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A long sketch comic in which Keith realizes he’s really fuckin dumb


Ok so I actually died this time… I’m not kidding, all of the stories for this 6th VIP room event is on a whole new level~

VIP Room 6th Event: Midnight Temptations - A Mischievous Night (Eisuke Ichinomiya)


Flynn Carsen + his love for Eve B. Baird

If SVU keeps deleting scenes where:

A) Sonny has relationships with people OTHER than Rollins

B) Barisi is confirmed 


C) Barba is hot

I’m boycotting. 

Daryl's sexuality and romantic life

I am one of those people who has been watching TWD from the beginning. And I’ve read Daryl as gay pretty early on. I considered it a possibility in season one simply because we didn’t have a gay character at that point and I thought Daryl may end up being gay as his sexuality was undefined (unlike everyone else). Season two was what really made me think that Daryl was gay. The episode when he’s searching for Sophia and he starts hallucinating Merle, and Merle calls him Darylina and challenges his masculinity made me really wonder. We know that Daryl was abused, and there are many reasons he could have been but the fact that he feels insecure about being seen as feminine is worth noting. We see the same thing when Merle meets Rick and calls Daryl his bitch.

So, Daryl has an abusive past, and we don’t entirely know if there were specific reasons he was abused.

Season 2-4 we see Daryl become close with two different women, but he never expresses romantic or sexual interest in either one of them. Obviously Beth is dead now, but with Carol there’s still ZERO romantic or sexual tension/chemistry between them. They’re close friends, but unlike with richonne, it doesn’t feel like their friendship is building up to anything more.

And now let’s move forward a bit to the last couple of seasons. The group moves into Alexandria. Daryl, predictably, doesn’t fit in. In fact, he only ever interacts with his own people and doesn’t make an effort to socialize with anyone from the safe zone. Oh, except for Aaron, Eric, and Denise. Obviously I understand that gay people don’t only hang out with other gay people, but it’s an interesting character choice to have Daryl bonding only with the LGBT members of ASZ and no one else.

And then we meet Jesus. The first people he interacts with are Daryl and Rick. That entire episode’s interaction is like a ridiculous post-apocalyptic meet-cute (and clearly Rick ships it😉). Fast forward one episode later, and directly after the group scene with Jesus, Abraham approaches Daryl and asks if he’s ever going to find someone to settle down with. This is HUGE. No one has ever asked Daryl about that kind of stuff. No one has ever questioned him on romantic prospects. And it’s interesting that Abraham uses a gender neutral term as opposed to saying something like “are you ever gonna find a nice woman”. The writers are drawing attention to Daryl’s romantic/sexual life. There needs to be a reason for that.

After this, Daryl and Jesus are separated for quite a while. But the first time they separate, Daryl is with Denise and Rosita and Jesus is with Tara and Gabriel. And again this is interesting because both Denise and Tara talk about their relationship and romance (Denise to Daryl and Rosita, Tara to Jesus and Gabriel). Denise make an impassioned death speech about not letting fear stop you from going after what you want and pursuing what makes you happy.

And then what? Well Daryl gets taken by Negan’s group, Jesus ends up there for reconnaissance, and stays behind to help Daryl escape. And we are specifically shown that Daryl is why Jesus stays. Like that man had his ticket out and the moment he realized Daryl was there, he is off that damn truck. Then last week, Jesus casually comes out. It was done in such an innocuous way but at least alerts audiences who may not be familiar with the comic to his preferences. And it doesn’t do so the way it does in the comic, where we are made privy to Jesus’ sexuality by meeting his boyfriend. There may be an Alex, but if so, we haven’t met him. Now this week, he and Daryl are basically attached at the hip. i’m not saying that pairing the two up on missions means that they are going to hook the characters up. But they are teaming Daryl and Jesus up at least and getting the audience used to seeing them together.

I’m not saying this means definitively that they are going to make this Canon. I have major doubts that they will. But I am saying that narrative foreshadowing is supportive of a relationship between Daryl and Jesus. The writers have now gone out of their way seven seasons in to actually draw attention to Daryl’s lack of a romantic life (via Abraham and Denise). To me something like that is only brought up if it’s going to be resolved. And my question is, who is Daryl going to be with? The only woman he has ever really shown any closeness to is Carol, but he’s never shown attraction toward her. And I find it highly unlikely that some rando woman is going to just appear and make Daryl suddenly go gaga. That really wouldn’t fit with what we know of him.

The writers may deny it, but they’ve certainly done a nice subtle job of setting up a possible Daryl/Jesus romance.

(Also a little side note about Daryl’s sexuality: I also think both Carol and Rick know, even if Daryl has never actually come out to them officially. Carol making that joke at the prison about she and Daryl hooking up and then later her bunk bed comments when they were on the road are just so winky. And with Rick there’s literally no reason for him to be all nudge nudge when it comes to Jesus.)

One of the things i’m very upset/disappointed about is the way SKAM fandom talks about Julie with such disrespect.
I get that you’re mad and upset and why that is but like maybe control yourselves and don’t go sending hateful messages to the creator of the show you claim to love.
I can see why there won’t be anymore seasons.

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I always thought Sam was just plain cruel in this episode. While I agree with her opinion, there is no amount to agony that can describe loosing to someone who just doesn’t care. And Sam doesn’t care.

All four of those girls enjoy being pretty, all four of those girls are talented, all four of those girls enjoyed getting a chance to strut their stuff. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you know where to draw the line. One of them deserved to win.

Sam didn’t deserve the crown. She only got it because her and Danny were friends. (Face it guys, she didn’t do anything in the competition to deserve it.) She didn’t do one thing right, and even if we were judging her by her talent, she fudged the prose really badly. 

We as women, are all beautiful. Some like to wear all black and leather, and some like to drown in glitter and wear pink, and some like both. Whether you are a goth, a pageant girl, an athlete, a gamer, or any other kind of girl, your dreams and desires are valid. Even if it’s winning a pageant.

This is a good look into Sam’s character however. Sam is selfish. This is common knowledge in the phandom. She is ruthless in getting her way, we’ve known this since episode one. Whether it be making a statement, changing the menu, or making people be how she wants them to be, Sam will do anything to make things go her way. At the expense of other people.

This is interesting in a character, but here’s where I have a problem. In season three, rather than having Sam start to learn that other people’s ideals and interests are valid, she becomes worse and becomes the be all end all of the season. Sam never learns her lesson, she becomes worse, and that is a huge problem.

People ask me why I don’t just ship Amethyst Ocean but ship Grey Ghost too (as well as my personal favorite, EctoMetal), THIS problem is why. If Sam doesn’t grow and learn like Danny does, then how could we ever expect their relationship to go anywhere. When I ship, I think of how they’ll be years down the road. If Sam can’t change, then what happens when Danny has a different idea that she doesn’t like. What happens when Danny grows up and she doesn’t, what happens if their ideals end up being different, (which happens often in canon) and what happens when Sam goes to far and hurts Danny beyond repair.

A relationship is growing with one another. Being an adult is learning how to work with other adults and come to a viable conclusion. We are shown multiple time that Sam doesn’t do that. Danny does it, Valerie does it, heck, even Dani does it and she’s only in two episodes! But not Sam, never Sam.

That’s one of the reasons I want a season 4, because I want to finally see Sam grow. I want her to learn from her mistakes, and I want her to understand that it is okay to be wrong. Her character is perfect for growth. She is strong and independent and that is great, but she is also pompous and vicious, and it hurts lots of people.

But, I suppose season 4 will never happen. It’s a shame really, I guess I’ll just have to stick to fanfiction. 

I love Danny Phantom, It continues to teach me years after it’s cancellation. With both its perfections and its flaws. That’s why I believe it is one of the greatest television shows to ever be created.

Edit: When I say this episode, I don’t mean this whole episode. I meant this section. I love the whole Dora plot. I want to make it clear that Sam’s ideals can be both good and bad. But more often that not, Sam’s attitude causes problems with her not being the one to reap the consequences.

Unpopular opinion?

I feel like people are forgetting that the reason some people really wish to see season 4 from Even’s POV is not because of seeing them ‘gay cute boys’ but because of their portrayal of a healthy teen lgbt relationship on TV. I’m sorry but it would mean a great deal to a lot of people out there and it makes me really upset that people are forgetting about this.
They are forgetting that there is literally nothing out there like this and just… Is one more season too much to ask for? In comparison to he two (possible three if they go for Vilda/Magnus next) straight couples that we have seen/will see? You know, just saying….

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I love snuggly cuddly and needy zero . Him getting as close as physically possible to Jude during the blueprint scene was the cutest . It's not him looking for sex or trying to start something he just wants to be as close to Jude as possible .

Cuddly Zero was such a lovely surprise and that’s one of the reasons why we need to get a season 4!! We need to see more cuddly Zero! 😍❤️


Make me choose

Hook in season 3 / Hook in season 4

Asked by @izyandthefortressofbooks

That was a really really really (x endless) hard  one! 

I decided to go with Hook of season 4 for a few reasons. 

First of all this person in getting more perfect every day, and so in season 4 his levels of perfection are even higher. 

I also really love his new look, much more than I thought I would because very surprisingly I don’t find myself missing the pirate outfit that much. 

I love seeing his version of “in a relationship” rather than just fighting to get the girl. 

I love seeing him as a 100% hero, but at the same time still 100% pirate (especially with the levels of sass).

But I think the main reason why I chose Hook of season 4 is because I love seeing him happy! And in it he was truly happy, he was living his happy ending and I loved seeing him smile so much and realizing he’s truly loved and important in the life of someone else.