reason for existing

You know what? If we didn’t need adverbs, they wouldn’t exist in our language. Personally, I think over-editing the NATURAL way people handle language WEAKENS a story, particularly when you have to add probably a half dozen words to replace one freaking adverb, and then where’s your overall word-count?

Adverbs are legitimate grammar. Until you strike them from the language entirely, I’m using them.

guys I’m sorry I see your asks but I’m still so busy I will try to answer them slowly throughout the night. idk if i can get many requests done tonight tho. xoxoxox

(also feel free to freak out with me if you’re in the sherlock fandom right now because what is gOInG ON ;∆; )


I think it’s finally time to reveal the person behind all the salt.

Hello, the name’s Chie (the ‘e’ is silent) and I’m a recently high school graduated seventeen-year-old. I’m fluent in four languages: English, Tagalog, Sarcasm, and Salt. In my spare time— when I’m not being salty— I like to scream at fictional characters, run around like an idiot in video games, and sometimes go to the city by myself for the sake of adventuring. I’m an aspiring photographer, though nothing too serious as of yet. I’m also into different sorts of music, though I’m the worst person to ask for song suggestions… unless you want to feel the feels and drown in angst. /shrugs/

And that’s it. Nice to meet you.

It occurred to me that given their line of work it’s probably not uncommon to see SOLDIERs who’ve lost limbs. And, since people on Gaia can make transformer arms that switch between machine guns (with ammo storage?) and perfectly articulated hands (does Barret’s hand have a neural sensory component because it really looks like it?) then a leg that can hold up to all a SOLDIER needs to put it through is really quite a reasonable thing to exist - assuming the SOLDIER wants to keep SOLDIERing anyway.

The foot is modeled off a mountain goat’s hoof for reasons I have mostly forgotten. (Traction and benefits when climbing? Or something.)

lol IR fam! We can’t tag #anti ichihime because orgs can see it and thus, giving them a chance to see our anti posts! OMG! If they do respond, it’s actually our fault for using the tag #anti ichihime!

I did not know that even the use of that tag is not allowed anymore for us IRs… Maybe they bought that tag??? Do they own it???

Anyway, not my problem if orgs can see my #anti ichihime posts. Search functions exist because of that. We are not responsible for their shipping welfare lol

Or are they really that sensitive, insecure, or easily triggered? Proves our point though. 

there’s a reason why the word “ignore” exists

anonymous asked:

I think that Camren shippers are not as delusional as everyone thinks. The problem is that everyone else thinks Camren doesn't exist, so when we see something, as little as it might be, even we have our doubts because everyone thinks we're making it up. But sometimes Lauren and Camila do certain things that are waaaaaay too suspicious, but everyone make us doubt it. So we convince ourselves that we're crazy, and sometimes we are not. you feel me??

I don’t give a fart what others think. i don’t eye fuck my friends nor look at them like they’re the reason i exist. Camren is real. Period. 🌗

Loneliness wraps her arms around me
and tells me it is okay
to pen my lies
and call it poetry.

She tells me it is kind
to ask people to remain
though the poet is writhing
and dying to pain -

life is gentle, she breathes,
if someone insists
that there is a reason
that we all exist.

And she sinks beneath my skin
and asks me to hold on
though weakness is all I know
and all my strength is gone,

but write, she breathes, 
write until I forget
that I am a liar
and riddled with regret.

Write, she whispers, 
until the very day
I run out of ink
and fall away.

It does not matter
if I am as strong as I say
so long as she is here
and I ask all others to stay.

Because loneliness is lonely
without someone to hold,
so she hands me my pen
and my heart turns cold.

Things to Practice

- Stop eating when I’m no longer hungry, not when I can’t eat another bite without puking.
- Take supplements EVERY day.
- Drink less coffee, more water! Or green tea!
- Move around a little more!
- Draw a little bit every day!
- Read more books instead of grinding in video games all day for basically no reason besides distracting myself from existing!

Prolly more later.

Sorry all you chubby chasers, but Snow has gotta lose this muffin top in the worst kind of way.


Happy birthday to our dearest maknae prince, Oh Sehun! Looking back at your pre-debut photos, it doesn’t look like you’ve changed much at all- you are still the same, handsome boy. During the past 2 years, we have seen you grow not only height wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same boy who laughs at immature things,tortures his hyungs every day and yet prays for them every night. Your eyes still crease upwards when you’re happy, you clap like a seal when excited, you frown out of habit and you manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day.

On this day, i would like to thank your parents for raising such an angelic boy. May you continue to work harder to make them, as well as everyone else around you proud. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way (after all, great things happen to great people, right?)I love you!