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Things Change~Wonho Angst

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Word Count: 1.6k

You and Hoseok have been friends since your freshman year of college. Both of you are now out of college chasing your dreams.

Hoseok was in a group called Monsta X. You’ve met all of the members, and they were all sweethearts. They all treated you like you were apart of the team, and you were grateful that Hoseok had such amazing people by his side.

The two of you hardly saw each other now a days, but both of you weren’t particularly worried about it. When you guys did meet up, it was like the two of you were never apart.

It had been about two months since the two of you had saw each other. Now this hadn’t been the longest since you’ve saw each other, but you hadn’t heard anything from him in the two months. Not even a text message, and you were getting kind of worried.

You texted Hoseok a couple times throughout the two months, but he hasn’t answered any of those messages. Plus you didn’t have any of the other members numbers, so you couldn’t text them to ask how Hoseok was doing.

You decided that you would pay Starship a visit to see how he was doing. You walked out of your apartment, and down to your car. It would take you about half an hour to drive there, so you wanted to leave as soon as possible.

After about half and hour you arrived at Starship entertainment. You didn’t really know your way around the building, or if they would even let you in to see Hoseok.

Walking up to the front door, you noticed a familiar silhouette in the distance. It was Shownu. You picked up your pace, and ran over to him. “Shownu!” You called out.

Shownu turned his head at the call of his name. He smiled when he saw that it was you. “Oh y/n, what brings you here?” He asked you.

You took a minute to catch your breathe. ‘Man I should really start working out.’ You thought to yourself. After about a minute you looked up at Shownu. “I was wondering if I could get in, so I can see Hoseok. He hasn’t been answering my messages, and we haven’t talked or saw each other for two months. So I was worried.” You explained. “So could you help me get in?” You asked Shownu.

Shownu seemed to think about your request for a couple minutes. You stood there hopeful that Shownu would agree. Shownu looked at you, and then nodded his head. “Sure. Just follow me.” He told you as he started to walk into the building.

You quickly followed behind him. “Thank you so much Shownu, I swear I’ll be out as soon as I know Hoseok is okay.” You promised. 

Shownu nodded. “I’ll be honest, he hasn’t really been himself lately. Everyone is trying to figure out why, but he won’t tell anyone.” He said softly.

You bit your lip. ‘So I do have a reason to be worried. I’m not worrying over nothing. What could be wrong though?’ You thought as you followed Shownu to a room.

It appeared to be Monsta X’s dance practice studio. “Everyone should be in here, including Hoseok.” Shownu said as he opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, everyone stopped moving and looked towards the door. You blushed at all of the sudden attention. You waved slightly. “Hey guys.” You mumbled out.

Everyone’s faces lit up, except one, the one you were here for. Hoseok didn’t look to happy to see you, which worried you even more. He was always happy to see you, whenever and wherever it was. So why was he acting like he didn’t want you here?

The rest of the boys all ran over to you, and hugged you. “It’s been awhile y/n. It’s good to see you.” Jooheon said as everyone pulled you into a group hug. You couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, it has been a long time. It’s really nice to see you guys too.” You told them as you hugged them back.

As you hugged them, your eyes wondered over to Hoseok. He was staring in the direction of where you guys were, but he made no motion to move.

After about a minute, you broke away from the hug. “Sorry guys, but I actually came here to talk to Hoseok if that’s okay.” You told them as you looked at Hoseok. They all nodded. “It’s okay, we’ll leave, and give you guys some privacy.” Kihyun said as he pushed the others out the door.

You smiled in thanks. After they all left you looked towards Hoseok once again. “You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked him, as you took a couple steps towards him.

Hoseok shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong y/n.” He told you, causing you to roll your eyes.

“We both know that’s a lie. You’ve been ignoring my messages for two months Hoseok. We haven’t even seen each other in two months. Please just tell me what’s wrong.” You said as you stared at him.

He looked lost, like he didn’t know what to do or say to you. Which made you worry a little bit more, but you weren’t giving up. You needed to know what was wrong with your best friend.

You walked the rest of the way towards him, and gently grabbed his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. “Hoseok, please just tell me. I’m really worried about you.” You whispered as you stared into his eyes.

You always knew that Hoseok was a handsome guy, but you never really noticed how attractive he was until you were standing there staring into his eyes. You would never admit to anyone, but you’ve always had a tiny crush on Hoseok, but you quickly buried that after you realized that nothing would ever happen between the two of you.

You always had a little hope that things would change though, but once again you would never admit that to anyone if they asked you.

Hoseok looked away from your gaze, and pulled away from you. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship y/n, and if I tell you it could ruin everything.” He said as he looked around nervously.

Your brow furrowed in confusion. “How would it ruin our friendship? Hoseok I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.” You told him softly as you grabbed his hands in reassurance.

Hoseok bit his lip before he sighed. “Okay, okay. I’ve just been trying to sort my mind out, about how I feel.” He started off. Your eyes widened. “How you feel?” You asked softly.

“Yeah, how I feel.” He said. “I like someone…” he trailed off. Your heart was beating so fast in your chest. Was he going to confess to you? Did he actually have feelings for you?

“And you know her really well, that’s why I was scared it could ruin things between us.” He mumbled. “Who is it?” You asked in anticipation. Hoseok avoided your gaze. “It’s your older sister.” He whispered out.

As he said those words, you could swear your heart fell into your stomach. “O-Oh I didn’t know you had feelings for her.” You said as you slowly let go of his hands.

“We’ve been talking for a couple months now, and I think I actually really like her. She’s such an amazing person.” He told you. You nodded along even though you weren’t really paying attention.

“Y/N? Are you okay? This doesn’t change anything between us right?” He asked you worriedly. You bit your lip to hold back some of your tears. You looked up at him and shook your head. “Of course not, I said I’d always be here for you right?” You tried to joke.

You needed to get out, and fast before you broke. You looked around. “I’m glad we cleared things up, but I have to go. I’m suppose to meet someone soon.” You lied.

Hoseok frowned slightly, not really believing you. He nodded anyway. “Okay. I’ll see you soon alright?” He asked. You nodded as you backed away from him. “Yeah sure. I really have to go though. It was nice talking to you. See you around.” You mumbled as you turned around and scurried to the door.

All you wanted to do was go home and never come out ever again. You rushed past everyone that was in the hallway, trying to get away as quickly as possible before you started to cry.

As you scurried down the hallways you kept your head down. You didn’t notice that you passed the boys. They gave each other worried glances to each other.

“That was y/n right? Like I’m not imagining thing, right that was her?” Hyungwon asked them. The rest nodded. “Yeah that was definitely her. I wonder what happened between the two of them. She looked really upset.” Changkyun said.

“Maybe we should ask Hoseok hyung.” Minhyuk suggested. They all nodded and headed towards Hoseok to try and get some answers.

You rushed out of the building and into your car. As you closed the door, you broke down crying.

“My sister? Out of everyone, he has to like my sister?” You mumbled as you wiped your eyes. You leaned your head back against your seat.

The tears just wouldn’t stop flowing down your cheeks. Why couldn’t he have developed feelings for you? Why did it have to be your sister?

You sighed and wiped your eyes once again. “I lied Hoseok. I’m pretty sure things are going to change between us.” You mumbled as you started your car and drove home.

“Things are going to change.” You sighed.

*Honestly this boy is everything. Monsta X is such an underrated group, I hope 2017 will be a great year for them. They deserve it, and so much more ♥ * 

titty hypothesis

y'all im doing some science and i developed a hypothesis about tiddy holding so can u reblog this and answer these questions/message me/submit/send as an ask? thanks. also this questionnaire is open to everyone with tiddies (feel free to signal boost also if u dont have tiddies)

1. do u hold ur tiddy (if no dont answer the rest)
2. for comfort? or for some other reason
3. are u a lefty or a righty or ambidextrous
4. which tiddy do u hold or both
5. with which hand do u hold ur tiddy(ies)
6. do u have a fav tiddy (not specifically to hold just in general)
7. if yes why

thank u for helping a sciencer out

10 reasons why you should go to an NSP concert if you get the chance

1. the band is amazing they’re both incredibly talented
2. they’re funny af if you have the same kind of humor
3. they constantly thank the people there and tell them they love them and just so many good vibes
4. in between the dick jokes and sexual innuendos they give incredibly good and heartfelt advice
5. “it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, your race, who you love, or what gender you are, if you’re fans of us we love you”
6. everyone at the concert is so fun and just the whole room is full of love and good vibes
7. again the music is just?? so fucking good idk why you wouldn’t want to go
8. they’re both so happy that they get to do this, you can tell, they’re so appreciative and just love doing what they’re doing
9. everyone sings along and dances you can be yourself and get down man
10. they give you a few hours, of good music, good people, and good jokes, where you can just forget all of your problems, and just fucking enjoy it.

Hello, everyone! Our first network challenge is a way for you all to get to know the members of the hpminorcharnet better! Thank you to our lovely @pansyparquinson for making this beautiful banner.

This challenge is our only official event for the week of April 23-29. However, it is open indefinitely.

What it is?

This week our members will be posting creations of any kind (edits, moodboards, headcanons, etc) for their favorite minor characters. They can post as many or as few creations as they want (hence the reason why this challenge is open indefinitely), though they should try to post at least one! (It doesn’t have to be this week.)

Unfortunately, as this challenge is a way for everyone to get to know our members better, it is not open to the public. However, if you are not a member, please feel free to post creations of your favorite minor characters anyway, and tag them with #hpminorcharnet, we’d love to see them! Future events will be open for anyone to participate in!

Members: information of how to caption and tag your post(s) will be located under the cut.

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Stony Prompt #38

Anonymous said: “Imagine teenage Steve and Tony being best friends and Tony tries to tell Steve that he is bi, but he chickens out every time, afraid of being left alone again. and Steve is not stupid, he figured it out already, so when they are sitting together and there is some kind of spot on TV about LGBT-rights Steve just casually slips into the subject, about how Steve himself fits there in order to make Tony more comfortable with coming out.”

So this definitely changes your Prompt a bit- Also I made it romantic instead of keeping it friends-only - I hope this is okay! 

Thanks for the Prompt and I hope you enjoy reading it<3

Sexuality is nothing Tony has ever worried about. Maybe he’s young, only 17 years old and a tad too clever for his age, but he’s learnt soon enough not to give a shit about other people’s opinion. The only two people in his life who can make him stop and think for a minute are Rhodey….and Steve.

The latter is also a source of Tony’s problems – not that Steve would be aware of them.

It’s just- Tony isn’t sure about how to tell his best friend that he also kind of has a crush on him. They’re comfortable with each other, they spend evenings in their dorm together, joking and watching movies. It’s nice.

And it is a familiarity Tony doesn’t want to risk.

Steve is an incredible guy. Everyone loves him, he’s great with girls and just as good with guys – which drives Tony mad. Not enough that Steve’s friendly with everyone he meets; he also is a very handsy guy, always touching whoever he’s talking to. This is the reason Tony thinks he might have a chance with him – should he ever gather enough courage to tell Steve that no, he’s not hetero, he likes girls and guys just fine, thank you.

Tony isn’t sure why he’s so scared of telling Steve that he’s bisexual. It shouldn’t be a big deal; but it kind of is. Tony doesn’t have a lot of friends and he’s scared of imagining what might happen if Steve doesn’t accept his sexual orientation. What if he leaves him? Breaks off their friendship and never talks to him again? So he hasn’t yet dared to ask, or even mentioned anything about it.

Instead, he keeps up thinking different plans on how to come out. Works on various strategies to subtly drop the hint that he likes the idea of having a girlfriend, but also wouldn’t mind a boyfriend.

It’s stressful, actually. It’s exhausting to watch Steve touch other guys so carelessly and craving exactly this. But Tony values their friendship too much to risk it for a silly crush that might never be requited.


Of course Steve has other plans.


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I’m sorry!

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry I have been gone for a little. There’s been a billion different reasons why but the main one is that I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my best friend before she moved. She leaving extremely soon and we thought we should make the most of the time we had left. But I am back now and so much has happened, like we’ve reached 1k followers!!! Like what the even heck that is so crazy thank you all sooo much! It means so much to me, I when I started this blog it was just for fun. 

I also saw a couple other blogs do a 1k follower challenge where I post a list of prompts and you guys can choose any character from Voltron. You can write whatever you want, fluff, AUs, smut, angst, or you could even write a whole series! So let me know if you guys find that interesting in doing this, I think it would be fun.

161031 Be Positive showcase interview - Kyungsoo

Q. Initial thoughts?

A. To be honest, I felt pressured and worried because this would be my first time in a romantic comedy. But it was really positive; I think filming went positively because the director and the actors led me well.

Q. Thoughts on filming?

A. Because I took on the role of Hwandong, who can cheerfully take on obstacles like shoveling for the first time ever or enlisting the help of his ex for the sake of his dream, I engaged in filming with a fluttering heart. I could act as a college student, so I feel like I can understand [others my age] a little more, and it feels like communication.

Q. How is the character of Kim Hwandong?

A. The characters I’ve been until now were dark and sad and hurt inside. Hwandong was a big challenge because his character is bright and cheerful. I worked hard to digest the role.

Q. Are you positive yourself?

A. I do have my negativity, but I live telling myself to stay positive about everything! To not get stressed, that you need positivity to have a bright face and a bright heart. I think being negative only hurts yourself.

Q. Would you be able to contact an ex if you needed them, like in the webdrama?

A. I don’t think I would ever contact my ex. If we parted on clear terms, I’d think of it as [an agreement] to never get in contact after. 

Q. What food do you think of when things are hard?

A. Eating is my joy in life. So I just eat everything I want when things are hard…. pork belly is good. Any kind of meat.

Q. Would you be able to shovel the ground if your best friend asked?

A. Hwandong could do it in the drama because it was for his dream, but if a friend asked me to, I think I’d have to say sorry..

Q. Thoughts on the kiss scene?

A. The kiss scene… was very hard to film. I don’t think I suit them well. I remember the kiss scene being really hard to film.

Q. A pledge for if you break 25 million views and set a record?

A. I don’t think we can break Xiumin’s record of 25 million views. If we set a new record, that would be something to be very thankful for. I hadn’t been thinking of a pledge… a pledge… I’ll think about what might be good and make sure to get back to you.

Q. The reason why you should watch Be Positive?

A. You should watch it because for everyone young having a hard time trying to achieve their dreams, I hope Be Positive can be lots of strength. Please give it lots of love!

source: dofancom, @dyobonbon | translation: fydk


So today I’ve reached 3000 followers. It’s really overwhelming for a person like to be followed by great guys like you! Its really an honor. I sincerely thank everyone. From my first followers when I was just starting here in tumblr back in 2011, to my most recent followers, I thank you all! I’m thinking what should I do to give my gratitude. I’ve planned to have a follower giveaway but I’m too damned poor right now to buy Arashi goods LOL. Maybe some other time though. I’m gonna start my first work next week and I’ll save up money to buy a decent giveaway gift. For now, I dedicate this gifset of some of the reasons why we love Arashi to all of you. I hope you like it. 今まで ありがとうございます!

anonymous asked:

Why are these gruvians telling you to stop shipping grayon and start shipping gruvia?! Giving you all these dumb reasons on why you should ship their otp instead of another. Don't they know everyone is entitled to ship whatever they want and everyone has their own taste and prefferences? To all these people: stop bugging someone because they don't ship what you ship. Mind your otp and leave the nonshippers alone! Jeez!

Thank you so much for your ask, anon. Truly, you are completely right. I think it’s just silly that they are getting worked up over something that on top of all is fictional lol, but that’s them.

We all have our own opinions and I think it’s completely natural. It would be impossible for everyone to agree on absolutely everything. It just amazes me that they feel so hurt at the fact that I dislike their ship and like another better.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wanted to say; tbh, I don't really ship Shimadacest, but I don't mind it when I see the adorable fan art and fics. I don't understand why some people are so hateful against other ships, when we're all just doing the same thing: being romantic saps coping with life through Love. I greatly admire your strength and dedication to this blog and ship, because you inspire others to follow their own dreams; what they love. You're doing a fantastic job and I hope you have a wonderful day!!. 💖💖

Thank you though I don’t think I deserve anything lately. That said, everyone should be allowed to ship, for any reason. No one is entitled to reasons and the nature of a ship doesn’t mean one gets a free passage to attack a persons character that they have no knowledge of. As long as people tag appropriately and educate about blocking and blacklisting then nothing should be this way.

No one has to like the ships others like, no ine has to feel comfortable with all ships. Everyone should however treat other shippers kindly unless they are being actually bad, -phobic as an example. Even then try to educate and if they refuse, walk away. Some people will never change, others will. Attacking shippers will not make things stop, it only breeds bitter feelings and defensiveness that even myself has become guilty of.

Shippers are diverse, we are survivors, we are people of color, we are lgbt, we are not all one group with one single narrative.

I must cut this short, my chest wall must be inflamed again, I am in much pain.

Halloween Anxiety (Kian Lawley)

    You try not to show that you’re nervous as you and Kian walk to the front door of the haunted house hand in hand.

    Kian looks at you, and chuckles. “Don’t be scared,” he tells you. “It’s just a house.”

    You give him a sort of fake smile. “I’m not,” you lie. “I’m excited to go in.” You don’t completely lie. The only thing you are scared of is that there might be clowns. If they aren’t there, you’ll be fine. But there’s no way you are going to tell Kian this.

    “Alright then. Let’s get our scare on.Then he gives you a kiss on your forehead.

    You both wait in a fairly short line and Kian pays for the both of you. You can’t stop staring at the house, imagining the scary clowns that could be in there. "Ready?” Kian interrupts your scary thoughts.

    You turn to him and nod. “Don’t worry. It’s be fun,” he assures you, but you don’t believe him. Then he starts to walk forward and you follow him.

    Up in front of the first door, you nerves quickly shoot up. There’s spiders everywhere and eerie lights shining low. Then you can hear the sound of a fake mad scientist laugh. You take a deep breath as you both walk in.

    With the first step it, smoke comes from under, spreading around your feet. You look all around and you see fake heads, fake limbs, even fake bats. So far, you are okay. No signs of clowns. And hopefully not yet.

    “Boo!” Kian shouts as he puts his hands on your shoulders. You can’t help but jump, and Kian laughs. “Come on babe. Have a little fun.”

    You try to fake having a good time as you say, “I am having fun. You see that fake Dracula head over there?” Kian turns his head to the direction you are pointing in. “That’s going to be you in 10 years.”

    Kian laughs along with you. “Haha. Very funny.” Then you guys continue on.

    The farther you guys go in, the more you start to shake. You just hope Kian doesn’t notice. It’s all the noises that start to freak you out. You hear people ahead of you scream. And weird and terrifying laughs keep coming up.

    Robotic and real monsters keep popping up in front of you guys. You jump every time as you turn your head away. Even Kian gets scared. After a mummy that was sitting down stands up and makes you almost scream, Kian tells you, “They really went all out. I’m trembling.”

    “Your telling me,” you reply.

    When you squeeze Kian’s hand without even thinking, he says, “You know, if you keep squeezing my hand like that, I’m pretty sure it’s going to fall off before we get out of here.”

    You want to laugh, but your fear takes over and doesn’t let you. All you can focus on is the more you guys walk, the closer you are to getting out.

    When you both turn the corner, you stop in your tracks. Down at the end of the hall is your worst nightmare. A clown with the most horrid face painted on is waiting, standing. You can’t tell whether it’s real or not. “You okay?” Kian asks you.

    You can’t stop staring at the clown as you mumble, “Yeah. Let’s just keep going.”

    It takes all the little strength you have left to move your feet. Kian goes slightly in front you, and you can’t stop staring at the clown. “Come here,” Kian says. Then he pulls you closer to him and puts his arms around you. You can feel his warmness that should bring you comfort, but it’s doesn’t. “We’re almost out of here.”

    Now you both are only a few feet away from the clown. You keep studying him, hoping to tell if it’s actually a human. You are already on the verge of tears. You are trying to control your breathing, but it’s all coming in too quickly. You try your best to just walk past him, but then the clown puts his hands up and yells, “BOO!”

    You were already scared enough. You can’t help but scream at the top of your lungs and you crouch down, covering your ears with your hands. You have your eyes closed shut, trying not to focus on where you are right now. Trying to make the picture of the clown mentally go away, you can already feel your face wet from the tears pouring out.

    You can feel Kian’s hands on your shoulders. He is trying to tell you something, but you just can’t focus on his words. You shake your head as the anxiety inside of you just gets stronger and stronger. Your body is struggling from crying and trying to breath. The next thing you know, you feel Kian pick you up, having one arm under your legs and the other around your back. You roll up into a ball as much as you can. You are still scared to open your eyes, so all you feel is Kian carrying you.

    You can tell when Kian gets outside because you can feel a breeze hit you. Then you feel your body touch the floor as he sets you down. You body twitches every time you sniffle to try to stop crying. You finally open you eyes and you notice that you guys are now at the exit of the haunted house. Kian crouches down beside you and runs his fingers through your hair. “You okay?” he asks.

    As you wipe your eyes, you answer, “I think.”

    “I’m sorry (Y/N). This is all my fault. I made you go in there-”

    “No,” you interrupt him before he can finish. “It’s not your fault. I didn’t tell you that I have a fear of clowns and that I have an anxiety problem around them. It’s my fault for not letting you know.”

    “Still, you scared me more than anything in there when I saw you having trouble breathing. Why didn’t you want to tell me?” he tries to reason

    “Because I was embarrassed,’ you confess. "I thought I would be able to make it through. But I guess I was wrong.”

    Kian begins to rub his thumb across your cheek. “You don’t have to be. Everyone has their fears. You should never be embarrassed to tell me anything, okay? I didn’t like seeing you like that. Will you promise that you will talk to me whenever you need to, about anything?”

    Kian is probably the only person who can make you smile after what just happened. It feels good. “I promise. Thank you for taking me out of there. I don’t know if I would have been able to last.”

    “Your welcome. The clown guy backed off once he say that you were having an anxiety attack. I’m just glad you were able to calm down now.”

    “Thank you for always being here for me.”

    “You thank me too much. I do this because I care for you so much. And I always will, no matter what. Now, let’s go do something better. Why don’t we go to Chipotle. I’m kind of starving.”

    That sounds like the best idea right now. “Okay.”

    “Don’t get up. I’ll carry you to the car.” The he picks you up again and starts to make his way back to the car.


I honestly can’t even go on tumblr without seeing intense TFP hate. Just stop ok?
You hate that there is no JohnLock/sherlolly,
you hate that there were plot holes,
you hate the creators (why? People make mistakes)
you hate Eurus,
you hate everything
You want to episode to not exist
You want season 4 to not exist
You are writing RUDE AND TERRIBLE letters to the creators (why, that won’t do anything)
You say you don’t like Sherlock anymore


Everyone is acting SO CHILDISH. All I see is hate. I know not everyone is like this, but most are. I liked the episode.

Reasons why you shouldn’t complain

the creators said that this season would be different! What did you expect

The creators said they won’t put JohnLock in. LISTEN TO THEM THEY MADE THE SHOW

You look like a child throwing a temper tantrum

We got parentlock

We got a happy ending

We got Mystrade!


Will there be another episode?
Season 5?
Moriarty and eurus. What happened?
Sherlock, victor and mycroft a childhood
Eurus’ abilities
I would like to thank all the people who didn’t hate on this episode for being reasonable human beings

Also if you were disappointed but explained and gave reasons and though it out, I’m not mad at you.

We’re sherlockians, we are better than this!


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K? It’s over now

@adventures-in-asexuality said:

Paul is an entitled sexist homophobic asshole and imo you should ignore absolutely everything he says ever

like even where he is vaguely right it’s a fucking miraculous accident

but specifically for sexual ethics a lot of the time he looks/feels like someone ace who bought the concept that not having sex was Pure, and didn’t understand that not everyone was ace, and SOMEHOW IMPOSED THIS ON EVERYONE ELSE

so. yeah. fuck Paul.

Libris never disappoints <3 <3 <3

Also, yes, tbh. “I wish all of you could be pure and celibate like me, but apparently you can’t for some weird reason, so then you should get married, I suppose, even though I don’t understand why anyone would want to get married ever.” Is literally what he sounds like? I mean.

Thank you, you are super mega helpful.

This Needs to Stop

This post is directed at the blog @vegan-wastoid to call them out on why they’re not helping the vegan cause.

Ok. I have been a vegetarian for about a decade. I recently saw a video about the dairy industry and decided to go vegan. After all, why would I support the dairy industry but not the meat industry when the amount of cruelty is similar in both? Anyways, I was looking for vegan blogs to follow and came across yours. I thought you made many great points and was very passionate about animal rights. However, some of your posts have really upset me. I feel like the way you talk to some people sometimes comes across as rude and entitled. Anytime a meat eater makes a comment about why they aren’t vegan, you go on this rant, calling them assholes, dicks, saying “lmao” to their comments and questions, etc etc. and basically tell they’re terrible people for eating the way they do. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

 First of all, why is this necessary? By belittling people and calling them names, I feel like you are not contributing to the vegan cause. You want more people to be vegan right? Why would someone want to become vegan if people like you in the vegan community treats them so disrespectfully? Hate only breeds more hate and if you treat someone like that they’re most likely not gonna be nice to you or subscribe to your cause. Sure, there are a lot of hateful carnists that bash on veganism every chance they get. But there are also meat eaters who grew up in a society where eating meat is a normal, socially acceptable thing to do and where animal’s lives are below the lives of human beings and their abuse is swept under the rug. What they need is not you telling them they’re assholes, but rather you giving them education on why being vegan is important. I think more people would be likely to consider being vegan if this were the case. People don’t tend to react well when they’re treated this way for something they’ve done their whole life and think is perfectly acceptable. This is the exact reason why a lot of society will call vegans entitled pricks. Because some of them will treat the meat eaters around them like trash which in turn makes everyone think all vegans are like that, which isn’t true.

Second, why do you care so much why someone becomes a vegan? Why does it have to be about animals rights and nothing else? It’s like you’re saying “I want more people to become vegan, but if it isn’t about animal rights then they don’t deserve to be vegan”. This makes no sense. If someone wants to become vegan because it’s better for the planet, why should it matter? Another human being just became vegan, which is what veganism needs to grow. Be thankful that for some reason someone else became vegan. If someone wants to be vegan because it’s good for the environment then leave them alone and let them be vegan rather than hating on them because they didn’t do it for the reasons you want them to. The environment is just as important as the animals that inhabit it and if we don’t care about it, then there won’t be a planet for those animals to live on will there? And as far as doing it for dieting reason, who cares. Maybe they have a negative body image and think being vegan will change that. Maybe they feel crappy because their current diet causes health risks and they want to look and feel better and not die at a young age because they fill themselves with junk food. Or even better, why can’t someone be vegan for all 3 of those reasons? Why does it have to just be about animal rights and nothing else? Just let it be and be proud that someone became vegan and is showing their support.

Thirdly, it would do a lot of good to the vegan cause if vegans like you learned to put yourselves in other people’s shoes. A meat eater might ask you a legitimate question regarding veganism such as “isn’t it expensive?” or “isn’t it the circle of life to eat animals?”. Rather than calling them assholes for being meat eaters in the first place and giving them a rude response simply because they ask, why don’t you show them facts? Add links to websites or videos that explain it? Why do you have to come across as so rude to people who just wanna know your answer? You don’t know, maybe they’re considering becoming vegan and want more information on why it’s a good thing. Maybe they were raised to think animal abuse is acceptable or doesn’t matter and they don’t understand why you’re vegan. Maybe they really do just wanna be disrespectful and hate on vegans, but hating them back doesn’t help the situation. They would be a lot more likely to hear you out if you treated them with a little respect and educated them rather than hate them.

All in all, I thought going in to your blog I would find passionate people who cared about the need for veganism and want to spread education about veganism. What I got instead was someone treating meat eaters disrespectfully because of who they are. I am in no way trying to come across as disrespectful or rude. I am simply so tired of vegans getting labeled as entitled and preachy simply because of some vegans who act that way. I was actually hesitant to become a vegan because I already get enough hate as a vegetarian as it is. I don’t want people to grow up in a world where vegetarianism and veganism are seen in such a negative way. What they should be seen as are positive movements that would make the world a better place. Yes the world needs to change. Yes the world is sick and messed up and there are a lot of terrible things that happen to animals and the environment. But, there is still a lot of good in it and a lot of vegans need to learn to see that. Pessimism and negativity and hate are not going to make the world a better place. Vegans as a whole are not the issue here. The issue is vegans that want to rant and rave and give veganism a bad reputation by yelling at every meat eater they see. It would do the world a lot more good if rather than hating every person around them, vegans like you chose to educate people, especially the younger generation who are so easily effected, and made veganism what it truly is. A beautiful movement born from animal rights that could hopefully one day save the Earth and the people and animals that inhabit it. 


I am going to get so much flack for this and I KNOW it, but this needs to be said and I really don’t care if I piss anyone off because I’m pretty pissed off myself right now. 

You know how everyone’s saying that the new Owl City album thing feels different? Like how it’s not like it usually is, not as exciting and fun? Well, whose fault do you think it is?

It’s the fandom’s. Everyone is being so freaking whiny and critical about the new songs and Adam and every single thing the poor man does is being picked on and analyzed like there’s no tomorrow. And honestly guys? I’m sick of it. And I know some of y’all are sick of it too. 

Adam’s been distant from the fandom and social media lately, right? Well, I hardly blame him! I would be too if my fanbase were acting like this! Every single time I go through the tag it’s nothing but “Adam’s becoming too mainstream” or “Verge is too pop-oriented” or “the old Owl City is gone!!” and, quite frankly guys, I’m sick of it. HootOwls, we are WAY too good to be acting like this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I don’t know what to tell you. 

This is the exact reason why I’ve been laying low in the fandom and keeping my fair distance from everyone else. Because of this crap. We should be thankful that Adam is releasing this wonderful music to us and letting us enjoy it. I have said it before and I will say it as many times as needed: IT IS NOT ADAM YOUNG’S JOB TO CATER TO THE NEEDS AND WANTS OF THIS FANDOM. Adam does not do what he does for us; he does it for him. And some of his fans are so wrapped up in themselves and criticizing every single thing about Mobile Orchestra that they’re not even paying attention to that. 

Music evolves. It changes. Artists’ sound changes sometimes. That’s fine. The HootOwls are treating it like it’s the end of the world and that the “old Adam” is gone. No. 

I know Adam means far too much to some of us for this album release to feel like this, guys. The excitement is being ruined because people will not stop being whiny about every single thing. It’s a little embarrassing, and I’m so disappointed in this fandom. Because I’ve been around long enough to know that this is not how it usually is. You know, I love this fandom with all of my heart, but something needs to change. There’s probably multiple reasons for this whole deal but the biggest for sure is people being ungrateful. If you don’t like the album, that’s fine. Just don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

So will you please try to keep the excitement alive, HootOwls? It’s being ruined and I hate it. I know some of you guys do too. Adam has poured his heart and soul into this album. Be grateful, kind, appreciative, and excited. The year is 2015. Owl City is back, so let’s not ruin it.


“There is no old Adam Young, there is no new Adam Young, merely different colors and different brushstrokes over the same canvas.”

-the man himself