“Daddy!” She runs over to him and throws her arms around his middle, still happily wearing the beanie he put on her that morning. “Guess what we learned in school today!”
Every single day, he is still surprised by how tall his daughter is now and how fast she grew. Yet she is still young enough to rely on him and want his attention and hugs. To her, he isn’t a famous actor and singer, just her dad. He smiles softly at her sweet, brown eyes which mirror his and her bright smile, just like yours. She’s already talking about how she was the best reader in English class as he makes sure she puts her seatbelt on. “When we get home, maybe you can read the story to me and your mom. I think she’ll be really proud of you, too.” She watches him from the backseat as he drives them back home. He looks up into the rearview mirror to see her grinning and he knows, more than acting, being an idol, or songwriter, being this little girl’s father is the best job he’s ever had.

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“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Please fire me. An old redneck man came into the store and wanted to give me $100 to cut off my ponytail and give it to him because it would look good in his rear view mirror in his truck. Then he told me that with my new found wealth I can quit my job and live free like a bird. God, I hate being cashier.