Paris attacks and misinformation

To anyone who are following informations on social media : be careful, there is a lot of imformations that have been reapeted, here, on Faceook, on Twitter or even in some medias that are false or unverified.

I don’t have sources in English but if you speak French I strongly advise you to look at the great job that the newspaper Le Monde did about it (this is a really serious newspaper, you can trust it) :

They are analysing some of the misinformations, and will add more during the day. Are yet confirmed false :

- policemen deaths in the Bataclan (but a policeman off duty have been killed in a café)
- Shootings in Les Halles, Belleville, République and at the Trocadéro. Only two restaurants near from the République place, another café near from Nation, the rue Charonne and the Bataclan were concerned
- The picture of the supporting meeting in Germany. The picture that has been interpreted as this is in fact a picture of the neo-nazi demonstration Pegida (this is quite logical wen you see the picture, people would'nt have time to do signals for a spontaneous meeting.)
- One picture is shared as a picture of the Bataclan before the shooting. It is in fact, according to the group itself, the picture of another of their concerts in Dublin.
- Donlad Trump tweets about gun control in France. Those tweet are dated from the 7th of January and were about the Charlie Hebdo shooting last year.
- The intervention of the RAID in Strasbourg never happened.
-The blue-white red Empire State Building. It is in fact the Freedom Tower.
- They were indeed a fire in the migrant camp in Calais but it was accidental, nothing proves that it could have been criminal and motivated by “revenge”.

Please, please, be careful, there is already a lot of informations, lets not drown them with hoax. You can basically trust medias like Le Monde, but be careful with tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. (and stay the fuck away from BFMTV, they have definitively no ethics).

Thanks for all the support. Stay safe, take care of you all. <3