Friends, I need your help!

One of the websites I write for, Blizzplanet, is sending me to Blizzcon this year with the intent of interviewing developers and covering the event.

Unfortunately, getting to California isn’t cheap and I’m without the means of doing so presently with my current living situation and expending most of my spending money on the actual ticket.

That said, I need your guys’ help. Tickets to/from California are expensive, especially for that weekend from the airfare I’ve seen. My living means are mostly covered but actually getting to California and back is what’s so costly.

If you can donate, any amount is more than appreciated. To those of you who know me, thanks for even taking a look at this and giving me the support you have over the years. 

I really hate asking people for help, especially when it comes to finances, but going to Blizzcon and interviewing the very developers that created the universe(s) that inspired me to become a writer is a dream come true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving this the time of day and any form of support you gleam towards me. I want to act as the voice of our video game community at this event and make our viewers/readers/supporters proud.

Cheers, folks, and thank you for any type of help you can offer. Truly.

The Diablo III Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest winners are in!

“This piece has such a strong overall visual impact and mood, and strikingly captures the cusp of an epic battle about to be waged between the forces of good versus evil! Both the composition and focal area give this piece such presence!” -Christian Lichtner, Diablo III Art Director

Second Place: Among the dead by TheRafa

The Diablo III Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest winners are in!

“This painting really gives such a powerful sense of the Monk’s history and character. The lighting is beautifully executed and reinforces the focal area to capture a moment in time, with so many great little design touches throughout!” -Christian Lichtner, Diablo III Art Director 

Third Place: “First Conviction” by #D3DA