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Day 5 : “Over the Airwaves” - Voice/Music 

Gabe singing just to cheer up Jack is my cup of tea ~

Didn’t actually think I would participate in the reaper76week but after reading through the list of what’s to come, I couldn’t resist making something after finding a song I haven’t heard for sooo long, and it brought back so many memories…

ya’ll wondering what song dis is?: Eternal featuring BeBe Winans - I Wanna Be the Only One

just FYI, I tweaked the lyrics a bit to my liking in some places..


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @dogtit​ - featuring the voices of @hnilmik​ as Sombra, @totalspiffage​ as Tracer and Widowmaker, and myself as Reaper! There’s a big difference between hitting on someone and putting a hit on someone, Widowmaker…

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Reaper and Soldier 76 - Me

Comic: @khoren    (Link to the comic)


Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing The Duck

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!


I’m so happy I finally finished this holy cow, I started when Sombra was revealed
Anyway, hope you enjoy proud ReapDad

Update since everyone keep saying it: I know it’s still written tortilla thank you