reason faith and revolution

When a Washington think tank announced recently that ‘we cannot survive … confronted with people who do not share our values,’ it forgot that Western civilization managed to survive in just this way for some centuries. It was known as colonialism.
—  Terry Eagleton, Reason, Faith, and Revolution

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So what am I supposed to fill Sunday’s paper with?

Crossword puzzles.

Where Richard Dawkins and I differ most fundamentally, I suspect, is not on the question of God, science, superstition, evolution, or the origins of the universe. Theologians are not in the least interested qua theologians in, say, whether a process as crude and blundering as evolution could have produced something as exquisitely complex as Henry James. The difference between science and theology, as I understand it, is one over whether you see the world as a gift or not; and you cannot resolve this just by inspecting the thing, any more than you can deduce from examining a porcelain vase that it is a wedding present.
—  Terry Eagleton, Reason, Faith, and Revolution
Christianity long ago shifted from the side of the poor and dispossessed to that of the rich and aggressive. The liberal Establishment really has little to fear from it and everything to gain. For the most part, it has become the creed of the suburban well-to-do, not the astonishing promise offered to the riffraff and undercover anti-colonial militants with whom Jesus himself hung out. The suburbanite response to the anawim, a term which can be roughly translated into American English as ‘loser,’ is for the most part to flush them off the streets.
—  Terry Eagleton