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So I was watching Tim burtons "Corpse Bride" and couldn't help but pair Gabe and jack. It just seems so fitting, Gabe being a corpse bride an such. I also imagined that the worm that kinda lives inside the brides head, who would also live inside gabes, would be sombra. There's even a little widow that interacts with them as well.

Instead of praising Gabe, they would just roast him.

When you have the most embarrassing/cool parents to pick you up from school. 

Ji Eun Tak with the # cooldads

Complete dorks I tell you, they’re all dorks. 

Goblin ep. 1 (vocabulary)

I finally started watching Goblin, after months of delaying all the emotional damage it’s going to cause me. And I love it so far. Like a lot. So I thought that I’d make a small list of words for each episode. 

  •  도깨비 - goblin 
  • (also ) - sword 
  • 영혼 - soul 
  • 저승사자 - grim reaper 
  • 불사 - immortality 
  • 신부 - bride 
  • 케이크 - cake 
  • 귀신 - ghost 
  • 파도 - wave 
  • 우산 - umbrella

ok hear me out but this is reaper’s japanese audio. his seiyuu is ryouta takeuchi. elias’ seiyuu. pls imagine elias in his big ol’ monster form sounding like this.

SPOILER ALERT! Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Even until the very end, I still got tears in my eyes.

Thank you for the last 2 months filled with laugh, joy, fear, confusion, love, tears, wailing, sadness, and finally, happy.

Thank you for all the angst and feels, thank you for every dialogue, for every songs, for every quotes, for every hugs and kisses, for every tears and cry, for every smile and sorrow.

Thank you for the story, for the characters, for every beautiful scene and scenery.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart. You guys deserves to go on that Thailand holiday!

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