Things that are delaying the 2nd season

- lack of enough Manga material to work with -until recently- 
- needing a lot of preparations to achieve the usual high quality.  

Things that are NOT delaying the 2nd season

- the live action movie
- the Junior High spin-off 
- literally any spin-off or side material
- these are a bonus and a completely separate thing 
- no the 2nd season wouldn’t come sooner if they didn’t happen 
- you’re probably not paying for any of these anyway
- seriously
- stop
- complaining 

[ no seriously why does everyone assume any stylistic change is done for elitism? people use different formatting because they think it’s neat. people use x or c in their url because the one they want is taken or because if you use dashes the tag won’t track. pls stop assuming the worst of people. it is straight up exhausting for all parties concerned. ]


When you are referring to someone who is Native American, or a Native American fashion, Native American culture, or what ever it may be, DO NOT use the term “Indian” when referring to a Native American. It is considered a racial slur. 

I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

For Achievement Hunter’s video contest - Ryan the rotoscope guy!

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