell book he can actually find a way to take/weaken his magic. (Another theory is that since Valentine has his spell book, Valentine will threaten Magnus that if he doesn’t do what he wants, he’s going to use its content against him/them)

But also, I don’t want to form a conclusion based only on that teaser, especially since he could just be trying to draw the pentagram to summon the greater demon. 

Maybe that’s what his magic looks like drawing the pentagram? We never actually got to see it before- since Clary drew the pentagram for Valak even though Magnus summoned it.

Also- we actually have this scene, where it looks like he can use his magic just fine. And that’s the greater demon(?) who did this:

I have a feeling all those scenes are connected to each other. However, if he does lose his magic; Its going to be hard on Magnus, i’m sure, but that doesn’t mean he can never get it back. I’m sure he can, because everyone and their mother in that show know they’re FUCKED without Magnus and his powerful magic. Plus, maybe we’ll get good scenes out of it? Like Alec sharing his strength to Magnus again? Alec fighting Valentine to get Magnus’ magic back(he did say he’ll have a hero moment)? If Magnus loses his magic, they could also show his vulnerability? It could lead to so many things and that’s why i’m so excited for 2B.

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yeah same! honestly that's the thing I didn't like about the winner's speech at the end, I agree that music should come from the heart or w/e, but the Eurovision shouldn't be taken seriously, because the funny/weird performances are what people love and remember, just look at all the memes. OH AND Germany not getting any votes sucked, our fuckin neighbours didn't give us shit either, fucking rude. but Germany gave us points ♥ I'm sad we didn't give any back

Ah yes, I, too, thought that the part of his winning speech where he criticized the recent music industry was a bit unnecessary (particularly since 95% of the ESC songs are what he called “fastfood music with fireworks”, it sounded a bit as if he’s dissing the other contestants haha)^^; I understand what he meant and partly agree with him, but seriously, just imagine ESC


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The show would be soooo boring!!

Entertainment is an imporant part of the ESC and the very reason why so many people love this show, so I hope we’ll get to see more extravagant performers and weird/showy performances next year!

Also, the “We gave you 12 points but you gave us 0??? You traitor!!” quarrels between neighbouring countries are yet another important and traditional part of the ESC, I actually pretty much enjoyed watching the voting results! (≧▽≦) It’s frustrating when your neighbours don’t give you any points, but then, in Germany’s case at least, the “Germany not getting any votes” is gradually turning into a running gag, so I found it kinda funny tbh xD I just felt sorry for the German singer because she did well, hope she’s not too sad about this result!

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On one hand, I love that Alex and Lena will pull Kara out of her emo mess but like I am mad on the apparent reason WHY. Never lose your shit over a fuckboi....why do I watch this show? 🤔😂 *Katie owns my ass tbh*

Me as this whole entire ask

Back to Free! I miss the show and I can’t wait to watch “High speed” (GIVE ME THE SUBS PLS, I NEED THAT MOVIE LIKE I NEED OXYGEN-)

Tbh my SUPREME otp is MakoHaru (the ones who knows me knows how much I was obsessed with them.. Well ok, still obsessed *looks at her screensaver*) BUT Nagisa and Rei are so cute, so pure, SO MARRIED I had to draw something with them //even bc I’ve never drawn them, shame on me//

This is the reason why we now have a cute selfie~ ✩

★ Commission Chart  ★

My Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films

In light of the Studio’s not closing (and my boundless boredom) I made a top 10 list of their films in accordance to how I feel about them, so I’m only including ones that I’ve actually seen…and I haven’t seen some pretty important ones so there.  

10) Ponyo

Ponyo! Everybody loves this movie because it’s ridiculously loveable, and I love it too! I just don’t think it’s that great. The thing I like most about this movie is the animation because I really love the way Hayao Miyazaki animates water. It’s just so damn cool! I really like the setting as well. It’s pretty standard Miyazaki fair, y'know it’s about the environment and stuff. But it’s very pretty and very fun! 

9) My Neighbor Totoro 

Another movie we all love! And only at number 9. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is great and iconic and is a great, safe way to introduce the concept of death and tragedy to young children, as I know many have.  But, I just don’t think there’s that much here for an older audience. Which is fine, but yeah, it doesn’t do all that much for me. Most of the movie is the main characters going about their lives while occasionally running into Totoro. Which, for the record, is the best part. The animation on Totoro is great and you get a real sense of texture and weight. HE JUST LOOKS SO FUZZY.

8) Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind 

Okay technically not a Ghibli movie but it has pretty much the exact same creative team so shut up. This movie is epic. I just really love the world here. Post apocalyptic but also really medieval but futuristic with a little steampunk thrown in, it’s great. And the creature animation is fantastic. For me, I don’t personally find it that engaging, but I think the word I would use to describe this movie is interesting. It’s just a really interesting movie. And I like it a lot.

7) Kiki’s Delivery Service 


Okay, this movie is so important. I cannot think of a single better movie to show a kid who’s growing up. You know why? Because this movie teaches that feeling sad is okay. When’s the last time you saw that in a movie (it was probably in another Ghibli movie tbh)? Kiki is awesome, she’s determined and mature but is still a kid. And Jiji is just THE BEST SIDE CHARACTER, it’s a really pleasant movie. It’s a good one to watch when your down. I love this movie. It’s great.

6) From up on Poppy Hill


I like this movie for a lot of the same reasons I like Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s a really quiet, comforting movie. The film takes place just before the Tokyo Olympics, Japan is still recovering from World War II and everyone is ready to throw out the old and bring in the new. So when a historic clubhouse at Umi’s private school is going to be torn down, our heroes band together to stop it. The movie is really simple and straightforward and noticeably devoid of supernatural elements, but it really gives you a sense of place. You really get a feel for what Japan was like in the early 60s. And the movie has a very pretty Japanese pop soundtrack that’s really nice, and there’s a really intimate romance (that’s imo the best one in all of Ghibli). Love it.

5) The Wind Rises 


This film is a masterpiece (AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEAT OUT FROZEN FOR BEST ANIMATED PICTURE BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY). This is Hayao Miyazaki’s last movie, for real this time. And boy does it show. By telling the tale of a real life genius aviator who is forced to use his creations for evil, Miyazaki ultimately shows us creativity is fleeting. That you can only be a genius for so long, commenting on his own career in the process. Miyazaki felt like he just didn’t have much more creativity left in him. Whether or not he was right, we’ll never know. But at least we know why he retired. It’s kind of like The Tempest of Miyazaki films, and it’s amazing. 

4) Princess Mononoke

Oh yeah. Now we’re getting down to it. This movie is epic. In fact, this movie so epic, it gives Lord of the Rings a run for its money. I mean DAMN this movie is huge. Our heroes travel over vast mountains and fields and engage in huge, epic battles, which by the way, are so brutal that the violence is never glorified. It’s definitely the most violent animated film I’ve seen, and the creature animation is GLORIOUS, and Ancient Japan is just as great a setting as you’d expect it to be. So good.

3) Porco Rosso 

God I love this movie. Miyazaki knew exactly what kind of film he wanted to make, and boy did he make it. In it we have Porco, our Humphrey Bogart-esque loner who’s best friend is his plane, and he’s being hunted down by Bounty Hunters and the newly Fascist Italian Government. And he’s a pig. For some reason (well it’s probably a metaphor). And did I mention that this takes place in an alternate history on the Mediterranean Coast after WWI where fighter pilots use militarized sea planes to fight? Oh yeah. There’s that. This movie has great character development, a host of entertaining side characters, and it’s actually really funny, and has some great action scenes. It’s criminally underrated and I enjoy it immensely. Go watch it. 

2) Howl’s Moving Castle

I’m a sucker for a few things, and a few of those things happen to be French things, Steampunk things, and WWI history. AND HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE HAS ALL OF THAT in one way or another, so it’s no surprise that I like this movie. A lot. I also really like Sophie’s character arch. For those of you who don’t know, Sophie has never believed that she’s beautiful, and is cursed to be old, but the curse deteriorates the more confident she gets. It’s just really empowering and amazing. 

1) Spirited Away

(Okay I know original right) but SERIOUSLY this movie is insane I don’t even know where to begin. The movie starts of with Chihiro in the process of moving, and she’s terrified, and then she gets trapped in the spirit world and her parents are cursed. From there on, this movie, is unbelievable. One thing I love about this movie is that Chihiro gets scared. She gets so scared. But she keeps going. It teaches kids it’s okay to be scared. And I just love that this movie feels so lonely. Which might sound like a weird way to describe a movie but I think it fits. The scene on the train (gifed above) is maybe my favorite scene ever in a movie. You just get this feeling. Like you’ve been there. Like you’ve sat there quietly in a scary situation having no idea what’s coming next. It’s almost indescribable but it really speaks to me. And I just keep coming back to loneliness. I feel like every character here is afraid and lonely (except for a few). It’s just so different, and I find that oddly comforting. Because we feel lonely all the time don’t we? But media never seems to show that! We have our character and their group of friends. But here, we have our character, and a few outcasts, who I can’t say are friends. They’re just sort of brought together by their common alienation. And when Chihrio returns home, she’s not afraid of moving anymore. And if that’s not comforting as fuck, then I don’t know what is.  

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You've watched Jeans oh MY GOD. Do you. Remember the musical scene during which a guy came out wearing a mobile phone costume for no reason. Bc I do and sometimes I remember it and it makes me BURST OUT LAUGHING LMAO. Also the scene with the neon skeletons was iconic tbh

jeANS IS SO WIL D yes I remember that and I was just like ???WHY ??? 

and the sKELETON DANCE SCEN E … gO D ,, also there’s that dude studying “”animation”” but he like ??? ? animates 3D stuff onto thin air like ?? wHAT 

 I showed that movie to my gf and I’m very sure she’s still horribly confused abt it ,, she does agree that it’s oddly enjoyable tho, and the songs are all bops (also Aishu in that movie with that Indian shy girl aes and the gLASSES can kill me) 

i’ve watched that movie like .. . well, well over two hundred times bc as a toddler i’d refuse to eat without watching it at least once a day ??? ?

oh freak i have just remembered the main reason i gotten into my current fandoms

i was a petty little shit that wanted to share my own theories

that was it

i was looking at some post and the formed my own theory but because i wanst in that fandom i couldnt completly do it

so that’s how i ended up watching certain shows

lmao i cant freaking believe

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I remember rewatching 1x13 the first time(of the many😂) and I knew THIS time what happened after the bughead ily and I actually realised how unaffected i was by the varchie kiss/sex/whatever whereas BUGHEAD BAM THE FRICKIN FEELS RIGHT THERE HEART RACING PALMS SWEATY FEELS FEELS FEELS I mean the difference in chemistry is also a huge reason why bughead is so much more popular than varchie!

It’s been a week today since the Bughead Kitchen Scene and I’m pretty sure none of us have recovered yet from the assault on our senses.

I had not expected more after that sweet kiss tbh because Bughead were being the sweet G rated couple on the show. The Varchie scene came as no surprise because everyone had expected it to happen in season finale. It was tepid and as interesting as watching plaster dry.

But then, BUT THEN our sweet baby bunnies were going at it like a pair of lions in heat, desecrating FP Jones’ kitchen counter and my brain short circuited and my throat went dry and eyes became large as saucers in shock.
Mama Mia! Their fiery, unbridled passion would have set the entire trailer park on fire. 🔥🔥

My brain had turned to mush by that point and I had no recollection whatsoever of what had happened before and after the trailer scene.

I don’t think anybody had expected that scene to turn out this hawt and sexy as sin. People probably don’t even remember about the fact that it was Varchie who went all the way and are showering all praise and attention on the ‘almost sex scene’ instead. I don’t see any buzz around the Varchie moment anywhere. And that says a lot about Bughead’s popularity. I bet KJ and Camila might have been low key miffed at the lukewarm reception of their much hyped about sexy scene. Sprousehart’s chemistry is one for the history books. You can’t fake that shit.

ID #77901

Name: Zoë
Age: 17
Country: Germany

Sooo, I just finished High School this year and honestly? I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do next. Next year I want to start studying psychology though.
I’m fluent in German and English and am currently learning some Norwegian, so I’d love to have someone who could help me out on this!
I like working out. I play tennis, do step aerobics, go running, cycling etc. just everything that I wanna do really. Even though I like working out, I’m quite the couch potato tbh. I love watching tv shows such as Supernatural, c, Merlí, 13 Reasons Why, Sherlock, Hawaii 5-0 etc etc. I watch YouTube too, but lately not as much. When I do, though, I mainly watch the Dolan twins, ThatcherJoe and Dan and Phil.
I’m also into music. My favorite artists are All Time Low, Andy Black, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, 5sos, blink-182 and many more. So it’d be cool if we’d have some similarities!
Otherwise I love traveling, going to concerts and spending time with my friends!
I think that’s about it.

Preferences: Maybe in the same age group, so 16-20 maybe? I don’t care about your sexuality or gender as I’m a supporter of LGBTQ+ and generally open-minded.

Where Did PLL Go Wrong?

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So we’re less than 6 episodes away until the very end and since PLL isn’t on tomorrow due to some idiotic decision by Freeform (At the time ABC Family), we thought we would list where and how we think PLL went wrong. These are just our opinions, we have a “PLL Goodbye Letter” planned soon. Anyways so PLL will always have a special place in my heart, despite how terrible and confusing it’s gotten, and thankfully we’ll always have the good first 2 seasons to look back on. But every show has a end date and PLL is long past it’s end, imo the show should’ve ended years ago but we’ll get to that in a minute. The mysterious charm from the early seasons is gone and sadly we’ve had to deal with one confusing story line after another, plus millions of plot holes. But hey it’s PLL!!!!!

Too MANY Seasons! (Seriously way too many!)

No one wants their favorite TV show to end right? But isn’t it better to end a show when you’ll miss it as opposed to when your barely able to stand it anymore. ABC Family dragged this show out wayyyyy too long, we discussed this in another post about why the ratings went down. Marlene originally planned 5 seasons, had she and the network of followed through with that plan the show still would of ended with over 100 episodes and the ratings might not of gotten as low as they are now. I was expecting the show to end with S5 but after reading interviews, I assumed they would renew it for a 6th and final season. However I was not expecting them to do a 2 season renewal. This was too much and the network got greedy of the show’s success. It’s taken forever to answer our questions probably because of the double renewal. A show should only be dragged out for so long and in our opinion 5 seasons or a shortened 6th final season would’ve been enough. Tbh I don’t remember being that thrilled about a S7. 

Filler Episodes Galore!

Some filler episodes haven’t bothered me, the barrel episode (S5E16) was one of them I enjoyed, the fan base seemed to hate it. However filler episodes that focus on Hanna’s fashion career, Aria’s drama with Ezra, and story lines that literally do NOT matter are what bothers me. When we don’t get any more info on “A” or a current mystery, the episode feels pointless and stale. Take almost all of 6B for an example, while S7 has been better it hasn’t impressed us overall tbh regardless if these last episodes are amazing they won’t be able to make up for any filler we got at the beginning of a season. They might’ve reduced S6 and S7 to 20 episodes but that didn’t mean we did not get fillers. S6 and S7 should’ve been shorted to 10-13 episodes imo. The writers apparently love filler episodes. The fan base does not.

Enough With Irrelevant Characters

The show already has too many new characters, it’s even worse when you introduce a character in 601 and make her RC/BW, characters we saw in S3 and S4. That is what was the final straw with me hating 610. Sara might’ve been introduced as a storyline in S4 but we did not meet her ACTUAL character until 601. It was annoying enough they gave Sydney such relevance during the recent episode. She better of been lying in that limo. But maybe Syndey is more relevant, idk who knows anymore. Then we have Shana who ended up being Ezra’s shooter. We will go back to that in a minute. 

Confusion! Who Is “A” and Who Is NOT “A”?-

Honestly the reality with this show is anyone can claim to be “A” and it will instantly confuse the fanbase. Having Shana in the black hoodie in S5 was especially confusing. So she wasn’t “A” but she was wearing the black hoodie? Was she working for “A”? What even? During those “A” endings which “A” is who? The fan base has to assume answers, this show is extremely confusing. People act shady, are they connected to “A”? What even? Aren’t there other outfits people could wear without confusing the audience? 

Making The Ships She #1 Priority, and NOT The Mystery 

When I started watching this show, I watched for one reason, the mystery. I loved the persona of “A”, it was creepy, fun, exciting, and how the writers wrote the omnipresent character of “A” was what drew me to the show. This is why the show will always have a special place in my heart. The original mystery was so intriguing and fun. However as the show went on, the writers shifted towards the ships and made them the #1 as opposed to the mystery scenes we used to get. Honestly this is not what I signed up for, I get having romance, it’s nice to blend both the romance and mystery together, but it seemed Marlene and the writers turned it into a full on romance show. Because of the ships imo they couldn’t go THERE with main love interests. Toby being on the “A” team was an amazing twist and they wasted it by caving into Spoby. What a cop out that was. The special-ness of the show was ripped away when we got non-stop shipping scenes. Again this is just my personal opinion. 

Aghhhhh, That CeCe Reveal 

Honestly, I never imagined I would be disappointed with 610. Some people might’ve enjoyed it, that’s great if you did, but I couldn’t enjoy it. The episode was outright awful. Seriously that holograph screen was just……ridiculous and corny, CeCe’s story made no sense at all, and the worst part in my opinion was Sara Harvey. The dialogue felt off and it felt insulting, I was considering dropping the show at that point honestly the episode was that awful. Regardless if the writers fix these plot holes, it won’t undo the amount of disappointment that the writers caused on the fans. Nope, not gonna forget that awful episode. Because of that episode I don’t have much faith in the writers at all. Well the bright side of the episode was the girl’s emotional goodbye scene. 

The Time Jump + 6B 

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard they were doing a time jump, especially a 5 year one. The dynamic of the girls being teenagers would be gone, the show wouldn’t be the same. The writers probably did this because of the cast getting tired of playing teenagers (Which is understandable), but they didn’t handle 6B right imo. It was pure filler, it feels so good to vent about this season now. The dynamic of the show did change, Spaleb was pointless because Haleb ended up getting back together which resulted in Spencer getting hurt, the girls drank ALL the time (Seriously we get it, they are over 21, and are adults), and Uber A wasn’t that scary with their emojis, according to Marlene Amoji was Uber A/A.D. Gosh this “A” has so many names (Big Bad, Uber Bad, Uber A, Amoji, A.D., so on). The season just felt disappointing and boring. 7A was better but in my opinion it felt dull , but the bright side is 714 did in fact give us major answers so I really appreciate the writers for that. Overall my interest really went away after 610, my friend and I decided to give the time jump a chance, and while I was tempted to drop the show MULTIPLE times, I decided why not? Might as well just finish this show out. We’re almost done anyways. Had I of dropped the show I might not of met so many PLL accounts and so on, so there’s something positive to find I guess. Speaking of the current seasons, what happened to us getting “A” endings? We’ve only gotten a few this season and they are imo one of the most iconic parts of the show. Are the writers lazy or do they just not want to write anymore A endings? 

Unanswered Questions & Dropped Storylines

We could be talking about this forever, it seems that we are starting to get our questions answered. Hopefully a majority of remaining questions and dropped story lines are answered on the show and not another interview that Marlene did with 610. There’s some hope these questions will be answered now, 714 proved to be a very successful and information packed episode. 

So overall those were are thoughts. We have had fun watching this show for the most part but in all honestly I’m exhausted from this dragged out show and ready for it to end, all good things must come to an end. The main reason why I am watching is to finish the show out, say I finished it because half the time I’m terrible at finishing TV shows, and find out who the heck A.D. is. Tbh we’re not even sure if this person is Lucas, or Melissa, or Spencer’s twin. We might as well just sit back and enjoy these final episodes. Just pray we’re satisfied enough when 720 airs and this show is finally over. 

Again these are our opinions, but what are your thoughts on PLL over the years?


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May I ask why you ship Jonerys? I don't know, I guess I /can/ see the allure, but the fact that they're aunt-nephew as well as how much their personalities clash really kind of turn me off :(

This wasn’t meant to be hate or judgy btw! I’m just genuinely curious as to what you like about Jonerys!! <3

Haha, don’t worry, anon, you can be judgy all you want on this matter tbh. What i don’t like is people coming to other’s inboxes and harassing them tbh. But I don’t expect anyone to think I’m “right” in shipping incest really. Because I know it’s wrong and i said it over and over and i’ll say it again if I have to xD

Wow, why I ship Jonerys… this will actually be a very long answer? I hope you forgive me, it’s just that… it isn’t simple at all. Because the reason I ship jonerys is basically related to the reason i ship anything ever + my “ship sense”.

So let’s go by items, cause I know i’ll talk a lot.

  • Let me start with this: When I first started shipping them (back in 1x01), I didn’t know they could be related.

This is not a “reason” why I ship them, but the reason why I saw this possibility and i just leapt into the ship wagon without any fears (LOL)

And yes I’m aware many people already knew about the R + L = J theory back then (in 2010 if i’m not mistaken) but I was a casual fan, and I didn’t. And, tbh, many many didn’t. So if you go back and watch the show right from the beginning, you’d never suspect those two characters could be related.

I only found out about 3 years ago (I THINK) when i restarted my GOT watch ( i stopped watching GOT i 2010 - i think- i still don’t remember why. Doesn’t mean i stopped watching Jon/Dany, cause I always loved the idea of then - i’ll explain later.

 and I began watching again right after season 5. I don’t remember HOW but I think a friend of mine explained the R + L = J theory to me then)

Now to the reasons: 

  • Their story always had potential

So okay, Game of Thrones is probably one of the only things I watch where THE PLOT is one of the things that drawn me the most. And, in general, i ship a lot of things because i like the potential of the story of said couple happening : 

I have always been drawn to the idea of jon and dany becasue their characters are….so different and so similar at the same freaking time??? 

They were both… orphans, pushed around by the obligations implied in their families- without truly deserving any of the “rewards” their families could offer (jon was a bastard, dany was just being used as a wife for her brother’s plans), both characters started the show being…innocent and gentle? (yeah? noticed that?) and for that… they also suffered, just the fact that everyone expected so little of them, treated them so bad was enough for me to want them to be heroes and rise above everyone and be together and rule the whole thing (season 7 hello, ily)

Also, I LOVED how ever since the beginning, there was this ice versus fire symbology about them. Jon being, Jon Snow, a Stark (winter is coming and all), living on the north, going to the wall etc; Dany being a Targaryen, mother of dragons, from the south, literally surviving fire.

Ice and Fire indeed. (now canon, oh season 7)

Now, even though i knew so little of the books, i DID know that they were called a song of ice and fire. And i caught that idea in my mind right away. When I first started watching the show… i was like, okay he’s ice and she’s fire and there’s gonna be a ginormous journey ahead of them but they’ll meet in the end and they’ll be the key to all of these lands problems (again, season 7, hello and I love you)

I knew (or “felt”) THEY were the key, or one of the keys, again because their characters were the ones who were pushed around, belittled by others, but they still remained being honorable (let’s not enter discussions about whether they TRULY were of the writers just think they were and portrayed them like that but people disagree cause that’s another conversation entirely). So, i just… why wouldn’t i ship them? Let’s get these two opposing but similar forces together, those two characters who suffered so much and were humbled and then rose –and they’ll rule this thing together

And, for real, when you watch the show you can see all of their symbologies in their journeys (i can’t even describe everything but i can try to find a vid to help), even the way they’d cut the scene would somehow show Dane struggling with something, then cut to Jon (or vice versa). The fact is, for me, Jon and Daenerys meeting and ruling is one of the most plot satisfying things that could happen on this show.

Not to mention that : 1- for people familiar with the book, we all know there’s a whole prophecy of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised and all…. (hey season 7). We also know that Jon and Dany have traits that would make them both  fit description to some extent. Again…. badass.

I’m not even sure if i need them to be involved or if i just want them to rule everyone together or what. I can barely explain it. All i know is that I find their journeys interesting and so intertwined, i love the idea that everyone in westeros was fighting and killing each other while those two big forces were rising and being awesome while everyone was doubting them. And i like the idea of them joining their forces. 

PS; i disagree that their personalities clash that much actually? I think they aren’t that similar and they aren’t that different, if it makes any sense.

In ways, Dany wants to be a queen no matter what and Jon doesn’t care about that, however they BOTH care about the people they are ruling - unless most of the other leaders on the show. THAT and the parallels I explained above… and more

  • And Finally: My Ship Sixth Sense!

Yes. Yes I’m aware this is crazy. But here’s the thing, and I was just talking about it with friends of mine yesterday, I’m an INFP anf there are a lot of shows/books/movies where i’ll just look at a ship one moment and a light bulb will turn on in my heart and i’ll go OKAY IDK HOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN

Jon/Dany are …. the best example of this happening to me. Even before i even watched the show I had this feeling, when I saw their respective first scenes, that feeling was SCREAMING at me. I’m not psychic (LOL),  thing is… i kinda tend to pick up cinematography, music, editing hints without realizing it (not just me BTW, infps are wonderful at “”predicting”” ships). So THAT + the things I explained up there probably resulted in this “intuition/feeling” i had about Jon/Daenerys since the beginning.

And that feeling was SO STRONG right from their first scene that…. to be honest… i wanted it to be true? As some sort of pride/fun thing, maybe a bet i made with myself (LOL), i wanted to see myself and my crazy ship sixth sense being right. 

So even after I found out they might be related (cause it was only kinda confirmed last year), the feeling never stopped - all the clues I saw, the story unraveling, nothing changed….and there was a moment i was just,,,, the heck with it, i know it’s wrong but i also know it’s a tv show, not any tv show - game of thrones where the morals are messed up anyway- so i just wanna see this happen cause the story is demanding it and my ship sense is demanding it and it would be interesting as heck to watch.

  • EPILOGUE (LOOOOL) : Now, a few vids, because this show has so much info is hard to list and i DOUBT i made much sense on the story part: (specially towards the end you can see the parallels and contrasts all at the same time)  –: i don’t think the song they picked match the show but this vid shows so so many parallels (the most recent one)

@flabbergabst replied to your post “LEONARD GAVE SARA HIS JACKET omg okay, fine, I’m on the Captain Canary…”


dsgklhsdglkh okay, so, story: when they first announced the Prison Break revival I read an article about it in Entertainment Weekly and they talked about how Leonard was killed in Legends of Tomorrow. Fast forward many months, forgot about it entirely. Started watching the show and shipping Captain Canary. And then last night we were watching the Prison Break revival and suddenly i remembered and I was like nooooooo why did I start watching that show before finding out if he comes back!! Of course now I’m hooked for other reasons so I’m just gonna suffer lmao. BUT ANYWAY, THANK YOU. I’m not sure my heart is prepared even with this knowledge tbh but I’m stuck here now lmao. I’m on episode 1x14