Chapter II – No turning back

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Part 1:

In a single night, the promise of peace had been broken, the Crown City along with it. Putting their home behind them, the company set forth to find answers in Hammerhead.

With Ignis behind the wheel and Noctis not letting go of Six’s hand in the back seat, they set new course, turning back to Hammerhead to meet with Cor Leonis, the Immortal.

“Don’t suppose the Crownsguard is still active.” Gladio spoke after a few good minutes of silence and grief.

“Wouldn’t count on it, not with the marshal out here.” Ignis answered, looking back through the rearview mirror.

“I wonder how things are in the city…” Prompto thought out loud.

“There should be reports before long.” Six’s voice came out low as if she didn’t want to take Noctis by surprise. His head was touching her shoulder and her fingers rubbed gently over his while his eyes wondered around on everything and nothing at once.

“Yeah,” Gladio answered, noticing the scene next to him “Something this big can’t go ignored.”

“What about us?” Prompto turned to Six for answers “What do we do?”

His eyes where almost pleading with her to have answers that could help them, but Gladio answered on her behalf “We make for Hammerhead now, and figure the rest out later.”

“Have you heard anything from your family?” Six turned her head to look at him, voice as soft as it was before.

“Got a message from my sister;” he answered after a long sigh, obviously not happy with the information he had on the rest of the Amicitia family “she’s with refuges bound for Lestallum.”

Six nodded “Well, at least Iris is okay.”

“Yeah. Doesn’t sound like everyone else was so lucky, though.” Gladio thought quickly when the words left his mouth and turned to look at her. Her eyes fell on the Regalia’s floor the second he finished his sentence. Mind running back to the fallen of Insomnia. Six had spoken with Libertus just a few minutes ago but his answer about Nyx’s whereabouts didn’t put her mind at ease. The exact opposite actually; it had made every single thought go back to the one she tried to avoid. Realizing that, Gladio was quick to intertwine his fingers with her free hand. Giving a reassuring squeeze, silently apologizing. Her thumb instantly rubbing against his hand.

“We’d best make haste.” Ignis suggested “Noct won’t be dead forever.”

“No going back” Prompto agreed “only way’s forward.”

Noctis sighed as he raised his head from Six’s shoulder, getting back to reality “No going back.” He removed his hand from under hers, making her turn to look at him, wondering what went through his mind. He smiled weary at her as he nodded “Let’s go.”

They reached Hammerhead’s gas station and got out of the car, Cindy meeting up with them right away.

“Hey” Six said once everyone was out of the car.

“Glad y’all made it.” She gave the company a sympathetic smile.

“Where’s Cor?” Noctis asked.

“Left to see to business,” she turned to look at the boy “and left y’all a message with Paw-paw”

“How is he?” Six asked, realizing he must’ve heard the news as well.

“Boss ain’t sat still one second since he heard y’all were comin’.” Cindy answered.

“We’ll talk to him, Cindy.” Six said to the young girl after she commented on how she hadn’t seen her old man like that before.

The company made their way to Cid’s garage, where he waited for them; sitting on his chair and staring at an old picture of the first company, himself, Regis, Wes, Cor, Clarus and Six; all standing tall, smiling.

“Hey old man” Six said once they got closer to him, her voice calm, not wanting to hit him with the reality of what was happening since he seemed to be traveling back to better times.

“They played my father for a fool” Noctis thought out loud after a while, and everyone turned to look at him.

“Don’t kid yourself” Six answered calmly, standing just a couple of feet away from the rest; arms crossed in front of her chest “Reggie wasn’t born yesterday.”

“Lucis got dealt a losin’ hand” Cid agreed, speaking his mind at last “and your old man played it the best he could. He saw this comin’ a mile away, and he wasn’t gonna go down without a fight.” His words and the silent tears coming from Six took everyone by surprise. From what they knew about Cid, he hadn’t been in the best relationship with King Regis the last few years, so hearing the respect in his voice and words, took them aback. Gladio kept his worried eyes on Six’s reactions while Cid kept talking “In the end though” he made a small pause “Well, it just wasn’t enough.”

Cid put his head down and everyone stayed silent for a few seconds. Everyone gathering their thoughts, thinking about the sacrifices and the outcome that was yet to come.

“You need something else, you talk to Cor” Cid cleared his throat, getting up and out of the garage, leaving the company behind “I can’t even remember the last time I saw Reggie.” A shiver run down Six’s spine upon hearing his words, sadness and guilt taking over her as tears continued to fall down her cheeks, unable to even try to cover them anymore as she couldn’t take her eyes off the picture on the table “Feel’s like a lifetime ago.”

Gladio moved closer to her, placing a gentle hand on her lower back “Hey” voice and eyes filled with concern.

Six brushed the tears off her cheeks as she sniffed and cleared her throat “We should find Cor, he uh –“ her thoughts where all over the place, running back and forth to everyone.

She was the kind of person who thinks about everyone’s feelings; and seeing Cid like that, beat up, venerable; knowing that the rest of her company shared the same feelings, it took her apart. Not being able to do something, anything to help; it killed her inside.

“We will” Gladio answered softly, running his thumb over the top of her cheeks and under her eyes, clearing the remaining tears off “Come on” he took her hand and led her outside, rejoining with Cid as the rest followed.

“Cor left a message, said he’ll wait for ya in the tombs.” Cid spoke again after everyone was out of the garage “You should know where they are” he pointed at Six as she nodded.

“They’re to the northwest, just outside the outpost. We should find that first.”

Everyone said their goodbyes and promised to be back soon as they got in the car to begin their quest on finding Cor, hoping he would hold some answers for them.

“They will have sealed off the city by now” Ignis pointed out from the back seat of the Regalia as he was now sitting there, next to Prompto and Noctis.

“What do you think it’s like inside?” Prompto asked Noctis, trying to get him to say something at all.

“I don’t know” the prince answered “your guess is as good as mine.”

“We’ll see for ourselves in time.” Gladio answered softly from the passenger’s seat, eyes wondering on the road ahead.

“Indeed.” Ignis agreed “Merely a question of when.”

“Can’t believe the Crystal’s gone” Prompto spoke up again, thinking out loud.

“The bastards took it all.” Gladio’s voice was filled with anger.

“Yeah?” Six’s voice was heard for the first time since Cid’s “We’ll take it back!”

“This is far from over!” Ignis agreed, determent for revenge.

It was already late noon when they found the place. They reached the outpost within half an hour of driving, finding Monica waiting for them after orders from Cor himself. She informed them about the Crownsguard solders and how many of them hadn’t made it out of the City alive. She told Gladio about Iris, how his sister was safe and sound, escorted by Dustin, one of her finest.

“We owe you guys big time” Six said after hearing they took good care of Iris. Gladiolus and Clarus weren’t the only members of the Amicitia family she held close. Iris was like a little sister to her and she cherished her company and friendship.

Gladio smiled to himself upon watching the relief on her futures and the concern she showed.

“Head for the royal tomb. The marshal awaits.” Monica instructed and the company started their way to where Cor waited for them.

“Can’t keep up with this guy” Gladio whined while walking to find the marshal.

“First the Crown City, then Hammerhead, then the royal tomb?” Prompto agreed.

Six smiled to herself, proud of the reactions her friend drew.

“His nickname should be ‘Cor the restless’” Ignis commented, joining in the conversation.

“Somehow not as catchy as ‘Cor the Immortal’” Six answered, softly chuckling to herself.

“Making it out of Insomnia only adds to his legend.”

“Well, fortune favors the bold.” Noctis decided it was time for him to speak up as well.

“The wise make their own luck, Noct.” Six answered.

“You think it’s a coincidence he’s made it out of all those battles alive?” Gladio asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

“No.” Six kept her eyes ahead “I think I trained him well” she laughed.

Gladio smiled to himself, mouth acting before his brain as he spoke again, blushing because of his words in an instant “It’s nice to hear your laugh again.”

Six gave him a side look as it was her turn to blush from his words.

“Wonder what drew him to the royal tomb.” he wondered.

“A morbid curiosity for the late kings of Lucis?” Ignis wondered as well.

“Only one way to find out.” Noctis answered, putting their minds back on track.

The company went through the two tall pillars and met the royal tomb of the Wise king of Lucis, Cor waiting for them inside.

“We’re here.” Six said, almost to herself as her voice was low. Mind running around in circles, not knowing where to actually stay. She was about to see Cor Leonis again after a long time. When the old company was a ‘thing’ Cor was in Prompto’s place, she had a soft spot for him, cared for him like a son, even though she knew he was tough as nails. He had made a name for himself over the years, made Marshal of the Crownsguard in a small amount of time as he had proven himself capable and worthy of the title that was bestowed upon him. She sure had missed him. She was happy he was out of the City when everything went down.

“A tomb fit for royalty.” Prompto commented on the greatness of the tomb before them.

“Let’s go in and find the marshal.” Gladio said as everyone moved to the entrance.

Noctis pushed the door in and they met with the light blue eyes of the Immortal.

“Marshal” Ignis made their presence known but Six knew better. Cor already knew they were there, even before the door had opened. Cor was one of the best Insomnia had, as well as one of the most stubborn, alongside herself, Cid, Nyx and a few others who would neglect a direct order if they thought it was crap. In her eyes, Cor was at the top of the list, carrying the ‘crown of the stubborn’ as she used to say when they traveled together.

“At last, Your Highness.” Cor spoke up, voice ruffed up as he rarely used it when it wasn’t needed.

“Wanna tell me what I’m here for?” Noctis asked, mind and body exhausted.

Cor glanced over to Six, standing next to the entrance, and she nodded at him “The power of kings, passed from the old to the new through the bonding of souls.” He said pointing out at the tomb between them “One such soul lies before you. To claim your forebears’ power is your birthright and duty as king.”

Silence followed for a few seconds as Noctis decided his next words “My duty as king of what?”

Everyone was surprised at the words that left his mouth, their breaths hitching as they stared up at him “Now is not the time to question your calling.” Six scolded him as Cor continued “A king is sworn to protect his people.”

“And yet he chose to protect only one prince.” Noctis’ voice was calmer than his thoughts “Was that his calling? Forsake the masses to spare his own son?”

His words lit a fire inside Six’s heart, she couldn’t let him believe those things about his father when she knew he sacrificed everything he held dear “How long will you remain the protected?” her voice was stern as she practically demanded that he listened to her “The king entrusted the role of protector to you.”

“Entrusted it to me?” he fought back without meeting her eyes, fearing if he did he’d meet with her anger “Then why didn’t he tell me that? Why did he stand there smiling as I left?” he asked desperately, trying to hold back the overflowing emotions “Why – “

No one had an answer for him, and no one blamed his outburst. Six wasn’t mad as he thought her to be; not at him at least. She was concerned, as she always was, about him, his feelings, the ones she knew he kept for himself. Realizing all that and tired from the reality of what was happening, he lowered his voice “Why did he lie to me?”

A few seconds passed before Cor answered again, comforting the boy “That day, he didn’t want you to remember him as the king.” His voice was steady and strong, meaning and emotion in everything he said as he believed every single word “In what time you had left, he wanted to be your father.”

Noctis took in a couple of short breathes that went out as whimpers as he finally let his tears fall; grieving his beloved father.

“He always had faith in you” Cor continued as the boy cried, letting his emotions out “that when the time came, you would ascend for the sake of your people.”

Noctis took a long breath and stood up, raising his head as he answered “Guess he left me no choice” He extended his hand above the Wise’s sword and it glowed brightly as it ascended above the tomb. Making its way to stab Noctis in the heart as he took in the power the old king possessed. Noctis took a step back at the feeling that action had left him with, a feeling he shared with Six as she was now bound to him; as her duty commanded, she was bound by magic with the king of Lucis. The rightful one at last.

She let out a sharp breath as she felt part of her power leave her body and enter his, as it was foretold for the True Kings ascension.

“The power of kings goes with you, Your Majesty.” Cor said proudly as Noctis looked at him, seemingly determent to see this through.

It took Noctis a couple of second to shake the feeling away.

“That’s not the only power your forebears left you.” Six commented once the feeling was gone from her too “Our journey has just begun.”

Cor nodded, agreeing with her “Another tomb lies close by. I suggest you head there next.”

He told them about the tombs of the old kings; how they were scattered all around the land, on dangerous grounds, and how Noctis should collect all of them to gain their power.

“I’ll go with you, for the time being.”

Six raised an eyebrow at him, silently mocking him for sticking around. Something he didn’t do often. Cor let a soft smile run across his lips, not letting it reach his ears as he rarely smiled anymore. Being the marshal of the Crownsguard had changed him, made him more serious as his no-nonsense attitude was everything to him now, unlike the cocky attitude he had when they traveled together. Thirty years had made a man out of the boy he used to be.

“Not only to help” Cor continued, in order to explain “but to get a measure of your strength.”

“So, just how many of these ‘powers’ are there?” Noctis asked, making his way out of the tomb.

Six raised her head and stared up at the night sky, thinking, silently talking to the stars while Cor explained “There are thirteen known royal arms, each enshrined at a royal tomb, though we know the location of only a few.”

“Six?” Noctis made her turn her attention to him “Do you know where the rest are?”

“No” she shook her head “I don’t even know where mine is.”

“I’ve enlisted the help of the Hunters.” Cor spoke again, knowing Six was busy with helping the line of Lucis and raise the Kingsglaive unit; something that resulted to her having no time for herself or needing to know about the tombs of the old “They comb the land in search of the lost tombs.”

“So where’s the one nearby you mentioned?” She asked, her curiosity peaked. She did want to know about the lost tombs; also the idea of finding her own was more than exciting.

“Keycatrich Trench.” He said “We know there to be a crypt deep inside the tunnels.”

“You know whose it is?” she asked in hopes it would be her own.

“Not yours I’m afraid.” He gave her a side smile, knowing what she was thinking.

“Shall we go now or wait for morning?” Ignis asked, pointing out it was already late.

“The hunters’ outpost is nearby. We could go back and rest if that’s what you want” Cor answered “But I would suggest we go as fast as possible.”

“Noct?” Six turned to the boy, feeling his exhaustion.

“I’d rather take a nap if it’s ok with you guys.” Noctis answered, running a hand through his hair.

“Yay! Nap time!” Prompto jumped and everyone started for the outpost.

There was no laughter or King’s Knight that night. The boys went right to sleep, as everyone was beat from the past day’s events. Cor was standing outside, next to the fire the hunters had going just a few feet away from the caravan the boys were sleeping in.

Six didn’t waste any time and joined him, not being able to get some sleep of her own.

“Nightmares?” he asked once she made her way to stand next to him.

She just nodded.

“Your boys are beat.” He laughed, mostly to himself, trying to make small talk. Meeting with his friend after a long time had made him nervous, especially after talking with Clarus back at the Crown City, before everything.

“Yeah” she smiled, looking back at the caravan’s direction “How about you? Are you alright?”

Cor nodded, staring back at the ongoing fire, thinking to the events of Insomnia “Can I ask you something? What did His Majesty and Master Clarus said to make you come all this way?”

“Huh?” she looked at him not knowing what his point was.

“When I drought Prompto into the Citadel, Clarus said they took care of it; of you, when I said you wouldn’t agree to leave.”

“Why wouldn’t agree to accompany the boys to Altissia?” she asked baffled.

Cor didn’t know what to say. He was absolutely sure Six wouldn’t have agreed to leave the King alone in any case. So what was her motive for leaving?

“Cor” she asked silently after the idea hit her “what are you saying?”

Cor turned his whole body to her, taken aback from her question. He didn’t mean it to sound like it had “Six, no” he put his hands on her shoulders “I didn’t mean anythi –“

“What did you mean, Cor?” her grey eyes stared back to his blue ones, pleading for him to explain.

“I –“ he stuttered “listen” he made her sit down on one of the chairs around the fire and looked her straight in the eyes while answering “I had kind of a falling out with Clarus, back at the Citadel. He said the Crownsguard, me included, would have to stand with the people instead of the king, when the treaty should happen.” Six listened to him carefully, trying her hardest to remember what happened that day “We got to the point where I said you wouldn’t agree with it, having just the Kingsglaives at the Kings disposal.” Cor made a small pause, seeing how her mind run back “Clarus never let me finish. By the time I said your name, he told me I needn’t worry about you. That whatever was to happen was already taken care of.”

Six was lost in thought when Cor spoke again, after letting a few seconds pass so she could take in the seemingly new information “Six, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I believe you.” She said sincerely “But, Cor, what did he mean?”

“You don’t remember?” he wondered, frowning his eyebrows.

“I remember coming back from the outskirts. I remember talking with Reggie and making fun of Clarus’ hair” She smiled to the memory “and I remember leaving to get ready for the trip to Altissia.”

Cor gave it some thought “Maybe Clarus wanted me out of their hair.” He thought out loud.

“They knew what was gonna happen. They wanted us both out.” She made a small pause, gathering her thoughts “We need to figure out what went wrong, Cor.”

Cor didn’t answer right away, he stared at her for a few seconds. Six wouldn’t just leave. Even if the King had ordered her to do so. She would spit some witty comment about the orders and his royal ass and she would do whatever she thought was right. So what had happened? He was determent to find out, as much as she was; but this wasn’t the time; and both of them knew it “We should stand by the Prince for now.”

Six stared up at him, proud of the way he was thinking, proud of the man the boy had become; just as King Regis would’ve wanted him to; so she went with it. Getting her personal affairs on the side and putting Noctis ahead of everything once more “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.”

Cor got up and moved his hand to caress her cheek “Go to sleep ‘mom’, we’ll need you at a hundred present tomorrow. The cave’s going to be a pain.”

Six laughed at his comment. Cor hadn’t called her ‘mom’ in a very long time; last time being ten years ago, when she got injured to protect him from a Magitek assassin while on a Crownsguard clean up mission.

“It’s nice to see you smile in times like this.” Cor commented “I know you’ve lost a lot.”

Her smile fell for a few seconds as she let out a sigh, looking back to the boys’ direction “So have they. Yet, they all remain strong for each other.  That’s what I’m gonna do, too. I’ll sand by them.”

“They are lucky to have you, you know.” Cor said, staring at the same direction as her.

“Well” she let out a long breath “We’ll see about that.” She said as she got up and walked toward the caravan “Get some sleep Cor. There’s a reason your nickname’s not ‘Cor the restless’”

Cor shook his head as he let out a laugh. Six felt proud of herself for bringing it out of him as she hadn’t heard him laugh in a long time. “It’s good to have you here, Cor.”

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Can you please do some ddlg fluff with josh???

daddy Josh taking you to the drive in theater and buying you a giant bucket of popcorn and wrapping you up in a fluffy blanket, cuddling with you on the roof of the car, and he’s making funny commentary throughout the movie, showering you with kisses, feeding you popcorn and occasionally asking if you’re too cold or if you’re thirsty or how you’re doing, and when the movie’s done he lets you lay down in the backseat on the ride home, listening to your little snores and glancing in the rearview mirror to check if you’re okay, but also to see how adorable you look sleeping peacefully in the backseat

Tasty Tryst (M)

Summary: Selling preserves at the local farmers’ market has its distractions when your vendor booth is placed next to the one belonging to the young strawberry farmer who’s been sweet on you for years.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,643

Warning: StrawberryFarmer!Taehyung, foodplay, sexual themes, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Just in time for strawberry season.

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A Lesson in Love (Emergency)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,048

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this for me.

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The thought of what it must feel like to be an astronaut has crossed your mind on countless occasions, thanks to the astronomy class you’re currently taking. How does it feel to be that detached from the place you call home? To see the earth floating in the never-ending expanse that is space? To know that there’s a whole world of people residing on that large green and blue planet, but having no way to reach out to them?

Unexpected circumstances have transformed you into the astronaut that you never thought you’d have the chance to be. The news that Bucky is in the hospital, his condition unknown, has acted like a spaceship, catapulting you out of the atmosphere. It’s left you hurdling through space, unable to reach out to anyone, no matter how hard you try. T’Challa and Sam are calling out to you, but you can’t hear them. They’re far away, too far away, waiting on earth while you continue your journey. One without any gravity to keep you from floating away.

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begin again (m)

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts, you knew separating your present and your past within the walls was an important distinction to maintain your respectability. But finding out that your coworker was your schoolgirl crush for five years hadn’t been part of the plan.
Pairing: Hoseok | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 13,788
Author’s Note: Took advantage of some Hoseok feelings I’ve been suffering from as of late and decided to pair it with my Harry Potter AUs!!!! Once again, tagging @chokemejimin who has asked to tagged in my HP works!! Hope you like it! 


There’s a saying that goes around that often relates to the idea that people, places, or things that were once daunting and terrifying gradually start to become less intimidating with the help of time, growth, maturity—all those things you never believed would happen to you. After all, who wants to welcome the idea of growing old with opened arms?

You remember being seventeen and witnessing what you had believed would be the last sight you would ever get of Hogwarts, the comforting walls that housed seven years of your childhood, seven years worth of secrets, friendships, youth, innocence, and a desperation to chase after something you didn’t quite know about yet. Being as young and naive and indecisive as you were, it would have been difficult to comprehend the idea of returning, if returning to Hogwarts was something you even thought to consider in the first place. It never was.

It’s funny how much you had a tendency to return back to the place that reminded you most of home. Despite the history behind its walls, the war across the campus, Hogwarts remains consistent and peaceful and traditional. Unlike your very first day at eleven years old, you brush in through the doors of Hogwarts with a grace of familiarity. No longer do the tall walls that seem to stretch out to the ceiling terrify you and no longer do the endless corridors frighten you. You’re no longer a student who perhaps did not know any better. You’ve returned as a professor, just a little bit older and just a little bit wiser.

The baggage handle curled around your fingertips feel as if they’re growing heavier and heavier the longer you find yourself making your way through the outside courtyard of the school, towards the castle, trying to make your way to the new quarters you had been gifted with as a new educator of the institute. In spite of the struggle, it’s hard to keep the bounce out of your step, the smile across your features, because although returning back to the rooms of your past is not something you would have elected to spend your career under, it’s a new whole sensation approaching Hogwarts and knowing that you would get to do something and invest your time in something you were always particularly passionate about.

You’re just reaching the front steps of the school, before a voice calls out to you, striking a chord of familiarity in your heart as you let the tone sink into your mind and rummage through the archives of your brain. “Hey, you need some help with that?”

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We Are Young: Chapter 1

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter 


“Coach is going to kill you.”

Aelin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She glanced over at Nehemia, but the dark skinned beauty was too busy backing into a parking spot of the school parking lot to pay her any attention.

Uncle Orlon,” The car came to a stop and Aelin sent Nehemia another pointed look - “Isn’t going to kill me for added a little extra sugar in my coffee.” A pause. “Uncle Weylan might though.”

“There are several things wrong with your statement,” Lysandra spoke up from the back of the car. She leant forward to look at herself in the rearview mirror, fixing her hair as she spoke. “One, you got a gingerbread latte and added three extra packets of sugar. I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’. And two,” Lysandra turned, sending Aelin a deadly smile. “Coach Weylan will definitely kill you when he finds out.”

If he finds out.” Aelin smirked, taking a big sip of her over sugared drink.

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Always Love You

Peter Parker x reader

Plot- gonna skip this today cause i feel like it would ruing the story if you knew what was going on so, it s a surprise

Warnings- language like usual, angst

A/n ok so im like super proud of this cause I’ve had this idea for a really long time and i like how it turned out. Let me know what you think!!!


You sighed, leaning forward on the counter and tapping your fingers against the wood, leisurely scrolling through tumblr to pass the time at your job. You were bored out of your mind. Every Friday, you worked the night shift at the small little coffee shop you worked at. It was easy, hardly anyone came in at night, and you were allowed to drink a few coffee’s to keep your eyes open, so it wasn’t anything too bad. Plus, there was the extra cash, so.

But, above all, there was one major plus in working the night shift, and that was your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. He came by to buy a coffee once, you ended up talking for hours, and it just kinda became a thing between you two. Eventually he would bring some snacks, as you often got hungry in the night, and you would sit together and drink coffee and eat snacks with him. Well, you ate, he refused to lift his mask that high, and you respected him as to not lose his trust. Of course you wondered who he was, when you first became friends it killed you (not to mention something about his voice was so familiar), but you accepted his secret and let it be.

To be honest, you really enjoyed his company and looked forward to these Friday nights. You didn’t know how many times you had refused to skip a week of the night shift in order to go out on a Friday with your friends. They all eventually learned to plan their nights out on Saturday. You didn’t want to ditch Spiderman, or have him worry. He had freaked out once when you were sick, thinking something had happened to you, and you thought it was really sweet. You worried about him too, a lot considering what he did. He rushed off all the time in the middle of your conversations, and most of the time you wouldn’t see him until next week. Of course you would see on the news that he was fine and had taken down the threat, and that would put you at ease until the next time it happened.

It was dumb, and you knew it was, but you couldn’t help but have a little bit of a crush on him. He was sweet and kind to you, and you loved being around him. You knew you had no chance, you didn’t even know his name for god’s sake, but it was a nice thought. Not, that you thought about it often. You definitely didn’t daydream about him romantically taking off his mask and taking you into his arms before kissing you and-…no, you definitely didn’t think about that.

A few months ago, the light almost silent sound of someone landing outside your stand would have scared the shit out of you, especially at this time of night. But you were more than used to it now, and smiled as you turned around and saw the mask of your favorite superhero.

“Hey Spidey,” you leaned on the edge of the counter to greet him before turning to make his usual espresso, “Slow night?”

“Ya, but hey I’m not complaining. In this business, you don’t want a busy night.” he said with a dorky giggle at the end.

You had to stop yourself from swooning. God, he was just so cute!

“Can’t argue with that.” you handed him the coffee, and as usual, he tried to hand over the money but you pushed it back, “How many times do I have to tell you, Superheroes drink free.” You winked.

Although you couldn’t see his face, you had a feeling he was smiling, you could tell from his voice.

“Thanks (Y/n). So how’s your week been?” he asked.

You went into the usual retelling of your week, as he listened intently, lifting his mask just enough to get the straw under and to his mouth. He then followed with his own stories from the week, which you often argued was the more interesting part of your conversation but he insisted he liked yours better.

“But by far the worst part was when this dude tried to tase me.” he chuckled, and you too couldn’t contain your own giggles. Just imagining him swinging around trying to avoid getting tased.

“Hey, it’s not funny. See, this is the kind of thanks I get for trying to protect you citizens. I was promised the pretty girls would be swooning over me, but instead all I get is laughed at.”

You only laughed harder, until his words processed in your minds, “Wait, you think I’m pretty…?” you trailed off, your amused smile turning to a hopeful one, and you prayed he didn’t pick up on it.

His whole body seemed to go rigid for a split second as he himself realized what he had said, “Uh, I um- I mean uh-” he floundered for a moment, reaching up and running the back of his neck while looking anywhere but at you as he tried to gather his thoughts. Then he froze, looking off into the distance.

You knew that look. His spidey-senses were tingling.

And the moment was gone.

“It’s ok, go save the city.” You smiled, playfully nudging his shoulder.

He looked at you, and you wished you could see the emotions on his face, but all you got was a rushed, “Bye (Y/n). See you next week.”

And it was over. Just like that, the best part of your week had gone by, and you would have to wait a whole seven days before you got it again.

During rest of your shift, and the moments up to when you fell asleep that night, all you thought about was him. Or, more specifically, what would have happened between you and him if he hadn’t had to go at that moment. That night you dreamt of him, or at least someone like him.

Slamming your locker shut, you dropped your head onto the cool metal, “I definitely bombed that test.”

“Same.” your friend mumbled, her eyes fixated on her phone.

“Seriously am I crazy or was that nothing like the study guide?”

“Both.” she winked as you began to walk towards your car.

You laughed, climbing into the driver’s seat as she got into the passengers.

Looking through the rearview mirror, you froze as you saw an oh so familiar car pulling up.

It was Tony Starks. Or, rather, his drivers, coming by like he did every Monday to pick up Peter.

You felt the air drain out of you as you saw Peter run out of the school and into the car, the tinted windows preventing you from seeing anything else.

You gripped the steering wheel and tore your eyes away, looking down. It was ridiculous really. It’s been so long. Why did it still hurt so bad just seeing him?

“Hey,” you felt a comforting hand on your arm, “Does it still hurt that much?” she asked.

She was right to be surprised, it had been almost two months since you broke up with Peter, and as bad as you wanted to, you just couldn’t move on. It was like something was keeping you hung up on him.

He was the first significant other you had really loved, but you never even got the chance to say it. After just over a year of being together, he began to grow distant. He would disappear, miss dates, ignore texts and calls. And the weirdest part was when he would show up with random bruises and cuts. No matter how much you begged, he wouldn’t explain. According to Aunt May, he was sneaking out at night and not coming home till the morning. Not to mention his sudden friendship with Tony Stark, which he claimed was an internship, but he never went into too much detail about it.

It was all just too much. The lies and excuses drove you insane, and you eventually forced yourself to end it. He had just stared at you with huge eyes when you did it, and you knew if he had simply asked you to stay, you would have. But he didn’t ask. And you didn’t stay.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” you mumbled, putting the car into drive and pulling out of the parking lot.

Standing by the window of your coffee stand, you impatiently tapped a beat into the counter. Your coworker was 30 minutes late with no explanation as to why, which meant you were stuck here until her or your boss showed up, whichever happened first. It was almost 9, and you had a crap load of homework to do, but you were stuck in the goddamn stand.

You folded your arms before resting your head on them. A few minutes passed before you heard the sound of a car pulling up.

When you looked up, and saw a van about twenty feet from the stand.

The side door slid open.

“What the hell…?” you mumbled,  standing up straight.

As soon as the words left your mouth, a man jumped out and began firing at the stand with a machine gun.

You shrieked, and dropped to the ground, covering your head.

The firing didn’t stop, and you began to crawl towards the back door, but as you reached the door knob, it was pulled open. A man stood outside, and grabbed you, pulling you to your feet and dragging you along with him.

He pushed you forward to the center of the group that had exited the van. They didn’t seem like anyone special, just a group of very scary looking people.

You tripped and just barely kept your balance, looking around at the circle that had formed around you.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Call him!” a girl spat at you.

“W-what?” you stammered, “I don’t know what your talking about please-”

“Don’t play dumb with us. You dont think no one’s noticed the Spiderman coming here every week? He obviously knows you and unless you call him here the next time he sees ya is gonna be in a body bag!”

You flinched back, tears filling your eyes, “I don’t, I don’t know who he is he just stops by to talk i really don’t-” you screamed as one of the fired into the air.

“Just kill the crying bitch. Leave her as a warning- mmh!” His mouth was suddenly covered in webs before he was kicked in the face.

“Is that really how you talk to a lady?” a familiar voice asked, standing over the guy as he webbed him up.

There was yelling and a lot of  gunshots, then for some reason you were laying on the ground.

You could hardly keep up with the red and blue blur that was Spiderman. Watching him fight was mesmerising, nothing like listening to his retellings of it. He always down played his feats.

Then all at once there was a pain in your stomach, and you couldn’t contain your scream of pain. It was like nothing you had felt before.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)! Open your eyes!”

When had you closed your eyes? Nevertheless, you opened them and saw the masked face you had grown to close too. He had pulled you into his lap and was gently moving your hair out of your face.

“What…what happened?” you breathed.

“You were shot oh god (Y/n) I’m so sorry this is all my fault I should’ve come faster or better yet just never let them get to you in the first place just just stay awake ok Mr Stark is bringing help he’ll fix you oh god-” you couldn’t quite hear the rest of his rambles, but instead focused on the increasing feeling of familiarity. His voice,  it made you feel comfortable, and safe, and reminded you of better times. You felt happy, closing your eyes, listening to the sound of his voice, and leaning into his touch. It was soft and loving. And for some reason, Peter was all you could think about. Peter. Why him, why now? Why was he the one?

You could hear him calling your name.


Or, was it Spiderman.

You couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes to check.

And as you slipped into unconsciousness, there was only one thing on your mind.



He felt sick.

He felt tired.

He felt like he had died.

But he wasn’t the one who had gotten hurt.

He sat in the hospital room, everything a sterile, too bright white. The only thing keeping him together was the sound of the heart monitor. Your heart monitor.

He didn’t want to look at you, he had already seen your skin, which was strikingly pale. He had already seen your face, with dry lips and a tube to help you breath. He had already seen your bandged up stomach, where the bullet wou d had been.

He just wanted to see your eyes. For you to be awake.

But until then, he didn’t want to see you because then it became too real.

He did this too you, and it was killing him.

The door opened,  and peter didn’t have to look up to know who it was.

Mr Stark placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, “Here kid, you gotta eat something.” he place a box on the table next to them.

Peter stayed silent, so he spoke again, “All those times you went on and on about (Y/n) I figured the first time I would be meeting her would be at the engagement party.” he said, trying to lift the mood.

“She wasn’t even my girlfriend.” Peter simply said, keeping his gaze on the floor.

“What? I thought you said-”

“She broke up with me. Because I was keeping secrets. I didn’t tell her cause I thought she would be in danger if I did. And I took her for granted and she broke up with me.” he paused for a moment and Tony heard his sniffling, “But I love her and I couldn’t stay away so I was being selfish and talking to her as Spiderman. And I fell in love with her all over again. And I was an idiot and I almost killed her.”

The room was silent, the steady beating of your heart the only thing making noise.

“You’re right, you were an idiot. You can’t protect people by keeping them in the dark. But this isn’t your fault, kid. You did everything you could, and she isn’t dead, just injured. So my advice is to tell her the truth and pray she’ll take you back when she wakes up. This life isn’t worth losing someone you love over. Trust me.” Tony stood, sympathetically patting his shoulder again, before leaving the room.

For the second time since he had gotten to the hospital, he brought his tear filled eyes up to look at you.

He had missed you more than words could describe. When you broke up with him, he felt his heart breaking, and he hadn’t been able to make himself saying anything. He regretted that everyday. If he had just asked, would he have been able to make you stay?

He took your limp hand in his.

He wanted nothing more but to hold you again, kiss you again.

Finally tell you he loved you.

But for now, this was as close as he could get.

He would just have to wait and hope.


What do you think?? Is it good? Let me know, i love you all!!

To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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(I’m out of fitting John GIFs)

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Your name: submit What is this?

”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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Lying From You - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 4,212

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Public Sex, Car Sex, Mentions of Alcohol

Notes: This was actually a request >.> I hope ya’ll like it.

Request: Hi i was just wondering if you maybe could do imagine with stuart where him and reader are working in the google together and they had friends with benefits and reader got pregnant including smut sorry if this is too much and also sorry for my terrible english anyway thank you. :-)

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Daddy Dearest-William Nylander

Anon request: Could you do a William Nylander where you used to date and a few years later he find out you had a kid belonged to him?

This one was hard to write and I started it over multiple times but I’m pretty proud of the final product! Also I love me some William Nylander so I was all for it. 

Warnings: none

Word count: 2058

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Camp Mockingjay - Ch 2

We asked, you voted, and now Katniss and Gale are on their way to Camp Mockingjay! So, here it is, the next installment of our story, brought to you by @burkygirl. You have 48 hours to vote on the direction of the next chapter of the story. Remember: vote in the comments, not in the tags! And don’t forget to spread the word by reblogging. The more fans playing this game, the more fun it will be.

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The fuzzy blue dice I bought for Gale’s 16th birthday sway back and forth from the rearview mirror. We’re bumping along the dirt road that leads to Camp Mockingjay in his father’s old ‘89 Silverado, a plume of dust billowing in the air behind us. Gale’s shiny black baby is going to have a grimy film all over it. I’m still not sure I should have agreed to this, but after a whole day of driving, I can’t wait to arrive and get out of this truck.

From a hilltop we spot the camp nestled in the valley below, hugging the shore of Lake Panem. There’s a clutch of 12 cabins in the woods and a mess hall near the beach. I see sports fields, a dock and smaller buildings scattered about. It’s either a kid’s paradise or my slice of hell. I can’t decide.

Gale gives a low whistle from the other side of the bench seat. “Check it out, Catnip. Just think, on our nights off we can canoe on the lake, go for long walks in the woods, take the truck into town to catch a movie. We’ll get to spend the whole summer together. Plus, we get free room and board. It’s gonna be sweet!”

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So Let The Love Tear Us Apart

this is a gift 4 my life partner @alrightevans as a congratulations for getting through her exams im proud of u, u dickhead xxxx

( love also to @prongsyouignoramus for her help )

Word Count: 3200


It’s been two weeks since Mr Evans’ funeral, James’ mum informs them sombrely she clicks on her left indicator to leave the train station carpark. Sirius shoots James a look, but James just stares out the window and counts the number of garden gnomes they pass.

(Nobody has garden gnomes in London, except Notorious Nick from halls in first year, and even then, he’d stolen them.

He’d let James help him go at them with cricket bats in the courtyard after exams. Smashing a ceramic gnome with a swing that would’ve scored a six was one of life’s finer pleasures, he’d decided.)

“How long are you boys staying for?” Euphemia asks, and this earns James another look from Sirius.

“Not sure yet,” Sirius says, but he’s still giving James that look, the one that tells James when he’s being too depressing, or too melancholy, and Sirius is this close to calling his mum about it. It’s a look that says why are you keeping secrets from us?

“A while, I think,” James says.

“Oh?” Euphemia tries to make eye contact with James through the rearview mirror, but he stares steadfastly at the back of the headrest in front of him.

“Is it alright if we go to Pete’s before dinner?”

She pauses, trying to weigh the situation. “Of course.”

James sits back and starts on the gnomes again.

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anonymous asked:

If this is the last season I'd better see evidence that they live together otherwise I'm gonna smash something.

“My lease is up in a couple of months.”

Mulder adjusts the rearview mirror, glances over his shoulder to merge onto the highway.

“Oh, yeah?” he asks. “Well, you should probably think about something a little smaller, maybe a hybrid. That SUV is a little ostentatious now that you’re a fed again, don’t you think?”

Scully glances up, studying his profile for a moment before returning her attention to the file in her lap.

“No, I, uh…I meant the lease on my apartment.”

She reaches to turn the air conditioning up a notch.

The white noise of the road is deafening for a few moments.  The rumble of the tires on the highway, the sound of the cold forced air blasting, the classic rock station they’re listening to cutting to a commercial for a mattress store’s clearance sale.

Mulder doesn’t say anything for what seems like an eternity.  

Scully swallows and highlights a paragraph on the medical examiner’s report she’s been reading.  Her pulse is pounding in her ears and she can feel a ridiculous blush creep up her chest.  Really, it’s only been the 30-second spot for the mattress chain that he hasn’t replied, but god, he could say something, after all, it’s not like she hasn’t started sleeping over more again and-

“Well, I still think you need to look into something more economical than that monstrosity you’ve been driving lately, Scully.  What kind of gas mileage are you getting with that thing anyway?”

She stares at him.  Mulder drums his fingers on the steering wheel in time to an awfully upbeat ditty for a local auto parts commercial jingle.  His eyes, hidden behind his sunglasses, don’t leave the horizon and betray nothing.  

“Mulder, I just told you that I’m going to be homeless unless I start looking for another apartment soon.  Why are you still talking about my vehicle?”

He’s quiet again for a beat too long.  They sit through another few commercials before the classic rock station finally returns.  Glenn Frey starts crooning about a peaceful easy feeling that Scully most definitely cannot relate to presently.  She shouldn’t have said anything.  What could she possibly have been thinking?  He’s not ready, this is too much too soon.  She should give him an out.  “Mul-”

“Scully,” he begins at the same time, and she’s starting to tell him to just forget about it but her breath catches when he barrels over her, “the way I see it…you’ve always had a home to come back to.”

Scully closes her eyes, tries not to hope.

“And besides, we’re going to need a more fuel-efficient car if we’re going to be driving into work from the house.  You know the pick-up ain’t gonna cut it.”

He chances a quick glance in her direction before returning his gaze to the road.  “Find anything interesting in that autopsy?”  Mulder’s right hand comes off the steering wheel to settle on the arm rest in between them.  His palm is tilted up. 

She recaps the highlighter and slides her left hand into his right.  “Not sure yet.  We should probably go over it together.”

Seeing a sign for a rest stop ahead, Mulder flicks on his turn signal and moves over to get off the highway, squeezing her fingers lightly.  “I was just looking for a good time to stop and get out of the car.”

Flower Child

Thank you to a reader for submitting this idea.

oh gosh Harry with a son is so cute maybe one in which his son has a crush in a little girl from his preschool and he goes to backyard to got flowers and he hide them in his little backpack to give her and he does everyday until one day Harry finds flowers in his backpack and ask him about it ❤️

What started as a blurb has spiraled into over 2k of fluff and daddy Harry, so I hope you all enjoy! -xoxo S

Harry’s car idled by the curb as he patiently waited for the dashboard clock in his Range Rover to hit noon. It was rare that he was able to pick up his son from school, but the days his schedule allowed for it were some of his favorites. With the new baby at home, he had to make more time for pick ups and drop offs, which he didn’t mind one bit. He tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the faint beat pulsing through the car and checked his phone for a message update from you on whether the new member of your family had willingly gone down for a nap.

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Words: 5,136
Cas x Reader
Requested by: anonymous
A/N: I hope this gives you all the best kinds of feelings.

Your name: submit What is this?

”Dean?” Cas arrived just inside the motel door to find the room dark except for a dim floor lamp off in a corner. Glancing around at first the room seemed empty, but he noticed on further inspection that there was a huddled silhouette collapsed on the table at the far end of the room. “Sam?” he ventured again.

Cas took a few hesitant steps farther in and quickly realized it was neither Sam nor Dean hunched over the piles of papers and books on the table.

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