rear wheels

How much power is too much? The madcap Belgian workshop @motokouture has just thrown the wraps off this crazy turbocharged BMW S1000RR, which has been dyno’d at 296 rear wheel horsepower.
That makes it probably the fastest custom we’ve ever show on EXIF. Kawasaki H2R riders look out … Hit the link in our bio the exclusive report and more stunning images by @sebnunes.
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Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, 1981. The Chrysler Sunbeam was a rear wheel drive 3 door hatch based on the Avenger which had started life as a Hillman in 1970. Chrysler commissioned Lotus to create a rally version of the Sunbeam fitted with the a Lotus type 911 2.2 litre 16 valve 4 cylinder engine. By the time the road-going version was ready Peugeot had rebranded Chrysler Europe as Talbot. The rally version won the 1981 Manufacturers World Rally Championship for Talbot. The Sunbeam was replaced by the Peugeot-based FWD Samba in 1981, there was no equivalent of the Lotus version