reason why i follow him

10 reasons why you know he’s the one
—  1. He’ll kiss your forehead and call you his everything
2. He’ll ask you to repeat the word ‘smoothie’ thousands and thousands of times because he thinks it’s cute.
3. He’ll smile at you, and suddenly the whole world will stop, and you’ll find bliss and peace and finally have hope that everything will be okay
4. He’ll hug you so god damn tight, you fear that he’ll squish all your organs out
5. He’ll tell you jokes, and stories, and tell you everything that reminded him of you that day
6. He’ll take care of you, and protect you in your most venerable moments, and tell you that you look beautiful in the meantime.
7. You’ll never feel unsafe, and you know that no matter what, he’ll be with you, cause you can’t see your self living one single day without calling him your own
8. He’ll dance with you, and laugh with you but never at you, he’ll lie to you and tell you you’re the best dancer he’s ever seen.
9. He’ll make you feel beautiful, like no one ever has before. You’ll look in the mirror and question if you’re really as bad as you’ve always thought you have been.
10. And most importantly he’ll love you.
He’ll love you so fucking much, infact he will make you feel the most loved than you ever have in all of your life
Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad X Reader- I Say We Follow Him

The team watched as Kaldur exited the cave with suspicious looks, knowing that he was hiding something from them.  Kaldur was wearing casual attire and unarmed, so the team knew it wasn’t an undercover mission he was going on.  He didn’t take the Zeta-Tube, hinting that he had business in Happy Harbor.  Kaldur’s attitude even had brightened from his serious facade, and that was the main reason why the team was freaking out.  

“I saw we follow him,” Cassie blurted as soon as Kaldur was out of sight.

“I really don’t think we should-”

“Let’s go!” Bart yelled and zipped into the room.  “I’ve always wanted to meet-”

Bart stopped himself from saying your name, knowing that they did not know who you were yet.  The team gave him a couple looks before returned their attention to Megan.

“As I was saying,” she gave a slightly annoyed look to Bart, “we shouldn’t invade his personal life.”

“So, who is coming?” Cassie questioned, causing a bunch of hands to raise into the air.

Megan sighed and walked to the kitchen with Connor and Wolf by her side.  The remaining members of the team huddled together and formed a plan, knowing that it was going to be tough to get eyes on Kaldur and not be noticed.


You smiled as Kaldur joined you in the parking lot of the beach, holding out your hand for him to grasp.  He gladly accepted it and intertwined his fingers with yours.  It was very rare for the two of you to be free from your roles as heroes, but whenever the two of you got a chance, you savored it.

“How have you been?” you asked.

“I have been well, but I feel better now that I finally have your company again,” Kaldur responded with a smile and started walking towards the beach.

You blushed slightly and walked by his side, enjoying the feeling of the sand shift below your feet.  The sound of crashing waves filled the comfortable silence as the two of you walked along the shore, the water rushing above your ankles.

“How you visited Atlantis recently?” you questioned Kaldur.

“Not recently, my love, but I do plan on attending one of my king’s events very soon,” Kaldur responded and let go of your hand.

You gave him a questioning glance before he tossed you over his shoulder and ran into the ocean.  You squealed in shock and joined in his laughter when he tossed you and himself into the water.  Once you resurfaced, you brushed your wet hair away from your face and searched for Kaldur.  Before you had the chance to find him, he appeared out of the water and pulled you close.

“You sure do know how to make a girl fall,” you joked and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Only you,” he smiled and attached his lips to yours.


The team watched wide-eyed as they watched you and Kaldur, shocked to see him act this way.  How could he keep this from them?  They didn’t recognize your face from the other heroes they were acquainted with, but they knew that you were in a very serious relationship with Kaldur.

“Did any of you know that Kaldur was in a relationship?”

“No,” everyone responded in unison.

Cassie peered over to where you and Kaldur were, and then glanced over to Bart, “You know something, don’t you, Bart?”


“Hey, guys, they’re gone,” Gar said and pointed to where the two of you were.

They all froze and peered over to the walkway that connected the beach to the pavilion they were currently hiding in.  You and Kaldur were staring at the team with arms crossed, your looks making them shiver slightly.

“Hey, Kaldur, I didn’t know you were at the beach today,” Cassie laughed nervously.

“We all know that’s a lie,” you stated and raised a brow.

“(Y/N)!” Bart shouted and hugged you around the waist, “It’s so crash to finally meet you!!”

You staggered back a bit and looked over to Kaldur, “Is this the kid from the future?”

Kaldur nodded and looked over to his team, “I am going to ask you once, why are you following me?”

The team nervously looked to the floor.  Bart smiled and finally let you go from the hug.

“They were curious about Kaldur’s weird behavior today,” he answered.

You chuckled and looked over to the team, “You guys really need to improve your stealth skills.  I could hear you from the beach.”

“You look familiar, do we know you?” Tim asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” you told him and pulled Kaldur back towards the beach.  “If you see Black Canary, tell her (Y/N) said hi.”

Once you were gone, everyone turned to Bart.  He was smiling like an idiot and slightly jumping around.

“What’s with you, Bart?” Gar asked.

“I just met THE (Y/N)!!!”