reason why i havent been going on tumblr

howdy guys!! ,,,,i know i left again for yet another long time,,,and i am deeply sorry about that,,,,like i know how i said i would try getting on this blog more but like alot of stuff has been going on,,,

school and work are the main reasons why i dont really come onto this blog alot and along with the fact im on my other blogs too,,,,,mostly my main one but i really haven’t been on tumblr that frequently like how i used too since alot of negative things hav been happening in my personal life along with this website,,,

i just really needed a break from this place,,,,a break from certain fandoms as well,,,,my mental health just wasnt having it,,,,,started feeling lower than i usually do,,,,,havent been drawing as much either,,,,,

im just so sorry for leaving without saying anything,,,, im okay!! and i hope you guys understand,;;;

just letting you guys know whats been happening and why i left again,,,,heh;;;; im really sorry,,,, i will be popping in and out from time to time just to let u guys know!!! but for right now im just pretty busy with life and school,,,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

i hope you all are okay and having a nice times and staying safe!! hope youre having a very good day/night!! *hugs* ..♥