T U M B L R  A W A R D S

im really close to my valentine’s goal of 1k and i thought it would be fun to have an awards to help me get to that goal. so lets get right into it.


♥ mbf this single lady
♥ reblogs only
♥ you can like this but it will not count
♥ fandom blogs only
♥ all fandoms are welcome (but supernatural is the way to my heart)


♥ Best url
♥ Best icon
♥ Best theme
♥ Best posts
♥ Best sidebar
♥ Best update tab
♥ Best navigation page (because im weird like that)
♥ Best supernatural
♥ Best other fandom (could be anyone: sherlock, doctor who, ect.)
♥ Best multifandom
♥ Sweetest blogger
♥ Best overall
♥ Emilee’s personal favorite (because i want to give out more awards)


♥ my undying love and affection
♥ ultimate bestfriendmenship
♥ +follow from me
♥ a link on my updates tag till the end of february (maybe longer)
♥ 2 solo promos (one screenie, one link) upon request
♥ i’ll be your not so secret admirer

final details:

♥ entering ends february 13th, 12:00pm EST
♥ winners will be chosen on valentine’s day (depening on work schedule)
♥ winners will be announced once they have been chosen
multifandom and other fandom blogs: all fandoms are welcome. there will be an award for the best “other” fandom (a blog that is dedicated to one fandom that isn’t supernatural i.e. sherlock, doctor who, hobbit, yeah you get the picture) and as for multifandom supernatural must be one of the fandoms in your multifandom blog
♥ have fun and i love you all
♥ kisses and chocolates

♥ good luck to everyone ♥