rears its ugly green head

Hey Jealousy

One shot
Summary- you and Bucky weren’t serious, Were you? The line becomes blurred.
Relationships: Bucky X reader/ Steve reader
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark.
Warnings:language, smut, tad bit of angst, unprotected sex, little dash of rough Steve,

A/N: I’m so nervous about this one. Let me know what you think.

“How long’s this mission gonna last?” You questioned, crossing your arms. Buck can’t deny how cute you are when you’re angry.

“Y/n. Not long. Its just Nat, come on! I know you’re Not.. jealous.. right?”
The side of Buckys lip turned up in a slight smirk.
He glanced at your face, hoping he’d see an inkling that you wanted to become more-with him. In this aspect you were the same, always hiding your true feelings. Always afraid you’d become hurt- or worse.
Bucky huffed at the scowl you were trying to hide. Was That jealousy behind your beautiful eyes?- the green eyed monster, rearing its ugly head?

“You’re going undercover with a beautiful woman, posing as a couple?”
You bit your lip, looking him over. Maybe you are blowing this out of proportion.

“That shouldn’t matter, if you trust me. Besides- you and I-we’re just dating.” He commented, briskly passing you, gripping his bag.

That last bit hurt.You turned, opening
Your mouth with a retort, then shutting it quickly. You decided against starting a fight before he left. Like he said, it’s only a mission.

Steve sat at the bar again, alone. Not that it mattered. Bucky has been doing well with His progress, the nightmares were fading, he has been coming out of his shell, although that was more your doing than Steves . Of Course it was you, it was and has always been you.

Helping track Bucky down-you.
Pep talks before and after missions-you. Tending to both of their wounds-you. Making everyone laugh during distraught times, checking that everyone atleast ate two meals aday,
and let’s not forget, stole his heart- you.
Steve tossed back another shot, filled with Thor’s Asgardian drink from the flask hidden in his leather jacket. Wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, he nonchalantly turned toward the person taking a seat next to him.

“Hiya Steve, mind if I join you?” You asked, Removing your jacket, placing it over the back of the chair.

Well, speak of the devil.

Steve looked you over, signaling the bar tender, “another shot please.” Steve refused to meet your gaze, forcing back the burning liquid.

“Are.. You ok? Why are you- you know this stuff doesn’t have an affect on you right? Or did your age finally catch up with you gramps and suddenly- Alzheimer’s!”
You smiled, nudging him with your elbow, resting your arms onto the bar.

Steve chucked placing the glass down. “Well, It gives me a nice buzz and.. I could use a partner?” He lifted an eye brow to you, giving you that good boy smile. you smiled back, staring down at the table.

“Nah, I know what that does to me.” Steve, shrugged his shoulders,
“Suit yourself.” Again taking a shot to his lips, swallowing it down with a hiss.

Your phone rang, you turned away with a soft,’ hold on’

“Yeah stark. Uh huh. Yeah, he. Um. Well like it’s you’re business, but not in the best of terms. ”

Tony’s breath hitched.“ First of all sweetness, everything that goes on in this tower is my business. Secondly, What do you mean ‘not the best terms’ aren’t you two a item yet? No? well, yeah-this complicates things.”
He sighed observing his monitor, watching Bucky and Romanoff share a
heated kiss. He viewed the second monitor, noticing they were going the opposition direction of where they needed to go.
“Oh come on- not the bedroom, not the bedroom- DAMN IT GUYS!”
Tony grunted, throwing his earpiece.

“Wait, Tony. What Happened? He- he what? Oh, no. That’s- that’s fine. Really. NO! God Tony, please don’t do that!
I’m serious, ok? I’m actually…out with Steve.”
You turned winking at him, Steves brow bent down, observing you figit in your seat. “Besides-Stark, we were just dating. No biggie. ”

You hung up before Tony could get a word in, sliding your phone back into your pocket, “Steve, I think I’ll have that drink now.”


He placed a hand on your thigh while the bartender placed six shots infront of you both.
“Ok so tell me, What happened Y/n? What did Tony want?” Steve fully turned around facing you. You felt weird as his knee bumped yours.

“Oh no, nothing really. Anyway, why are you here again? Moping around?” You tried meeting his gaze, you knew Steve would see through the facade.

“Come on!, you were never really good at lying, atleast to me.” Steve grined, a chuckle leaving his lips, grabbing another shot.

You laughed, it was true. Try as you might, nothing from you ever got past Steve. You didn’t want to talk ill of his best friend, it felt wrong.

“It’s ok Steve. I mean, Bucky just-”

“Ofcourse it’s Bucky..”
Steve spoke with a defeated breath, removing his hand from your leg,
rolling his eyes.

“Wait- what’s that suppose to mean?”
You asked, holding your third shot,
Pausing it infront of your lips.

“Nothing- forget I.. What’d he do this time?”


Steve leaned up against your door, kissing you roughly- all teeth and tongue, having one hand on your waist, the other fumbling with your keys.

“Steven…” You purred in his ear, sucking it softly. “I thought you said you- sir, couldn’t get drunk?” Even as you whispered, Steve picked up the slur in your speech.

“I- I don’t. I mean, I can’t. I just get a nice buzz hats all. ” Steve stopped, “I mean, that’s all, not hats. Because that, would be silly. Ha! Hats- Don’t look at me that way, ok so maybe I had some of like.. just a tiny bit of Thor’s assgard -”
you both broke out in uproarious laughter. “I mean Asgardian-shhhh!”
Steve attempted to put a finger over your mouth, holding you close to him.
You both giggle profusely as your door finally opened , you both crash down onto your carpet. You land ontop of Steve, his hands finding their way to your hips, face to face now, your laughter fades. Yes, now is the perfect time to sober up.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m. Home. Th- thanks for making sure I got here safely. You never know how safe the tower is at night, ya know!” You tried to break the tension that had risen between the two of you. You started pushing yourself up from Steves body. He kept a firm hold on you, looking at your lips,
“Well, We don’t know if your room is safe! Danger could be lurking at every corner…” Steve breathed, as you neared his face.

“I guess you have to stay and make sure that I’m safe, right? You’ll always make sure that I’m safe… and taken care of, won’t you Steve?”
The words bearly left your throat, looking into his mesmerizing eyes.

You closed the gap between you, his hand moving up your back, you kissed him softly. It was different from before, till his hand went into your long tresses. He tugged on it, pulling your head back, letting his tongue roam around
your mouth. He rolled you over, you giggled again, “what’s so funny?” He gazed at your face, lips swollen, pink and parted.

“The door, Steven.” You snickered.

“Oh. Yeah.” He smiled, face flushed, sitting up on his knees pushing it closed.

He kept his eyes locked on you, on his knees- between your Legs.

Well shit.

You sat up to meet him, he met you halfway, leaning down kissing you, rubbing his fingers on your hips.

When you slowed the make out session you leaned over to his hear, “What are you waiting for?” You breathed, panting from the lack of breath.
Steve pulled back looking into your eyes, he removed you shirt, over your head, tossing it to the side. You lifted the hem of his, taking the hint- removing it as well. He lumes over
you now. Between kisses, you
marvel at his muscles, how they move- flexed as he touches you. Steve ran a hand down your stomach , into your pants, you gasped and the feeling,gripping his shoulders tighter.

“Oh. You like that, don’t you Y/n.”
You nodded, pulling at his pants,
“off” your voice rasped, sucking
the skin on his neck. He let out a deep moan following your instructions.
You started removing your pants as well,
“Y/n I’ve wanted you-”

“Steve, lets not mess this up by talking”

“Right. Though can I say you’re fucking beautiful? And don’t think I missed those little moans of yours ” he’s hot breath fanned across Your face.

Jesus. Take me to church.

He kissed down your neck, dipping his hand into your underwear, calmly touching your soaked pussy.

“Fuck, Y/n you’re so wet, is this from me?” Steve nuzzled into your neck biting you gently, you moaned pulling him closer, toward you, pushing his finger inside of you, he moaned into your mouth.

“God, babe, I have to taste you,
You’re so wet.” Pushing a second finger into you as you began stroking his cock.
“Steve, is all this from little ol me?” You smirked, batting your eyes. He looked down at you, eyes hooded with lust,
“fuckk, you know it.”

He removed his hand from your sex, placing the glistening fingers in his mouth, closing his eyes, sighing contently, “So sweet,” he murmured, spreading his knees, he sunk down, pulling your legs over his shoulders.
Steve gave you a devious look, lowering his mouth down upon your bud, taking it slowly between his lips.

breathing heavy, laying against the floor , your palms spread out against
the carpet. Steve rested his hands upon your abdomen, placing his tongue deeper into your sex.

“Oh God Steven.”
Your moans were flowing frequently from you as Steve began fingering you once more. The over stimulation had you arching into him.
“Steve I’m close”
He hungrily licked and sucked your bud faster now, until you were biting your hand to keep your moans in.
“You taste so sweet.” Steve spoke after your orgasm, kissing down your inner thighs.

He sat up hovering over you, wiping his mouth at the back of his hand. Steve pulled you to his lap, straddling him, he undid your bra, letting it slide down your shoulders. “All of a sudden you’re so shy?” Steve smiled, displaying those puppy eyes.
“I’m. Just a tad self conscious that’s-”
You glanced away.
He grabbed your chin, turning you to face him,
“Your gorgeous, doll face.“He kissed you hard. You release your hands from your chest, wrapping them around his neck, gently grinding on him. Quiet curses began falling from his mouth, while you nip at his neck.
He began pushing you down harder and faster to slick up his dick, making your breasts bounce.

“I know, nows not the time to ask- we’ve gotten this far, can- shit, Baby can I fuck you?” Steve struggled speaking, his heart beating rapidly.

You nodded, smiling at the innocence of him, still making sure you hadn’t changed your mind. Steve reached down between you both, pumping his slick cock, then pulling you upon it.

“Steve, shit.” You breathed through clenched teeth. Steve did not give you any time to adjust to his length, he filled you up as you began rocking upon him.

“Oh fuuuck me. ” Steve rasped, his hands crept to your ass gripping it tightly, moving you faster. You ran your hands through his hair, biting and sucking his ear.

“Steve-” you moaned
“Shit, you’re so tight, ” he rested his head on your collarbone, “fuck Y/n.”
, as he moved you on top of him.
“Fuck me, harder.“you rasped,

You whined when he picked you up off of him, "don’t worry doll, I’m not even close to being done with you.”

He picked you up, carrying you over to your bed. Laying you down, he hovered over you pulling your leg up. He slid inbetween your wet folds, rolling his hips. “Fuck!”
You gripped the sheets with every hard thrust, Steves hips hitting your skin, at a quickened pace.
“ Shit you sound so good.” He praised you, softly, while running his free hand over your breasts. He leaned down pushing himself deeper, licking and sucking the valley between them.

By now Steve has you seeing stars, pulling out, quickly flipping you over, he pushed you gently to the head board. He kept you on your knees, placing your hands on the headboard, facing the wall.
“Now,don’t move, do you understand?”

“ Yes.. Captain” you replied. Steve growled, bringing his full attention to you.
“Shit. ‘Captain’ now?, I like how that sounds from your lips.” He reached his hands around, touching and pinching your nipple. He leaned into your neck, sucking on it.
Lining himself up at your entrance. he sunk himself deep inside you.

Steve did not disappoint as he rammed into you, you arch your back away from him, at the new angle. He pushes up against you further, running a hand to your clit, massaging it while still rubbing your nipples.
“I’m going to come”. You breathed, Steves breathing heavy in your ear,
“ I want you to come around my cock”
His voice dark, demanding, he wound a hand into your hair pulling you back.
You screamed at the pleasure as you came around him. He came as well, praises dropped from his mouth, gingerly kissing down your ear to your neck.

He continued kissing down your arm and you caught your breath.

Well, that was-“you swallowed, pushing your sweaty hair off your neck.

He spun you around, capturing your face in his, "Y/n let’s not mess this up by talking.” He smirked, kissing you passionately.

“Now, I wanna see that pretty little mouth of yours on my cock.”

“Yes Captain.”


You cracked an eye open, feeling your bed dip down. The sun shines in through your window, warming your skin. You stretch a bit feeling more movement. You turn toward Steve with a smile playing on your features.

Except- it wasn’t Steve.

You frantically sat up, pulling the sheets, covering your body at the sight before you.
Steve gasping for air, struggling against the hands wrapped around his throat. Not just any hands, one was metal.


Part 2 here:

You liked doctor!Luke, but at the same time you despised him. He was too perfect, and so you thought it mustn’t be true. Parents raved about how their sick children’s faces lit up at the sight of his twinkling blue eyes, patients wrote him extensive thank you notes after a surgery that went even better than predicted, and your fellow nurses even had the gall to fawn openly about him, proclaiming that his arms “looked like they’d been shaped by the gods.”

You sighed as you arranged some surgical equipment. Honestly, you admitted it: you didn’t hate Luke because he was mean to you—in fact, in was quite the contrary. A green-eyed monster lived inside your chest, rearing its ugly head whenever the blue-eyed doctor entered the room. You almost wanted him to be a complete asshole, but he wasn’t; he was sweet.

“Need some help?”

Speak of the devil, or, well, angel himself. He looked like he just got out of surgery, his hair mussed up and body dressed in scrubs.

“Oh, uh, no… it’s okay. Thanks.” you said.

Luke furrowed his eyebrows. “Are you sure? You’ve been working all day.”

You chuckled, gesturing to his attire. “So have you.”

Luke shrugged. “I don’t mind. Besides, it’ll go faster if there’s two of us.”

And before you could protest, he was beside you, arms brushing against yours as he arranged the tools.

In the hospital, the other nurses always gossiped, but it was a surprise when, a couple days after, you heard them mention your name. Eyebrow raising, you listened in and managed to hear one of them saying, “Dr. Hemmings… totally has a thing for Y/N.”

You couldn’t stop your mouth from gaping open, but after a second you closed it and snorted. What? Were these people crazy? There was no way.

But maybe you dismissed the idea too quickly, because Luke kept asking you to be on his surgical team and went out of his way to help you with whatever tasks you had that day, striking conversation and lingering around to talk to you even when he had somewhere to be and something to do.

It was still a surprise when, after another night of him helping you clean up a former inpatient room, he asked you.

“Y/N, uh, well, I was wondering if you would be interested in going out to dinner with me Saturday night?”

Your jaw dropped. “What?”

He cleared his throat, and for the first time in his life, you could swear that his usually steady hands were shaking. “I said-“

“Wait.” You were having a serious case of word vomit. “You want to go out with me? I’m not… as good as you. At anything.”

He scrunched his nose up. “What?

You swallowed, ready to repeat yourself, when he reached up and pushed a strand of hair out of your face. His eyes grew soft, that million-dollar smile that had little kids laughing taking over his face.

“Y/N,” he said, “you’re more perfect than you think you are. Promise. Besides, remember that heart surgery we did last week? I wouldn’t have been able to do that without you.”

You smiled, and suddenly all your jealously faded away. “Sure, Luke,” you told him, “dinner sounds great.”

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