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If Zootopia was a Reality TV Show

Nick (talking to camera): So I’m dropping hints that I’m interested in her..

Various clips of Nick popping up out of nowhere are shown in succession:

At Judy’s desk:

Nick: Date me?

Judy(in monotone): no.

At water cooler:

Nick(with bedroom eyes): Date me?

Judy: *sighs*

On metro:

Nick: Don’t you love me?

Judy: Technically

Nick: Well what better reason than-

Judy: no.

Getting lunch:

Nick: So this is a date, right?

Judy: Yep!

Nick: Really?

Judy: no.

In filing room:

Nick: Oh, come on. What do you have to lose?

Judy: How about my dignity and self-respect?

Nick: I can’t be that bad.

Judy(smiling): yeah, you’re worse.

Flips back to Nick:

Nick: Last Monday she hesitated before rejecting me so I guess you could say I’m making progress. *raises eyebrows suggestively*

Flips to Judy talking to coworker:

Judy: -and I cannot stand him.

Nick: You know, I can stop if you ask me to.

Judy: How do you keep showing up everywhere?!

Nick: I’m sneaky. It’s kinda my thing, Carrots. If you want me to stop just say so.

Judy: Well I- that’s…

Nick: Uh huh. Admit it. You want me to like you. *lowers voice* Like-Like you.

Coworker: I’m just gonna…go…now 

Nick: I’m right, aren’t I?

Judy: Shut up.

Why I Loved Zootopia’s Judy Hopps

Very few times do I ever find a character that ends up meaning more to me than a real person would. And when I entered the cinema for Zootopia, I didn’t think this would happen. From the trailers, it seemed like Nick would be the one I loved and Judy one I’d be indifferent with.

Well, well, never was I more wrong.

Not that I don’t love Nick. I love him, but Judy…gosh, I fell in love with Judy from the very first minute. She was everything I loved in a character, and I ended up rooting for her so much throughout the movie. There are plenty of reasons why I love this energizer bunny, but here are my top four:

She tries.

One of the rules of Pixar’s storytelling is that you admire a character more for his/her trying than his/her successes. I’ m well aware this isn’t Pixar, but for Judy, that was the exact reason why I loved her so much from the beginning.

From the very first scene, I fell in love with how determined she was. I was rooting for her to succeed because I saw how much she wanted it – I saw how much she was trying. Even if the world told her it wasn’t possible, that it wasn’t common at all for a bunny to be a cop, she didn’t listen to ‘em. Instead, she held her head up high and said, “Well then, I guess I’ll have to be the first.”

Since that line, I knew I was going to spend the entire movie hoping she succeeded.

She’s clever as heck.

Damn, this bunny is clever. I’m so happy Disney didn’t just make another cute but ditzy heroine like Rapunzel or Anna – man, this girl’s got the BRAINS. I was so impressed with how she got out of certain situations, like when she got Nick to solve the crime with her, or how she got to go inside the car without having to climb the fence.

Also, her training montage clearly shows how she uses her bunnyness to her best ability. She doesn’t give up because she’s small or weak – instead, she uses her abilities as a bunny to succeed.

Not to mention her one-liners are pretty clever. Like that multiplying joke.

She has flaws and makes mistakes.

One of the reasons why I didn’t like Rapunzel or Anna was how…perfect they were. Even their supposed flaws were passed off as cute or quirky. Well, you won’t get any of that in this movie. Judy Hopps is flawed and the movie doesn’t make light of it either. Instead, they use her flaws to create a more wonderful character – and to further preach the themes, of course.

I guess it’s pretty cliché for me to say I love a character for their flaws, but I’ve noticed that the characters people usually hate, I love. I love characters whose flaws and mistakes aren’t brushed aside. I don’t think Judy Hopps is hated (her plushies sold out faster than Nick’s, and for some reason, that actually kind of makes me happy) but I’m glad even she made mistakes. Mistakes that had consequences.

(No spoilers, of course.)

She and Nick have the greatest chemistry in a Disney movie ever.

Okay, so this is more like a bonus reason. But don’t the two have such great chemistry together?! How could you not ship them? (Doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or romantic.)

So there you go, fellow Disney lovers! Did you guys love Zootopia as much as I did?

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My parents took me to a Simon and Garfunkel concert at Wembley Stadium [as a child in 1979] and I went to the toilet during the interval. This guy standing at the next urinal started talking to me. He said something like ‘Y’all right?’, I was really embarrassed and tried not to look at him. Then he said ‘See you later’ and left.

When I got back to Mum and Dad he was standing with them and yes, it was George Harrison. Dad said, ‘George have you met my son Giles?’, to which he replied ‘Met him? I’ve just had a wee next to him.’

—  Giles Martin on the first time he met George Harrison, Express, 27 May 2012

There was a time in the Nineties when Dad was very sick. He was confined to bed and things were fairly touch and go for a while. George [Harrison] was wonderful, simply wonderful; he came over to visit and brought Dad a Ganesh elephant symbol, telling him it would keep him safe and well.

He was such a comfort to the whole family during a difficult time. He was a very keen gardener, the grounds of his home were just beautiful, still are, and he helped Mum a lot with our garden.

He would drive over to see us with as many plants as he could fit on to the passenger seat of a McLaren F1!

He meant a great deal to my dad; to all of us.

—  Giles Martin on George Harrison, Express, 27 May 2012