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i know about anti-Semitic connotations that surround green skin, but is it still considered anti-Semitic even if the character isn't Jewish or connected Jewish culture in any way? they character in question is Catholic, of mixed Latino/Italian heritage, and is essentially a bard, and their skin is green for plot reasons. I don't want to hurt anyone or make anyone uncomfortable but i wasn't sure and wanted to double check before i went any further with developing the plot.

Are green-skinned gentiles antisemitic? 

Short answer: no, you’re totally fine.

Longer answer: there are only a few situations where a character outside the specific group being marginalized by a trope can perpetuate the trope. A desexualized, older white woman whose only purpose in the story is to nurture the main character cannot be a Mammy, for example, because the Mammy trope comes from anti-Blackness and the commodification of Black people’s labor specifically. On the other hand, if you’d said you’d written a Christian character who was untrustworthy, greedy, and clannish but happened to have a hooked nose and darker features I’d side-eye this pretty hard.

However, your character doesn’t have any of these specifically antisemitic tropes from what you’ve mentioned, and for another thing, the reptile invader lie is a lot more obscure than just less-wild accusations of sneakiness and greed; many people haven’t even heard of it. Plus, there’s enough distance between green skin and reptilian invaders that especially since your character isn’t Jewish I don’t think anyone will make that connection.

In other words, green gentiles are fine and have nothing to do with us, and I’d even be fine with green Jews as long as there were green gentiles in the same story (or non-green Jews) and there weren’t any additional references to lizard invaders.

For another green character from a book I like see: Regan, the asexual lizard man with anxiety from RoAnna Sylver’sChameleon Moon.


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Hi, I have a question. I'm writing a story about an aro character, would it be insensitive or offensive if their aromanticism is caused by abandonment issues and a phobia of commitment and relationships due to being abandoned as a baby? Their back story is important to the plot, but I don't know if it's okay to say their romantic orientation is caused by their past. Thanks in advance :)

In fiction I find any label was caused by something else wildly offensive because I feel like it offers reasons why someone is the way they are instead of just accepting they simply are. 

In people it can happen, but people should use I statements and I wouldn’t like to see it in fiction unless I statements are still used and the author is speaking to their own life. 

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Summoning animals have a weird place in Naruto land. What do they get out of the arrangement? They get ripped from their homes to fight and die for nothing. They live in completely different worlds so what happens there shouldn't be a concern for them. Nothing forces them to fight for their summoner yet they chose to. They don't belong to a village unless they were raised/live there so they can end up fighting their own friends. Being able to talk isn't even a common trait for ninja animals.

You know this is a great question. The reason I think this is a particularly great topic to bring up in relation to all the other “what’s wrong with Naruto land” questions is that the plot holes required to have summoning animals is what I consider a good and justified use of willful suspension of disbelief.

For any story, but especially a shonen fantasy story like Naruto, there’s going to be times when what TV Tropes calls the “Rule of Cool” justifies something that would otherwise be absurd. Why do ninjas call out their attacks, which will alert the enemy to what’s happening? Because it’s cooler that way. Why do ninja make do the hand jive to cast spells, sorry, jutsu? Because it’s cooler that way. Why do all the Akatsuki have snazzy rings and nail polish and incredibly eye-catching garments? Because it’s cooler that way!

Why does Kakashi have a bunch of doggos in matching outfits and Guy has a smart-mouthed perpetually done with everything turtle and the lovely and hot-tempered Tsunade and Sakura have a giant polite gastropod and human bouncy ball Naruto have frogs that force him to eat grubs instead of ramen?

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Hell yes it’s cooler that way!

Readers/viewers are, generally, willing to suspend disbelief in order for cool/funny/awesome/amazing shit to happen, and I am of that number. What’s the downside for summons? I might think about it idly, and I would support fanon or even canon trying to make it more believable, but honestly I am 100% willing to suspend my disbelief.

Note to all content creators: I am not, and never will be, willing to suspend my disbelief or overlook plot holes in order for you to stomp on my favourite characters and/or their hopes and dreams. That doesn’t mean you can’t stomp on them–sometimes it hurts so good–but you gotta do that shit fairly.

I am willing to ignore logic if that means that I get to see sarcastic puppers with henohenomoji vests.

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Everything is worth this.

I am not willing to ignore logic so that Tenten’s business is failing yet we’re told Konoha is prosperous and everything is fine. The only reason why someone would suspend disbelief willingly for that is if they thought Tenten being miserable watching her dreams turn into dust was so gosh heckin’ hilarious that it excused the plot hole.

Hell no. I don’t want to see Tenten alone, worrying about bankruptcy and seeing nobody caring about her priceless artifacts. I want Tenten to be happy. So don’t make her miserable without an actual reason that makes sense. Because I will not suspend disbelief for that.

(I deliberately didn’t use Snakebert and his countless related plot holes as the example this time. THE FRUIT IS HANGING SO LOW. YET I RESISTED.)

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Lars' "resurrection" has me conflicted. I'm glad we have a sort of answer to how Lion came into being (albeit a little problematic to me, for many reasons), but leaving him on Homeworld to fend for himself, even with the Off Colors to help him, and his own invisibility to Homeworld's Gem tracking technologies, strikes me as the rushed plot movement of a story on its last tens of pages. I hope they don't Lion Lars out of this conflict. Not too fast, anyway.

Seriously they only made Lars body not needing food so he can be a easy way out for Steven to Earth and to justify leaving him I felt uncomfortable leaving him on Homeworld too. Off colours or not they’ve been hiding for probably thousands of years so Homeworld has bound to advance. They’re as clueless as him in a way. If the show dares to continue with Steven happily staying on Earth while Lars is up on Homeworld alone then Ill be extremely angry.

Also don’t leave Topaz on Homeworld don’t think I’ve forgotten about that.

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I think one of the reasons that people label Jupiter Ascending as confusing mess that that they don't realize it is a fairy tale. Because when you start looking JA as a fairy tale (rather than say, a superhero or dystopia) all it's plot points come together in a pretty standard modern Grimm story.

I totally think that’s an element of it. I’m perpetually amazed whenever I come across people complaining that the science of Jupiter Ascending isn’t up to scratch. In relation to this, people are wont to bring up things like the ridiculousness of royalty-sensing bees and the implausibility of an enormous refinery being hidden behind the storm clouds of Jupiter. That, to me, is like complaining that an evil queen having a magical mirror that talks to her isn’t historically accurate, or questioning the architectural soundness of a gingerbread house. To question such things is to miss the point entirely. 

Jupiter Ascending is a wild fantasy that operates primarily on a fantastic or allegorical level - it should be viewed at a safe distance from reality, and enjoyed as the fairy tale it was so clearly intended to be.

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In my writing, I wasn't planning on using too much physical description of the characters (plenty of description for places, objects, etc. but just not too much for people) unless it is relevant to the plot. This results in most of my characters not having a defined hair/eye/skin color, height, weight, etc. Is this too little detail? Should I make the characters certain races even though it's irrelevant to the plot? Should I give them heights? I don't think it's necessary, but I could be wrong.

The only part here that raises a red flag for me is skin color. It’s okay to leave your characters appearances ambiguous, but if you don’t hint at them being different races, many readers will assume you’ve got an all-white cast and that’s something that is almost always unnecessary. So if you’re truly concerned with necessity, differentiate between the races. It is relevant to the plot. It’s what makes your story diverse and realistic or not. 

Anyway, good luck. -T

Five Wrong-Headed Reasons For Not Writing Diverse Characters (it’s about scifi specifically, but you can apply it to many genres)

Writing Racially and Culturally Diverse Characters

Tips and Resources For Writing Characters of Color

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I know there are people invested in OQ. I never got invested. It was too quick and no buildup like CS has had and continues to have. After last nights episode I've seen many people say they no longer like the OQ story or have lost interest. Do you think the writers are intentionally writing the story to make fans start to dislike the couple? It's like they aren't that invested in the pairing. You can look at CS and OQ and use this as an example. CS is clearly heading to TL status. I don't -cont

Cont-see this with OQ at all. Some people may disagree but to me it’s not being written that way. Sean was never made a regular. I agree Robin is a plot to bring EQ back. Do you even think Sean will be around next season? For some reason I don’t see him remaining on the show. I can’t see the writers redeeming regina fully. People have expressed they want EQ back because regina has become boring. So that means no OQ. Do u think writers are slowly moving us towards realizing OQ won’t remain?

Anonymous said: What are your thoughts re Outlaw Queen splitting when Robin chooses Marian over Regina again? I like your theory about Regina becoming the evil queen again over the course of 4b but I do wonder what role Robin would play in this? Would he try to save her like Henry? And would it cost him in the end if he tried to save her?


First off, my apologies for the wait to my top asker. Your question has been sitting in my inbox for quite a while, and I figured it was time to get to it since we’re fast approaching the final two episodes of 4A. I combined these two because of their similarity.

Let me see, where do I start?


I don’t know how long either of you (or anyone reading this) have been reading my stuff, but in short, one of the basic, basic observations that I frequently return to when I do an analysis is the foil argument. And essentially, the foil argument is this—Emma and Regina are foils in every aspect of their lives. What do I mean by that? Well, everything that Emma is, Regina is the opposite.

So, for example, in 4.01, during the ending scene with Emma and Regina on opposite sides of the door, Emma plainly tells her that she’s meant to bring back everyone’s happy endings, including Regina’s. And what does Regina do immediately after that? She goes for the storybook and declares that she’s going to force the author to write her her happy ending. So immediately, from 4.01, we have a prime example of how Emma and Regina are foils—Emma is worried about everyone else’s happy endings, Regina is only worried about her own. Emma is worried about the town, Regina is worried about herself. That is what I mean when I say they’re foils. Whatever Emma is, Regina is the opposite.

The other thing you have to understand about the foil argument is… it extends well past each of these women. So, not only are Emma and Regina foils of each other, but each of their relationships with Henry are foils of each other. Each set of their parents are foils of the others’. And… each of their relationships are foils of each other.

So what does that mean? Well, that means that there are going to be a lot of similarities between their relationships (just like there are a lot of similarities between Emma and Regina), but ultimately, what Emma and Killian have, Regina and Robin are going to have the opposite. Where Regina and Emma act the same, Killian and Robin will act in opposing ways. Where Killian and Robin act the same, Emma and Regina will act in opposing ways. Thus, there are going to be many similarities between these two relationships, but ultimately, because of the nature of the women involved and the basic tenets of their dynamic (as foils), one of these relationships is going to succeed, while the other is going to fail.

To give a few examples of how CS and OQ are foils, consider this: in each of their relationships, there was a child involved, as well as that child’s other parent. In each of these cases, the child’s parent was no longer in the picture, which left the partner free, and then suddenly that dead parent came back. The circumstances may be slightly different between these two situations, but it’s still largely the same in regards to the difficulty of the situation. So… given this situation, how do Killian and Robin react? Well… Killian first challenges Neal and pursues Emma against him… and then later decides to do the honorable thing and backs off, leaving the choice up to Emma, and giving Henry’s parents a fair shot at making their relationship work (should Emma choose to rekindle it). And what does Robin do? Well… Robin first chooses to do the honorable thing and backs off Regina so that he can give him and Marian a fair shot for Roland’s sake… but then later decides that he loves Regina and would rather be with her than resurrect his frozen wife, so he commits adultery.

You see where I’m getting at here?

Given the same sort of situation, Emma’s partner first decides to do the dishonorable thing before changing his mind and doing the honorable thing, while Regina’s partner first does the honorable thing before changing his mind and doing the dishonorable thing. What Killian did forwards, Robin did backwards. What Killian did first, Robin did last, and what Robin did first, Killian did last. These two are the polar opposite of each other. Thus, Emma’s relationship with Killian is the foil to Regina’s relationship with Robin.

Get it? That was only one example, but it was the most illustrative one when it came to getting my point across. There are, of course, more examples of the opposing natures of Emma’s and Regina’s relationships, but I’m too tired to think of more right now.

So all of this is to say that if the audience was meant to become invested in CS, then the audience was meant to not become invested in OQ. Because CS and OQ are foils of each other. If the writers wanted you to fall in love with CS, then they didn’t want you to like OQ. You know what I mean? What you’re supposed to feel for CS, you’re supposed to feel the opposite for OQ.

Another example of the foil nature of these two relationships is this: CS experienced a long, slow burn of a build-up, thus OQ would have to experience the opposite—a short, quick flash of a romance—and that is indeed what we got. That is all due to the opposing nature of the relationships (which is based on the opposing nature of the women involved in them).

With me so far?

So it’s not really a question of whether the writers are invested in the pairing or not. The differences between Emma’s relationship with Killian and Regina’s relationship with Robin are all based on the structure of the narrative. The relationships were meant to emphasize Emma’s and Regina’s opposing natures and choices. (Rumbelle actually serves as a foil for CS as well, but from Killian’s side rather than Emma’s.)  

So CS is definitely headed towards TL status, but it’s going to be at the expense of both OQ and Rumbelle, because however closer Emma and Killian grow with each other, Robin and Regina and Belle and Rumple will grow apart. That is all based off the observation that those relationships are foils. OQ serves as a foil for CS from Emma’s side, and Rumbelle serves as a foil for CS from Killian’s side.

Now… here’s one thing I’d like to point out in regards to the whole Robin-Marian-Regina situation—Robin as no idea what Regina was about to do to Marian back in the Enchanted Forest. Robin has no idea that it was Regina who was the one to capture his wife, and parade her around like a dog, before sentencing her to die. Robin has no idea about all of that. As far as he knows, it was his screw-up that led to Marian being killed. He has absolutely no idea about what really happened.

How much you wanna bet that that particular ugly truth is going to come rearing its head within the next two episodes? How much you wanna bet that that’s going to happen?

And guess how Robin’s going to react to it?

So Robin’s not going to save Regina, no. Robin’s going to dump Regina by 4.11-ish. Robin is going to find out that the thing he’d been blaming himself for all these years was actually Regina’s fault, and then he’ll dump her and go back to Marian and Roland. And how would you think Regina would react to all of this? She’ll start to slip back into Evil Queen mode, and this time, without the Shattered Sight to egg her on. Remember how Rumple took a big step back, away from prying eyes, in 3.22? Well… Regina’s going to do a similar kind of thing in 4.11. Trust me.

Because Robin is supporting her right now, doing the dishonorable thing and ignoring his own wife, cheating on his own wife, to support her would-be murderer, it’s going to come back to bite him. Her past is going to come back to bite her. And this is going to lead to a break between them. Remember in 4.01, when Emma wanted to go after Regina and Hook stopped her from doing so, saying, “Nothing good ever comes out of pushing that woman.”? Well… what has Robin been doing this whole time? With regards to his relationship with Regina? He’s been pushing. He’s been doing the dishonorable thing and pushing. And now Regina is getting used to Marian not being in the picture and Robin supporting her completely. Once Marian is back in the picture again by 4.11, Regina is not going to be able to take it well, especially now that she’s remembered how good it felt to be the Evil Queen again, AND she’s remembered how good it felt to be loved and supported completely by a man she loves (Daniel).

So because of Shattered Sight, and because Robin pushed her throughout the season, two old familiar memories and emotions are in the forefront of Regina’s mind—what it felt like to be in love and have the complete attention of a man who adored you (Daniel), AND what it felt like to be the Evil Queen and have all that power at your fingertips and everyone running away in fear of you. When Marian comes back and Robin, via the cure to Shattered Sight, recalls why and how he fell in love with her in the first place, Regina is going to start to lose that first one (Robin’s love and attention), and in an attempt to hang on to it, she’s also going to unconsciously grip the second one (Evil Queen mode) all the more harder.

Thus, Robin’s role in Regina’s backslide has actually been playing out throughout 4A. His pushing her has recreated the state-of-mind she was in before Daniel died, and so his loss is going to send her flying off the deep end in much the same way as what happened the first time with her displacement of anger, her slip into Evil Queen mode, and her obsession with casting the Dark Curse to force her happy ending. Only this time, it’s all going to happen much faster. Her anger will still be displaced (aimed at Emma), she is going to fall into Evil Queen mode, rather than slip into it, and her obsession will be to find the storybook author in order to force her happy ending. So that is where Robin fits back into all of this—as Daniel and Daniel’s loss, all over again. It’s the repeating history theme the writers are so fond of.

Anyway, no I don’t believe Sean will be around next season. I don’t believe he’ll even be around in 4B. I believe 4.11 is his last episode. Because you have to consider the business side of this—if the writers wanted him around for more than half-a-season, they would have put him under contract. They would have made him a regular. They did not do that. This means that the producers and the studio are not worried about him being scooped up by other studios and productions. If they aren’t worried about Sean’s presence on their show, that means they can very much do without him. By contrast, look at how quickly they contracted Michael Socha because they had a role for him in 4B, and they wanted to make sure his schedule was free for them. So it’s this kind of thing you have to take into account. The producers not putting Sean under contract means they’re not worried about losing him. If the producers aren’t worried about losing the actor, what does that say about his character’s importance?

So that’s what I think about all of that. OQ is not meant to be like CS because OQ is meant to be the opposite of CS, an extension of the opposing nature of the women who are involved in those relationships. The writers are invested in CS because CS is their main couple. OQ is designed to oppose the CS dynamic. Thus, the audience isn’t meant to get invested in OQ at all. Robin’s pushing of Regina for all of 4A has been recreating the state-of-mind she was in before Daniel’s death. His loss by 4.11, and her reminder of the joys of being the Evil Queen, will launch her forward, right back down the same hole she fell into during her quest to cast the Dark Curse. This is what’s going to happen to her throughout 4B, and it will culminate in her making an attempt on Henry’s life, just as she made an attempt on her father’s, all so that she can steal his heart and write her happy ending (Henry is the author of the storybook, HERE). Once again, it’s all the repeating history theme the writers love doing.

Okie dokie? So that was my take on that. I hope I answered all parts of the questions above and provided some useful insight.

Thanks so much for the questions! And I hope you enjoy the episode tonight! :-)

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I feel like Derek and Stiles are being purposefully kept apart by the writers again this season. for all their previous development and the foreshadowing, nothing's playing out. We still haven't even had that scene promised in Visionary where Stiles asks Derek about Peter's story about Paige and that was two seasons ago. I don't feel like they're a slow build any more, I feel like they're being kept apart for different reasons. I might feel differently if Draeden & Stalia were different.

I know a lot of fans are really frustrated by this, and i can understand that. We’re so used to the romance being a driving part of the plot in tv series and get impatient and annoyed when it takes a back seat which it mostly does on TW.

The foreshadowing is there. The foundation is solid. And personally i do think we’re heading for a major sterek moment at the end of this season. And when i say major i don’t mean full tilt sex or anything, but something that undeniably will point in the direction of sterek being a possibility. Something so obvious it can’t be ignored and will be explored in s5. I believe it will be linked to Stiles being Derek’s anchor and saving him. Derek is in mortal peril, that much is true. I believe Stiles will be instrumental in saving him. The more they are apart leading up to this, the more profound and impactful the moemnt will be.

Right now shit is going down  in all corners and i do believe it is a point that we’ve seen Stiles experiene a first relationship, making mistakes and learning from that. I also believe Derek’s hookup with Braeden serves a similar purpose. Neither pairings are a hinderance to sterek the way i see it. And i certainly don’t see any signs of them being endgame.

Stiles saying he would talk to Derek about Paige if he had to - i do think we’ll get back to that. Visionary is chalk full of unreliable narrators and half truths and i’ll eat my old and fraying The Jungle Book mouse pad if that is never adressed again.

My adivice - stay strong, have faith. And read some awesome fanfic while you wait :)