Imagine playing Pokemon GO while driving to a hunt.

Warnings: a few(I think? Maybe?) swears

“Dean! Slow down, I’m missing all the good stuff!” You called from the backseat with a huff. It was the second Eevee you had passed.

“What do you mean, ‘slow down’, y/n, this is an important hunt!” Dean replied, looking at you for a brief moment through the rearview mirror. At first, the look was of annoyance, but as you didn’t pay him any kind and was instead immersed in your phone, he kept stealing glances, and his expression turned to curiosity. “What are you doing, anyway?”

Sam, from the passenger side, turned his head towards you with a curious glance. You turned your phone towards him and he began to chuckle.

“Pokemon GO,” You answered blankly to Dean’s question.

“Poke-who? What?”

“Pokemon GO, Dean. It’s a game. You walk around catching pokemon, hatching eggs, battling gyms. It’s fun,” You were busy flicking towards a caterpie to see Dean’s look of bewilderment.

“Of course,” you continued, closing your phone, “you’re going too fast for my eggs to count. Plus there’s no pokestops on the highway, and I keep missing shit. No fun in that,” you felt defeated. Dean wasn’t going to slow down until after the hunt, if at all.

“Fine. Show me later,” Dean surprised you with his response. You gave him a happy look, hugging him from behind for a quick second, “after the hunt, okay?”

You nodded happily and settled back into your seat.

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