I know I have a lot of younger followers, and it seems cool to imagine that at your current age, men and women (like in MysMe) are attracted to you but please let me give you some advice. 

They’re sick people if they are. I’m talking real life. If you’re under 17 and someone over 18 is saying that they want to form some sort of relationship with you, run away. Call the police. They’re sick, horrible people and you shouldn’t get involved with them. 

I’ve been involved in something like that, and the short of is that I have a restraining order against this person who is in prison at the moment. It doesn’t lead to a happy ending. Please protect yourselves.


ive made a survey which asks you to rate every single (released) top song out of 10 and it would be super cool if you could answer it!!

ill need at least a couple hundred people to answer it so results are more accurate (considering there are so many songs) so once i have a p decent amount of results ill publish a complete ranked list of twenty one pilots songs based on fan opinions!!

Some Percy love for Monday Doodles ♡  Second in the Critical Role portrait series that I’ve apparently decided to do ahah ^_^;;


Other Characters: Vex

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I’m not saying this because I totally love KomaHina (maybe a bit), but, i don’t know if anyone else who doesn’t ship KomaHina or is neutral about it agrees

But, even KomaHina doesn’t become canon (which it is probably what will happen), but it is SUCH A WASTE if they just throw their relationship and what exists between Hinata and Komaeda in the trash like nothing ever happened

I mean, in all of the fandoms I’m in, I never saw such a complex and detailed(?) relationship between two characters
I think it’s so beautiful what Kodaka/DR was able to do with these two in terms of interaction and in character development and yet…
What will probably happen is that we won’t be able to see any of this in the anime whatsoever

Most of the people are now just hoping for a canon HinaNami…but idk…it all seemed so forced with this anime, i can’t even

Sorry if you feel offended or something, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there

Edit: aaaaa yes, I know that it won’t happen in zetsubou hen for sure! And I know it’s understandable, after all they didn’t met or anything But maybe, idk, in mirai hen, who knows??? If they are really awake and with all the memories~ and if Hinata is really Hinata(not izuru), it’d be nice a little interaction-

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