How High Would You Make the Minimum Wage?

ReasonTV asks people on the street what they believe the arbitrary minimum wage should be.  Most of course throw out illogical, random, made-up amounts proving further that there is no correct number.  The term “a living wage” is completely fictitious.  There is no such thing.  It holds zero economical value.  Yet, politicians, labor unions, and social justice warriors still fight for it all the same.  Why?

Progress causes pain sometimes, I guess?  And if it causes a few jobs, that’s fine.  Overall, I think it would be good though.  We need to do it.” That quote sums it up.

I wish I could tell you that you should only be in a relationship with those who listen to every word you say, who want to understand you, who look forward to seeing you every time they do, who like everything about you, whom you can imagine a future with and whom you always feel comfortable with. But true love is one of the strongest feelings. And that rarely comes with rationality.
—  Thoughts #158