Taking Care of You

Rating: T

Genre: Action - Angst - Hurt/Comfort

Requested by: @diving-down-to-wonderland

“Bucky, King Kong would definitely kick Harambe’s ass.” You chuckled into the receiver. 

“No listen Haramabe is powerful!” Bucky argued back. You rolled your eyes and snorted.

You were about to retort when something caught your eyes in the rearview mirror. You squinted your eyes to get a better look but all you could see was a black jeep driving fast and looked like it was…driving straight to you.

“Bucky,” Your voice sounded shaky.

Said man quickly straightened up, sensing something wrong. 

“What is it, Y/N.”

“I…I think I’m in danger.” You breathed out.

“Y/N listen to me. You need to -” But Bucky was cut off by the sound of gun shots and your car screeching until it eventually crashed.

“Y/N? Y/N! Y/N ARE YOU THERE? ARE YOU OK? Y/N!!” But the line was dead. 

Like a rocket, Bucky quickly shot out of his to put on his outfit and take his guns with him. 

“Bucky, hey!” Steve greeted into the phone.

“Steve. Get the others. Something happened to Y/N.” Bucky commanded and then immediately shutting his phone.

Using his motor-cycle, Bucky reached the scene of the car crash in a short time. Thankfully, you were almost home so you weren’t that far. Just as he was arriving, he saw a couple of Hydra agents ripping your car door open and about to take you out.

Bucky quickly jumped out of his car and ran towards them. He would shoot at them but half of your body was exposed to him and, despite him being a good shooter, there’s still a possibility that he could hurt you. As he was running, he was joined with Natasha. They both began fight the Hydra agents while Steve and Tony tried to get you out the car but your seatbelt is stuck.

“Steve!” Bucky shouting.

The blond understood that Bucky was urging to hurry up and get you to the nearest hospital.

He gripped the seatbelt and began to pull. The leather protection snapped in half. 

“Tony, take Y/N to the nearest hospital while help them.”

“Already on it, Steve.” and with that, Tony flew the both of you away.

“How is she? Is she ok? Let me see here!” Bucky bombarded as he stormed into the hospital.

“Woah! Easy there tiger!” Tony raised his hands to stop Bucky.

“Don’t test me.” Bucky seethed.

“James.” Steve rests his hand on his best and childhood best friend, “The doctors are with her now. There’s nothing we can do but wait.” he continued. 

Bucky nods his head and slumps on the chair.

An hour later, one of the doctors steps out from the emergency room.

“How is she?” Bucky jumps, worry and concern in his eyes.

The doctor has a look of regret, “I’m sorry to inform you but miss L/N is a coma.”

Bucky lets out a shaky breath, Steve rests his hand on Bucky’s shoulder once more.

“Can I,” He gulps, “Can I see her?”

The doctor nods, “Follow me please.”

Bucky felt his heart stop at the sight of you. IVs were hooked into you arms while it looked like you slept. Your face and arms were covered up in bruises and scratches.

“Thankfully, she only sustained minor injuries. However, the shock of the crash led her into a coma.” The doctor explains, “We…we’re also not sure when she’ll wake up.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Bucky heard Steve whisper.

It’s been days since you’ve been admitted to the hospital but Bucky never left your sight. Steve begged him to go home and rests but he refused. He would hold your hand and talk to you, hoping that that would wake you up. But he didn’t give up hope. He would hum to your favorite song and read a book he found in the room.

At night, he would kiss your forehead before laying his hand on your clasped hand and fall asleep.

On the sixth day of your admission, Bucky looked miserable. There were bags under his eyes and a stubble started to grow.

“You gotta get some rest, Bucky.” Steve says in concern.

He shook his head, “No.” his eyes never left your figure as he says, “I need to stay here. Make sure she’s safe.”

“I understand that, Buck. But you’re tired and you haven’t eaten in three days. Please, Bucky.”

Bucky contemplated his best friend’s words. He was right. He hadn’t drank or eaten anything in days. His neck felt stiff from never sitting up from the chair and he couldn’t feel his thighs from all the siting. He was about to get up when he felt one of your fingers twitching.

“Y/N,” He breathes out.

“Bucky -” 


Your fingers continue to twitch and your eyes clench tightly before slowly opening up. It took you a while to adjust to the bright light but you eventually opened your eyes all the way through.

“Why am I in the hospital?” Was the first thing you said.

“Oh, Y/N thank god!” Bucky says, eyes welling up with tears.

“Y/N. Do you remember what happened?” Steve asks with sternness yet with slight concern.

You wiped a tear drop from from Bucky’s eye before turning your head to face Steve, “I was driving home. I was on the phone with Bucky when I noticed a black Jeep heeding straight at me. After that…I don’t remember anything.”

“They were Hydra agents.” Bucky informed you, “They were after you.” His expressions turned into one of anger, jaw clenched tightly.

“I’ll go tell the others.” Steve quietly excuses himself from the room.

You pat the empty spot next to you and hold onto Bucky. Both of you fell asleep to the sound of the monitor.

“Y/N. Glad to see you awake!” Natasha greeted you hours later.

“Good to be awake.” You joked.

“That’s it. No more driving for you kid.” Tony says as he walks into the room.

“Hey!” You yell playfully.

“I’m sure metal arm here agrees with me.” he continues.

You turn to Bucky with big and round puppy eyes.

“We’ll…We’ll see about that.” Bucky mumbles as he tries to hide his blush away as the room is filled with laughter.

pope dennis: *in the driver’s seat of the popemobile applying mascara in the rearview mirror*

ronald cardinal mcdonald: oh turn this up this is my jam

pope dennis: *spins the volume dial on the radio of the popemobile*



“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Stars ; Doyoung

Characters: NCT U / Reader
Genre: Fluff, roadtrip, camping (do those even count idk–)
A/N: Doyoung my biass omgg ty anon for requesting NCT first~

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“Road trip!” Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark yelled excitedly. Taeil, who sat behind the wheel, chuckled along with Taeyong. You smiled, playing with the hands of your boyfriend. “I can’t believe Sooman-ssi let us go camping,” Taeyong mumbled, still in awe. The boys nodded in agreement.

Doyoung idly fumbled with your hands as well, not taking part in the conversation. Taeil laughed, looking at the two of you from the rearview mirror. “Okay, lovebirds, don’t keep us all up when we get there,” he mused. Both you and Doyoung jumped apart, as far as you can get in a car, faces hot. “Taeil-hyung,” Doyoung whined, covering his face in embarrassment.

Even Mark had turned red, not looking at the two of you. Groaning, you hid your face in his shoulder, making him yelp. Doyoung side-eyed the younger one, pursing his lips. As the car started, you returned to your original seat and buckled your seatbelt.

“Mark,” you chastised, “seatbelt.” Mark mocked your voice, buckling himself in. Sticking your tongue out, you went back to fidgeting with Doyoung’s hands, a habit you developed after Doyoung had asked you out. You frowned, noticing that he wasn’t doing the same with you; something he had always done.

Shaking it off as he was distracted; talking to Ten and Jaehyun, you started a conversation with Mark. “How’s Donghyuk,” you asked. Unbashedly, you had an ultimate bias who was not in fact your boyfriend. “Still a troll,” Mark mumbled, a slight pout on his lips. “You love it,” you teased, taking your hand away from Doyoung’s to poke his shoulder.

Doyoung narrowed his eyes quite obviously at Mark, who remained oblivious. He quickly took back your hand, grasping it tightly. When you looked at him with a raised brow, he merely continued his conversation. You laughed to yourself, realizing why Doyoung was acting off. How cute, you thought, resting your head on his shoulder.

Doyoung avoided eye contact with Ten and Jaehyun, cheeks red. You smiled into his shoulder, wrapping your arms around his. Slowly, you fell asleep.

“Y/N,” Doyoung mumbled, shaking your shoulder lightly. You grumbled, pushing his hand away. Laughing, he tried again, “Y/N, wake up. We’re here.” Groaning you lifted your head, glaring at the boy. “Let me sleep,” you mumbled, your words almost incoherent. Taeyong chortled, a smile gracing his features. Faking a cough into his hand, he raised his phone to take a photo.

Taeil nudged his shoulder with a raised brow. “I’m sending it to Jisung and Chenle,” he explained. “They asked for OTP photos.” 

Jaehyung stretched his arms, happily bounding out of the car. “Look, look!” He said, grabbing Ten’s sleeve. In the distance, an eagle flew across the sky. 

After much trial and error, you found yourself being carried out of the car. “This is why I told you to go to bed last night,” Doyoung laughed, shaking his head at you. You had stayed up all night the night before, too excited to sleep. “Stop judging me, you’re worse than Donghyuk and Mark,” you mumbled, jumping out of his arms.

As you stretched, you didn’t notice Taeil look away awkwardly when your shirt lifted. Doyoung did, as he narrowed his eyes at the eldest. “Let’s set up,” Taeil said, taking the tents out of the trunk.

An hour later, three tents were set up and a fire was on its way. “You know, we have lighters,” you said, watching as Doyoung and Ten struggled to light the fire. “But this way is cooler, Y/N,” Ten pointed out, as if it were common knowledge. “Sure,” you rolled your eyes. You let out a sigh, grabbing your blanket from your tent. You set off for a hill you had discovered half an hour earlier.

“Where are you going?” Doyoung asked, letting Ten struggle on his own, much to his protest. “Stargazing,” you answered simply. You glanced toward the tent, where you could hear the snores emitting from it. You waved to your boyfriend before bounding off.

You sighed again, this time in content. Spreading your blanket on the grass, you lied down You stared up at the almost dark sky. It was dark, but not dark enough for the stars to come out. Taking out your phone, you went through your playlist, choosing a song.

A smile made its way onto your face once it started playing; the soft ballad making the quiet night lively again.

You closed your eyes and let in a deep breath. You froze when you heard the rustling of leaves. You knew this was in fact a public area, but you hadn’t seen or heard anybody else since you got there and the boys didn’t know where you were.

“Why don’t you ever listen to NCT’s songs?” His voice said. You jumped, opening your eyes to glare at Doyoung. “Don’t do that,” you whispered, a hand on your heart. Doyoung laughed, sitting beside you. “I do listen to your songs,” you mumbled, closing your eyes again. “Just not in front of you.”

Doyoung pouted, laying on his side. “Why not?” You opened your eyes, turning your head to face him. “It’s embarrassing,” you mumbled, shifting so that your entire body faced him. “You’d see me fangirling/boying over you and the guys.” Doyoung smiled, interlacing your fingers. “So? It’d be cute.”

You rolled your eyes for the umpteenth time that day. “I am not cute, Doyoung, that’s you.” Doyoung flushed, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “I’m not cute.” You laughed, using your free hand to stroke his hair. It felt soft, despite being dyed.

The two of you grew quiet, the only noise being the music, “You should stay away from Mark and Donghyuk,” he mumbled into your neck. You pulled away, giving him an incredulous look. “They’re, like, five.” Doyoung snorted, “They’re actually seventeen and sixteen but–”

You rested your hand on his cheek. “I love you,” you mumbled. Doyoung turned beet red. The two of you hadn’t said ‘I love you’ to each other yet, until now. Chuckling at his expression, you repeated yourself. “I love you~.”

“Y/N,” he whined, his face hot. “I love you too, but–” You laughed, bringing him closer to yourself.

Even though you had come out to stargaze, you didn’t even glance at the sky after Doyoung came. He was just that radiant.
Driving Mr. Stilinski - literaryoblivion - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Out of breath and a little sweaty, Stiles says, “That was close.”

His driver looks at him through the rearview mirror, an eyebrow raised. “Where to, Mr. Stilinski?” he asks.

Stiles runs a hand through his hair and sighs. “Derek, how many times do I have to tell you, please call me Stiles. Every time you say Mr. Stilinski, I think of my dad and just no.”

Derek shrugs and looks in the mirror, expectant. Stiles stares back at him in the mirror, just as expectant, lifting his brow a little until Derek huffs and rolls his eyes. “Stiles, where would you like me to drive you?”

i settled into the worn leather of the carseat. by gourd, it felt nice to sit on something other than dirt.

shook my carton. once. twice. still four left superstitious, maybe. i didn’t look at myself in the rearview mirror.

the brood’s words repeated in my head. the mission. what they told me i have to do. or rather, what they think i’m going to do.

On the Nature of Daylight

Solavellan Modern AU emotional/hurt comfort. Solas and Anise went through a rough divorce two years ago, and have joint custody of their son. Solas just spent the last two weeks with Malassan and is dropping him off with his mother. [AO3 Link]

For maximum emotional impact please listen to this song while reading

*disclaimer* it’s heartbreaking.

“I hate Mamae’s boyfriend.”

“Why? If he treats you well, and she is happy…”

“But she isn’t happy! I know she doesn’t really like him either.”

Solas hesitated, shifting uncomfortably in the driver’s seat as he looked into his rearview mirror to meet Malassan’s gaze, his son’s angry, steel blue eyes meeting his own tired ones. “That is not true.”

“Yes, it is,” he whined, “You made her happy, you made us happy.”

Solas sighed, the weight of his child’s accusation rattling in his chest. He slowed the car as he turned onto Tarasyl'an street.

“Da’len…sometimes…,” Solas swallowed thickly as he approached their—her—driveway, the gravel crunching beneath his sleek black car’s tires as he pulled in, “people change.”

He turned off the ignition and his car went silent, as did his son. Forcing himself to loosen his grip on the steering wheel, he unfastened his seatbelt and quickly exited his car. The sky matched his anxious mood, the swirling dark gray clouds were accumulating above him, looming ominously. He had to make this drop off quick if he hoped to reach the airport before the snow began to fall.

Solas opened the car door where his son sat in his booster seat. Malassan refused to look at him, glaring at his boots instead.

“Malassan, I— “

“You’re going away again. I’m not gonna see you…for… for- “Malassan’s voice wavered as he raised his head, tears pooling in his eyes that matched the color of the sky. Solas reached for his son, unbuckling him from his seat and lifting him into his arms and out of the car.

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“How did she die?”

Anarosa’s image disappeared from the car’s HUD, returning the standard array of indicators and Office of Naval Intelligence datastreams.

“Acute hypothermia. Details are still coming in, but she entered the cockpit of a training shuttle forty minutes ago to perform a preflight checklist. Seven minutes later, sensor logs show a misfiring of the craft’s fire-suppression system. I don’t think it was her fault, but… full Aerosol D immersion with no suit. Life signs ended fifteen seconds later.”

“Damn,” said Prauss, wincing. “Still, this is good.”

“Good? You may want to rephrase that in our upcoming conversation.”

The car finished its short course of residential street turns and stopped in front of a simple white house. Curbside holo fed the address and name to the HUD: 7735 Killingham. Michael Carmelo.

“Yes, yes,” admitted Prauss, composing himself in the rearview mirror, “but you know what I mean. Anarosa was special. She had a very special mind. And we are here to convince her brother that he should give that mind to us. Her death is a damn shame, but the way she died means the tissue will be preserved longer than we usually have for emergency calls.” [Halo: Fractures, Anarosa]