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AU + 5 headcanons: How does the "half feral fire bender" Zuko's story end in the events of S3?

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1. As far as Book Three goes, by far the biggest change is that Zuko joins up with the Gaang in Book Two during “The Chase”, so he is already a well established member of the Gaang, the same way Toph is, since they joined at about the same time.  In part this means that when they sneak on board the Fire Nation ship and sail to the Fire Nation, he is there to share in the despair and fear they’re all feeling.  He is also able to smooth over some bits of Fire Nation culture clash for them, like explaining to Aang that the clothes he picked are a school uniform, and if he wears them, he’ll get dragged in for truancy.

2. Hama takes one look at the former Fire Nation soldier traveling with the Avatar and his friends and singles him out for kidnap.  He goes missing under the light of the full moon, and the gaang sets out to find him while Katara studies waterbending with Hama.  Afterwards, Hama’s story, and Hama’s rearrest, bring up Zuko’s past as a prison guard.  He opens up to the Gaang about the Boiling Rock and his experiences there.

3. On the Day of Black Sun, Zuko tells the Gaang how to get into the bunker, but other than that, not much changes.  Azula is still able to delay them for long enough for the eclipse to end, and they still have to escape by the skin of their teeth, leaving the adults behind.

4. Speaking of the Boiling Rock… Zuko’s story means that Sokka knows where his father and the other Southern Water Tribe warriors are probably being kept.  He takes Zuko with him to get them.  At the Boiling Rock, things have changed since Zuko was there last.  Mai’s uncle has been transferred away, and Mai herself is a prisoner, in a cell next to Suki’s actually, because that’s just the way Azula is.   Also at least half the guards know and recognize Zuko, and it’s not hard for him to spin a yarn about being transferred back.  It’s Sokka who gets caught and thrown into prison, and it’s his presence as one of the Avatar’s companions that causes Azula to come, only to find her brother there too, leading an escape.  In the end, Sokka and Zuko are able to rescue their girlfriends and Sokka’s dad, and it’s Ty Lee who fights to protect them and is thrown into prison for her betrayal.

5. After the Boiing Rock, when Azula attacks, the Gaang flies off and accidentally finds the Sun Warriors.  Aang and Zuko have their little dance with the dragons, Sokka makes fun of them, the Sun Warriors glare at him, Katara hits him in the head. Good times.
BREAKING: Saudi government says it will allow women to drive for the first time
King Salman decreed that a government body draw up guidelines and implement the policy by next June, according to state media. The conservative Muslim kingdom has been criticized around the world for banning women from driving. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

King Salman decreed that a government body draw up guidelines and implement the policy by next June, according to state media. The conservative Muslim kingdom has been criticized around the world for banning women from driving.

Women in Saudi Arabia will be permitted to drive in the kingdom, according to a royal decree issued in Riyadh on Tuesday that overturned one of the most widely criticized restrictions on human rights.

The decree, signed by King Salman and broadcast on state television, said that the “majority of senior scholars” had deemed the change legitimate under Sharia law, and ordered applicable government ministries to make whatever legal adjustments are required to implement it by next June.

The change aligns Saudi Arabia with virtually every other country in the world, including other conservative monarchies in the Persian Gulf region that have long allowed more freedom for women.

It was unclear how the permission to drive would relate to other remaining restrictions, including laws requiring women to be accompanied by a male “guardian” when leaving their homes.

Several prominent female Saudi activists had spent years publicly protesting the driving ban, posting videos of themselves driving on Saudi roads or headed toward its borders. The videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views and quickly landed the activists in prison.

One of the activists, Manal al-Sharif, was arrested in May of 2011 as a grassroots Saudi campaign to overturn the ban gathered momentum, and spent nine days in prison. “As a result of my protest, I was threatened – imams wanted me to be publicly lashed – and monitored and harassed,” Sharif wrote in a first-person account of her arrest and exile from Saudi Arabia, that appeared in June in the New York Times.

Other activists also faced long term harassment for defying the ban. Loujain al-Hathloul, who was detained for 73 days in 2014 after attempting to drive into Saudi Arabia from the UAE, was rearrested earlier this year and held for several days. Shortly before her arrest, she said in an interview with the Post that she had not tried to drive since her arrest three years ago.

On Tuesday, following the news that the ban had been overturned, Sharif, in a Twitter post, wrote that “Saudi Arabia will never be the same again. The rain begins with a single drop.”

Hathloul’s reaction was more concise. “Praise be to God,” she wrote.

Asma Siddiki, an educator at King Abdullah Economic City, said the issue was not the top priority for Saudi women but had become “symbolic.”

“We enjoy some rights that other celebrated democracies do not enjoy and yet everything was brushed under the all- encompassing question of the right of women to drive,” she said. “I feel ecstatic that it is about to become a moot topic.”

“I am also quite relieved,” she added, “that I, not my husband, may be the person who will teach my children how to drive, being a better driver, in my opinion.”

Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Institute of Gulf Affairs, a group often critical of the Saudi leadership, said the decision reflects the influence of reforms pushed by the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

“This shows his stamp,” Ahmed said. “The ban was increasing unpopular and difficult for the ruling family to justify. It was inevitable that it would be lifted someday. Now was the time with the Saudi economy struggling with low oil prices and the monarchy facing some internal pressures.”

Last year, the well-known Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is a member of the royal family, declared that the kingdom’s refusal to allow women to drive was draining billions of dollars from the sagging economy.

A new government plan has called for increasing the role of Saudi women in the economy, including boosting their participation in the workforce, from 22 percent to 30 percent by 2030.

Last month, a woman was appointed the chief executive of a major Saudi bank — a first in the country’s history. That came a few days after Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange appointed a woman as its chair.

Sahar Bahrawi, novelist also lives in Jiddah, said the announcement “means the world.”

“It means we obtained our right for mobility thanks to our king. Now we are really free , we are really celebrating,” she said. “We are equal to all the women around the world.”

Loulwa Bakr, a senior financial adviser who also lives in Jiddah, said she was “just happy that I no longer have to tell my 7-year-old to stop ogling at women driving in Europe because yes, it’s normal and okay for women to drive!”

“One small pedal for Saudi women, one giant leap for women kind,” she said.

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Doctor I Need You: Chapter 3

Chapter Summary: After saving Choi Haru’s life the doctors really seem to respect you now. Except Yuta, he still hates that you’re his teacher. At the end of your shift, Taeyong asks if you want to grab a drink with him.

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Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / to be determined

a/n: Next chapter will have more romance (possibly smut? *wink wink*)

Warnings: Surgery and mentions of death

Genre: fluff, smut, angst, romance

Rating: M

Characters and their roles:


  • You (Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Jisoo (Head of General Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Seokjin (Jin) (Attending Anesthesiologist)
  • Dr. Lee Taeyong (Head of Trauma Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Taeyeon (Head of Neurosurgery)
  • Dr. Kim Xiumin (Head of Pediatric surgery)
  • Dr. Park Leeteuk (Chief of Surgery)


  • Dr. Jeon Wonwoo (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Nakamoto Yuta (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Park Rosé (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Park Joy (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Kim Mingyu (5th year Surgical Resident)

Songs to play while reading: I’ll point out where

  1. My type - iKON
  2. Fire - Taeyeon
  3. Cosmic Love - Florence & the Machines (This song’s gonna appear a lot in the series)

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” - Mattie J.T Stepanek


(My type)

Ever since the night you saved Choi Haru’s life, the Heartstone doctors and Serenity doctors have really bonded.

Lunchtime rolled around, you sat with Xiumin, Jisoo, Taeyong, and Taeyeon.

“So Dr. Y/n, how’s working with Yuta?” Xiumin asks you.

“I’m actually impressed, he may in fact be the best resident I’ve ever seen,” You chuckled, “But I don’t think he likes me.”

“Oooh, he doesn’t like you?” Taeyeon laughed, “Well he did get the last 3 Cardio surgeons at Heartstone fired.”

“Yuta just needs a strong Cardio attending that’s all,” Taeyong assured you.

Taeyeon shook her head, “I don’t know Y/n, the last Cardio surgeon- OW! Did you just kick me?” Taeyeon glared at Xiumin.

“No that was me,” Jisoo raised her hand.

Across the room Yuta, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Joy, and Rosé were eating their lunch.

“Are you enjoying working with Dr. Y/n?” Joy asked Yuta, “I heard she’s a Cardio goddess.”

“Ugh,” Yuta rolled his eyes.

“Leave Dr. Y/n alone, she’s not used to working with you,” Wonwoo said.

Yuta scowled, “Why are you defending her? She went to a state school.”

“So did I,” Rosé pointed out.

“But she’s a Serenity doctor.”

“So am I,” Wonwoo pointed out.

“But she’s annoying.”

“So are you,” Mingyu said.


Joy was treating a motorcycle victim in trauma 3. Taeyong got her page and ran there.

“Fill me in.”

“Systolic is stabilizing but he’s still having multiple arrhythmias, I’m about to do a chest tube,” Joy said with confidence.

“Joy have you thought about what your specialty might be?” Taeyong asked her.

“No sir.”

“It’s trauma.”


You and Jisoo were in the attendings’ lounge drinking coffee.

“Isn’t it time for you to get a boyfriend?” Jisoo asked you.

“Isn’t it time for you to get a Jin?” You fired back.


“You know in cartoons when a bear is starving and it looks at an object and the object turns into a turkey?”

“I don’t look at Jin like that,” Jisoo scoffed, “What about you and Taeyong?”


“You know in cartoons when a bear is starving and it looks at a cute doctor?”

“Shut up,” You laughed.

*beep beep*

“Dammit, Yuta’s paging me, finish my coffee for me” You excused yourself and ran to the ER.

“Why’d you page me?”

“This is Jinu, 8 years old, asthmatic. Nebs at home haven’t been working. He’s still having trouble breathing,” Yuta said.

“Jinu, I’m gonna take a listen to your heart ok?” You put the cold metal on his chest and listen for awhile, “Has Jinu have any other medical trouble?”

“A febrile seizure at 3 months,” Yuta informed you.

“Ok, page Dr. Xiumin and book an OR.”

“What why?”

“Because I said so.”

“He has asthma.”

“Cardiac asthma.” You corrected him.

“How do you know?”

“The seizure he had, wasn’t from a fever he had a heart attack then and he’s having one now. So book an OR because I’m your attending. When I tell you to book an OR, you book an OR.” You snapped at him.


(Play Fire)

Taeyong got a page from Joy, he ran to trauma 1 where Joy was performing CPR on her patient.

“What’s happening Joy?”

“I put in the chest tube but there was no blood. Tried another one there was no pulse.” Joy said.

“How long has he been down?” Taeyong asked her.

“20 minutes. Do I open the chest?” Joy asked him.

“Move on Joy, he’s gone. You can’t save him. Call it.”

Joy removed her hands from the man’s chest, “Time of death 4:55 p.m.”

Taeyong saw the sadness in Joy’s eyes, “You did everything you could. Trauma’s a team sport, you don’t have to be the hero. Just go where you’re needed.”


You, Yuta and Xiumin were in surgery.

“See the anatomy here?” Xiumin pointed, “the coronary artery is attached to the pulmonary artery.”

“It’s presented as asthma, but it’s actually alcapa.” You looked at Yuta.

“How’d you know?” He looked at you with astonishment.

“I saw some cardiomegaly on the x-rays and heard a murmur through his wheezing. You’ll know for next time. And after today, you’ll know how to fix it.”

“I thought you and Dr. Xiumin were-”

“Dr. Xiumin, do you mind if Yuta first assists me on this one?” You ask him. He stepped aside for Yuta. Yuta had a happy glint in his eyes and started the surgery with you.

“Let’s see Dr. Yuta’s handiwork,” You smiled at him.

*beep beep beep beep beep beep*

Xiumin stepped up, “The bleeding is behind the coronary artery anastomosis.”

Yuta frowned, “My anastomosis.”

“Ok Yuta how are you gonna fix it?” You asked him.

Yuta frantically tried fixing his mistake, “Help me Dr. Y/n”

“You can do this,” You assured him, “tell me what you want to do.”

“I want to defibrillate.”

“Then do it.”

Yuta grabbed the paddle and put it around the exposed heart.

“Charge to 20. Clear!”


The heartbeat normalized.

“Good job,” You praised him, “Now keep your eyes on the field and do exactly what I say. We’ll fix this without rearresting the heart. Are you with me?”



The surgery finally finished, your shift was over, you started packing up to go home. Taeyong walked in the attendings lounge.

“Hey, I heard you lost a patient today.”

“Yeah, nothing I could do to save him. But Joy, she’s gonna be an excellent trauma surgeon one day.” Taeyong said.

“I think I got Yuta to like me,” You chuckled.

“Wow, you’re the first Cardio surgeon to do so.” Taeyong laughed, “Hey doctor, are you coming to the hospital party tomorrow?”

“Are you kidding me? A no work day, I’m there.” You laughed, “Are you coming?”

“I’ll see you there.” Taeyong grabbed your bag for you and handed it to you. You moved your body closer to his and looked into his eyes. He looked back into yours.

The door slammed open. Taeyeon walked in.

“Guess what hap-WOAH,” Taeyeon looked at the position the 2 of you were in, “Were you 2 about to kiss?”

The both of you shook your heads vigorously, “No,” you said in unison. You grabbed your bag and left the room in embarrassment.


Yuta went into the residents lounge with a huge smile on his face.

“Why are you so happy?” Mingyu asked.

“Today I did a Takeuchi repair,” Yuta bragged.

Wonwoo looked at him in shock, “You did not.”

“Not all by myself but Dr. Y/n did let me do the coronary artery anastomosis.”

“Maybe she is a cardio goddess,” Joy said.

“Yeah,” Yuta agreed.


(Play Cosmic Love)

You walked outside the hospital and was about to leave when you felt a tap on your shoulder. It was Taeyong.

“It’s still early doctor, you wanna grab a drink?” He asked you.

“I have to drive Taeyong.”

“Who said it had to be alcoholic?”

“Alright,” You agreed.

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Pearl Hart, née Taylor, (c.1871 – after 1928) was a Canadian-born outlaw of the American Old West. She committed one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies in the United States; her crime gained notoriety primarily because of her gender. Many details of Hart’s life are uncertain with available reports being varied and often contradictory.

Hart was born as Pearl Taylor in the Canadian village of Lindsay, Ontario. Her parents were both religious and affluent, providing their daughter with the best available education. At the age of 16, she was enrolled in a boarding school when she became enamored with a young man, named Hart, who has been variously described as a rake, drunkard, and/or gambler. (Different sources list Hart’s given name as Brett, Frank, or William.) The two of them eloped, but Hart soon discovered that her new husband was abusive and left him to return to her mother.

Hart reconciled with and left her husband several times. During their time together they had two children, a boy and a girl, whom Hart sent to her mother who was then living in Ohio. In 1893, the couple attended The Chicago World’s Fair where he worked for a time as a midway barker. She in turn developed a fascination with the cowboy lifestyle while watching Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. At the end of the Fair, Hart left her husband again bound on a train for Trinidad, Colorado, possibly in the company of a piano player named Dan Bandman.

Hart described this period of her life thus, “I was only twenty-two years old. I was good-looking, desperate, discouraged, and ready for anything that might come. I do not care to dwell on this period of my life. It is sufficient to say that I went from one city to another until some time later I arrived in Phoenix”. During this time Hart worked as a cook and singer, possibly supplementing her income as a demimondaine. There are also reports she developed a fondness for cigars, liquor, and morphine during this time.

A story of this period claims that while in Phoenix, Arizona, Hart ran into her husband. He convinced her to come back to him and move to Tucson. Once the money she had saved ran out, he returned to his abusive ways. The story continues by saying that when the Spanish–American War began he volunteered for military service. Hart then shocked observers by declaring that she hoped he would be killed by the Spanish. A variation of this story has Bandman instead of her husband leaving Hart for war.

By early 1898, Hart was in Mammoth, Arizona. Some reports indicate she was working as a cook in a boardinghouse. Others indicate she was operating a tent brothel near the local mine, even employing a second lady for a time. While doing well for a time, her financial outlook took a downturn after the mine closed. About this time Hart attested to receiving a message asking her to return home to her seriously ill mother.

Looking to raise money, Hart and an acquaintance, Joe Boot (whose name is probably an alias), worked an old mining claim he owned. After finding no gold in the claim the pair decided to rob the Globe to Florence, Arizona stagecoach.

The robbery occurred on May 30, 1899 at a watering point near Cane Springs Canyon, about 30 miles southeast of Globe. Hart had cut her hair short and took the highly eccentric act, for a Victorian Era woman, of dressing in men’s clothing. Hart was armed with a .38 revolver while Boot had a Colt .45. One of the last routes in the territory, the run had not been robbed in several years and thus the coach did not have a shotgun messenger. The pair stopped the coach and Boot held a gun on the robbery victims while Hart took $431.20 and two firearms from the passengers. After returning $1 to each passenger, she then took the driver’s revolver. After the robbers had galloped away on their horses, the driver unhitched one of the horses and headed back to town to alert the sheriff.

Reports of the next few days vary. According to Hart, the pair took a circuitous route designed to lose anyone who followed, while making their future plans. Others claim the pair became lost and wandered in circles. Either way, a posse led by Sheriff Truman of Pinal County caught up with the pair on June 5, 1899. Finding both of them asleep, Sheriff Truman reported that Boot surrendered quietly while Hart fought to avoid capture.

Following their arrest, Boot was held in Florence, Arizona, while Hart was moved to Tucson, the jail lacking any facilities for a lady. The novelty of a female stagecoach robber quickly spawned a media frenzy and national reporters soon joined the local press clamoring to interview and photograph Hart. One article in Cosmopolitan said Hart was “just the opposite of what would be expected of a woman stage robber,” though, “when angry or determined, hard lines show about her eyes and mouth." Locals also became fascinated with her, one local fan giving her a bobcat cub to keep as a pet.

The room Hart was held in was not a normal jail cell, but made of lath and plaster. Taking advantage of the relatively weak building material, and possibly with the aid of an assistant, Hart escaped on October 12, 1899, leaving an 18-inch (46 cm) hole in the wall. She was recaptured two weeks later near Deming, New Mexico.

Hart and Boot came to trial for robbing the stagecoach passengers in October 1899. During the trial, Hart made an impassioned plea to the jury, claiming she needed the money to be able to go to her ailing mother. Judge Fletcher M. Doan was shocked and angered by the jury’s not guilty finding and scolded the members for failure to perform their duties. Immediately following the acquittal, the pair were rearrested on the charge of tampering with U.S. mails. The pair were convicted during their second trial, Boot receiving a sentence of thirty years and Hart a sentence of five years.

Both Hart and Boot were sent to Yuma Territorial Prison to serve their sentences. Boot became a prison trusty, driving supply wagons to prison chain gangs working outside the walls. One day while driving a wagon he escaped and was never seen again. At the time of his escape, Boot had completed less than two years of his sentence. 

The attention Hart had received in jail continued once she was imprisoned. The warden, who enjoyed the attention she attracted, provided her with an oversize 8 by 10 feet (2.4 by 3.0 m) mountain-side cell that included a small yard and allowed her to entertain reporters and other guests as well as pose for photographs. Hart in turn used her position as the only female at an all-male facility to her advantage, playing admiring guards and prison trusties off of each other in an effort to improve her situation.

Hart’s release from prison came in the form of a December 1902 pardon from Governor Alexander Brodie. The reason for this pardon, given on the condition she leave the territory, is unclear. At the time, Hart claimed she was needed in Kansas City to play the lead in a play, written by her sister, about her life of crime. A later rumor emerged in 1964, following the death of all potentially involved parties, alleging Hart was pardoned because she had become pregnant in a manner which would embarrass the prison. There is no evidence Hart ever had a third child so this rumor, if true, may indicate a successful ploy upon Hart’s behalf. Upon release from prison, Hart was provided with a train ticket to Kansas City, Missouri.

After leaving prison, Hart largely disappeared from public view. She had a short lived show where she reenacted her crime and then spoke about the horrors of Yuma Territorial Prison. Following this she worked, under an alias, as part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. In 1904, Hart was running a cigar store in Kansas City where she was arrested for receiving stolen property. She was acquitted of the charge.

Accounts of Hart’s later life are sketchy and contradictory. One common story has her returning to the jail in Tucson 25 years after her imprisonment to visit the jail cell that once held her. Likewise, a census taker in 1940 claimed to have discovered Hart living in Arizona under a different name. Folklore from Gila County claims that Hart returned to Globe and lived there peacefully until her death on December 30, 1955. Competing claims place her death as late as 1960.


James Day, born in Virginia, had an troubled childhood from the beginning. His father died before he was born and his mother died when he was only 5 years old. He was then passed around to his other relatives, who kept passing him around to one another. Most of his teenage years were spend in juvenile detention centers.

In 1932, he was caught robbing a gas station. He was given a 1-to-10 year sentence, in the end he spend all 10 years in prison. First at the Illinois State Reformatory, until 1934 when he got transferred to the Statesville Correctional Facility. Which is where he met Richard Loeb.

At first, the two shared a cell and were quite friendly with each-others. This may or may not be because Richard gave him stuff with the money his parents send him. They got in a fight, probably because Richard couldn’t provide for Day’s luxury needs anymore since his budget was brought back. Day moved out of their cell. Later on, Day claimed they fought because Richard attempted to have sex with him. Other prisoners stated that it was Day that wanted Richard for sex and felt unwanted when Richard made it clear that he didn’t want to.

On January 28th, Day killed Richard with a straight razor. He stated that he did this out of self-defense after Richard had tried to rape him. But that seemed unlikely, since Day did not have one single scratch or bruise while Richard’s head was nearly decapitated.  

Even, tough, Day already had a bad reputation in prison for wanting sex with other inmates and giving of strong, paranoid emotion, this was all overlooked in court. He was found innocent for the murder of Richard Loeb.

In 1941, he was released on parole. Later in his life, when Day was about 51 years old, he was rearrested for threatening a woman and three children with a shotgun while attempting another robbery.

So, I calculated a timeline for my modern Les Mis AU. It’s based mainly on somewhat vague statements from the Brick and interpretations thereof, as well as some of my own headcanons.

Les Mis Modern AU Timeline

1951 (1769)
  • Birth of Jean Valjean
1962 (1780)
  • Birth of Javert
1977 (1795)
  • Valjean arrested
1978 (1796)
  • Birth of Fantine
  • Valjean sentenced to five years in prison
1982 (1800)
  • Valjean’s first escape attempt
1983 (1801)
  • Birth of Bahorel
1984 (1802)
  • Valjean’s second escape attempt
1985 (1803)
  • Birth of Lesgle (Bossuet)
  • Birth of Grantaire
  • Javert works as a guard at Valjean’s prison
1986 (1804)
  • Birth of Feuilly
1987 (1805)
  • Birth of Joly
  • Birth of Combeferre
1988 (1806)
  • Birth of Enjolras
  • Valjean’s third escape attempt
  • Fantine leaves Montreuil-sur-Mer
1989 (1807)
  • Birth of Courfeyrac
1991 (1809)
  • Birth of Jean Prouvaire
  • Valjean’s fourth escape attempt
1992 (1810)
  • Birth of Marius Pontmercy
1993 (1811)
  • Fantine comes to Paris
1995 (1813)
  • Birth of Cosette (modern AU)
  • Birth of Éponine (modern AU)
1997 (1815)
  • Gillenormand takes Marius
  • Valjean is released
  • Valjean in Digne
  • Valjean arrives in Montreuil-sur-Mer
  • Births of Cosette and Éponine (Canon era)
1998 (1816)
  • Birth of Azelma
1999 (1817)
  • Valjean/Madeleine starts a factory in Montreuil-sur-Mer
  • Fantine is abandoned by Tholomyès
2000 (1818)
  • Fantine leaves Cosette with the Thénardiers
  • Fantine returns to Montreuil-sur-Mer
2002 (1820)
  • Birth of Gavroche
  • Javert becomes an inspector in Montreuil-sur-Mer
  • Valjean/Madeleine saves Fauchelevent
  • Valjean/Madeleine becomes mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer
2003 (1821)
  • Fantine is fired from the factory
2005 (1823)
  • Fantine is arrested by Javert, but saved by Valjean
  • Valjean reveals himself and is rearrested
  • Valjean escapes from prison
  • Valjean takes Cosette from the Thénardiers
2006 (1824)
  • Valjean hides in the convent
2006-2008 (1824-1826)
  • Births of Gavroche’s younger brothers
2009 (1827)
  • Death of Georges Pontmercy
2010 (1828)
  • Marius learns the truth about his father
  • Marius moves out
  • Marius meets Lesgle, Courfeyrac and Les Amis de l’ABC
  • The Thénardiers become bankrupt
2011 (1829)
  • Death of Fauchelevent
  • Valjean leaves the convent
2012 (1830)
  • Marius lives in Gorbeau house and sees Valjean and Cosette regularily in Luxembourg Gardens
2013 (1831)
  • Marius and Cosette fall in love.
  • Marius helps the Jondrettes/Thénardiers pay their rent
  • Valjean and Cosette move
2014 (1832) - February
  • Marius discovers that Jondrette is Thénardier.
  • Thénardiers and Patron Minette arrested
  • Marius moves in with Courfeyrac
2014 (1832) - April
  • Éponine leads Marius to the Rue Plumet
  • Gavroche meets and takes care of his brothers
2014 (1832) - May
  • Marius and Cosette meet in the Rue Plumet courtyard
2014 (1832) - June
  • Eponine stops a robbery at the Rue Plumet
  • Valjean plans to leave the country
  • Marius visits Gillenormand

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

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                                             Part Eighteen

Going to court was nothing like the way it was portrayed in the movies and on TV. Glossy dramas set in hushed courtrooms full of dark wood panelling where telegenic lawyers in designer suits and perfectly styled hair gave stirring arguments to an attentive jury, spontaneous confessions on the witness stand or the sudden discovery of last-minute evidence that exonerated the tearful defendant while the room erupted into chaos and the judge banged the gavel and called fruitlessly for order, press conferences held on the courtroom steps under blindfolded statues of Justice with her scales held aloft while the guilty were punished and the innocent walked free as the music swelled and the credits rolled.

The reality was a rather ordinary office building with no tall columns or grand porticos, where bored cops chatted and drank coffee in the fluorescent-lit halls while they waited to be called into traffic court, husbands and wives hashed out divorce settlements and argued over child custody agreements in the mediation rooms and overworked, underpaid lawyers who hadn’t landed the plum jobs at white-shoe firms hustled to file endless reams of paperwork for DUIs and landlord-tenant disputes, the six-figure student loan balances they had little hope of ever paying off hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles instead of Justice’s impartial scales.

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I Went Undercover in America’s Toughest Prison

Everyone knows the US imprisons more people than any other country in the world. What they might not know is that, as an American citizen, you’re more likely to be jailed than if you were Chinese, Russian or North Korean; that, with 2.3 million inmates, there are currently the same amount of people imprisoned in the States as the combined populations of Estonia and Cyprus; and that once Americans are sent to jail, they tend to keep going back.

According to a recent study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics—a US Department of Justice agency—within six months of release 28 percent of inmates get rearrested for a new crime. After three years, the figure rises to 68 percent. By the end of five years, it’s an alarming 77 percent. But terrible recidivism rates have been a constant in the Land of the Free. The Pew Research Center issued its own report on the problem in 2011; the conclusion was bleak. Too many criminal offenders emerge from prison ready to offend again, and more than four out of 10 adult offenders in America return to prison within three years of their release. For too many Americans, the prison door keeps revolving.  

How do we try to change whatever it was that brought someone into trouble with the law? And if that proves impossible, what is the best way that society can protect itself? I wanted to find out. I also wanted to see how much of what I knew—or thought I knew—about jail turned out to be true. So I wrote to corrections departments worldwide asking for access.



When Jim Bob “reported” his son to a state trooper regarding his actions, the trooper had a “stern talk” with him. But turns out the trooper had been arrested for child porn. He later served a sentence and was REARRESTED for additional charges. He is currently incarcerated.

I just cannot.

Breaking: Hamas and Israel reach a long-term ceasefire agreement. The terms look very much like the November 2012 agreement, including a lack of implementation mechanisms. These terms include: easing the blockade, opening Gaza’s crossings, & extending the nautical miles available for Palestinian fishermen. In one month the parties are slated to reconvene to discuss disarmament in Gaza, building a sea port and an airport, and releasing prisoners released during Shalit prisoner exchange who were recently rearrested.
In addition to the lack of implementation mechanisms, from what we know, the agreement lacks precision. So for example, what does “easing” the blockade mean and who gets to make that determination? It’s an incredibly vague and subjective directive that does not guarantee the rehabilitation of Gaza or the [potential of] prosperity for Palestinians there. Similarly, what does opening Gaza’s 5 crossings mean? Who oversees that they are in fact open? The Israeli High Court mandated that the passage ways along the Annexation Wall be opened regularly to allow humanitarian passage (i.e., family, education, health, livelihood)…Palestinians are still waiting for that to happen and in the meantime, no meaningful redress is available.
This is all speculation and based on available information in news reports. Eager to learn more. Please share if you come across something.
—  Noura Erakat

Briefly, since this information about the treatment of gay men liberated from the camps is rapidly turning into yet another Tumblr myth combined with antisemitic shitfest, some quick history, courtesy of the Dallas Voice:

Many of those who were liberated from the camps were rearrested after the war to serve out their terms of imprisonment. The punishment for homosexuality under Paragraph 175 was two years in prison, but time spent in a concentration camp did not count toward their sentence.

After the war, the West German government began paying reparations to those who had spent time in the camps. But in 1956, the government declared that those imprisoned for homosexuality did not qualify for compensation.

Homosexuality was finally decriminalized in East Germany in 1968 and in West Germany in 1969. But in the same way that the Texas sodomy law — Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code — remains on the books seven years after The U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional, Paragraph 175 was not expunged from the books until 1994. And not until 2002 did the German government grant a full pardon those who served time in prison for homosexuality.

So, no, LGBT prisoners were not ‘left in the camps’, 'willingly’, by Jews. Many were rearrested and imprisoned. By Gentiles. Under German law.

The point made in the original post, however, remains entirely accurate. Jewish and Roma cultures and populations were targeted, and remain incomplete and broken by that experience in a way other groups are not.

ALL THE WAY – Being 15 minutes late is enough to violate the terms of a woman’s probation, resulting in rearrest, followed by ankle monitoring for the next month-and-a-half upon release from county jail.  

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Harris County Sheriff’s Inmate Processing Center, Downtown Houston, Oct. 9, 2015

Yet another reason to dislike The Donut

So I was thinking about how Duncan threw that party at The Grand in 2x06…

How shitty a boyfriend do you have to be to plan to host a party on the night your girlfriend’s dad is running for reelection? Especially when that girl is Veronica Mars? (If nothing else, we know V would have been talking about the election ad nauseum. Duncan should have known when it was.)

And secondarily, how shitty a boyfriend do you have to be to not cancel said party when you realize that this is a conflict?

If Keith won (which V totally thought was going to happen - hello, surprise balloons at the office!), wouldn’t you assume she’d want to be spending the night celebrating such a huge victory with her dad? If he lost, wouldn’t you assume she’d want to spend her time consoling/cheering him up (or at least not surrounded by a bunch of drunk teenagers she still claims to hate*)? Why force her to have to consider you/your party as a another option at all, Duncan?

*In the deleted scenes from this ep, Veronica actually spends her time at the party sitting in Duncan’s shower stall, depressed. Although, this is in large part to do with Logan getting rearrested as well.

The party/election dynamic is even stranger when you consider that supposedly Keith Mars has absolutely no beef with Duncan Kane. Clearly it wouldn’t have been a problem if Duncan had attended the Mars family election party, but instead he wasn’t there supporting his girlfriend or her father, he was off affirming his social status.

Ugh Duncan, I just don’t get you! Every time I think I can’t like you less, there you go again, proving me wrong.