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Request:  Omg now that I read your hc that vanderwood’s mc is basically a maniac driver, I kinda want to see your interpretation of the first time they get in a car with her??? Like anything from going to the store or escaping for someone,,, fuck I love vanderwood so muchhhh

At approximately seven forty-five in the evening, Mary Vanderwood the III suddenly slammed out of the bedroom, grabbed their coat, and stumbled to the front door with the fervent desperation of a man fumbling to grasp onto their last lifeline to existence.

You were, of course, concerned - Vanderwood didn’t usually succumb so thoroughly to panic, and everything had been fine a few hours ago when they’d gone to lie down and take a nap. It’d been a stressful day at work - they’d complained about what lengths they’d needed to take to get off at five - and you were, at first, worried that something had gone horrifically wrong regarding their job. Did someone die? Was their a national crisis?

“Darling,” you called out to them, shifting so your arms were draped across the couch. “What’s wrong?”

“The store!” They cried out, voice thin and high pitched. “It’s closing!”

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i feel like the wildest dreams video touched on all the eras in some way. Like Taylor’s disappointment face when she sees her crush with another girl in teardrops on my guitar (taylor swift era), when Scott was in the rear mirror of the car “there in my rear view mirror disappearing now.” from white horse (Fearless era) The yellow dress is sooooo speak now era, and the video basically has The Lucky One written all over it (red era) and it’s in the 1989 era. That’s why I love the video.