You’re amazing, I mean you are a goddess. I worship you and respect you; I’ve never laugh so hard in my life. You make my dark days bright and I miss playing games with you. You keep smiling and laughing, and keep loving them masked men, thank you for the wonderful months or years of fun, I love you and I hope you have an amazing birthday

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what is your name? Peyton
when is your birthday? July 21
zodiac? Cancer
nickname? Petrie, PeyPey & Turtle
where are you from? usa
have a crush? Mhmm~! 
favourite anime? Gundam 00
what’s your favourite colour(s)? Purple, Red, & Black
write something in capital: BIG BOSS DID NOTHING WRONG
favourite artist or band? There for Tomorrow
favourite quote: “ No matter what you learn about her, once you decide you love her, it’s your responsibility to never stop .”
favourite season? Winter
favourite number? 24
movies i’m waiting for? Umm..Idk..I haven’t seen AoU yet.

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  1. thelastofsnake
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  4. reapette
  5. ysmirs
  6. gcnaaronespin
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EDIT: I am really surprised renegons, forerunnerr, and tombraiderr aren’t there as I reblog from them like the plague. Hate that there can only be nine highlanders. :(

People keep asking me to suggest some blogs similar to mine! I’ve obviously not done a Follow Forver (yet), but here are my crushes. All of them have amazing blogs and they are all run by really great people.

Tumblr Crushes:

Look at all these amazing blogs ♥ (also ignigeno your icon makes me laugh) 
I was going to make an update to my follow forever, but I may wait till I hit 200 followers (I am at 178 now!!!) so I just want to say hi to all my new followers and thanks for following me! 

reapette replied to your post:“Okay, guys. I’m going to Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow for the Alabama VS…”

Have fun, & stay safe! :D ♥

I will! I wish I could take all of my followers with me

reapette asked:

it’s time to tell some of your favorite blogs that you acknowledge, and appreciate their work; let them know that you love them. spread the love to 10 of your favorite blogs, and if you don’t have 10, then just spread it to the next 10 on your dash! ♥

Forgot to do this last week. Here's some more people you MUST follow.













More to come next week. Full list at my follow forever =).

Tagging Thing

So I see that I was tagged by feofil…XD The only part of this that will probably bug me is making new questions because I SUCK at asking questions! But I will try.


  • Rule 1 - Post the rules. 
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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ↴ (under the cut so I don’t clutter up dashboards. Be sure to check and see if I tagged you though and my questions under the cut!)

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