The attic

My room needs a makeover -  a change. I’m changing it; I’m changing the interior. Sometimes the changes you need are right around the corner or on top at the staircase. My attic bedroom will need a few changes and also a vacuum clean. I haven’t slept in there for a while due to terror nightmares and have been sleeping with my mom ever since. But I’m planning on concurring the dust and spiders, as I haven’t had a bad dream for a while.

I’m almost 18 and have been sleeping in the same bed as my mom for almost a year now. It started right after I had bruised my ankle badly – I almost broke it after I fell out of a doorway – and I couldn’t get down one stairs, let alone two so I slept there until it was bearable and didn’t hurt that much anymore. But after that, winter came and it was too cold in the attic. I’m a pussy – I’m just saying.

But now that I want to go back up stairs, it doesn’t feel like my bedroom anymore. It has just been getting dusty. I only went upstairs to film my YouTube videos. I’ve made a list for all of the things I want to add/change in my bedroom.

That big, white back wall needs a cover. It has to stay white, but maybe a cute frame with an inspirational quote? Maybe more than one.

I bought a cute blue Ikea box in which I can stock things in so my room wouldn’t be such a mess haha! The only thing that is in there is an old planner and a paper cutter, but it’s a beginning.  

And there is more that I’d like to change, such as a bigger desk. A little corner for my magazines, space to draw and sketch in my big sketchbook, a bit of space for my laptop and it still won’t have to be a clutter and full of stuff.

This is a little change which will help me change my perspective too – it’ll look much more like a study bedroom, like a little apartment when you leave your hometown to go study somewhere else far from home. Luckily for me my school is right around the corner but I’ll still have that feeling and that is nice.

I’ll be back with more little changes in and around this small town girl.

Changing stuff up.

Hi My name is Smiles, well thats what I used to be called, by one person in particular. I’m an 18 year old freshman in college. This blog use to be just about art. Today I realized it’s my wonderland. Why isn’t filled with more things about me. So I decided despite having certain people not like parts of me, I’m going to let them be seen. So there will be a lot of challenges and stuff going on here so you lovely people can get to know me better. There will still be art posted but it’s not going to be the focus. I’m going to make a new blog that is focused on just art and art alone. So ya. Sorry if I disappointed any of my followers but it’s what ever. 

warsawmouse asked:

a playlist for " i'm gonna rearange the shit out of the furniture. ALL the furniture"


- “let’s get physical,” olivia newton-john
- “partition,” beyonce (coz this song makes doing ANYTHING sexy)
- “work, bitch,” britney spears
- “push it,” salt n pepa (mwehehe)
- “get up,” ciara


the dishwasher is on annd i have to clean my room even though literally everything has to be rearanged and its confusing and theres nO FUCKING RO OOM