“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Sam’s Perspective 12x12 Coda

So there are a lot of Codas out there..but I wanted to tell Sam’s side of the story.  This is my first attempt at a Coda.  I hope you like it!  Be gentle! (750 words)

Dean reached his hand out.  Sam did, too. They helped Cas up, who was still confused, stumbling, and dazed from what he had just suffered through.

“Let’s go home,” Dean had said, not taking his eyes off of Cas.

Mary drove the truck back while Sam drove the Impala.  Dean and Cas sat in the back.  Sam didn’t want either of them driving. Cas for obvious reasons, and Dean – well, Dean needed to be with Cas.

Sam stole a few quick glances in the rearview mirror and smiled.  He knew it was now fact, that Cas was indeed family.  Cas was laying back against Dean, his eyes closed, his body shaking, his breathing unsteady.  Dean was holding him close.  His back was to the door, both of their their legs stretched out in front of them across the length of the seat.  Cas was sitting between Deans legs, his back resting aginst Deans chest. Dean’s left arm was around Cas, holding Cas’s left hand with his, their fingers entwined together.  He rubbed his thumb back and forth across the back of Cas’s hand.  His right hand was up, fingers carding through Cas’s hair, while Cas’s right hand rested on Dean’s knee.  Dean was absent-mindedly kissing the back of Cas’s head, his own eyes staring off into the distance, out the other window, into the darkness.  They just sat there, close together, Cas relaxing in Dean’s gentle embrace.

Sam noticed that Dean was saying words that he couldn’t hear, but he figured he didn’t need to know anyway.  Hell, it took Cas practically dying for Dean to share this kind of emotion, this kind of feeling toward Cas.  Sam let them have their moment and looked ahead again, driving into the darkness toward home.

When they finally arrived at the bunker an hour or so later, both Dean and Cas had fallen asleep. They looked so calm and at peace that Sam didn’t really want to wake them up, but he knew they needed to get Cas inside.

“Hey Dean, buddy, we’re home”  Sam gently shook his brother’s shoulder.  It took a few gentle shakes, but soon Dean blinked, looked down at Cas and smiled a smile that would have been undetectable by most, but Sam saw it, and behind Dean he smiled too.

“S’m?” Dean responded sleepily.  “We home?”

“Yeah man, we’re home.  Let’s get you two inside.” Sam’s voice was like that of a concerned father, and he sort of felt that way, in this moment.

Dean shook his head, “I’m fine man, I just fell asleep.  Really, I jus – “ But Sam cut him off, his voice low and calm.  It was the caring voice of a brother who understood.

“It’s ok, Dean. Cas almost died tonight.  You’re allowed feelings.”

Dean just nodded, not really wanting to continue this conversation.

Sam helped Dean get Cas out of the car.  He was able to walk, but was still so fragile and out of it, that they both had to help him get inside.  Cas was still asleep, and completely exhausted from the events of the evening.

Sam didn’t need to ask where they were going to put him.  He just walked alongside Dean, straight to the elder Winchester’s bedroom. And Sam didn’t say a word when they laid Cas down on Dean’s bed after removing his trench coat and tie. And he remained silent when Dean brushed a wisp of Cas’s hair back into place, caressing his face.

“Take good care of him, Dean,” Sam whispered as he backed out slowly, closing the door behind him. Dean hadn’t said a word to Sam the whole time, nor did he ever take his eyes off of Cas.  He probably didn’t even notice Sam had left, or in fact, that he had even been there at all.  To Dean, it was just him and his angel.  The angel who loved him.

As the door clicked shut, Sam heard the whispered response coming from his shaken brother.

“I love you, too,”

Sam momentarily rested his eyes in his hand, wiping away the tears of joy and relief that he finally allowed himself to feel.  He headed to the library to pour himself a drink.  They were home, and everyone was safe.  And Dean was going to take care of Cas.

No - they were finally going to take care of each other.

Sam knew then that his family was complete.  What a day it had been.  He sat alone in the library, letting the tears stream down his face, now that no one was there to see him.  It was relief, it was happiness, it was exhaustion.  

Sam took a deep shaky breath, speaking to an empty room and to no one in particular, “Finally.”



“Just the way the mother stood by her daughter all through when the devil was possessing her.”
“Oh, I know. I love that part.”
“Yeah. I… I remember it so vividly. Um… Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days. It was just… It was awful. Poor little guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband, and it was his weekend. So I… I was there in the car, just… Sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in this bucket I brought. And he’s crying his little eyes out. And then I thought, BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the rearview mirror of that car, and I said, "Mandy Riddle… If the mother in that Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.” So… You know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.“

Don’t Say a Word (Part Three)

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Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Pairing: Yoongi/Yoonji (Suga) x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Contains: crossdressing, alcohol mention
Word Count: 3k

Author’s Note: Why do I always end up writing in the middle of the night and then get excited so I post chapters when no one is awake…

Your ride had arrived and you and Yoongi clumsily get in, giggling about all the little things. You driver was in a good mood and didn’t mind your drunkenness. He actually really appreciated you for being smart and requesting a ride rather than driving while intoxicated. The three of you had a good time, singing along to whatever popular songs that came up onto the radio. From the back, you can see the driver’s bright smile in the rearview mirror. You joked about how he should become a rapper, and he laughed it off and told you he actually danced with a team in his free time. Yoongi, too drunk and too loose, mentioned how he wished he could watch him perform, knowing this would probably be the first and last time you would ever see this man for the rest of your lives.

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Aesthetic Things (The Girls)

I like this idea and wanted to come back to it.

The smell of old books. The peace of the night sky. Dew drops on the tips of grass. The click-clack of heels on pavement. Thoughtfully looking at the distance. Subtle eyebrow quirks and soft smiles. Nuzzling your dog after a long day. Pouring tea and taking small sips. Wind chimes.

Wiping the sweat on your brow. Eyes twinkling at a challenge. Smelling like petrol and not caring. Tinkering. Not missing a single detail. The smell of exhaust. Pulling all nighters. Fuzzy dice hanging on your rearview mirror. Closing your eyes for a minute, just a minute.

Laughing at bad jokes. Ribbons. Bonfires at the beach. Throwing your graduation cap in the air. Dusting yourself off after a fall. Wandering aimlessly for hours. Being too excited to sleep. The smell of fruity shampoo. Piggyback rides. Keeping old toys by your bedside.

I Don’t Care What it Takes (500 follower Drabble)

Prompt: “Ever since I met you, no one else is worth thinking about”

Dean x Reader

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Here you were again, sitting in the back of the impala with Sam and Dean. They always seemed to pick you up whenever they were in some sort of trouble, though you had no idea why. You didn’t hunt. You didn’t want to hunt. But you’d heard so many times, ‘Once you’re involved with the Winchesters, there’s no turning back.’

It was late, you were tired, and you wanted to go home. Luckily, Dean pulled into a motel parking lot. He also caught you rolling your eyes in his rearview mirror.

“What is it now?” he asked you, clearly annoyed.

“I’m gonna go get us checked in,” Sam said as he opened the door, sensing the argument that was about to take place.

“You, Dean. That’s what.” you snapped at him before getting out of the car. He followed you.

“What? I’m not allowed to keep you safe?” he asked, throwing his hands up.

“It just always seems like anytime you’ve got some damn monster after you, you come kidnap me from my life.” you turned away from him, waiting for Sam to walk out with the room key.

He walked up behind you, grabbing your shoulder and spinned you around to face him.

“I’m never going to apologize for protecting you, Y/N.”

“I can protect myself. Thanks.” you looked him right in the eye as you hoped your words got through his thick skull.

“Look,-” he shifted his weight- “ever since I met you, no one else is even worth thinking about-” you could swear you saw a tear in his eye- “I love you, and I don’t care what it takes Y/N, I’m gonna keep you safe.”

You stood there, speechless as you tried to think of some way to argue. But you had nothing. There was only one thing on your mind.

“I-I love you too.”

You put your hands on your hips as if you were still mad, and you were, you just didn’t expect the sudden declaration of love.

“I uh-” you began, being cut off by Dean’s lips on yours.

Maybe you hated that he always felt he had to protect you. Maybe it was dangerous to love a Winchester, but you suddenly didn’t care anymore.

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flowersfangsandfire  asked:

20 for hamliza?

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

things to know:

1) this is after the Bad Summer so Spoilers i guess

2) the idea is courtesy of @runawayforthesummer because we agreed Alex and Eliza would be That Couple on dates

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