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Why no likey Blob

using what I just told a friend:

He’s said some really shitty stuff and no one gives him shit for it because abs and ♂. If Eliza said half - HALF - of what he says she’d be thoroughly insulted, called fat and unprofessional and mentally ill and drunk. He said he only started liking clarke in s4 (curiously when she started being used basically only to prop up his character - the SHIT Eliza would get for saying something like that about boris) and the oct4via/linc8ln/pissamy thing, for example. Also he’s super disrespectful to his fans. He refused to sign blarke stuff which imo, despite how much I hate blarke, is really disrespectful to the people that PAID to see him talk and get his autograph, who are mostly all blarke, and will naturally have blarke stuff for him to sign. And consistently being late - late not like a few minutes, but 30 minutes and more, which is basically half the panel.


· • ●i am homesick for a place i’m not even sure exist.
          one where my heart is full
                and my soul is understood.
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Last week I went to go visit my babe while he was in town. We were hanging out in his parents backyard when we started to get hot and heavy(schoolgirl outfit and sex toys included). He ended up bending me over and accidentally stuck it in the wrong hole (I never had anal before). For some reason I didn't say anything and since he thought he had stuck it in my vagina he started slamming into me hard and fast, and it actually felt kinda good even tho it hurt. So now I'm not scared of anal anymore

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I don't get why Harry has to be on Twitter or Instagram all day. It's his choice not stay active and keeps his life private. Sometimes the fandom thinks that Harry doesn't have to do nothing more that be on Instagram

I’ve never understood that really. As much as I love new Harry content, a lot of excitement is taken away from it when he’s just posting stuff all day long every other day. Like I love seeing Harry and knowing what’s going on with him, but I also love that he doesn’t make himself too accessible. He keeps some mystery about himself. This fandom can be an extremely entitled one in a lot of ways, and has a lot of expectations on what they think is absolutely necessary for a celebrity to do in order to be relevant or appreciative but… outside of that 1D bubble, it’s really not realistic. Most of the biggest artists out there either don’t have much social media, or rarely use it for personal reasons. It’s not unusual at all.

Hi I’m Chase and I don’t know how to take a proper selfie. Trans Day of Visibility is coming up soon and I’m ready to make my whole school aware of my presence (I’m out,and I go to a school of about 30 people)
My pronouns are he/him and tags arent working for me for some reason so I’m saying it here. :^) HAVE A GOOD TUESDAY

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What If the reason anxietys called Ann is because they're was a problem when he first arrived, like he was the most different so they thought he was a girl and named him Ann, this would have embarrassed anxiety so that's the reason he says he doesn't want to say his name! :D

I feel he’d own it like “You got a problem with my name? Fight me”

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If you're innocent and really didn't want to be homophobic you'd actually listen to people instead of defending yourself and saying the reason you're not homophobic is cause you're gay and you meant that "you weren't homophobic cause enough said in an au where Lenny is straight" like that's legit erasing her sexuality. But whatever

I’ve been deleting all the asks I’m getting but I’m going to answer this one.

But first “If you’re innocent” lol Am I on trial now? Do you want to send me to jail or smth? Jesus. 

Anyway… You know what, maybe I’m the one that needs to rewatch the show and try to make sense of it. Because my interpretation is that real Lenny was actually Benny the whole time and after she/he died there was the Shadow King with Lenny’s face, that was his own creation?? So everytime Lenny said something about being a lesbian in flashbacks, was in fact Benny saying he’s straight, right? Let’s forget about the stupid shipping thing and focus on this. Lenny was Benny the whole time? Lenny was Shadow King’s messing with David’s memory? Shadow King looking like Lenny makes him in fact Lenny and so lesbian even tho SK kisses David and gives him a lap dance??? Shadow King is gay then???  What is what??

Stop trying to insulte me for a second and think about this, if you can prove to me that Lenny was real and a lesbian woman then I’m wrong and that’s it.

I’m open to discuss the show and figure this out, if people can stop insulting me lol

And just one more thing, I don’t really care about ships… I mean it’s fun to talk about it but I don’t watch the show to “ship” and stuff, it’s just a bonus and it’s supossed to be fun… 

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Wanna know why so many people in the far left/SJW-left don't criticize countries like Saudi Arabia with... y'know ACTUAL oppression of women? I think it's because all those countries are anti-Western and these SJWs would rather be anti-West than actually fight for human rights in other countries

I think that’s true insofar as “anti-West” is code for “perceived to be of European extraction.”

The thing is, for them, it’s always an all-or-nothing scenario. Because they’re so invested in identity politics and very black and white “Good versus Evil” ideology, they can’t disentangle different things. Heroes have to be entirely free of sin and good deeds done by villains never count.

So where you and I (and all reasonable people) could say, “X is bad for Y, but X did do good with Z, so praise the Z and condemn the Y,” the ctrl-left and “SJWs” can only say, “X is bad for Y – don’t mention the positives of Z because you’re excusing Y.”

You literally cannot win with these people.

And because that’s true, the reverse is true, too – with an added step.

As reasonable people, we’d of course condemn Saudi Arabia’s horrendous oppression of women. In the minds of the ctrl-left and “SJWs” though, because Saudi Arabia isn’t white and because its majority faith isn’t seen as a “white faith,” then pointing out oppression of women then suddenly becomes racist and Islamophobic. 

They have a very complicated and tiered system for what’s most important. The general rule is “the darker the skin colour, the more Oppressed,” but sometimes the rule is broken, as nobody likes to admit that there’s a huge amount of anti-black racism in Arab countries. So really, the top of the Oppression Pyramid is either being black or being Muslim, depending on how the wind blows. A mix of both is most preferable.

I know I sound like a one trick pony at this point, but it’s all down to identity politics. 

I’m very wary about people who call themselves asexual, I can’t be sure if it exists at all outside a hormone imbalance or sever trauma. The reasons I say this is because I used to think I was asexual until I was 16, I was a super late bloomer. And I’m pretty sure me being anti social was a contributing factor. I thought my best friend was also asexual by her attitudes towards sex and nudity but it turns out she was also a late bloomer. Even on AVEN (the most popular forums for asexuals) most people I see identifying as such are usually still in their early teens. Some say they’re outright antisocial, have depression/anxiety or have been brought up in a hardcore religious environment which they SWEAR has nothing to do with their disgust and aversion to sexual attraction. Never mind those attention seekers who are not really asexual and make up more labels to suit them just because they experience sexual attraction in different circumstances. Or those who are literally in denial.

i’ve updated my rules page

and i’m writing these out here as well, because i’m tired of it:

 -no sintalia. it’s in my rules and i’ve still had to argue with multiple people over why i didn’t want to write with them. no.

-On that note, if I do for whatever reason say no to interaction, please back the fuck off and don’t pressure me about it. I’ve blocked people for far pettier reasons than harassment.

-If I ever for any reason break one of your rules, please tell me!

I follow over 200 RP blogs , and I try to keep up with rules but it doesn’t always happen. Even if it’s something little and stupid, please tell me. I promise I’ll fix it.

-And just because someone asked me last week and I forgot to say anything, I only do one ship per verse. Verses are all tagged, so ‘main’ will have one (1) ship and that’s all. Past verses, side verses, and AU verses are all available as well though.

                                 Thank you! Please like if read.

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I am going to put something out there about the walking dead. I think people are looking for an excuse to not watch it anymore. they are ready to move to their next obsession but need a reason or excuse. second I think this season has been one of the better seasons and the reason I say this is because of the depth and many layers that are in each episode which hasn't always been there. there are a lot of situations that are there but aren't obvious. very well done in my opinion

Thanks for sharing. 🤣. Wait can’t people have more than one obsession 😬😬😬

People who keep talking about spending disability on dolls seem like they don’t realize just how hard it is to get. In the us, I have been fighting to try and get it over ten years now. They use any reason they can to say no. If I had disability you damn well bet I’d spend some of it on hobbies, because I’ve been without a steady income most of my life.


  • phil: gives a fake name for the personal trainer guy and doesn't blame him for his awkward gym experience
  • dan: gives the full name of said personal trainer guy to the entirety of younow along with where to find him just in case anyone wants to fight him for making phil sick, gossips like a soccer mom who found out her kid was bullied at practice

I don’t know what”s gonna happen in season 2, nor does Yakov


Imagine if One Direction had just won an award and got up there and said, “This doesn’t have Zayn’s name on it, does it?”


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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