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“hi, im dylan minnette and i’m auditioning for the role of guy who has to wear a band aid on his forehead for 75% of the show/film.”


(171221) @ziont: (in response to people berating him for not “attending” jonghyun’s funeral.) i went. when there wasn’t anymore press. i am human too so i am sad. who goes to say their condolences to get photographed? i am sad.

in response to: “is this how you mourn?”. zion.t points out: “there’s something wrong with this. i went to pay my respects late at night, ran into key and that’s why i followed him. there’s no reason to insult me now! have a peaceful night.”  (source: sonexstella)

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Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad X Reader- I Say We Follow Him

The team watched as Kaldur exited the cave with suspicious looks, knowing that he was hiding something from them.  Kaldur was wearing casual attire and unarmed, so the team knew it wasn’t an undercover mission he was going on.  He didn’t take the Zeta-Tube, hinting that he had business in Happy Harbor.  Kaldur’s attitude even had brightened from his serious facade, and that was the main reason why the team was freaking out.  

“I saw we follow him,” Cassie blurted as soon as Kaldur was out of sight.

“I really don’t think we should-”

“Let’s go!” Bart yelled and zipped into the room.  “I’ve always wanted to meet-”

Bart stopped himself from saying your name, knowing that they did not know who you were yet.  The team gave him a couple looks before returned their attention to Megan.

“As I was saying,” she gave a slightly annoyed look to Bart, “we shouldn’t invade his personal life.”

“So, who is coming?” Cassie questioned, causing a bunch of hands to raise into the air.

Megan sighed and walked to the kitchen with Connor and Wolf by her side.  The remaining members of the team huddled together and formed a plan, knowing that it was going to be tough to get eyes on Kaldur and not be noticed.


You smiled as Kaldur joined you in the parking lot of the beach, holding out your hand for him to grasp.  He gladly accepted it and intertwined his fingers with yours.  It was very rare for the two of you to be free from your roles as heroes, but whenever the two of you got a chance, you savored it.

“How have you been?” you asked.

“I have been well, but I feel better now that I finally have your company again,” Kaldur responded with a smile and started walking towards the beach.

You blushed slightly and walked by his side, enjoying the feeling of the sand shift below your feet.  The sound of crashing waves filled the comfortable silence as the two of you walked along the shore, the water rushing above your ankles.

“How you visited Atlantis recently?” you questioned Kaldur.

“Not recently, my love, but I do plan on attending one of my king’s events very soon,” Kaldur responded and let go of your hand.

You gave him a questioning glance before he tossed you over his shoulder and ran into the ocean.  You squealed in shock and joined in his laughter when he tossed you and himself into the water.  Once you resurfaced, you brushed your wet hair away from your face and searched for Kaldur.  Before you had the chance to find him, he appeared out of the water and pulled you close.

“You sure do know how to make a girl fall,” you joked and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Only you,” he smiled and attached his lips to yours.


The team watched wide-eyed as they watched you and Kaldur, shocked to see him act this way.  How could he keep this from them?  They didn’t recognize your face from the other heroes they were acquainted with, but they knew that you were in a very serious relationship with Kaldur.

“Did any of you know that Kaldur was in a relationship?”

“No,” everyone responded in unison.

Cassie peered over to where you and Kaldur were, and then glanced over to Bart, “You know something, don’t you, Bart?”


“Hey, guys, they’re gone,” Gar said and pointed to where the two of you were.

They all froze and peered over to the walkway that connected the beach to the pavilion they were currently hiding in.  You and Kaldur were staring at the team with arms crossed, your looks making them shiver slightly.

“Hey, Kaldur, I didn’t know you were at the beach today,” Cassie laughed nervously.

“We all know that’s a lie,” you stated and raised a brow.

“(Y/N)!” Bart shouted and hugged you around the waist, “It’s so crash to finally meet you!!”

You staggered back a bit and looked over to Kaldur, “Is this the kid from the future?”

Kaldur nodded and looked over to his team, “I am going to ask you once, why are you following me?”

The team nervously looked to the floor.  Bart smiled and finally let you go from the hug.

“They were curious about Kaldur’s weird behavior today,” he answered.

You chuckled and looked over to the team, “You guys really need to improve your stealth skills.  I could hear you from the beach.”

“You look familiar, do we know you?” Tim asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” you told him and pulled Kaldur back towards the beach.  “If you see Black Canary, tell her (Y/N) said hi.”

Once you were gone, everyone turned to Bart.  He was smiling like an idiot and slightly jumping around.

“What’s with you, Bart?” Gar asked.

“I just met THE (Y/N)!!!”

So after watching this, I decided I didn’t really like the reaction Rhys had when Vaughn got stabbed- So I gave him a PROPER reaction

anytime i see snape positivity on my dash and there are honestly so many good points; anytime i consider that he grew in an abusive house and that’s one of the reasons why he followed the wrong way; anytime i even consider to redeem him and forgive him for the nasty things he did because it wasn’t entirely his fault; everytime i try harder than ever to change my opinion that he is an Asshole with capital A; all i can do is remember this scene:

“I see no diference.”

he is an Asshole. end of the discussion. let’s start putting the points in the i’s.

the marauders bullied him, yes, but they were stupid teenagers doing stupid shit and, as grown men, they themselves admit that their behaviour was wrong -something that severus never did-. his family bullied him, yes, and that’s fucked up, but harry’s family also bullied him, nymphadora tonks’s family bullied her, and if you want a real life example, my dad’s family bullied him and they all learned to be, hear me out, decent human beings. life didn’t treat him right, yes, life doesn’t treat right a lot of us.

but think about that scene for a minute. consider what you would think about severus’ behavior if you didn’t know his backstory. consider what would you think about him being a basic human being. imagine a situation where a professor of your own school MOCKED your insecurities and aspect of you in your very face after being attacked. just think about that for a minute.

i love the marauders, and i can admit that as much as they were the symbol of friendship, they were assholes. i love draco, and i can admit that he is a bitch, even though he changed after war. honestly what kind of person are yall trying so hard to redeem when he never really wanted to redeem himself, not really.


Make a wish..

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I ask myself difficult questions when I see him. But I still find myself walking after his footsteps, hoping that he’ll take me to the answers.

My first encounter with Yongguk was on a Sunday afternoon. The skyline has cut the sun in half, redden the sky and the clouds. The atmosphere was fresh but every creatures seemed to have gone back to their home. They were too tired to enjoy this. You might ask why am I here, walking along the bank of Han river with my uniform still on. I’ve always been one of those people who would take a longer route home just to listen to one more song. I didn’t feel like tucking my headphones back into my book bag and returning to the real world yet. So I kept them on and put my playlist on repeat. At least I could still see the beautiful outside world in my own tiny world. Both of them harmonized so well, making me want to stay there for the rest of my days. But something came between my own world and reality that day. A boy with his camera, grabbing every moment of this beautiful sunset as much as he could. His curly hair twirled in the gentle wind. He has on himself a black tee and ripped skinny jeans. He has that bad boy vibe, which is made more obvious by the tattoo on his wrist. He took a few then check his progress, occasionally bloom a smile showing his gums. I didn’t blush, I didn’t smile, but I stared constantly. He fascinated me. Every single movement of his held back a beat of my heart. My feet didn’t hesitate to follow him. The view of his back, wide and thick, exerts a curiosity in me. If I leaned on it, would I ever fall?

“You’ve been following me a whole lot often.” He suddenly turned around, stiffened my feet and glued them to the ground. My head processed quickly all the excuses I could make to not creep him out, at the same time explain why I was following him in a reasonable way.

“I’m sorry… I was just curious about what you were taking?” I stumbled over my words, talked like a five-year-old child who just learned how to pronounce decently.

“Oh really? Here I’ll show you, this is what I’ve taken so far.” He started showing me all the pictures he took. By the skills shown through the pictures, I could tell he was not a rookie in photography. The pictures he took mainly did not include people. They were just pure landscapes, from skies to stars, from flowers to rains. The common calm but thoughtful auras caught my eyes. Joyful was the most positive feeling out of them. He had his name carved on his camera. Yongguk. Bang Yongguk.

Since that day my route back home became longer. I continued to find myself looking at his back as we walk from and to different locations. I wonder if my love for Yongguk’s passion ever ends? The way he looked so happy when he took those photos full of sadness, or even just the pause when he became the photo himself, they all made so much sense to me. He didn’t have to notice me, all he needed to to was just staying there so I can immerse myself into him.

“Hey an you help me with something?” - It’s the first time he asked for my help.


“Can you hold this dandelion and blow it?”

I took the dandelion from his dry hands. Dandelion confuses me. At first they grew as these beautiful golden flowers, so strong and bright under the sun. But after times they changed themselves to something weaker, something more vulnerable until they eventually die. I took a good look at the dandelion on my hand until Yongguk was ready with his camera. I blew on his queue. As if it was something so familiar, wind instantly took all of its pieces away. Who knew where they went? They just float without any concerns of the destination. I heard the sound of camera. He must have taken a lot.

Yongguk put down his camera and stared at me for a long while, long enough that I could sense something abnormal. He approaches me until the distances between us is smaller than the length of my fist. His face lowered to the same level as mine. His breath was hot against my lips, causing it to tremble uncontrollably. He looked deep into my eyes, there were hardly any blinks. My fingers dug deep into the dress of my uniform as I felt my body tensed up. He reaches his hands up and place it on my hair. Then he pulled out something on my hair while giggling. I didn’t understand, my body was still trying to digest this tension down my throat.

“You had a piece of dandelion on your hair.” He laughed, again showing his gummy smile. What could he have been laughing at? The fact that I had a piece of dandelion on my hair or the fact that I was stiff and blushing while he was just inches away? Again, I saw the view of his back and again, I followed.

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He was the highlight of my day, the person whose heart so pure that sometimes even my heart takes advantage of.

I laid my head on Jungkook’s lap, letting the sun run through the leaves and blind my vision. He took his hand to shield the sun away from my eyes. His eyes looked down on me gently. Moments like this sooth my mind, they remind me that happiness is not something complicated.

“You’re going to sleep? - Jungkook asked me just as how the routine should go.

“Maybe.” I closed my eyes, not to sleep, but the feel everything around me better. Somebody once said, not that I remembered who, you feel more if you lost your eyes. When closing my eyes, I could feel the waves of wind brushing against my skin so loud and clear. I could feel the warmth of the sun running through Jungkook’s fingers. Suddenly the world seemed so small, so attainable.
Jungkook is somewhere between a friend and a significant other. We never say the word love to each other romantically, but our relationship screams that we’re a couple. For example, lying on Jungkook’s lap and sleep is something so common for me. Our dates were as much fun as lovers could ever have. We share the same cookie, the same umbrella, the same sweater. Still that doesn’t mean the idea of being more than just friends never came across my mind. I’ve thought of us dating, holding hands, kissing but they were all dust on a surface. They flew away as soon as I swept them. A relationship without destination was how I liked us to be, so that none of us can hurt each other.

“Jungkook can you help me with something?” A female voice awakened me. I turned my head to the source. A girl probably about our age, wearing our school uniform also. I might have seen her somewhere before, but who knew, I was never interested in remembering the girls who were running after Jungkook anyways.

“Okay so what do you need help with?” I got up from his lap and stood straight. My hands fixed my dress and my little red bow tie. My face showed no interest in her and it frustrated her I could tell, more than that the scheme wasn’t just asking for help.

“I was asking Jungkook, not you.” She glared at me, giving death eyes like bullets but little did she know, I was bulletproof.

“Jungkook injured his wrist so he can’t help with anything now. If you need anything just tell me.” She was taken back by both my lifeless expression and my response. Then she looked at Jungkook, waiting for a disagreement but as expected, she got none. Her back turned towards out faces and disappeared into the distance. As for me, I returned to my previous position - lethargically resting on Jungkook muscular legs.

“Hey what if I was really going to help that girl?” He leaned back, propped his hands on the green sharp grass.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m still here.” I spoke with my eyes barely opened.

The sun brightened the darkness under my eyes. The sound of leaves collided like thousand claps. My forehead felt as if someone’s lips printed on it. I still kept my eyes closed and used every other senses to analyze these lips and my emotions. My heart races faster than horse, louder than thunder. Did he hear it? Did he notice how unstable it is?

The next day Jungkook became shyer near me. I could see his little blushes whenever our hands touched, how he sometimes laughed when he looked at me. Unexpectedly, I found these actions cute. I wanted to see more of this side, I wanted to see the Jungkook in love, the Jungkook who gets embarrassed over tiny things. I wanted him to stamp my forehead with another kiss. It was strange. I was changing.

Lately these days, I stopped going home with Jungkook. My destination was Han river and his wasn’t. Jungkook seemed bothered by the fact he didn’t know where I was going and why didn’t I tell him. But he never followed me. He still respect my decisions and show me the attention I want. He always try so hard not to be bothersome to me but he could never hide the truth that’s dominating his emotions. Slowly and slowly, he was bursting out.

“Hey, I have something to talk to you.” Jungkook yelled as he ran to the school gate.

“I have to go now so maybe later okay?” I didn’t look at his face and answered like a habit.

“Can you just go home with me today?” His voice got more serious.

“No. Sorry.” I turned my back to him and walk away. One step… two steps… three steps…

“I like you”

I stopped.

For the anon (who I knew who) requested a Yongguk fluff and @lifehurts-everday (sorry I don’t know why I can’t tag you in) some fluff-ish one shots. I’ll be getting back to smut more in Christmas break so read these to sooth your mind first.

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Give me a good reason why I should follow you instead of Him ( Petitcanis)

If your talking about Anti, he is a good for nothing glitch demon. He lies to you

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Listen up, cause Imma say it once nice and loud for all to hear

Krab is hecking cute and a wonderful writer and friend

I literally told him this this morning, but I wanna tell him it again because he’s one of my closest friends on here. He’s super helpful and builds my confidence when I least expect it. He and a few others do that so it’s surprising but really nice to have peeps that’ll do that. Krab also just helps me a lot, and he’s definitely a huge reason why I got into the Fate series. So go follow him too and tell him he’s cute and that he’s a good writer

Also commission him stories to write too because the writing he does is worth paying for 100%

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What your opinion over what's going on with Iron?

Anonymous said:any latest news on iron? :/ im getting super depressed lol where is iron i need more of him 

Ah, where do I even start? Well first of all I’m sorry for the extremely overdue response. I guess part of me didn’t want to think of Iron being in this particular problem and second of all because there was no new development till today. I thought I wasn’t going to have such an attachment  to someone I don’t personally know, but well here we are. I guess the reason why I feel so emotionally attached/invested into Iron is because I followed him for about 5-6 years and if you know his story; then you’d know he didn’t have it easy( his story struck a chord with me).Part of me is still confused if I feel sad because of what he did or if it’s because of the probable outcomes that can happen.

So today news is out Ikje/i11evn was sentenced to two and half years and 3 years of probation and community service ect. His sentence is probably going to be the most severe  out of all the 10 people in this case, because he was the one smuggling marijuana  into the country. I know a lot of people like to compare this case to E-sens  and use it as an example but Iron’s case and E-sens case is different and I’ll tell you guys the reasons in a bit. E-sens didn’t get sentenced to serving time till his third time getting caught. Keep that in mind. 

So More than likely Iron is probably going to get probation and community service hours, a drug course ect. since it’s his first offense.  I know it doesn’t sound “too bad” but here is where my concern is; long before E-sens case there was another rapper Maslo who also got caught doing marijuana his first offense was probation the second time he was caught, he had to serve time.So where’s the difference? The court system likes to play favorites E-sens has a following and the court system was lenient with him, and on the other hand Maslo didn’t so the court system had no problem sending him away in his second offense. As some of you know there was a idol(s) caught before for , marijuana and the court system turned a blind eye to it no probation no, nothing. (don’t ask me for names because I won’t give out names. the last thing i want on my blog is fan wars.)

What happened afterwards ; Well E-sens made history being the first to release an album while in prison and won an award for his album. As for Maslo he just faded out of the industry…That’s were the concern begins currently Iron has basically no backing, he has no label (he’s a rookie in the industry compared to E-sens). When Polaris (his former agency) was contacted about his case they simply stated his contracted had expired and knew nothing. It could be very hard for Iron to make a comeback after this; it’s not impossible  but it definitely won’t be easy; you guys know how Korea is about drugs it’s not like western culture.  Basically what really scares me about this is  the possibility of Iron relapsing and ending up losing everything he worked for these past years. I really hope and pray Iron realizes everything that he has at stake and straightens out and doesn’t commit a second offense and realizes marijuana isn’t worth his career.  

Well that was extremely long but you asked for my opinion so here it is. Maybe I’m just dramatic idk. But if you read up to here hi & thanks for reading my opinion…

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what to do if youre not in a good place in your life? how do you pull yourself out of it?

usually i would have a better answer but i’m having an unusually off week and it would be fraudulent to pretend i am in a place where i can offer foolproof wisdom. so the only thing i have to offer is: a) wait. things take time. b) if there is something you repetitively do, and you’ve been in a shitty place for a while, consider changing the habits that seem almost like second nature to you bc they might be detrimental/the reason you are stagnating


[continued from here]

He took a deep breath, wanting to get it all over with.

He was sure this was going to ruin everything.

“First, Kominato is upset about that gift you left for Kuramochi. I guess the tag came off so he thinks it’s a secret admirer…I kinda teased him about it so I don’t know if he’d believe me now if I told him it was you.”

He looked down, bracing himself for the harder part. “And…while fighting with him…I kissed him. I don’t know why, it was a pretty weird reaction and I was pretty pissed.” Thinking about it caused him to shake.

“It didn’t mean anything but…you should know.”

It didn’t take him long to comprehend that he shouldn’t expect good news. At first he thought about Sawamura. Or Furuya, anything related to baseball because Miyuki wasn’t the type to bring any other problems. Or was he…?

“I see. Guess I should tell them both about the misunderstanding and apologize. I should’ve given him that present personally” he said, not really seeing a problem there. If anything, Miyuki teasing him was natural, so he didn’t even comment on it. But then…

Chris looked at him calmy. There was nothing much changing in his expression even after he basically told him that he kissed someone else. Maybe he pursed his lips unconsciously. Maybe he held his breath for a few seconds when that strange feeling of… what was it? betrayal? disappointment? washed over him.

There was a silence between them and Chris was glad that they were in the middle of the library because it was natural to be silent around there. Still, he knew he had to say something, so he did: “I’m not sure if I can follow you. But I guess knowing the reason why you kissed him wouldn’t really make me feel better on this, would it?” It wasn’t too visible how the gleam in his eyes faded. Not much, not enough that anyone could just see the difference. But it was there, indicating the inevitable. 

“So… that… should be some sort of apology, shouldn’t it?” He never even said sorry. And it hurt even more than anything else. But there was nothing much visible from that internal feeling of being hurt either…