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Witch Tip:

If you’re brand spanking new to witchcraft and want to know where to start (or if you simply want to help further your education) and you find yourself getting easily overwhelmed and having a hard time getting started, my highest recommendation is to create a schedule for yourself, similar to that of an academic outline. So grab a piece of paper cause it’s time to start organizing.

  1. You know you’re interested in witchcraft, but what specifically about it? What topics and branches draw your interest the most? Are you more drawn towards casting spells, divination techniques, potions and herbal magick? Maybe you like the more historical side to it and want to learn more from an anthropologist type of perspective. Or maybe the psychological side, where dreams, psychic abilities, and the power of the mind is your fortee. Take some time to think about this, and choose one specific topic to start with.
  2. Now what days and time periods are you most likely to have the ability to sit down and focus on researching this topic? Even if it’s just once a week every Saturday from 3-5pm, dedicate this time period towards your research. (Of course remember, your personal life comes first. Don’t neglect any present and more urgent responsibilities at the time.)
  3. Now back to your topic of choice, list some of the specific aspects of that branch you want to research. For example if you choose the topic of dreams you may consider researching dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, ESP (extrasensory persception) in dreams, altered states of consciousness, etc.
  4. It’s time to give yourself some (reasonable) goals. What do you want to achieve from researching this topic? The broader answer is an increase in knowledge on the specified area, but how exactly do you intend to apply this knowledge to your life? What do you wish to gain from researching this area of interest and how do you plan to utilize that information? List a few simple goals for yourself and create a reasonable time frame of expected completion for each.
  5. Dedicate a specific folder, notebook, binder, etc. for your research (if you don’t like using paper, you can also type up documents and save them as files on the computer or use a note taking app). Nothing fancy here, the point is to have an organized place to keep your information. Starting out with the objective in mind to create a beautiful lavish book for yourself is a temptation, but this can lead to a lot of perfectionist-derived frustration when something gets screwed up, and the overall lack of any legitimate progress or organization of your research. It’s better to have the information there at your fingertips first before diving in to more creative pursuits.
  6. When doing your research, jot down anything that captures your attention and seems worth noting. Don’t be afraid to make some personal illustrations, diagrams, and charts to organize your information. That chart is fine looking a little crooked and wonky dear. The point is for you to be able to comprehend the information better, you’re not publishing a text book here. (Yet)
  7. Once you feel like you’ve reached your previously established goals with one particular topic, you can either continue researching that topic and set a list of new goals, or move onto a different topic and create a new outline for yourself. There’s no race here, no finish line. Pace yourself and don’t be disappointed if you didn’t reach your goals when you initially wanted to. Re-evaluate to come up with a new set of goals with a little more leniency. This is about personal growth, and that looks different for everyone.

Summary: When you leave a wedding party intending to go home and drown in loneliness, Bucky Barnes changes your plans. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word counting: 1.2k
Warnings: Alternative Universe, Bucky is a Lawyer. Fluff. 

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“And we’re done.” Joshua said, looking at the small group you were with, and you gave the newlywed couple a glance while cleaning your violin.

Even though you were invited, you didn’t plan to stay for the party. It was too tiring.

Four years. Four years playing at weddings around the whole US with the same group of people, that was your life. A known violinist, the favourite of many, and so lonely.

At your side, Josh was eagerly talking to Danny and Erin. He played the Cello, like Josh himself, and Erin was a violinist. The two of them were a couple - a beautiful couple - and the two men were as close as brothers. You, on the other hand, was too shy to interrupt them, even after fours years together and wasn’t that close. You were the black sheep of the group.

Weddings made you sad. It wasn’t for mean reasons, but because of your love life - or the lack of it, actually. You were single. Honestly, you were the most single person in the whole world. In your mid to late twenties, you’ve never had more than some hookups. You’ve never been loved and was probably bound to be alone forever.

Maybe you should consider adopting a cat.

“You’re going home already?” Erin looked at you.

Maybe two of them. Or three.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling that good.” You dismissed her. “Do you have a ride back home?”

“Yeah, my brother brought my car.” Danny affirmed. “Are you okay? I can drive you home if you’re feeling too bad.”

“I’m just tired.” You lied.

He nodded, and you finished organising your stuff before walking to your car, putting them in the backseat just to realise you’ve forgotten your purse inside.

You sighed before walking back there, the high heels decorating your feet making every step a torture.

You were ready to go after doing it and were just a few steps from your car when your body crashed into another, much taller and stronger than yours, making a face when whatever drink he had in hand spilt all over you.

“Oh my God.” The man exclaimed, surprised.

You looked up at him. Oh, he was strong. He was huge. With relatively long hair and blue eyes, he was also adorable and very handsome.

“I’m so sorry.” He blushed. “I swear I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry. I’m gonna have it cleaned for you, I swear.”

You looked at your dress and took a breath, inhaling the smell of wine.

“At least it is white wine.” You looked at him. “You’d own me a new dress is it was red wine.”

The man opened a surprised smile, still embarrassed with what he had caused.

“Here.” He pulled a card from his pocket. “Here is my number.”

You looked down at his hand, taking it and reading the simple card.

“James Barnes.” You looked at him. “Lawyer..”

“Yes..” He confirmed. “And you are the violinist.”

“Y/N.” You corrected him.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He smiled. “I must say, you are amazing.”

You blushed. No one had ever approached you to say that.

“I could see the passion in your eyes.” He affirmed. “It was beautiful.”

“Thanks, James.” You blushed.

“Call me Bucky.” He corrected you.

“Thanks, Bucky.” You smiled at him.

He smiled openly, and you noticed how he had dimples on his cheek.

“You were leaving?” He asked.

Bucky nodded and scratched his chin for a moment.

“Maybe this is rushed because we don’t know each other.” He said, embarrassed. “But I think I have somewhere you would like to go.”

“Oh.” You exclaimed, surprised.

You pondered. He was a stranger, but what did you have to lose? Your day was already bad, it couldn’t get worse.

“Have you ever been in a Karaoke?”

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Stelliums and interceptions are both imbalances from opposite ends in the natal chart. With a stellium, there is an excessive amount of energy in one sign or house in the chart. With an interception, there’s a lack of energy in two signs and houses in the chart. Either way, the native attempts to invest a lot of energy in these areas. With both areas, the native strongly tries to control these areas for different reasons.

For a stellium, the reason why so much energy is invested into it is because with many planets, they are many potential ways for the native to express themselves. This is especially true if the Sun and/or Moon is part of the stellium. There’s also a struggle of controlling the stellium, since there’s so much energy. When a native struggles to control a stellium, it can often feel like tightly holding a bunch of sand. Even if you try very hard, your attempts to control where the sand goes is futile.

For an interception, the reason why so much energy is invested into it is because with a house, sign, and maybe planets locked away in the natal chart, the interception can often feel like a black hole. Since there’s a sense of distance and lack of access with an interception, the native can attempt to invest in the interception to close the distance. With that being said, the native can often try their hardest to access their interceptions, only to see their energetic efforts falling into a distant void.

Jack is literally Sam, Dean and Castiel Rolled Up in One

Okay, so obviously he shares Castiel’s innocence and lack of knowledge in the world. Jack, of course, chose Castiel as his father. He is an adorable angel (well..half angel) who doesn’t know much about the world.

Obviously, Jack mirrors Dean’s behavior. That is every Tumblr post lol.

According to the creators and Jared Padelecki, the reason Sam is so accepting of Jack, because he sees a younger version of himself. He knows what it feels like- to be labeled a freak.

So yeah. Jack is my three favorite characters all in one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he became one of my favorites too.

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Do you know if we have any info about who's in charge of picking the birthdays of the characters?

Not really, no. Lauren and Joaquim announced Lance’s birthday personally on the Let’s Voltron podcast (around the twenty minute mark), so I would assume they had some involvement, even if they didn’t pick the dates themselves.

But I don’t think they’ve said anything about who chose the dates or why.


Anonymous said to vld-news: What’s with the rumors that Steven Yeun is leaving the show? And I’ve been worked up over the lack of Keith in S4 and how it’ll lead into S5. Does it look like Keith will return to prominence?

I don’t know where you heard those rumors, but they are unfounded. Steven is still recording with the cast regularly, there is no reason to think he is leaving the show.

Edited to add: Apparently it’s a misunderstanding stemming from the AfterBuzz interview, where they discussed Steve Ahn leaving the show.

Steve Ahn was a director on the show who left earlier this year. He worked on several of the season four episodes, and during the AfterBuzz interview, the showrunners praised him and gave him credit for the hilarious Lance milking Kaltenecker scene.

Anyways, the only thing I would do if I got anywhere within Harry’s vicinity is just tell him I love him. If that. I wouldn’t touch him, I wouldn’t even hug him unless he said it was okay. Why? Because my wants as a *Fan* don’t overshadow the fact that /he’s a person/. That has a right to consent, that he has a right to his body same as a everyone else, and that he has a right to his personal space. He can turn me down and I wouldn’t give a single damn!!! bc I respect him. And that’s something a lot of people in this fandom lack. Whether the person was going for his crotch or not, Harry was on stage doing his job. That’s not an invitation for anyone to do anything other than enjoy the show, and the fact that people don’t understand that basic, basic concept is the reason why so many Weinstein’s are allowed to operate comfortably in this society.

Vigilant, secretive, nosy, manipulative, emotionally driven, a lil’ awkward… yes, I am talking about Scorpio risings. You’re first reaction to this may be “bitch why are you saying we’re manipulative, we aren’t all like that!!” Yes, that is true, not every Scorpio Rising is manipulative of people. But most if not all are manipulative of situations. Scorpio Ascendants like to over-analyze situations in order to make them go in their favor. They are very hardworking too, so they won’t rest until they hopefully get their way. The reasons for this manipulation is usually emotion based. Scorpio Risings tend to listen to their emotions tons, but they seldom speak of them. Which can lead to them to other methods of appeasing their emotions, that being the aforementioned situation manipulation. 

They seldom speak of their emotions due to the fact that Scorpio Risings are generally very reserved and private people. Not from lack of self confidence, but from a fear of being manipulated or having their personal information used against them. Though many Scorpio risings have Leo on the midheaven, making them likely to express themselves lots more over social media than in real life. Whilst Scorpio Risings are very reserved about themselves, they have no problem in attempting to find out at much about others as they can. This can make them very nosy. It often isn’t hard for them to figure people out either, for they are generally pretty good at seeing past someone’s bullshit. 

While Scorpio Risings do spend a lot of time manipulating situations and people to fit their needs and wants, if they are unable to then they will use the negative situations they end up it to learn and grow “stronger.” I put stronger in quotation marks for a reason, because it does take a Scorpio Rising a while to truly learn how to become stronger from situations. At first they may transform themselves, sure, but they may transform themselves for the worst. For example after being lied to in a relationship, they may not want to truly love someone again and fake love instead, rather than simply learning to see through lies more proficiently. For even if they are deep thinkers, they think too deeply about themselves and the universe, and not enough about others. 

Scorpio Risings have the chart rulers of Pluto and Mars, so they may either appear strange (Pluto) or unwelcoming (Mars) towards different people. Mars can make these people are very instinctual and can be a bit impulsive. Pluto  can make them very serious, and loving of the truth. Even the harshest truths, making these people brutally honest. The mix of these two planets together can cause Scorpio Risings to hold in a lot of their true emotions and personality for as long as they can, until they eventually burst. Often this can be in a very aggressive way, maybe even targeting other people and blaming them for their problems. This planetary combination can also cause these people to be very alluring, and they can have piercing eyes. 

These people have Taurus on the descendant, this being the part of themselves that they reject as part of their personality and rather instead they project onto others. This can result in these people ending up surrounding themselves with people who they see as stubborn, beautiful in appearance, graceful, rude, and sensual. They may also find it hard to make close friends, for the fact that they can be very reserved. And they attract those who can be become a friend just as easily as become an enemy. They are also very picky when it comes to who they choosing who is a friend or foe, and often they toss away good opportunities for friends and suddenly their stuck with so many foes and… where are the friends?

JP KHUX Premium Medal Ranking

An anonymous from a while back asked to rank the premium medals in JP KHUX, including English KHUX’s Sora&Pals Illustration Ver. [M]. I decided to make a ranking list of the JP KHUX premiums, and update it as a new premiums in JP KHUX are released. //Probably will update about a week after the premium is released so we, JP KHUX players, can see how useful the new premium is!

So, here is a complied list (agreed with other JP KHUX players Aurelio and Robbie) of all the premiums released in JP KHUX and NA KHUX as of Oct. 21, 2017, from best to worst in each attribute.

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I just realized, the reason I remember agender people started to say A stands for all three isn't just the letter. I remember the original argument proposed in agender spaces was 'because we all lack-''thing''' and that was our link. We share the experience of lacking what others consider 'normal' or 'necessary' and since we all had an A it felt perfect to just be one group. The group without 'thing'.


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Wait u r ftc? I tot they were in a loooooooooooooong hiatus?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as many times as I have to since people don’t seem to want to read the very short backlog here

the comic flavor text chara is on hiatus, yes. Me, the person who makes that comic, never went on hiatus. anyone who followed me anywhere but that blog will know this. I got bogged down by school and lost inspiration for undertale fanart. I got into things like yugioh and the adventure zone and I made fanart for those things. I was still active, online, making and posting art. Just not for FTC. 

The only reason I’m able to draw fanart while in school is because drawing something i’m inspired by in between things im less into keeps up my momentum and helps me make better work. however, if the fanart isn’t inspiring to me, it just wears me down faster. where I was a few months ago mixed with my lack of interest in undertale mixed with how big FTC became, it was just a job to me. and a demanding one at that. trying to make FTC in tandem with classes was actively killing me

now i’m busy with school again, but I’m also happily back into undertale, as evidenced by the fact that this comic here exists. it’s very low stress over here. I already had a big plan written out before i started drawing and as a result have a tidy queue that’ll last through my very busy november, and this comic isn’t nearly as popular as ftc ever was even from inception (that thing hit 1k followers within hours of posting the first page). FTC doesn’t have a queue or real solid plan, plus it’s got a huge following that makes every update a commitment to churn out work I don’t have time for. I can’t handle the extra stress right now, but eventually I’ll be able to. in the meantime, we have this.

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I love my boyfriend and I know he loves me too. But for some reason I’m not that confident. He is confident about my love for him, he knows I love him and he’s my everything. He says he feels the same for me. But with me I know he loves me yet I lack that confidence that he loves me as much as I do. I still lowkey feel like one day he’ll get up and just not love me anymore or leave me or feel like he likes someone.He gets sad because he feels like I don’t believe him, I do but Idk, what do I do?

You have to trust him darling. Those thought will only make it worse. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or next week. We have to enjoy and appreciate every minute we have with our loved ones. You both love each other. Don’t worry about the what if’s.

I think most benefits of calling on minority students preferentially are outweighed by the benefits of cutting out the middleman and going for what minorityness is a proxy for.

For example, suppose that girls don’t raise their hands as much as boys. (I am not going to address nonbinary gender dynamics or transness in general due to lack of information on both.)

There are of course going to be exceptions in both directions: some girls for whatever reason are going to raise their hands a lot, and some boys for whatever reason are going to never raise their hands ever.

A better (…though not necessarily actually good) policy would be to preferentially call on students who don’t raise their hands very much or to record which students have spoken and which haven’t within a given period of time.

This might be vulnerable to biases: maybe you accidentally will call on boys more, or maybe you will overcorrect and call on girls a lot more than on boys. However, I think that the goal should always be to call on students fairly, as individuals.

Perhaps each student should be called on approximately the same amount of times as each of the other students, though obviously there would be some variance due to personal preference. Or perhaps each student should be called on a minimum number of times and then above that it is based on choice.

In this specific example, maybe you think it would actually hurt people to be called on when they have not raised their hands. A good choice would then be to preferentially choose, out of the handraisers, someone who does not raise their hand very much.

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Give me a character and I will answer:

  • Why I like them: Relatably insecure and lacking in self-esteem, likes books, really pretty.
  • Why I don’t: Very limited amount of supports for no apparent reason.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Punching Chrom in the face.
  • Favorite season/movie: Her supports with Cynthia are pretty great!
  • Favorite line: “Begone!”
  • Favorite outfit: Default is good, though I also like the Dark Flier one.
  • OTP: Robin (either gender) and Sully.
  • Brotp: With Cordelia, and Henry.
  • Head Canon: She thinks that her long hair gets in the way during battle, but still refuses to cut it or tie it up because she’s stubborn about that.
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t really like her pairing with Chrom, though then again, I suppose that isn’t that unpopular of an opinion.
  • A wish: That she actually gets some attention for once in spin-off material instead of Cordelia
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Get ignored in future Fire Emblem spin-off media
  • 5 words to best describe them: Knight, pegasus, clumsy, insecure, pretty
  • My nickname for them: Wife Brawling Pegasus Knight, because her tripping (as you do in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and because she punched Chrom in the face.

The amount of parents I’ve met who’ve told me, as a soon-to-be father, how much kids ‘ruin your life’ makes me so fucking sad.

These are all people who had kids because it was 'the next logical step’. Like they have this mentality of 'Marriage? Check. House? Check. Well, guess we better have kids!’ And then bring small dependant humans into the world…and get upset when their lives are inconvenienced or changed as a result.

It really saddens me because there’s this damaging culture of children being part of the standard. So people who shouldn’t be parents (and I mean that in the simplest of terms - not in a judgemental way, but a 'it’s just not for you’ way) feel pressured to have children and regret it. And then the poor child grows up feeling like a burden.

It’s not fair on anyone. The parents, the children.

As a post on this site once said - children and the decision to parent should be 'hell yes or hell no’. If you think for any reason at all that you might not be big on raising kids, do not actively go out of your way to have kids. Having them won’t magically make you want them.

All the people I know who wanted - really wanted - their kids and to raise kids have said 'it’s difficult but I LOVE it. I love being a parent.’

Can we please eliminate the idea that parenting should suck? And that having children is a necessary part of adulthood?

And can we please eliminate the idea that people who don’t want children are somehow lacking? And that those who do want children are doomed to misery?

Signed, a very excited father-to-be who understands it’s not something everyone wants or should want.


❝ Trying to catch your heart, is like trying to catch a star.❞

Happy Belated Birthday, Airo ♡ !!


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

8 Reasons why Relationships End

1. Different values, dreams and goals

2. Different levels of commitment/ hopes and expectations for the relationship

3. Being too incompatible/ having few interests in common

4. Dishonesty/ having secrets

5. Lack of trust / betraying trust

6. Imbalance in emotional needs/ level of support both wanted and given

7. Communication problems

8. Being unloving, disrespectful, rude, uncaring, unforgiving or mean.


He use his Protaganist Intuition to answer those question,no wonder he got that result.