reason for hiking

Sean Bean hiking up to the Lord of the Rings sets bc he’s afraid of helicopters is even funnier when you hear that Viggo Mortensen did the exact same thing, except Viggo’s reason for hiking to the sets was bc he wanted to be authentically travel-worn

Like literally you have Boromir doing this pretty cool thing bc he’s scared to death of the alternative while Aragorn just does it for The Aesthetic™

Eric speaking, here is all the gear I will be carrying for the start of the trip (dope! forgot the sunglasses). Weighing in at just under 12 pounds, I’m already excited to start dropping stuff come warmer weather. Even as our start date nears I’m still in slight disbelief that this has actually become a reality. Thru hiking the Appalachian Trail has been something I’ve dreamt about since high school when I used to frequent sections in Virginia/Maryland and laugh at the fact that people actually cut tags off their gear. Now, 10 years later, I’m about to summit Springer Mountain with nearly every tag removed. What’s even more amazing is that Sammi and I are doing this together. It is such a blessing to have her in my life. I know it will be a challenge and many people have expressed their apprehension, but our relationship has never been easy, and I am confident that we will come out of this stronger than we started. As for other concerns, I’m mostly worried about overcoming the discomforts: the cold, the wet, the soreness, the monotony, etc. – but at least I’ll have someone to complain to.

I am real excited to check out of society for a while, and live a simpler life. I am carrying a grossly heavy, 1 pound camera (this is what my whining sounds like), but am doing so in order to document life on the trail, both ours and those whose paths we cross. It’s been a year and a half since my last personal photo project, and I am looking forward to some visual wanderings. 

 Martin Shkreli makes my fucking skin crawl.

Hilariously, he donated $2,700 to Bernie Sanders, thinking he could get a private meeting to explain his reasoning behind the 4000% price hike (blah, blah, blah… research… blah, blah, blah) on an important HIV drug–but instead, Bernie rejected it for his campaign and donated that money to the Whitman-Walker health clinic in Washington.

But just check out his Twitter feed to see how vile of a human he actually is:

He a fucking man-child and it’s hard to believe that a guy like that, with that sort of sociopathic, narcissistic behavior is in charge of something as important as that drug.