RP with reaperosehaunted

After Fang’s capture, the Unknown Boss had conscripted Fang as a commander for his personal army.  The man’s argument that Fang simply wasn’t meant to be a simple cop, along with an obscene pay raise, made Fang join up quite easily.

*Fang hopped out of the armored car he’d driven back to base in.  Walking past the rest of his squad, he gave orders to troopers unloading spoils from the raid*

“Korzennik, Trout, and Monaghan, you will see that that these men get this done in a timely manner.”

“Reynolds!  You unload the girl and prepare her for me.  I will be in the interrogation room.”


I know, but it gets a bit weirder. “Now the lands of Shadows lie silent, no life within its tall, black and thick walls of protection. But among the servants of darkness and evil shadows they whisper and say, that one day the heir to the last King of Ink and shadow will open the gates of eternity and rid the lands of Shadows of the darkness of the One who is Destruction and Death and bring it into light once again.The Heir will then become king and his name forever be known as King of Shadows”.

reaperrosehaunted has found the realm of the boogieman~

The master of nightmares was deep in thought. So much had happened in the past few days. He had found out about his human life…or well, some of it. Pitch paced the floor, wanting something to distract him from this pit of thought. Hearing the faint sound of a footstep ricocheting off the walls, he put on a devilish grin and turned toward the stranger. “Hello…and what has brought you to my realm, little one?” He let out a small, dark chuckle.