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Well… happy birthday Cas… I guess…

at the mall
  • Kirishima: How do I look?
  • Kaminari: Wha-- how do you look? It's hideous!
  • Kirishima: What? I just picked a cool looking outfit!
  • Kaminari: Cool looking? It looks like Hot Topic vomited all over it! Like you're stuck in 2004 and you discovered MCR for the first time and you're about to stick up your middle finger at some preps!
  • Kirishima: Okay, I get it, I'll go change--
  • Kaminari: Kirishima Eijirou? You look more like Kirishima Edgy-rou!

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IMPENDING SODOMY GAZE ilysm *applauds wildly*

A lot of people are complaining about the skin tone of SG Soraka for not being diverse or darker and calling Riot racist over it… but it’s the same skin tone they used for her Divine skin which was how she looked according to her old lore before losing her divinity. I just figured that was how a human Soraka would look lol. Plus I’d rather them make Illaoi a Star Guardian than to make Soraka dark skinned for the sake of diversity. Real diversity is making new things, not changing what you already have.

Artwork by @black-co

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Your comment on HotDogDevilTheBadAnimator reminded me of a personal experience I had with him. I added him on steam years ago, and he invited me to play TF2. Immediately in the lobby, he and his friend started hurling racial and homophobic slurs at me. Like, literally fucking immediately without me even saying anything. It was wild. I didn't realize he was a shitlord until that very instant for some reason.

that sounds about accurate